tagInterracial LoveDickin' Down the Designing...Ch. 3

Dickin' Down the Designing...Ch. 3

byStardog Champion©

Dickin' Down The Designing Women Ch. 3

Charleene Stillfield sat at her desk, the crumpled piece of stationary in her fist now mashed up into the smallest ball her large hands could muster as she lustfully watched the proceedings. A small dribble of drool seeped out of her mouth, out onto her lower lip as she openly starred at her boss and longtime friend, Julia Sugarbaker, dutifully drop to her knees in front of the sofa and start to crawl, fully clothed, on the floor towards the naked black man that had just finished fucking Mary Jo.

Charleene shook her head slightly from side to side, not believing the carnal image of her fifty-year-old coworker on her knees with several beads of cum reflecting nastily off her face under the glaring overhead lighting as she crept forward.

With her left leg folded over top of her right underneath the receptionist's desk, both Charleene's feet nervously jittered back and forth as she anxiously tried digesting what she was seeing, not fathoming what could possibly happen next.

As her focus intently narrowed on Julia and her slow crawling pace up to Dewayne with Antwan following behind closely as if he was walking Julia towards his friend like a dog on a leash, suddenly something extremely hot and fleshy crashed into the side of Charleene's face.

Snapping back in her office chair, Charleene instinctively rotated her eyes to the right to determine the cause of the sudden impact. As her eyes focused on the cause, it was as if there was a concentrated blackout blocking out her senses. Derrick had eased in from the side and now both the head and shaft of his erect and ready monster were crudely jabbed into the side of Charleene's blush covered alabaster cheek.

* * * * *

Suzanne Sugerbaker stood flatfooted and mesmerized in front of the heavy mahogany door that served as the entrance to the design firm. Even though the powerful and probing black stud named Charles that had worked his way behind her continued his indecent explorations, all Suzanne could focus on was the image of Mary Jo laying sweaty and embarrassed on the same sofa where Suzanne had sat thousands of times.

As her insides buzzed to the core, starring up to Dewayne with bestial lust, Suzanne's gaze slowly lowered to his feet where she then saw for the first time the image of her older sister Julia, crawling like a common, wanton slut directly towards Dewayne's swinging black phallus.

"Ohhh...my...GGGOOODDDD," Suzanne gasped inaudibly to her sister, "...don't do that!"

Upon hearing Suzanne's plea for someone "not to do that," Charles guessed it was Suzanne's last ditch efforts to get him to stop his continued advances.

"Pleaseee...stoppppp," Suzanne muttered once again, this time even more weakly.

With his fully aroused, steely cockhead now completely embedded against Suzanne's inner thigh, just below the lining of her expensive panties, Charles began smacking his sizzling cockflesh against Suzanne's bare skin, teasing her relentlessly with it until he could feel her body start to whimper and grind against his. Inhaling deeply, Charles was sure he could smell the pungency of Suzanne's aroused vagina as he continued digging his cock into the softness of the heavy set woman's ample inner thigh.

Whispering into Suzanne's ear, Charles let the rich bitch know, without a shadow of a doubt, that her weak pleas were not going to be heeded.

"You don't like it," Charles cooed sarcastically into Suzanne's ear. "It doesn't turn you on to see that little Mary Jo bitch laying over there on the sofa in a pool of her own satisfaction...it doesn't turn you on to see your own high and mighty sister over there crawling on the floor like a little slut right at that swinging black dick in front of her...HUH...it doesn't even turn you on when I do...THIS!!"

Charles clutched his cock tightly and proceeded to smash it right into the front of Suzanne's steadily soaking panties until he could clearly hear the squishing sounds from above.

"Nooooo," Suzanne gasped, her voice trailing away weakly.

Charles patiently waited for a moment until the sensation he was waiting for hit. A slow trickling stream of Suzanne's vaginal emissions leaked out from the lining of her panties and dripped down onto Charles cock that was snugly positioned beneath.

"You're not aroused Huh," Charles scolded and mocked as he smashed his dick against the front of Suzanne's pussy once again, this time causing her knees to buckle.

"Aaahhhhhhh," Suzanne gasped hoarsely.

