tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDickie's Sports Grill Ch. 01

Dickie's Sports Grill Ch. 01


"And this is going to be your office," my new boss told me as we walked into a tiny, orange room. Today was my first day as a professional accountant. All of my hard work was finally paying off. Now that I had graduated college, I, Brad Nichols, was the certified accountant at... Dickie's Sports Grill. So this was what my MBA had done for me. The market was rough, and with student loans being what they are, I was in dire need of some funds. The Fortune 500 companies required experience, so I was left with some less choice alternatives. But on the plus side... all you can eat mozzarella sticks.

"This should do nicely," I replied, trying not to sound sarcastic. "What kind of computer are we working with here?"

"It's an HP. I think it has a hard drive," Stacy said. Stacy was my new boss. She was a middle aged woman, blonde hair and skin damaged from prolonged tanning bed use. She clearly used to be attractive, or at least attractive with make-up, but now she settled for being the manager of a sports grill where other, younger girls made money for her by being hot. You see, Dickies was a restaurant where the women wore tight shirts and shorts that emphasized their curves, and men... worked in the kitchen and heated up the food. It was that place guys liked to go to watch fights and football games while their girlfriends toiled away at home worried about what chick they were ogling. I thought that was going to be the one advantage of working here. As a single male, it would seem like a dream come true. Unfortunately, it looked like I would be cooped up in this tiny prison all day until 2 AM every night.

"Well, I'm sure it'll be fine."

"Let's hope so!" said Stacy. She turned to the doorway. "Come on in, Leslie." A girl walked in. She had long blonde hair, and was thin as a stick. She may have been 5 feet tall, and I would be surprised if she was over 90 pounds. "Brad, this is Leslie. I need to borrow this room for like, 5 minutes to go over the onboarding ceremony."

"Ceremony?" I asked.

"Okay, I read these papers and say 'Welcome to Dickies, Ladies!' and tell you to get to work. Also you're a dude." I nodded approvingly. The two of us sat down on a chair and she went over the riveting history of Dickies Sports Grill, a run-down Taxidermy shop turned-into-a restaurant where men could take their families to eat a wholesome meal. Then of course, after a few weeks, they ditched that and started going for boos and chicks and became somewhat profitable. She discussed the routine of the business, including opening at 9am and closing at 2am, and a bartender that sells drinks, and fried zucchini. Wild stuff.

"Are there any questions, you two?"

We looked at each other. She looked like she probably didn't understand much beyond three syllables. I don't mean to sound harsh, but she had all of the presence of a drug addict. She definitely made it day to day by being good looking. I looked back at Stacy, who was already one foot out the door. "I think we're good." I smiled extra-large after that, to emphasize how good we were. She smiled back, nodded, and headed out the door.

"Well that was fun, right?" Leslie asked, getting up. "Ooh, computers. My boyfriend plays games on these sometimes. Does this thing play Call of Duty?"

"I doubt this could play Minesweeper."

She giggled. "Isn't that the game with the blocks and the little guy that builds houses?"

"No, that's..." I looked at my audience. "Well, I better dust this old thing off. I'm sure there's a lot of money situations that need to be sorted out here. And I'm sure you've got a lot of... waitressing... to do? Yes?" She agreed and headed out the door.

Ah, Windows XP, how I hath missed thee. I actually had, that wasn't sarcasm. Everything about this computer screamed 2000, from the low quality, generic background to the low res buttons. Whatever role I was intended to play here, it was now clearly more afterthought than priority, a business distilled to its core value of profiting off of the lowest common denominator and nothing more. I managed to pull up excel and word, and noticed some files to my left. Looks like I had my work cut out for me. If nothing else, this job would give me enough experience to tackle anything in the future, for that much I could at least be grateful.

