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Just wanted to say thank you for my new friend!


Shannon wasn't really looking forward to this dinner. She had to take this client out and needed to get him to close the sale. This sale would make her quota and put her in good shape for the rest of the year. After a long day at work, the last thing she wanted to do was play customer golf.

Once home, she undressed and pulled out her clothes for the night. She turned on the water and waited for the shower to heat up. Brian, her husband of five years, would be home soon. Shannon hoped that after a hot shower she would have some energy. Nothing like working ten hours and then having to take someone to dinner and try to sell them something.

She had one idea, she knew that the client was a leg man and tonight she was going to wear her short leather skirt with black pantyhose and killer boots. He would be putty in her hands and hopefully she would walk out with the sale.

Walking into the shower, Shannon tried to relax and let go. After a few minutes, she decided to shave her legs, even though she was planning on wearing hose. She sat down and started to shave, taking her time so she would not to cut herself. After that was done, she decided to shave her pussy again. It's been some time and she knew that Brian would love it. Once shaved, she couldn't wait to get Brian to go down on her. She felt so bare and clean with her shaved pussy.

Right about that time is when Brian walked into their bathroom. "Wow, you look sexy."

"And how can that be? I'm nude."

"Yeah, I love it."

"Please, you love it when I shave my pussy."

"Yep, I would love to lick it right now."

"Get out of here, I have that dinner tonight."

"Oh, black pantyhose? Very sexy."

"This is a big dinner for us. The guy is a big fish and I really need to close the sale."

"Yummy, what else are you going to wear?"

"My black leather skirt, boots of course, and this blouse."

"Wow, that blouse is pretty see though."

"Yeah, I want to get this guy in a happy place and keep him off guard. Are you okay with this?"

"Sure baby, I love you." Brian unzipped his pants and removed his pants and boxers. "I'm actually aroused just thinking about you. You know, I use to get jealous when you had to take clients out but now I get aroused watching you get dressed."

Shannon carefully pulled up her pantyhose, making sure to not cause a run in her hose. She went out and purchased Wolford's and didn't want to waste fifty dollars. "Really?"

"Yeah. Some day I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch you. I want the guy to be a gentleman but I want you to be attracted to him."

Shannon stood up and looked at him with a puzzled look, "Really?"

"Yeah I know it's strange but the idea of you flirting with a man is erotic for me. Look, I'm so hard just thinking about it."

"Really, your not jealous?"

Brian moved behind Shannon placing his cock between her legs. She screamed and slapped his shoulder. "Get that thing away from me. I don't have time for sex and I don't want to smell like sex for this dinner!"

"Come on baby, I can see your pussy and your nipples are hard."

She reached over for some lotion and tossed it to him, "Sorry, no time."

Brian didn't waste any time and started to stroke his cock. Shannon never told him how much she loves watching him masturbate. She could feel her body tingle watching him. She loved how his cock grew big and hard, the skin tight, and how hard the mushroom head became. "You want to watch me flirt?"

"Yeah, I get so hard thinking about you being aroused next to a guy."

She was intrigued, "Tell me more."

"Then when he touches your leg and you know that he wants you. I think about your nipples being hard and your pussy wet."

Shannon looked at her husband, trying to read his body language. "Having him touch me won't make you jealous?"

"No, talking about this and watching you dress makes me want to cum."

"You know, my skirt is pretty short and my pantyhose are not control tops. What if he was able to see my shaved pussy?"

"Would you allow him to touch you?"

She watched him really working his cock, "I don't know, always thought you would be jealous."

"If he touches you or makes a pass, you have to promise me that you will tell me."

Shannon decided to play a little, "What if I want him to fuck me?"

Brian closed his eyes and gave one hard stoke. The first stream of cum shot out and luckily missed her, but landed on the mirror. Oh, I guess he really liked that comment, she thought. She watched how he slowly stroked his cock while thick streams of cum shot out. Oh she wanted that cock in her but she knew there was no time for that. Now

she would be going to dinner fully aroused and thinking about sex.

Carefully she dressed, making sure not to smudge any of her make up or get anything on her dress, and once dressed she had to check herself out in the mirror. "Damn girlfriend, you look hot," she whispered. She sprayed on some perfume and she was off. She felt sexy and that came across in her walk. She knew that she could pull this deal off

and teach Brian a lesson.