"Ummmhhhuuummmm," Charles gleamed broadly, sensing Suzanne on the verge of submissive collapse.

* * * * *

Mary Jo Shively felt like a crumpled, used heap spread out on the luxurious sofa as the pounding inside her head and the vibrating inside her cunt continued relentlessly. Every nerve ending in her fingers and toes screamed out from exhaustion as she tried to roll over to see where everyone was.

As Mary Jo's eyes slowly re-adjusted to the light of the room, everything seemed blurry as she sensed she was on the verge of blacking out. With her eyes dilating, all she could make out were the vague outlines of the figures surrounding her. Trying her best to raise her head to follow the unfolding events, Mary Jo swore she saw the pantyhose clad legs of her boss, Julia, slide past her on her knees before disappearing out of her line of limited sight. Shaking her head from the confusion, Mary Jo suddenly felt her whole body go weightless for a brief moment before she landed in a cluttered heap on the carpet in front of the couch in which she had just gotten fucked on.

A distinct chuckle rippled through the room as all 5 black men laughed watching Mary Jo's almost naked body fall clumsily to the floor. Looking on with wondrous glee, the four men along with Anthony looked at the other three women in the room knowing that they would soon be in the same sexual exhausted and debilitated state as Mary Jo was now.

Sensing Mary Jo's need for refreshment, combined with his own swelling lust, Anthony inched his way out of the shadows, walked around Dewayne as he stood his own ground waiting for Julia to crawl over to him, and carried a glass of water over to Mary Jo who was now in the fetal position on the floor in front of the couch.

With one hand holding the glass of water and the other squeezing his hard dick through his trousers, Anthony eased up to Mary Jo until he was right beside her, feeling her contented heat rise up and resonate around his legs.

Taking the glass of ice cold water and turning it sideways ever so slightly above Mary Jo's head, a small stream of the chilled liquid rained down with a nasty splash on Mary Jo's parched face and chest.

Opening her mouth to desperately catch what fluid she could as Anthony stood over 6 feet above her, Mary Jo looked up through her blurred eyes and saw the murky outline of her black male co-worker squeezing his noticeable erect ridge through his pants as he sneered down at her, watching joyfully as she tried to lap up every ounce of water he was dripping down on her.

* * * * *

Charleene's eyes steadily bugged out, watching as Antwan stripped himself naked moving slowly behind Julia as Charleene's middle aged boss continued her slow crawl over to Dewayne.

Just as Antwan dropped his jeans and underwear to the floor and stepped out of them, allowing his rigid, uplifted black pride to swing freely, Charleene felt the presence of Derrick's cock burrowing into cheek become unavoidable.

Losing all grasp of reality, Charleene tilted back in her chair and her first instinct was to turn her shocked face sideways to see where the virile assault had come from. The only thing Charleene succeeded in doing when she rotated her mouth sideways was allowing Derrick's erect spear to push securely between her numb, gaping lips until its seething, throbbing mass slid mightily over Charleene's bottom row of teeth before smacking hard against the back of her parched throat.

Looking down into Charleene's face, his lust pulsed wildly upon seeing her eyes appear to cross. Derrick then smiled down wickedly as he began to mock the statuesque southern belle.

"Mouth gettin' dry watchin' that...Huh," Derrick snarled. "Better get some spit going Bitch...this facefuckin' I'm gonna give ya is gonna be unbearable if you don't."

As he started to grind his hips forward, Derrick gave Charleene an approving nod of his head as he felt the country girl's saliva slowly seep out onto his rigid ebony cockflesh. "That's more like it...slut!"

Placing his hand on the top of Charleene's head, Derrick rocked all the way back before cruelly twisting his hips forward, forcing his now slick spear right down the helpless woman's virgin gullet. Increasing his facefucking motions, Derrick's pulse raced watching the way Charleene's huge titties rocked uncontrollably inside her tight blouse each time he shoved his cockmeat deep down her mouth. He could also see Charleene's nipples hardening noticeably at the tip of her breasts, seemingly growing with each passing second as they grazed the side of the desk when she was sitting.