As the day trudged on, my interest waned. Inputting receipt after receipt and ticket after ticket had weighed heavy on my poor brain, and I pushed the keyboard aside. Across the way, I could hear the faint sound of kitchen noises, with the hustle and bustle of dinner being prepared, most likely by a micro wave in some form or fashion. I have never eaten here, but I could only imagine the type of food the regulars were want to consume. Certainly no five-star chef was waiting in the back, eager to please the patrons of the facility with his worn out ladle and pinches of oregano. All I needed was a glass of water and maybe some crackers to tide me over until dinner at my lonely apartment. I put down the food here, but I would be wrong in not mentioning that I would probably be eating a TV dinner at home, as I couldn't cook and had little to no money.

I opened the door in front of me and proceeded left towards what sounded like a kitchen. As I rounded the turn, I almost ran into a huge man. He looked well over 6 and a half feet tall, and thick as a tree. His arms looked to be many times the size of mine in width. He had a boyish face, and a calm demeanor. "Hey, champ!" he said, stirring a pot. "You must be the new guy. I'm Freddie. I do a lot of the cooking around here. What's your name?"

"Brad," I said, shaking his hand. His firm shake came as no surprise, but left me souring afterwards nonetheless.

"Nice to meet you man. Need anything? Water, food, a little wakka wakka, if you know what I mean, help yourself. I won't say nothing." He continued cooking as he spoke. His positivity was surprisingly refreshing.

"I appreciate that, Freddie," I replied. I wandered over to the water machine. There was cute girl standing there wearing the customary short grey shorts and cleavage revealing white top. She had maybe a B cup and filled out the shorts quite nicely. She was a natural blonde, and I liked her eyes in particular. It felt bad to immediately break down her looks, but in a facility such as this, I was inclined to do so without hesitation. I filled my water, and turned to the girl and said "Hi, I'm Brad. I'm the new accountant." I held out my hand. The girl shook it, but didn't look at me. Her eyes stuck firmly to Freddie.

"Hi, my name's Amber." Another girl approached, also a cutie. Amber turned the other girl. They were half whispering, but I could catch every word. "Oh my god Jules, I fucked Freddie last night and I can barely walk. His cock has GOT to be like a foot long. Like, seriously a foot long. I almost wish I was joking." The two giggled and pulled away, whispering more. I looked back at the beast of a man before me. I guess I couldn't say it was impossible. Still, a foot long was huge. Wait, why were they even talking about this? How ridiculous was this place?

I snuck back to my office and closed the door behind me. I banged my head against the door and prayed for 2am to arrive. I could not believe the insanity I was now a part of. I was a college graduate, not some monkey in the middle of a shit throwing contest inside a zoo. And yet I felt like I was among children, dancing at rock bottom, waiting to be trapped in an endless cylinder of-

"Hey precious, I've been looking for you."

I turned around startled. In front of me was a tall girl, over 6 feet for sure. I was only 5'6", so everyone was tall to me, but she was certainly large. Her body was something else entirely though. She was wearing the same clothes the other girls were wearing, but she filled them out to a new level. Her breasts were enormous. Her cleavage exploded out of her tight white top, a top that was being unnecessarily stretched to near oblivion. Her shorts were similarly stretched. Her ass was huge, with thighs to match. She had a great tan and beautiful, curly brown hair with blonde highlights. Her midsection had a hint of pudge, but I scarcely felt that mattered, considering the goods present. She was standing behind my desk, flipping through my papers. She batted her big green eyes at me. "Hi, I'm Katie. You must be-"

"Brad," I blurted. "Sorry, you just startled me a little bit."

"Oh, no worries," she said, looking around the office. "I actually forgot we even had an office. We've never had an accountant before. I guess that could mean things are going really well or things are going really bad. You're the expert though, not me huh?" I nodded. "So, we girls are going to need help with tips. There's a lot that goes into taxes and whatnot. I happen to make, a LOT of tips, so..." she said nonchalantly as she pulled money from between her breasts. "I'm probably going to need your attention a lot."

"Well... that shouldn't be much of a problem," I replied, as if that wasn't the understatement of the century.

