tagGroup SexDidi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 03

Didi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 03


Chapter 3: The Party

The days passed quickly since Sheila called Didi with our RSVP plus two guests, Cheryl and Rita. Didi was thrilled, especially after her long talk with Sheila. One day they had a long lunch in the village and the hot topic was us -- me and Sheila. Sheila and I were quite an item.

Sheila also told Didi about Cheryl and Rita and our adventures together. Didi was quite interested in Rita's fantasy of lots of hands and mouths and bodies all over her. Didi told her about the other guests that have accepted and how much fun they are. She also said that they had hired some crew so that Ken would be available throughout the party. The boat would be full and they wanted to be on the Sound before the sun set.

Sheila relayed all of this to me as we lay in bed watching the news and Letterman. I was hard just thinking about this party, only a few days away.

"I like that there is no jealousy with you. No guilt and no jealousy!"

I smiled at this comment and looked deep into her eyes.

"I don't know about jealousy. You and I enjoy each other a lot but we also are able to share our predilections, if you will, and relish the others joy. As for guilt, for what crime am I guilty? I am who I am. Period. As long as I am at your side, I feel safer. I'm glad that we get along so well and that we understand each other's needs. I've been waiting to meet you all my life."

"You say all the right things to me. But I just want to know; if I'm up to my nose in other partners and getting fucked silly, how do you feel about it?"

"To be honest, I'd be thinking of a way to cover your nose!"

"Don't make jokes!" She hit me with her pillow.

"I just want to see you utterly happy and satiated because I know it makes you feel good. I know that you have needs and desires that I cannot provide and you know the same of me. If I can be there to share your thrills and if I can be there when the thrills are hard to come by, this is a good thing. Now you're giving me a headache. Can I kiss you goodnight?"

"Alright, I'm giving myself a headache, too."

I turned off the TV and the light and wrapped myself around her. We kissed two very long and sweet moments and drifted off.

The next few days flew by and when Saturday arrived I was off to have my haircut and Sheila, Cheryl and Rita were going to play hair and makeup. Didi had suggested that we be at the boat by 4 pm because she wanted some sun time. She also asked that I supply the music so I was selecting and burning CDs with very cool and unique music and putting them into a travel case. I also rolled about a dozen joints.

When I returned from my haircut, the women were in full swing -- at least in the bathroom and the vanity where the makeup events were a howl. I was already dressed for the party in a very plain Gap-ish way. I really didn't intend to stay dressed for very long. I was also commando. I pulled up a chair, grabbed the Times crossword, a pencil and an ashtray.

So here are three women in just their thongs trying out different blushes and eyeliner. It was so erotic to peek at their camel-toes. I observed that Rita had shaved. I swear it could have been like the Playboy Channel, all gauzy lenses and lingerie. They didn't seem to mind my presence but there were some barbs being tossed. I suggested that they look at the time and put a move on it.

Sheila looked like a stopper. Her long black hair swirled around a silky black sari that, I knew, was all she wore. Her makeup was minimal and understated and she just made me nod my head in awe. Cheryl wore a gauzy white sundress, the kind that looks so excellent when the sun is behind it and you can see her form. I enjoyed watching her rouge her nipples. Rita wore a two piece and while I wasn't all that crazy about it, her tits were the focus of the outfit. After that, who cares?

We met in the living room for a champagne toast. I told the girls that if at any time they were uncomfortable to tell me and I would take care of them. Not that anyone might need protection, but in cases like this party, it was maybe wise to discuss it. We hopped into my packed Jeep and heading over to the marina.

Fortunately, we find a spot among the trucks, the hummers, the beemers and the benzes that was very close to the boat. We were met at the car by Tom, the captain for the day. He had someone take our bags and he walked us to the boat, which sat majestically alongside the dock. Didi was at the door when we came aboard. She looked smashing in a gold hostess outfit with real deep cleavage and real short shorts. Ken was next guiding everyone into the salon. Perfectly fit and handsome for his age, he looked and acted like the successful and proud owner of this boat, which he was.

He introduced us to Tim, our chef for the cruise and to Bev, who would serve us. I just shook my head. It was as though Ken went out and handpicked a perfectly beautiful crew; two buff young men and an Asian cutie dressed in a little maid's outfit. I looked at Ken with respect.

