tagGroup SexDidi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 02

Didi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 02


What wonderful reaction to my last two stories, "Answering A Random Ad" and "Sheila's Taste." This story picks up a recent event with "Didi and Ken Throw A Party, Part 1. I have to add that while most reactions were quite positive, a few were just plain stupid. Thanks to all as I was very entertained. Meanwhile, enjoy.


Cheryl Makes a Decision

It was a very long and difficult week for me, business-wise. The current recession, the spike in gas prices, the spike in groceries, you name it. I've been working hard, having long hours and missing my time with Sheila. Tonight, it was a little passed ten when I pulled into my driveway and I was quite weary.

There was Cheryl's Mini in the driveway and Sheila's Taureg next to it. I knew that this was the night the Cheryl was to have made a decision on which person to bring Didi and Ken's Boat Party next weekend. I also knew that Cheryl and Sheila had been on the phone constantly and that Cheryl was agonizing over it.

I walked into my house and heard the voices coming from the living room. I walked in to see an amazing sight. Sheila, Cheryl and two other people, a young guy and a young girl, but with their backs to me, were naked and sitting on the floor facing each other. I said a quick hello and said I was heading for the shower and then hitting the hot tub. I'd join them in a little while.

I headed the bathroom and soon was stripping down and walking into a cool relaxing shower. I wasn't in for a moment when Cheryl slid open the shower door and slid in next to me. She gave me a big kiss and began to soap me down.

"I just wanted to fill you in on what's happening tonight. We were enjoying some yoga exercises when you walked in. See, I can't decide between Rita, my best friend at school and the one who has been most curious about me lately, and Donald, who is in the closet and gay but says he's androgynous or asexual, depends on the day. Both really, really want to go. They both have fantasies they want to play out. Sheila suggested that I bring both of them over and that she would get a sense of them. And so, that's where we are. Now, let's dry you off and get you into the tub...loosen your muscles...at least some of them." I let her towel me down and rub me dry. She even gave my dick a sweet kiss on the head.

"I'm your geisha. Come with me, please."

I tossed on my robe and followed her out to the hot tub, now bubbling and at temperature. I flipped on the iPod and listened to Podarama. As I went to drop my robe, I felt a long roach in the pocket. It was nearly a full joint but I had clinched it some time ago. What a treat when that happens! So I lit it. Sliding into the tub and desiring to get mellow. I closed my eyes. Cheryl sat on the edge and rubbed my neck. How bad is this life?

I must have drifted for a while when I awoke to the sounds of the others coming out to join me. I moved from my sprawl to make some room. I now saw Rita and Don.

Rita was a small woman with long black hair covering a pretty face. She had full, large tits, bigger than for her overall size. Her full pussy was a pile of short black curlies. She looked like fun but she had an edge, too. There was something I couldn't sense.

Don was a tall, thin Irish kid. Freckled and lanky, his large, uncircumcised penis hung like a club. Sheila and Cheryl climber in and now we were snug. Sheila lit another joint and began to pass it around.

I said, "So is this like the finale of American Idol?"

Sheila laughed and said, "Hardly. I'm just trying to make these two comfortable and I don't know how successful I've been."

"Ok then. Rita first. This boat party features completely uninhibited sex, among and with both sexes. You know this and yet you really want to go. What is it you want to do there?

Rita thought for a moment and said, "I seem to live in a fantasy world. There are things I think of when I play with my vibrator. I want to do them. I want to try it and I want to see how it makes me feel afterward."

"Ok. But, please," I said, "be a little more specific. What do you fantasize about?"

"Lately, I dream a lot about making love to Cheryl."

Cheryl blushed and said, "Yeah, I knew that. But I was afraid of revealing myself until the party came along. But I felt your vibe. When I told her about the party, I explained my relationship with you two, you know, how we met, where we went. I thought her eyes would fly out of her head!"

"But tell them what I said."

"She was real quiet and then she sort of bubbled out -- I want to go, I want to do it, I want cum and cum and cum -- what could I say?"

"What else, can you add, Rita?"

"I've always fantasized about group sex and feeling wanton and completely in abandon. I dream about lots of hands and lots of penises and pussies. There's more but mostly those are my current favorites."

"Good. Now Don, same question. As I understand it, you're gay but in the closet. Also, you don't have much of a social life. What is it that you want to do?"

Don began a history of his life when I cut him off.

"I don't mean to appear rude but I'd prefer if you answered my question directly."