Tilting his gaze back towards the center of the room, Derrick shared a collective smile with the other men in the room as they dutifully held down their stations with each woman they had selected. Seeing the way Mary Jo laid in a heap on the floor and the way both Julia and Suzanne seemed lost under a dark spell as they allowed his friends to have their way with them, Derrick's only reaction was to fuck Charleene's throat that much more furiously.

* * * * *

Suzanne Sugerbaker's legs had turned to nothing more than Jello as her entire weight pressed backwards against the towering black stud behind her. Even though she couldn't see it, Suzanne was sure what the prodding, blunt piece of flesh that was smacking the inside of her thigh was.

Fighting to keep her eyes from rolling into the back of her head from the intense carnal sensations of Charles violating her, all Suzanne could do was to keep her eyes glued straight forward on the sight of her older sister, Julia, on her knees, wantonly crawling towards the same guy that had just finished brutally fucking Mary Jo. Desperately trying to keep what little balance she had, Suzanne kept repeating to herself the same mantra she had been chanting for the past several minutes, "Oh God...Please No," over and over until her voice had nearly trailed away.

"You don't want this...Huh," Charles asked in his huskiest voice, all the time ramming his cock between the tender flesh of Suzanne's thighs, just below her swollen genitalia.

"You don't like...THIS," Charles asked cruelly as he powerfully rammed his cock into Suzanne's liquefied pussy over and over again.

"Nooooo...," Suzanne whispered, barely audibly.

Charles continued to laugh into Suzanne's ear as his hot breath bathed her soft cheek and neck , feeling the warm sticky stream of the rich white woman's feminine juices repeatedly ooze out onto his rigid block of ebony slab.

"Then what's that Bitch...are you goin' on yourself...that feels like cum to me," Charles hissed approvingly, feeling Suzanne completely submit, her entire abundant weight collapsing into him like a falling tree.

* * * * *

The feel of the expensive, plush carpet buffering her knees was of little solace to Julia Sugarbaker. Cowering her head in undeniable shame as she slowly made her way closer to the majestic, masculine sight towering above her, for the first time in her life Julia literally felt as if she was simply just a piece of property. It was almost as if she was nothing more than obedient dog as Antwan followed her close by the side, nudging her in the leg with his foot just like a musher pushing his Husky forward.

Looking down at Dewayne's parted feet, Julia felt an odd, sickening mix of arousal and embarrassment in her gut as she crawled towards her new master. Inhaling, Julia both tingled and wretched as the unavoidable scent of Mary Jo's vaginal secretions that were coating Dewayne's jock filled her nostrils. She could clearly hear the men surrounding her laughing boisterously, causing the middle aged socialite to cringe even more as she inched closer to her destiny.

"KISS THEM," Julia heard Dewayne bark down. Not knowing exactly what he meant, Julia continued to just kneel there in limbo until Dewayne's booming voice repeated his order. "KISS THEM!"

Julia could feel Antwan playfully kicking her in the ass with his foot, forcing Julia to come to grips with what Dewayne was insisting on.

Parting her lips ever so slightly, Julia somehow found her face tilting forward before her lips came to rest right on top of Dewayne's size 12 foot, right above his toes. She could feel her lips slowly grind and massage against Dewayne's foot as the laughter and joyousness in the room only intensified.

With her lips still puckered against Dewayne's foot, suddenly a hand descended into her thick curly dark hair and insistently pulled her head backwards, away from Dewayne's feet. All of the sudden, Julia was now eye level with Dewayne's throbbing, well fucked cock. Sensing that it was Antwan behind her that had so purposefully grabbed her by the head, Julia was helpless to prevent him from further twisting her head upwards until all Julia could see was the high ceiling of the Sugarbaker living room above.

A moment later, Antwan's veiny monster dropped directly down on top of Julia's already cum smeared face. That same instant, Antwan's sweaty and salty black balls smacked down on top of Julia's ashen brow as well.