She walked into the restaurant and knew she was in trouble. Her client was a good looking man, very distinguished and polished. She found that sexy. She loved his salt and pepper hair and knew that he enjoyed tennis and racket ball. He was at least a foot taller than her and that made her feel safe when he was around.

He ordered a bottle of wine and appetizers. Funny, he remembered what she enjoyed. The first twenty minutes was small talk, getting to know you better. Then when the bottle of wine came, they spent a few moments talking about the deal. Before she could close the deal the waiter came over and asked if they were ready for dinner. She lost the moment.

Throughout dinner all she could think about was what her husband said. His words resonated in her mind about how he wanted to watch her with another man and how hot it made him watching her dress for her dinner. She started to wonder how many times Brian would jack off.

Shannon kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, making sure her client had a great view. A few times she made gave him a crotch shot. She wasn't sure if he could tell that she wasn't wearing panties. Her client was the perfect gentleman and Shannon wrapped him. He signed the contact before they left. He even paid for dinner.

Shannon realized that she wasn't ready to be with another man. Nor, did she really trust what Brian had told her. Sure, in the heat of the moment it's sexy fantasy but how would he feel the day after? She didn't want to lose her marriage.

Before leaving the restaurant, Shannon decided to test how jealous Brian would be. She didn't fully believe that he was okay with her sleeping with another man. She went to the ladies room and carefully ripped a hole in the crotch of her hose. She wanted him to think

that she had sex. She was surprised how wet her pantyhose were and hoped that her client didn't notice her scent.

Shannon was very pleased with herself. Not only did she close the deal, she also openly flirted. She knew that her client wanted to end the night in a hotel room but she was not ready yet.

On the drive home all she could think about was what she would tell Brian and how much should she tell him? She couldn't wait for him to see her crotchless pantyhose and watch his reaction. If he was aroused then, she would take things further next time. If he was upset she would tell him the truth. What she did know is that she needed to get laid.

Once home she immediately went to their bedroom. Thankfully, Brian was still awake. She walked over to him unable to wipe the smirk off her face. Once next to him she reached down and pulled his cock out though his boxers. Quickly he hardened in her hand. She moved up on to the bed and mounted him.

Brain had a shocked look on his face as his cock slipped into his wife. After all she was still wearing pantyhose.

Shannon looked down at her loving husband, "Do I feel any differently? " She teased him.

"Did something happen?"

"Feel how wet I am?"

"How did you get a hole in her pantyhose?"

"He ripped my pantyhose."

Brian was confused and surprised that she said that, "He?"

"Yeah baby, that is what you wanted right?" Shannon started to ride her husband faster slamming down hard on his cock, shaking the bed every time she took all of him deep in her soaked pussy. "You wanted him to do me right?"

Brian wasn't sure if he heard the words, did a stranger rip a hole in the crotch of his wife's pantyhose? Did his loving wife allow a stranger to finger her pussy? "You have to tell me everything."

"Do I feel any different?" She knew Brian was close.

That comment sent him over the edge; he couldn't take it and started to cum in her pussy. The rush of emotions knowing that some man touched his wife really turned him on. "Oh cum in me, give me your cum! I'm so happy you found my dinner kinky. Does it upset you that I'm such a slut?"

Shannon was surprised that this dirty talk was actually turning her on. Once Brian was finished she rolled off him and reached for her trusty vibrator. "I'm so horny and I need to cum."

Brain reached over and unzipped her skirt, then pulled her skirt off. He watched as his wife slid her vibrator under her pantyhose till she found her clit. He had to see more and started to pull down her pantyhose. He loved it that there was a hole in the crotch. The

idea really turned him on.

"I really want you to eat me!"

Brian moved down, putting his face inches from her pussy. He wasn't ready to eat her after he came in her. Still he was curious. He slipped his index and middle finger into his wife's very wet pussy. "Tell me everything baby! Did he fuck you?"

"Is that what you want baby?"

Brian pulled his fingers out of his wife, his fingers coated with her arousal and cum. Was that his cum or the strangers he thought.

Shannon looked down and was shocked to see that Brian was hard again. He's never fucked her twice in a night, sure when they were younger they had sex before and after work. Now, she knows he's thinking about her having sex with another man. Most men would flip out but her husband was rock hard after just filling her pussy with cum.