"Thanks sweetie," She said, walking by me and pinching my cheek. "Stick with me and I'll make sure you won't regret it." She turned for the door and opened it, but stopped suddenly. "Oh, I almost forgot. We have a party every Saturday night, here in the bar. The boss lets us party here at night, so long as we don't wreck anything and we don't waste booze. All of the newbies come for at least their initiation."

"I don't know if it's really my scene..."

"If you don't come, it's going to create a problem," she said, somewhat sternly. Then she beamed a smile. "Just think about it. Do you want to be alone and miserable while you're here, or do you want to have a good time? I personally guarantee you won't regret it." She winked at me and then slipped out of the room. 2pm was another six hours away. I didn't want to be a jerk and ruin my reputation around here, and, not for nothing, but this Katie girl was making a pretty good case for herself.

I could hear the bar dying down at this point. People were leaving, the music was getting quiet, and the clinking of glass and ceramic was rampant. The dishes were being washed and tables were being cleaned. Had I made an impact on the financials here? Debatable, but it was an uphill battle for sure, and I felt confident that I was setting myself up for success here. Organization is always the key, and as long as there is that, nothing can stop you. I turned off my computer and walked out the door.

I headed for the restaurant part of the bar with the big exit sign lit, and it's here I ran into the party. The music was low, but everyone was sitting around drinking beer and eating what appeared to be leftover finger foods. There may have been thirty people here. Was this the whole establishment? Was there really nothing better to do late on a Saturday night but drink with the coworkers? Katie stood out (as a girl like her should) and she took notice of me almost instantly.

"Hey, Brad, come sit with us!" She hailed me over. I was not in the position to say no. I walked over to her booth and sat down next to her. Another girl slid in next to me. "Brad, this is Cherry. She's another server. We're all really good friends here. You have to join us when we all party, ok?"

"I mean, I'm not really the party type. I'll chill tonight for sure though, I just don't know about always, I mean this is kind of crazy, right?"

"Crazy?" she asked. "Hun, you haven't seen crazy. Hey, Cherry is out of booze. Could you be a doll and go into the kitchen and grab us some more? We'll take inventory of the booze later, ok money boy?"

"Sure," I said. It was like I was under a spell or something. I got up and headed towards the kitchen, just like I was told. I rounded the corner and I heard a shriek. Startled, I darted forward and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Freddie was sitting in a chair with his pants down. Amber and Jules were standing next to him on their knees, practically salivating at the mouth. And there, leaning over his huge thigh, was Leslie, the tiny girl I had met hours earlier, sucking on the head of what had to have been the biggest cock I'd ever seen in my life. It looked like a full tube of cookie dough. She could barely fit it in her mouth, as it was too thick, and she was squealing in what could only be pain.

"Come on, Les, get that fat cock in your mouth." She was trying to utter something, but she was unable to do so. Freddie had her hair in his hands and he was forcing her down slowly. "Oh my god, Jules, it's so huge! She can barely do anything to it. How is she going to take it in her pussy?" Then I remembered, didn't Leslie have a boyfriend? This was horrible. I couldn't believe people could be this way. I shook my head and grabbed a few beers, then quickly escaped the kitchen. It was probably for the best that I simply forgot I had seen anything and move on. I returned to the girls, and I heard a whistle. Some chick from behind us stood tall on one of the tables. She was pretty fit and had long blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Girls, tonight we have two newbies. You know what that means! Let the initiation commence!" I saw Leslie being escorted out to the group. She looked dazed, and her hair was completely disheveled. "Leslie, do you know the rules?" She simply shrugged. "Okay, I'll tell you. All you have to do is take a shot of tequila, the glorious Patron Silver!" All of the girls cheered. She handed Leslie a shot. When Leslie reached for it, she pulled it back. "Nuh-uh-uh, not so fast. The catch is, you have to drink it out of Katie's huge tits!" All of the girls cheered again. I saw Freddie from the corner of my eyes, pants now firmly in the on position. Katie stood up, looking like a giant compared to Leslie. In fact, Katie's boobs were somewhere around her forehead. "Can someone get this girl a chair?" The girls brought over a chair, and Leslie stood on top of it, looking down at Katie's cleavage.