"This is Disneyland. Isn't it?"

"Yes. Sure. It is whatever you want. Disneyland...a pirate ship...the S.S. Minnow...it is whatever you like."

He showed us to our cabin which was delicious for two but a little close for four. Still, a private bathroom is nice. How much time would we even spend in the room? We stored our stuff and I brought out my CDs.

Ken and Didi then led us up to the sky lounge where the other guests were arriving and getting the tour. As glasses of wine and beer were passed around, Captain Tom started up the vessel and headed out into the Sound.

Ken took the CDs and in a few minutes some reggae, some Cuban, some New Orleans and some funky blues began to drift through the open air. In short order, I was introduced to Max and Mel (and their guest, Sam), Jim and Sue (and their guest, Jill), and Doreen and Jack (and their guest, Frank). There were a lot of people on this boat -- fifteen plus three crew. It didn't seem crowded at all. This was some boat.

Fortunately it was still warm and sunny when some of the women began to lay topless on the deckpads. I lit a joint and stood with the men as we ogled the decks. There were a lot of nice women on this boat. And in short order, I learned about the others.

I was immediately taken by Mel and Max and their friend, Sam. Mel was a well-regarded accountant with some big clients. His wife, Max, was a tall, thin and classy black woman, she had to be a model. Their friend, Sam, was a college student and an athlete, He was also black.

Jim and Sue were old friends to Ken and Didi. They went back to childhood together. I realized just how close they were when Ken said that they had blown each other long before they ever got near a pussy.

Sue was a nurse and she looked wonderful in a sexy, earth mother sort of way. Jill, their guest, was their long-time other. She oozed party. Gazing at her pert nipples pointing to the sun and the thonglet with the perfect camel toe, I was going sunblind.

Doreen and Jack were different. I couldn't really get the connection except that both worked for Ken. It turned out that Frank did, too. I never did find out what they did but they were all fine physical specimens.

After some joints and drinks, Ken said that it was time to start the party. He started up the hot tub and then walked out onto the sundeck. To the beat of "Hey Pocky Way", he began to bump, grind and strip for the women, who began to hoot. He waved to us and we joined him, dancing around the women while slowly unbuttoning. Naturally, Ken was naked first. His large, thick cock waved and bounced as the women squealed. I was next and I got the same treatment. Mel followed, Jim next but Jack, Sam and Frank -- wow! Those guys held batons. The girls oohed and aahed and gently stroked and fondled us. I found myself in the arms of Sheila and we began to kiss.

"Ahem." Didi spoke up. "Just because you two are like rabbits doesn't mean you have to monopolize each other."

As some people chatted, others drank and nibbled. Cheryl, Rita, Max and Didi stood like conspirators in the corner as I strolled over.

"I feel so special. Didi has said that tonight, my fantasy will be the feature act."

"Oh yes, sweetheart, you are going to have the orgasm of your life. I promise."

We easily agreed that it was going to be something special. Sheila and Sam joined us. She handed me a clasp and a piece of material and then unrolled herself out of the sari. Her nicely tanned nudity was well received. Sam commented on her fine ass and gave it a feel.

Didi looked at me and said, "You got yourself one hot cunt, you know that?"

"Indeed, I do."

I grabbed Rita's arm and pulled her toward the hot tub. She stripped and hopped in. We were alone although we knew it wouldn't last very long.

"I've wanted to do this since I met you"

I picked her up by her ass and placed her facing me on my lap. Her legs wrapped so that her feet rubbed my ass, I pulled her close and began to kiss her.

"Don't let my makeup run yet."

At that, Bev handed some damp towels to Rita. Amazing.

Rita and I started to make out. I loved her big tits pushing against my chest, then against my face. Max entered the pool and swam up next to me. She joined our kiss. Max was long and thin, her breasts were small and her small nipples puffed out. She has completely shaven, from her bald head down to sweet muff, all chocolate and dreamy. Soon they were several people in the tub all making out and feeling each other up. Hands were everywhere. Who just groped me? I reached down to regain my footing when I found myself hanging on to Frank's massive ten inch cock. I leaned back on the seat and let Rita climb on top of me. Seated in my lap and facing me, she slipped my now hard cock into her sweet pussy and then squeezed closer to me.

"I've wanted you to be the first inside me today."

