tagLoving WivesDid She or Didn't She?

Did She or Didn't She?


"Does this make me look fat? Of course it does. I AM fat. Oh why did I ever agree to this. I'm going to call and cancel!"

Cindy was wearing an uncharacteristically tight dress. Her normal attire of late has been pants and baggy tops. It DID make her look a little fat, but I haven't lived 61 years by answering questions like that one.

"It's a little late to cancel, Jim will be here soon. If he thought you were too fat, he wouldn't have agreed to have you escort him to the awards dinner. We have talked about this."

Jim was a neighbor who was also a friend. A friend that was not especially close. He was the kind who would loan you his lawnmower in a pinch. And as of tonight, one who would borrow your wife for the evening. In a pinch.

"I wish you wouldn't use the word, escort; it makes me sound like a prostitute."

"Well, if the stiletto heeled shoe fits!"

More remarks like that and I won't see 62.

"I keep telling you there WILL NOT be any fooling around tonight. We will go to the dinner, sit through a boring program, and come back home. I am only doing this as a favor."

Jim was up for an award from a civic group, the Lions Club, the Kiwanis, or whatever it was he belonged to and he thought it would look better if he had someone to take as a date. I suggested Cindy. At first he scoffed at the idea, but after a fruitless search he took me up on my offer. He was appreciative and promised nothing would happen. I wasn't especially worried.

Now that he had agreed to take Cindy, I had to convince her. At first it was "Hell no."

But she relented when she realized how harmless it would be. After all. we had been active swingers a few years earlier when we were in our 40's. So, there was the unspoken understanding that if anything happened tonight, it would not be out of character. Nor would it jeopardize our relationship.

"Jim is a handsome man. What do you and your friends call them, 'pantie droppers'?"

"There won't be any panties dropping tonight!"

"Be that as it may, I think Jim would be pleasantly surprised if he got a slobbery goodnight kiss."

"You would like that."

"I'm just saying."

"What if I do give him this wet, slobbery, tongue wrestling kiss? What if he wants more?"

"Same as it was years ago. It's up to you."

We both knew if it came to that, he would certainly want more. Since he moved in across the street, he had been flirting with Cindy. He was divorced. And probably horny, too. Anything could happen.

"He won't want an old fat woman like me, anyway."

I looked at her closely. She was 6 months short of her 60th birthday. She stood 5'2" with about 40 well distributed extra pounds. Fortunately some of that weight found its way to her already sizable tits. Her round ass was another great feature. But the crown jewel was her pussy. Sparsely haired, it had thick lips and since she had never had children it remained very tight.

Jim was a good-looking, 40-something guy. 5'10, dark haired, slender. He was the kind of man that every woman glanced at when he entered a room. His grey-blue eye seemed to pierce right through you, while his jovial personality put you at ease. It was a combination that ensured he could manipulate most people. It was a dangerous combo in a man who was 'borrowing' your wife for the evening.

"I think he will be keen to have you escort, er, accompany him."

"Men! Why do we even ask them anything?"

"It's because we are right!"

"Then get right out of here so I can finish getting ready."

I retreated to the living room.

The doorbell rang promptly at 6:30. Jim looked sheepish as he walked in.

"Bob, I know this is awkward, me taking you wife out and all. I promise you I will be a gentleman."

"Jim, she's your date for the night. Everything is up to her. I'll be okay. I trust you both."

"You're sure? Living so close, it might get...wow!"

Wow, indeed. In the short time that I had been downstairs, my wife had totally transformed herself.

She now wore a classic little black dress that hit her at mid-thigh, while also showing lots of cleavage. She must have bought it for tonight as I had not seen her in it before. It fit her much better than the one she had on earlier. Her make-up was flawless. She balanced on a new pair of black stilettos. She hadn't fixed herself up this nice in quite some time.

"You are amazing!"

"Why thank you, Jim. If my husband complimented me more, I might dress up for him."

"You look amazing all the time."

"Too late. Jim beat you to it."

Jim was getting anxious. "We should get going. I really want to show off my date."