"Holy shit. These boobs are huge." Katie stood tall and proud.

The athletic girl put the shot class between Katie's breasts, and gave it a little push so it was firmly in place. "Ready? Go!"

Leslie looked down with uncertainty. She put both hands on the front of Katie's stretched out shirt and put her mouth on her cleavage. Katie then grabbed her by the hair and dunked her between her breasts. All of the girls cheered. It was like a colosseum. This gladiator was dominating the smaller one, and it was a spectacle for everyone to see. I would be lying if I said I wasn't inclined to watch this happen, but I still didn't consider myself one of them. Leslie struggled against her, but didn't appear to be able to get out the shot glass. Katie looked up at me, still pushing Leslie into her chest. She pointed at me then pointed down, implying I was next. I shook my head, and she nodded defiantly. I couldn't believe this was happening. Katie then pulled Leslie out for some air. "I'm going to suffocate in there. It's buried too deep; her tits are too big. I can't..." Katie dunked her back in. Leslie's hands struggled with the huge boobs in front of her. She was trying to life them, but they were probably too heavy for the 90-pound girl. Finally, Leslie's head popped out of the breasts, a shot glass attached to the mouth. She drank the shot, and everyone cheered her. She gasped for air, and they helped her down.

The athletic girl stood up on the table again. "We have one more, everybody! It's not often that we have a new guy in this business. Even though Freddie is enough man for all of us, we have a Brad here to help us with numbers. Brad, step on up to Katie." I nervously approached her. Her breasts were face level with me, and god were they big. Having them so up close and personal was intimidating, but hot at the same time. I was probably hard as a rock, but my head was swimming and I didn't know what to do with myself. The chick put a shot glass of tequila between Katie's boobs. Katie then pushed them in, but I could swear they went deeper than last time. It was almost to the point where I couldn't see them. "Ready? GO!"

"Don't worry," Katie whispered to me. "I'll take care of you." I didn't even have time to comprehend this phrase, as she immediately grabbed my hair and shoved me into her cleavage, and my vision went black. I was now trapped in between her boob flesh. My tongue darted forward in an attempt to find the shot glass. Her cleavage seemed endless. It was the Grand Canyon of cleavage. I could hear everyone yelling from outside, but it was muffled. Her fingers subtly stroked my hair as I my face dug in. My hands were pressing against her chest from outside of her shirt. I felt a sudden surge from above me, and my head went further into her bosom. I could hear somebody from the outside mentioning that my head had disappeared. So I didn't want to die, but I also desperately wanted to get to that shot glass, so I risked it a bit and opened my mouth and reached with my tongue. I found it! I slowly worked my tongue to get under the glass. Katie whispered something to me, and I could just make it out.

She said "Kiss my tits, baby boy." I'm not sure what came over me, but I stopped working with my tongue and started kissing her breasts while I was under there. "Kiss them, kiss them!" I ran out of air and she pulled me out. I gasped, but she shoved me back in before I could do much else. "I'm gonna take good care of you, baby," she whispered to me. My tongue found the shot glass, and I managed to get back under it. "Do you like it in there?" she asked, her voice getting higher in pitch. I got it. The shot glass was now in my mouth. I was yanked out, the tequila shooting down my throat. The crowd cheered. My shot glass dropped to her breasts and rested on her cleavage, which jutted out so far they made a tray. Out of nowhere, she pulled me in and gave me a long, wet kiss. The room was going crazy. After the kiss, she whispered "Told you" to me, and, dazed and confused, I walked off to a booth and sat down. The rest of the night was a blur. I'm pretty sure I blacked out.

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