His words began to sputter out. "I don't know if I'm gay or what. I don't know if I'm anything. I'm curious to find out already. I've never had the kind of sex I dream about. I've never had another man and I want to know. I might also add that the two attempts with women ended poorly. But I'm also very nervous about this whole thing." "Good. I wonder if you would stand up please. I want to see your dick."

Don rose hesitantly and stood before us with his large cock hanging before us. I moved in on him and began to rub his ass. I nodded to the others and they joined me rubbing ad stroking him. I reached his dick which was now responding to our ministrations. I cupped his balls.

"Don, that is some impressive dick."

He grunted but it didn't seem to be getting hard.

"Don, sit down, please. There is one very important thing to remember here. We're all okay with you, everything is smooth. We want you to explore your desires and we're glad to be your guinea pigs. You must remember that we respect your limitations and boundaries and be cool with that. We make no judgments and we're here because we love pleasure, both the giving and receiving. You can trust us. In fact you must trust us -- take that great leap of faith and trust us. Otherwise, you will never enjoy yourself and we would hate that."

Don looked down quietly.

I stood up and moved toward him. My dick was standing at attention not a foot from his face. He was so focused on the hard dick and dark pink helmet that I took his hand and placed it on my dick. The girls were sitting and watching intently...although now that I think of it, I saw no hands.

He rolled his palm around the base of my cock and stroked its length a couple of times. The others joined me in this as many hands plied him. I waved the others off and placed the head between his lips. There was an audible gasp from Don when I did this. There were oohs and aahs from the women. He gave me a few sucks, getting as much of my head in as far as I could. But then, he abruptly stopped and smiled at us while turning beet red.

"Did you like that, Don?"

"It was okay. I guess. I suddenly got embarrassed. I'm sorry."

Sheila paused a moment and then said, "Rita, would you please stand."

Rita rose as the water came to her navel. Her large round breasts stood proudly, her nipples punched up and pointing. Sheila and Cheryl began to rub her body caress her. Sheila swam behind her and open her legs and I could see the joy in which she enjoyed the feel. Cheryl hid her face buried in those breasts. Rita lost her balance and fell toward me. I grabbed her and held her hands in mine as she was now leaning over and in my face. I leaned it and began to kiss her. Sheila now had her face in her butt and Cheryl played with their pussies. Rita let go of one hand and ran it over my cock.

"No. This one is yours." I whispered as I pulled her away and held both her arms for support. I began to nibble on her earlobe.

Cheryl now lifted Rita and they kissed. It was really beautiful. Sheila pushed herself between Don and me and as we watched, she played with our dicks in the water. Cheryl now pulled Rita up onto the edge of the tub. Rita's eyes were ecstatic as Cheryl leaned in and began to caress and lick at her pussy. Rita was in bliss and she began to cum quickly, emitting sweet little squeaks. Cheryl did not stop her intense licking and slurping munching and that caused Rita to kick in again. This orgasm was deeper, it was obvious as her breasts firmed up and her nipples popped, her breathing deeper and her animal sounds more like a growl than a purr.

I found myself alone as Sheila was now on the chaise with Don and they were quietly moaning. I got up and left the tub to watch them. As I approached, Sheila pulled me close to their faces and held my dick. She looked at Don.

"Darling, I can't seem to make this man hard. Come help me...this is mine all the time and I love it. You enjoy this now, Don, I loan it to you."

A hand emerged and wrapped around me. It pulled me into his virgin mouth and I delighted as his tongue wrapped around it. One hand played with my balls. He was young but he knew what he liked and how he'd imagined it and so he was quite ambitious in giving me pleasure.

I looked over to the next couch to see Cheryl and Rita in a tight sixty-nine. Rita was fulfilling her fantasy and I was happy for her.

I looked over at Sheila who was mounted on Don as he sucked me. She was locked into watching him as she slid up and down his pole. She had that look of being fully fucked but then she saw my eyes and nodded negatively to me. I threw my leg over his head and fed him my dick, he hungrily accepting it. I looked into Sheila's eyes and we kissed reveling in our pleasure.

