tagInterracial LoveDickin' Down the Designing...Ch. 4

Dickin' Down the Designing...Ch. 4

byStardog Champion©

Feeling the smooth, bloated head of Derrick's enormous erection plow across the light red foundation covering her right cheek, Charleene instantly recoiled once she realized what it actually was.

When Derrick's foreskin collided with her awestruck lips, Charleene lurched backwards, flarring her nostrils in an failed attemnpt to ward off the lust crazed ex con.

Trying to push herself back, Charleene's attempts to escape were blocked by the back of the office chair she was sitting in. Once her backwards momentum was halted, Derrick reached down and dug his groping fingers into Charleene's thick blonde hair, pulling her tender face forward towards his arching cock.

As Derrick's fleshy pipe burrowed between Charleene's lips, the middle aged white secretary wretched momentarily, first from the initial taste of her makeup that was smeared all over the huge knobbish cockhead crashing into her mouth, then from the sheer size of the invading, seething phallus.

Charleene could feel the sides of her mouth stretch painfully apart as Derrick forced his dick down her throat. Her eyes crossed, Charleene also tried her best to inhale and exhale through her straining nostrils as Derrick wildly lurched his pelvis back and forth, causing the seated white woman's entire body to tremble as her face was rudely used.

Holding Charleene's head securly in his hands, Derrick started working his hips in a definate rythem as if he was taking part in a strange and eternal carnal dance of lust with the shellshocked white woman's face bobbing up and down on his crotch as he did it.

Derrick could also feel his head swim longingly as Charleene grunted, her mouth firmly planted on his masculine pride and joy. Gazing down ruefully at the woman giving him a blow job, Derrick felt his adrenilne rush even faster watching the way his heavy black and sweaty balls danced on the Charleene's soft chin. He was also able to look over Charleene's shoulder, onto her desk, and could clearly see the smiling faces of Charleene's husband and kids as they looked on innocently from the picture frame sitting right in front of her computer.

Derrick laughed out loud as he pleasured himself with his selfish violation of Charleene's mouth and from the complete debasment he and his buddies had already laid down on the four women of Sugerbakers.


For the first time in her entire life, Suzanne Sugerbaker felt as if she had absolutly no control over her own body. As she leaned backwards against the newly released prisoner behind her, her back heavily pressed into Charles's chest, it felt like her pussy was on fire as Charles slid his fingers randolmy between her chubby thighs, in and out of her syrupy, hair rimmed cunt.

Breathing spastically into the air as her curly black hair spilled onto Charles's face, collarbone and shoulders, Suzanne could feel him subtly shift his body weight behind her until he was in position to take her to the brink.

Reaching back, trying to find something to hold on to, Suzanne could feel the roughness of Charles denim clothes rub against her satiny dress as thier bodies continued to intertwine. Holding Suzanne's dress up with his hands, Charles was able to savor the feel of her bare asscheeks as they rubbed rythemically up against his jock until he was finally able to fish his erection free and guide it up into position to aim it at the narrow slit of Suzanne Sugerbaker's pussy.

Holding his dick steady in his right hand, Charles dropped his left hand down onto Suzanne's large, rounded white hips and tried his best to seperate her flabby white thighs .

Pushing the lily white heavyness of Suzanne's upper legs apart, Charles did his best to create a suitable alleyway for his thick cock to follow through. Sliding his hand through the slickness of Suzanne's arousal that was sticking like condensation to the grinding woman's inner thighs, Charles breathed heavily into Suzanne's ear as he slowly nestled his dick home.

"You ready for this you fat Bitch...you never had any black dick ...HUH...Bet you've probably kept yourself up at night dreamin' 'bout it haven't ya!" Charles hissed cruelly. "I can tell by the way your cunt's creamin' over this...no wonder your eyes are closed tight...can believe its actually happenin' can ya Bitch? Tell ya what white slut...you ain't ever gonna forget it!"

As Suzanne arched her body backwards, her forehead tightly nuzzled underneath Charles's chin, she could feel the pouty lips of her sizzling pink vagina being forcefully spread aprt. A moment later, the hottest and largest peice of flesh she had ever felt down there started violating her, feeling more like a human forearm trying to enter her hairy snatch rather than an actual cock.

Her knees shaking and seeming to melt into the carpeted floor below, Suzanne literally found herself grinding back against her ebony captor.

"AAAHHHH," Suzanne spasmed weakly in Charles's strong arms, as inch by inch, Suzanne's knees folded outward, causing her to fall helplessly to the floor.

"God ...I'm gonna pass out," Suzanne mouthed hoarsly in her weakened, upscale southern twang as the back of her head drifted down across Charles's chest.

"Go ahead," Charles quickly retorted. "Doesn't matter Bitch...I'm still gonna fuck you till your cunt's numb Slut!!"

With that, Suzanne's legs completly gave out and she collapsed heavily onto the floor, to her knees, with a loud hallow thud.