"Does the idea of your wife with another man excite you?"


Shannon smiled, "Then fuck me."

"Did he fuck you?"

"I love you baby." She wasn't ready to tell him the truth just yet. She had to know for sure if he would freak or if he really wanted this. Since after she's with another man there is no going back.

"Tell me baby, did you have sex?"

"Can't you tell?"

Brain look changed he was filled with lust, "Did he cum in you?"

"Yes." She thought about that for a second, "I mean he had a condom on when he came."

"He fucked me in the parking lot."

Brain dug his fingers into her flesh, "Did you cum?"

She had him and wanted to push hard, "Do you really want to know?" Having another man make her cum should raise any jealousy in Brain.

He kissed her, "Yes I have to know everything."

"Yes, I came. I was so afraid that someone would bust us. Then after a few minutes I started to think what if someone was watching us?"

"Wow, that is hot."

"Does it bother you that your wife was such a slut tonight? That some man bent me over his BMW and used my pussy till he came?"

"I think what you did is so freaking hot! God I wish that I was there."

She looked at him with a puzzled expression, "Really you want to watch?"

"Yes, more than anything."

"Now can you shut up and fuck me? I really need to cum."

Even though Brian was doing her she kept the vibrator on her clit. She loved that, being filled and having her clit stimulated. Even if Brain came again, she could use the vibrator to get off. She always came with it. Shannon started to wonder if Brian thought of her

vibrator as another man's penis? Maybe she should go toy shopping and get a Cyberskin.

Brian didn't last that much longer and came in her very wet pussy. He rolled off and watched her with her toy. She felt his eyes on her sending her over the edge. She wanted something to grip, for her pussy to grip as she came but Brian was spent. Her toes tingled as did her scalp as she finally reached her orgasm. All she could do was scream and hold on, keep the vibrator on her clit till her orgasm ripped through her body.

Once back on earth Shannon turned off the light and went to sleep. She was spent. She pretends to have an affair, and told her husband all about it. She flirted with her client and really enjoyed her night. Then her husband did her twice.

The next morning Shannon woke before Brain. She went to the kitchen and started the coffee. She loved the morning as they were quiet and she could think. Shannon started to ponder whether or not she should tell Brian the truth. But one thing that she did know was that she was going to be quiet till she could read his reaction.

The morning was kind of cool. She pulled her legs up into her chest and waited for the coffee.

About twenty minutes later Brian came into the kitchen. She got up and walked over to the coffee pot to make him a cup. She felt him move behind her, his cock hard. He pulled her robe up and her thong to the side. (Where did the thong come from?) Then with out warning he slipped his cock into her. Luckily she was still wet from the night before.

He nibbled on her ear.

Shannon turned, "Good morning sailor!"

"Tell me how he fucked you, I want to hear it again."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, very sure."

"When we left the restaurant he walked me to my car. By chance his was parked next to me. That is when he made his move. He knelt down in front of me and ripped a hole in my pantyhose. He told me that he was going to fuck me and that he was lucky to have such a nice piece of ass."

"Did you want him?"

"Are you sure you want the answer?"

"Yes, please tell me."

"Yes, I wanted him to fuck me. I knew that he was checking my legs out all night and my pussy was soaked."

"Did he feel good?"

"Yeah, after he ripped my hose he turned me around and bent me over his car. I think he was stunned that I was not wearing panties. With one hard thrust he shoved his thick cock deep into me. Oh, I was so ready for him."

"How long did he fuck you?"

"It felt like an hour but guessing ten minutes."

You had some stranger cock deep in your...your...pussy!" Brian started to cum.

Shannon felt his cock expand and knew that he was shooting his cum into her. The fantasy of her with another man was too much for him. At least he wasn't jealous or upset. He wanted the details and sex.

Once he finished Brian sat back down at the table. Shannon adjusted her thong and washed her hands then brought Brian a cup of coffee. She was torn, to tell him the truth or not? Was it best for him to think she was with another man? Was she really ready for this game to continue?

Only time will tell where this story will go.

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Great Story But also so sad

the interplay is top drawer...She will be his demise at best.. He needs to cut and run before it is too late...5

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