Don began to lick my cock from the lead to the root and then down the balls. He snaked his tongue into my ass and rimmed me. I felt my cum rising up through the stem and it felt great...I was starting to percolate. I pushed my dick into his mouth and began to fuck his face. I began to shoot my cum in fast and furious blasts as he swallowed bravely. Sheila was now rocking on his cock and as she slid off she motioned to me. I put between my hand on it as she stroked it up and down. No sooner had I done that when he began to cum in white flows down his dick. No cannon here, no abrupt and excited orgasm, just a steady flow, running down and pooling at his belly and his sac. Sheila and I both leaned in to lick it off but Don pushed us aside.

We turned to watch Rita and Cheryl. Rita was on top in their sixty-nine and Sheila began to rub and kiss her ass. We watched as Sheila would lick her ass and then follow all the way down to Cheryl's mouth. Rita dismounted and faced Sheila. Sheila's pussy was now squatting over Cheryl's mouth. Rita and Cheryl kissed and fondled each others breasts with Rita acting aggressive. The animal was coming out. Her pussy rubbed along Cheryl's and it was obvious they were clit to clit. The squishy noises and the heavy scent of sexual musk filled the air. Watching them explode was akin to the Fourth of July. Their orgasms were accompanied by triumphant sounds of joy, of happiness and of utter release.

After a few minutes, Sheila looked up and said, "So, how can I make a decision? Will somebody help me?"

Don broke in and said, "Let me make this easy. I don't really know if I can go through with this next week. I mean I really enjoyed this and I would love to do this again but I won't feel comfortable. I think I'd like to explore myself in other ways. I just couldn't see myself doing this with strangers."

"I understand completely, Don. I think you still have things to discover about yourself. If we can help, we'd be delighted. We'd be glad to have you back."

"I hope you don't if I leave now? I'd really like to go."

Cheryl offered to help him and she led him into the house. He seemed so nervous but Cheryl needed to talk to him and to help reassure his fragile ego. They left and Sheila and I turned to Rita.

"Well, Rita...the winner! So, what do you think?" "I can do this party, I can," said Rita. "I've never so good in my life. I don't think I ever came so hard and so good. I want more. I want more of Cheryl, too."

"Yes, but you two can do each other anytime. What will you do on the boat?"

"Oh...well I want a lot of everything. I want to taste a lot of women. I want my tits played with...and I still haven't had your cock in me...yet!" "I can change that."

Sheila broke in quickly and said, "Hold that thought, stud. I think we'll have to wait for the party to get there. I'm going to chase you and Cheryl out because I want to have some discussion and some intimacy with my man, if you get my point."

Cheryl came back out and shrugged, "Well, I tried..."

"It's okay. He'll find himself. Sometimes it takes a special catalyst and tonight, it wasn't us. He would not have enjoyed the party as much as you three delicious twats!"

Rita added, "And I have homework for you two. I know that school is out but you have homework nonetheless. I want you to help each other locate the g-spot. Okay? You will be tested."

The girls laughed as we entered the house. They all showered and played with their hair and it was a good hour before they left.

I was just sprawled across the pillow. I was wiped out and the news was coming on soon. I must have drifted off because Letterman was just coming on. Sheila had dimmed the lights and was curled up next to me. Her warm skin was comforting as secure. I felt good on me. I leaned down and kissed the top of her forehead. She uncoiled and stretched. She leaned over and kissed me, but really kissed me. This time it was different, it was better.

"I must tell you something and I don't want you to be angry with me. I'm telling you this from my heart. Promise me."

"I promise."

"I really respect you...very deeply. You are a good person in and out. And I really trust you..." I was getting that sinking "Dear John" feeling but I kept still.

"...full trust. I feel like you and I are always there for each other...that we both seem to know that we're on the same side..."

I thought, "Yeah...and..." but I said nothing.

"...and we get along so well, we enjoy each other and I know that I keep discovering more good stuff about you every day..."

"So what are you trying to say?"

"You're such a jerk sometimes. I'm trying to tell you that I'm falling in love with you. I mean like really, really love you...like I want to be in love with you. But I'm afraid we're going too fast, or I'm going too fast...or..."

"Shush, sweetie. I know. I can't think of ever feeling so in sync with someone. It's like we sort of go with each others flow and we flow together...even maybe, if it's over the falls. And I'm falling in love with you, too. I like you. We snuggled close and blended into each other. Our bodies slowly slid in a dermal kiss. We fucked with an intense ardor. Our sex together was clearly the deal-breaker. I'd never found a partner so in tune with my rhythm and vice verse. I got lucky, dumb lucky with my Sheila.

Next Time: The Boat Party.

If you like my memoirs please leave a comment, astute or stupid. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

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