"Bring her home safe. Cindy, enjoy yourself. You too, Jim."

Cindy kissed me on the cheek, as they left.

At first, I busied myself with a few minor chores around the house to keep from dwelling on Cindy's date.

They had certainly arrived at the meeting venue by now. Jim was probably showing off his 'date' for the evening. The member's wives doubtlessly shooting jealous glances at her. Every one of them wishing the handsome Jim was taking them on a date. She revels in their envy

Seated at their table, Jim would be taking advantage of the long table cloth. He would be putting his hand on her smooth, nylon clad thigh. She allows Jim's bold invasion of her private area, hoping he moves further up her leg.

It is not until the lights dimmed for a video presentation of the club's accomplishments for the past year, that she got her wish. As the conference room got dark, Jim moves his hand up to the top of her stocking, feeling the warm bare skin. He reaches her panties as the short presentation ends and he had to clap his approval. He nods at Cindy. The look on her face tells him this wouldn't be the only time he gets to feel her panties tonight.

I find it more and more difficult to concentrate on my chores when I have this scenario in my head. I continue my creating my version of events.

After the boring awards ceremony, Jim and my wife get in his car. As Cindy slides in the passenger seat her already short dress rides up far enough to reach above her stocking tops. Jim notices and smiles.

"Are you in a hurry? I know a fabulous place to park and watch the city lights."

"I'm in no hurry at all. I can tell Bob we stopped for ice cream."

Jim drives my wife to the overlook in record time. He parks in a secluded area.

"Shall we get into the back seat, there is more room."

"Of course. That makes me feel like a teenager again."

"My pleasure. Shall we?"

Cindy is the first to get in the back seat and by the time Jim joined her she is holding her panties.

"You work fast."

"If I don't do this now, I may change my mind. I love Bob, and this was his idea, after all."

"Then don't let me stop you."

She fumbles with his belt and zipper before she makes it to her reward — Jim's stiff cock. She wastes little time in sucking it. This gets it slippery from her saliva. She reaches back and pulls her dress over her now naked ass. She sits back on the seat and beckons Jim to get between her spread legs. He gets the message and enters her very wet...!

At that point in my imagined date, I hear two car doors slam across the street. I look out the bedroom window to see Cindy and Jim headed to his front door. They pause and look my way, then kiss passionately for a moment then go into his house. After a while, the light in his bedroom comes on momentarily. I can see both of them before the light goes out again. They were going to fuck right under my nose! My cock started to swell.

About that time, the front door opened and they walked out! He handed her something as she headed home, she slipped it into her clutch purse. He pointed toward our house.

She came in, smiling broadly.

"Okay. You are home."

"I suppose I am. What were you expecting..."

"How was the banquet?

About like all those things are — boring!"

"Sorry, I talked you into it then,"

"I forgive you. Jim was great company. He took me for ice cream afterwards"

"That's nice. By the way, what was the kiss on his porch all about?"

"That? I had told him what you and I had discussed and we were having fun with you. Hope you don't mind."

"I saw you in his bedroom."

"I almost forgot. He gave you a key to his tool shed. It was in his bedroom. You can now borrow his lawnmower anytime, as thanks for letting him borrow me."

I love this woman!

Wait, did she say 'ice cream?'

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/07/19

look for it

easy enough to figure out if she did or didn't. Have her strip down bare naked and look yourself. Any husband will know if she has had intercourse or not. The blow job? That will be tough to tell andmore...

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by Anonymous03/13/19


Completely unrealistic! PLAIN BULLSHIT!

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by MightyHorny11/20/18

Anything to get a boner... but not that, grampa

If the only way you can get an erection is imagining your woman fucking the neighbor behind your back...

You have some issues, old man.

One sadass stor, I tell ya. ★★

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by spankmeagin07/26/18

Careful what you dream...

Hmmm it was really her wet panties she was slipping into her purse!
Time for sloppy seconds my friend,
and light that spark.
Bottoms up, spankmeagin

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by Anonymous07/17/18


They stopped for \\\a icecream, but brought hubby home a cream pie to enjoy.

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