We kissed deeply as the tub filled with bodies. It was so pleasurable to have her grinding her bottom into me as random hands touched and caressed us. But as we were really starting to get into it, and as Rita began to giggle at the fun and pleasure of the whole scene, a little dinner bell rang.

"Ok, you animals, I hope you've all warmed up and got those juices flowing. But I need you all to come down to the salon now. There are towels and robes all right here."

Didi reached into the tub and squeezed Rita's breast.

"Get ready, cutie. You're time is coming!"

We all got out of the tub and headed down the steps. The salon filled up as Didi and Bev served glasses of champagne. All around the salon were little bowls filled with creams, lubricants and condoms. Tim circulated with hors d'oeuvres. Ken addressed the group.

"Thank you all for attending our little summer bacchanal. I would like to continue a tradition now. If you look out to the west, you'll see that the sun if setting magnificently on the Sound. It has about ten minutes until it sets. I'd like us to just quietly watch the sunset and then toast the higher power that has brought us together today. And then we'll have some dinner and the games will begin. So, take a break, sit back and enjoy."

Sheila sat on my lap with her arm draped around me. I was reminded of Mallory Square in Key West where the nightly sunset is a celebratory event. I looked around the room as people cuddled quietly. The sky was streaking with dark red and purple over the calm waters. This was a spectacular sunset; it was very romantic. Sheila nibbled on my ear and whispered sweet things to me.

As the sun set, a roar and applause was the response. Champagne corks popped and glasses clinked. Tim set out plates of food on the bar and people began to serve themselves. There was lobster salad with large chucks of lobster, small beef wellingtons, lots of different shu mai and dim sum, salads, all sorts of dishes; it was indeed an orgy of food. Sheila and I made some plates and sat on the aft deck watching the sky darken. A small chunk of lobster slipped from her plate and down her chest landing in her lap. I leaned in a gobbled it up.

"Mmmm, I love the smell of fish."

I got a friendly slap for that. As the boat settled to a stop, Rita stood and addressed the revelers.

"Whenever we have these parties, I like to make sure that I have the right group and I think we have succeeded tonight, don't you, Ken? Now, we have some special entertainment tonight. First, our crew has prepared a little show for us so you can get to know them and then after that, we are all going to make little miss Rita over here very happy as we satisfy a fantasy. Okay? Now, on with the show!"

The lights dimmed in the salon as everyone found seats. The Beatles' "I Got A Feeling" began to play. Bev and Tim stood in the center and began to dance in a slow, almost tango movement. Tom entered and joined them wrapping Bev in a sandwich. The music segued into "What A Feeling!" and they began to form intertwined positions as they stripped each other. Each took a turn stripping and each made the action seemed sexier that it actually was. Bev was the first to be naked and she was stunning. Her young body was perfect with her small pillow-like breasts standing firm and proud. Her nipples pointed upwards and shook with her movements. Her legs were long and lean leading up to a beautiful heart-shaped ass. When she turned, her shaved vulva rose like a small inviting mound of dessert. What a body. I love Asian sexpots.

Tim and Tom stripped each other and began to gyrate around the room offering their bodies to the guests. Each guest fondled and touched as their impressive dicks hardened. Bev approached us and offered her breasts. Sheila and I each took a nipple and began to suck and kiss them. Then she moved on. I looked around the room and saw that Cheryl had Tim's large, think unit between her lips.

The music segued again into The Stones and the three joined in the center of the room. Tom lifted Bev by her tush and slid her onto his dick. Tim held her back as she leaned backwards to take his dick into her mouth. After a few minutes of this, she dismounted and got on her hands and knees as the two men switched places and filled her, all the while kissing each other. After a few minutes of this, they moved over to Ken, surrounded him and began to pleasure him.

The atmosphere in the room was thick. Joints were passed. Desire was become evident as people began to touch and feel each other up. Ken's zipper went down and his shorts fell to the floor. He was led to the center of the room where we watched intently as three mouths caressed and sucked on his massive cock. Ken began to moan and buck his hips. Didi moved to him and began to tweak his nipples.

"Watch this! It does it for him every time!"

Sure enough, Ken began to cum, shooting jizz all across the faces of the crew and met with wild applause. The crew stood and bowed.