The vibrations from Suzanne falling in front of him felt to Charles like a tree timbering down at his feet. Looking down at the obscene way Suzanne swayed on her knees trying to maintain any semblance of balance, Charles closed his hand into a fist around his rigid cock and squeezed it hard, jerking it off as he prepared to finish off the snobbish, uppity interior decorator cowering below.

Looking over his left shoulder, seeing the way his other three friends were already getting thiers, Charles decided it was now his turn. Reaching down with his free hand, Charles placed his five fingers at the rear base of Suzanne's head and powerfully pushed her weight forward until the chunky brunette was supporting herself on all fours like a dog, her wide ass arching directly into the air, inviting the insistant black stranger to pounce on it.

Dropping down to one knee so that he was kneeling directly behind Suzanne's uplifted ass, Charles pumped his cock with one hand while raising Suzanne's already wrinkled dress with his other until he had clear access to her soaked white panties.

Ripping Suzanne's undergarment down with savage but cool efficency, Charles was then able to clearly see the white woman's bubbling quim as it seethed between her massive thighs, lathering itself up for the impending assault.

Knowing the woman was helpless now, wantonly splayed on all fours like a drunken bar room slut, Charles knew the time was right to start getting what was coming to him.


Anthony Bouviee had been a faithful and diligent employee to the women of Sugerbakers for over 5 years. He, at first, had been very apprehensive and fearful about getting such a great opportunity to get his life back in order after his unfortunate incarsuration. But in the end, he had taken full advantage of it and his life was on the firmest ground it had ever been on.

Still, every night for those past 5 years, he had stroked himself to sleep one way or another thinking about those 4 women he worked for in more than a variety of situations and positions. Never did he think he'd ever get to experience anything remotly sexual with any of them, much less to the graphic degree that was occuring all around him now.

As he stood on his woozy legs, staring out across the sexual carnage that spread out around the Sugerbaker's office, Anthony couldn't help but think he was witnessing a scene out of "Caligula". Shaking his head side to side, Anthony inhaled to pungent smell of sex filling the room as he contemplated what to do with himself next.

Mary Jo was the closest to him on the floor, her light brown, curly hair spread out across her head and the surrounding carpet, looking as if as if she had just been spit out by a tornado after what she had endured moments earlier. Looking down into her half opened, exhausted eyes, Anthony could see Mary Jo was drifting in and out of sleep.

Squatting down beside Mary Jo's limp, piledriven body, Anthony lowered his right hand down onto the sweat soaked brunette's girlish, pale inner thigh and made a play for the same pussy he had often fantasized about touching.

Tracing his black fingertips along Mary Jo's inner thigh, Anthony grazed his advances directly across the petite white woman's gaping, almost raw, pink cunt until she started squirming once again.

Deliberatly dipping his first two fingers into Mary Jo's oily, cum filled snatch, Anthony pushed his probes all the way down inside of her until he could feel Mary Jo's semen crusted pubic fleece tickle the underside of his wrist.

Guiding his hand in further, Anthony blatantly jabbed his index and middle fingers into the juicy entrance of Mary Jo Shively's cunt. Anthony was struck with the same sensation of sticking his hand into a bowl of thick, heated honey as he let his fingertips slip ever deeper inside the exhausted woman's crotch.

A devilish, shit eating grin widened across Anthony's face and his dick hardened substancially in his pants seeing the way the tender white skin of Mary Jo's soft inner thighs seemed to shudder and quiver as his fingers bathed deeply inside her frothy , powerfully fucked womb.

Clenching her thighs tightly together , trying to protect the ultra sensitive region after such a brutal orgasm, Mary Jo's knees knocked against Anthony's outstretched arm as he continued to make her writhe helplessly on the floor.

Anthony's hand was now coated all the way down to the middle of his forearm with Mary Jo's fluids as he swiveled his head to the left , looking down at Julia laying on the floor right beside of him She appeared to be as equally tuckered out as Mary Jo was.

Pulling his hand gently from Mary Jo's still buzzing cunt, Anthony swirled his fingertips together, allowing the accumulated, slick moisture of Mary Jo's feminine ejaculate to massage into his skin. Lifting up the same fingers that had just a moment earlier been embedded inside of Mary Jo, Anthony hungraly licked off some of the fluid, savoring his first ever taste of a white woman's pussy. He then turned his attention to Julia Sugerbaker, laying in a spent heap, on the floor beside him.


Derrick felt as if every bit of lust that had been festering inside his body for the past 5 years was being unleashed as he seesawed his hips wildly, fucking Charleene Stillfield's mouth brutally with his lightening quick, pistoning spear.


"UUUMMMPPPHHHUURRGGGGHHHHH," Charleene gasped desperatly, trying to breath despite Derrick's wanton, selfish assault.

Eventhough, in the sanctity of her own mind, Charleene imagined Derrick doing this nasty violation to her by force, if she had seen an actual video account of what she was doing, Charleene would have been sickened and embarrassed by just how much she was actually into what she was doing. To the point even of having the imprint of Derrick's pubic hair engraved into her forehead as she rapidly fucked his cock back with her gaping, famished mouth.