Dewayne, who was still standing in front of Julia, reached out with his left hand and squeezed Julia's right breast in his fist, causing the middle aged owner of the business to wince. With his right hand, Dewayne took his dick securly and jabbed it to the underside of one of Julia's ears. With cool calm precision, Dewayne stroked his phallus across the most sensitive areas of Julia's throat in one long slow domineering motion. Dewayne could feel Julia's mouth gurgle along the head of his cock as he brushed it intently across her throat.

With his free hand, Antwan reached around and squeezed Julia's left breast just as Dewayne had done until Julia was literally quaking between them. "Think she's ready big guy?" Antwan asked Dewayne slyly.

"Go for it...make that old bitch squeal," Dewayne replied.

With the leader's go ahead, Antwan pulled back for a moment, sizing up Julia from behind then proceeded to lift the older woman's tight blue dress up her thighs until the tops of her pantyhose were in clear view to everyone in the room.

Rubbing his large, rough hands over the still pantyhose clad rear end of Julia Sugarbaker, Antwan gazed over Julia's shoulder and noticed with satisfaction that the elegant woman on her knees in front of him had finally opened her mouth wide enough to allow Dewayne to push his mammoth girth down her throat.

With it completely apparent now that Julia had passed that symbolic line of surrender to the virile desires of Antwan and his three friends, he eagerly began to rip and tear at Julia's uplifted asscheeks, tugging her panties and pantyhose down until her small , lily white behind was clearly visible.

Without any clothing now protecting it, Antwan raised his right hand and smacked it deliberately down across Juila's bare ass, leaving a faint pinkish hand-shaped outline where his slap still sizzled. Watching Julia shake her tail, wiggling from the sensation, Antwan knew he was finally ready to have some long awaited fun.

Pumping his dick in his left hand, the huge piece of black meat hardening by the second, Antwan used his right to dab his long probing fingers between the nether cheeks of the rich older lady's ass until the disappeared into the warmth of her soupy, overly undersexed cunt.

Dewayne looked down with a lustful sneer on his face as he saw Julia swirl her small pink tongue around the massive roundness of his now sloppy coal black pecker. Rocking his hips back and forth, jerking ever so slightly each time Julia's teeth grazed against the head of his uncircumcised manhood, Dewayne groaned loudly as he watched Antwan aim his cock right at the entrance of Julia's parted cheeks. Winking at his friend, Dewayne felt a little jealous he wasn't going to be the first one to ram his prick into the old, uppity bitch.

"Go for it 'Twan," Dewayne sighed.

With that, another one of the men that had been in prison for the past 5 years suddenly had his own deprived cock buried snugly between the spasming walls of a bent over white woman's steaming pussy.

Digging his fingertips hard into Julia's taunt anal cheeks, Antwan pushed forward mightily, feeling the delightful joy of his vein etched monster as it drove recklessly into the kneeling southern belle.

Dewayne's feet danced on the floor, feeling Julia's mouth warble and her body jerk as she sucked his cock, trying her best to maintain her balance as Antwan violated her from behind. Looking down with a proud, lustful smile, Dewayne savored the feel of Julia's wide mouth as it gulped on his jutting pride.

Putting his hands on his hips as he continued twisting his torso forward, he winked over to Antwan, letting him know silently that he could tell Julia was on the verge of cumming by the way her shallow breath rippled across his spit smeared cockflesh.

Under such a potent and virile physical assault, combined with the intangible trigger of her own wanton submission, Julia's entire frame stiffened as she helplessly bucked her body in orgasm, sucking Dewayne's cock fiendishly while she kept her small white ass grinding backwards against Antwan's throbbing stalk.

Taking his hands off his hips and placing them down on Julia's shoulders to steady her, Dewayne hissed down at the delirious owner of Sugarbakers as she came violently before him.

When Antwan's inevitable orgasm splashed into Julia's obscenely splayed cunt, bathing her innermost pelvic regions with his thick white jism, the lurid and spent expression on Julia's sweaty face betrayed the dignified, ladylike persona she always tried to maintain.

As Antwan pulled his sticky black, cum-soaked staff out of Julia's cunt allowing all his copious seed to ooze out behind it, the other two women in the room who still hadn't been fucked watched with stone cold acceptance, feeling their own time was nearing...

* * * * *

Thanks for reading!

To Be Continued...

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