Rita thanked the crew for warming us up and said, "I'm going to prepare our next event. I invite you all to get comfortable and I'll be back for you. Now go!"

Sheila said to me, "I must do something. Watch."

She walked over to Bev who was wiping cum off her face and pulled her into a tight kiss. The two had similar shapes and were of the same height and it was a helluva pretty picture. As guests began to move around the boat, they all passed around the two as they melted together. I joined them in their embrace. As I started to feel Bev respond, she broke the embrace.

"I have to clean up but I will be back for both of you, I promise."

Sheila told me that she was going off to explore. I lit a joint and decided to take in the boat and to cruise the action. I walked up to the bridge first. As I toked, Tom was setting the ship up to moor in that one spot. There was no traffic in the Sound and we were moored off a pretty deserted area off Saint James, far enough from the ferry route. I looked at the video screens and marveled at the electronics. The fish finder showed heavy traffic beneath us and if I wasn't here to party, I'd be cutting bait.

I turned to walk toward the hot tub but had to make my way around Tom and Doreen, whose legs were spread as his face devoured her. Doreen stroked my robed ass as I walked by. Not more than two feet away, Mel was making a lot of noise sucking on Sam's heavy meat.

The action in the tub was heating up. On one side Jack, Sue and Jill were locked together. Off to the side, on the banquette was my Sheila, taking Ken's dick from behind as her mouth worked on Frank. Max was going down on Cheryl who looked at me through half-closed lids and smiled. She reached for me and put her hand under my robe. I saw Didi climb the steps and nod to me. She took my hand and led me down.

"I have our lovely little Rita all ready. You and I will start. Wait; let me grab Bev and Tim."

She led us down to the master stateroom. In front of the closed door, she instructed us.

"Now, she's blindfolded and tied down. I want us to stroke her and play with her but I don't want her to cum...just keep her at the edge. Also, don't talk. I don't want her to know or associate sexes, okay."

She opened the door and there was Rita, a black silk kerchief tied around her eyes. Her wrists were tethered to the corners of the headboard and her ankles were tied to the corners of the storage drawers built into the platform. Her legs were spread wide and her perfect vagina looked like a butterfly with its wings spread. The hood of her clit stood out, prominent and inviting, almost winking at us. I was thinking how much I would have liked to nestle in her black pubic curls but that I would have to wait until she chose to grow them back.

Didi handed us velvet and velour towels and we all began to stroke and caress Rita with them. I took my towel and traveled up her leg and then dragging it from the bottom of her slit to the top and then back the way I came. Bodies moved around her and touched her in different ways. I positioned myself next to her breasts and used my penis to draw circles around her nipples. I placed it under her breast and slid it back and forth. Bev was at her feet and she was gently gliding Rita's toes against her own slit. Tim crouched over her head and let his dick slide around her face. Didi rolled a tit through Rita's hand.

Within a few minutes, we were joined by Sheila, Cheryl, Ken, Max and soon, the others. The bed was becoming pretty crowded but all the hands were on Rita, except for an occasional fondle elsewhere. As hands caressed and fondled her, she reacted with little arching movements and little groans. Now mouths began to lick and suck on her. I went to her crotch and placed a pillow under her butt, and then I proceeded to lick and rub her ass. There was another tongue above my head. I felt a dick slide up and down the crack of my ass and I wiggled back.

Rita began to writhe and Didi pulled each of us back. The bedroom was now filled with the dense scent of sex. Each guest stood around as Didi positioned us. When we were all with reach of Rita's flesh, she nodded and hands went everywhere. There was not a part of Rita's body that was not covered by soft massaging hands. Didi leaned into Rita's pussy and gave it a big slurp. She then moved away and Frank replaced her. One by one, we moved around Rita's body and gave her pussy a tender lick. When it was my turn, I was pleased by the strong musky perfume coming from her as I just love a strong vaginal scent. As my tongue made its way around her clit, she arched and pushed it into me. All this was beginning to take its toll on Rita and she began to make little grunting sounds and writhing constantly. Rita pulled us all back again.

It was very, very quiet in the stateroom as Didi positioned only the women around Rita. Then, pointing to her tit, she leaned over Rita and brushed her nipple across Rita's lips. The others got the message and they all leaned over Rita. They began to sweep only their nipples across her body. She squealed and giggled again.

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