Not being able to contain his lust for a moment longer, the 5 years of built up sexual frustration exploded in a torrent of biblical proportions inside Charleene's mouth and all across her entire upper body.

Grinding his teeth together, Derrick felt as if his eyeballs and eardrums were about to explode as his scalding cum rocketed from his sloppy, spongy cockhead, ricochetting randomly inside Charleene's parched gullet, sloppily coating her tongue, teeth and tonsils with his white, foaming seed.

His knees weakened, Derrick pulled back forcing his still spurting cock from Charleene's mouth. Stream after stream of creamy ejaculate continued to rush from his prick as he leaned away from Charleene, landing with a faint sizzle on the bridge of the voluptuos woman's nose, on her exposed collarbone, the shoulder pads of her dress and finally the last few drops dribbled down onto her work desk below, splattering in a dotted pool right in front of the smiling pictures of Charleene's family, resting on her desk.

Charleene instinctivly raised her right hand to her throat to rub the burning residue of pain left from Derrick's oral assault but as she tried comforting herself, she felt the liquod result of his orgasm seep into her stomach, causing her belly to turn and groan.

Looking down at the statuesque blonde seated before him, seemingly on the verge of being catatonic, Derrick could hear Charleene's stomach groan, letting him know his seed had found its way home. Still, Derrick felt a tangible sense of disappointment that he couldn't contain his lust long enough to send his initial release into one of the women's needy cunts.

Stroking his balls, bathing in his own post orgasmic afterglow, Derrick looked around the room and realized there would certainly be other opportunities to bust a nut inside one of the women's wombs before the end of the day.


Anthony knelt in the center of the room, scanning the sights around him from the comfort of the same shag carpet both Julia and Mary Jo were laying on beside him, completly fucked and exhausted.

He couldn't help but stare at Suzanne getting fucked doggystyle right in front of the door. Suzanne had her head tightly tucked down between her arms as her elbows rested on the floor, supporting her ample weight. Anthony couldn't help but harken back to all the times in the past where he had heard Suzanne make very insensitive racial comments. And now the irony of it all, one of his prison buddies was hammering Suzanne's "too good for black cock" cunt from behind with cruel, savage force while she was submissivly kneeling on all fours.

Anthony inherantly understood why Suzanne had hid her face in her hands, shielding her eyes from having to visually witness what she had submitted herself to despite the fact that she was openly accepting it with reckless abandon.

Extending his left hand out towards Julia's spread legs, Anthony deliberatly worked his way up to his boss's steaming, hair rimmed fissure. Staring down as the shadow of his hand closed in on the older woman's tender pink pussy, lined with a mix of dark black and slightly graying pubic hair, Anthony tingled from just how strikingly elegant Julia's fleece appeared. He had often dreamed of what the rich older woman's pussy would look like during those late nights alone in bed and as his fingertips actually grazed the nakedness of it, his heightened senses did the best they could to commit the entire moment to eternal memory.

Pinching his black fingers together around Julia's exposed vagina, Anthony had to keep his hand from shaking as the cum that had been shot into Julia's cunt bubbled back to the surface all over his skin.

Still exploring Julia's cunt with playful hesitation, Anthony turned his head in the opposite direction when he heard Derrick start to cum all over Charleene.

What Anthony saw when his eyes focused on the aftermath of what Derrick had done to Charleene belied any rational description. The only thing Anthony could liken it to was the scene he remembered from "Ghostbusters", years earlier, when someone had gotten slimmed. From a distance, it seemed every square inch of Charleene that was visible from above the table she was sitting at was shining and shimmering in the light from the cumbath Derrick had just unleashed upon her.

Anthony felt his spine quiver, seeing Charleene trying to regain her composure. Holding her throat while sperm glistened over her face and shoulders, Anthony could tell Charleene's dress had become the victim of a dry cleaner's worst nightmare.

Looking at the way Derrick stood above Charleene, flexing his cock in his hand imploring the married blonde to clean his manhood off, out of the corner of his eye, Anthony realized Charles and Suzanne were on the verge of something momentous as well.

Just as he turned, Anthony saw Charles's orgasm explode furiously into Suzanne's kneeling, uplifted rear end. Watching the angry way Charles ripped his cock free from the pouty bitch's cunt, Anthony was transfixxed by the aggressive way his prison buddy sent flare after flare of his stored up ejaculate, like tracer spray, all over Suzanne's back.

The first stream landed squarly at the base of Suzanne's neck right below her curly thick black hair. Each successive stream landed progressively lower down her shoulder blades, spine and finally in a shallow white pool on the small of her back. Grinding his huge rounded cockhead around Suzanne's vulva, Charles cleaned the left over cum off his dick as the woman in front of him worked her ass hungraly back against his jock, seeming to beg for more.

Anthony couldn't contain his desperation to fuck one of his four white female bosses for a minute longer. His dick nearly ready to slice through his slacks, Anthony made a few final swipes through Julia's pussy with his hand before standing up awkwardly and preparing to make his move...

Part 5 Coming Soon

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