tagGroup SexDidi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 04

Didi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 04


The Party Continues

Sheila and I lay on the aft deck for a while. We drifted off to sleep for a little while nestled comfortably in each other's arms. It was Cheryl's voice that roused us.

"Oh, there you are! I've been wandering around the boat looking for you. I was afraid you'd jumped overboard."

"No, sugar, we were just resting for a bit. What's up?"

"Well, for one thing, this is one amazing party. I'm having a great time. I'm like a kid in a candy store. Everybody is very cool and the vibe is definitely mellow. I've seen some things I've never even dreamed about! But I want you to meet someone. Wanna?"

Sheila and I sat up and looked around, taking in the sounds. There were several people swimming below us off the swim platform which was lit by soft colored underwater lights. There was the sound of clinking glasses in the salon.

"Lead on," said Sheila.

Cheryl took us down into the cabins and led us to the one where we left our belongings. We made one pit stop in the main salon where we noshed on some spring rolls and caviar. I poured a couple of glasses of a vintage pinot noir, too. As we entered our cabin, Jill and Jack were sitting and chatting. Cheryl made the introductions all around and Jack passed me a loaded bowl.

I was immediately taken by Jill. My first impression of her was that she looked made for a party. My impression now seemed to confirm that. She was a beautiful woman, lanky and lean with a pair of 36C breasts that were firm, and I believe the word is perky. Her large nipples, oval and dark, were designed for sucking. She had several tattoos that were exotic and intriguing. Her arms had several unique designs, her shoulder had a small caterpillar, and her ankle held a ring of stars and her upper thigh displayed a Celtic cross. As I traveled up her leg, my eyes locked in on her wispy blonde pubes. Then it struck me! Her pubes were not blonde, at all. No, she was waxed and smooth. Her blonde pubes were, in fact, another tattoo. I began to laugh.

"That is, by far, the coolest tat I've ever seen!"

She smiled and spread her legs giving me the full view. The tattoo ran completely around her vagina and damn, if it didn't look real.

"You should have seen the look on my gynecologist's face when she first saw it! She didn't know what to say! She just gawked at it. Suffice to say, I've had many compliments!"

Sheila said, "But didn't that hurt? It must have been very painful."

"No, it wasn't bad at all. I was pretty numb at the time."

"What made you do it?"

"My boyfriend made a comment to me about how much he hated pulling hair from his teeth so, on a lark, I just ran with it."

I ran my palm along her pussy and felt the smoothness. I shook my head in wonder. How fucking cool.

"Cheryl has told me that you guys are very very cool people...and great lovers. So, who wants my tattoo first?"

"No, no, no...wait," said Cheryl, "I want to see the guys put on a show for us. I want to watch this close up. Come on, turn me on, boys."

Suddenly, I felt self-conscious. It was a little weird and I'm not sure why. Jack seemed to hesitate, too.

"I don't know, can we do this a little more organically? Like get into it a little?"

Sheila took charge. I think she sensed my awkwardness.

"Come here, you big lug."

She patted the bed next to her and I took my place.

"Come here, Jack," she said as she patted the other side.

Jack moved next to her. She pulled us close and pushed our heads into her breasts. We began to lick and suckle her nipples. She began to play with my dick and I saw that she was doing the same to Jack.

"Mmmm. That feels good, boys... very good."

Cheryl and Jill had propped themselves up against the bulkhead and were watching intently as they leaned on each other. Sheila took my hand and placed it on Jack's scrotum. I began to feel his huge nuts and it made me hard. Jack's hand was now rubbing my upper thigh and squeezing my ass cheeks.

"Yes, it feels good, doesn't it? You like it, don't you?"

Now we were stroking each other and damn, she was right, it did feel good. She slipped from between us and Jack and I rolled together. We met in a ferocious kiss and drove our tongues deep into each other. Our hands roamed each other and our cocks met rubbing together.

Sheila was now sitting with the other two and they were just watching us. I rolled onto my back and Jack rolled on top of me, his hands massaging my chest and his lips pulling at my nipples. I instinctively spread my legs apart as his cock fell under my sac. His cock slid between my cheeks and poked at me. He started to make his way down my body, kissing and caressing me. At the peak of my pubic hair, he buried his face. His arms were stretched up to my chest and he was scratching it lightly. He took my cock into his hand and lowered his lips to the head. Slowly, he licked it around the head and then down the base to my balls, then up again. He did this several times and I felt the urge to do the same to him. I swiveled around so that we were both mouth to cock and I began to suck his long dong. It seemed a perfect fit as I felt the head push down my tongue. He placed his knees on either side of me and gave me great access to suck on and swallow his cock. He began to fuck my face and I felt my throat open as it slid deeper.

His mouth was doing wonders to me. He made loud sucking and popping sounds as it devoured it. I was simply enjoying his expert suck when I became aware of his musky man scent and this just turned me on more.

I looked over at the girls. Sheila and Jill were still watching but they were also playing with each other. Cheryl, on the other hand, was not more than a foot or so from my face watching me work on Jack. I moved my hand over to her pussy and felt the wetness. I bathed my hand in her juices and then moved it to my face so I could take in her scent, which was heavenly. Then I moved my hand to her face. She licked and sucked on my fingers.

Jack picked up his pace and I sensed that he was getting close. I pushed him off my cock so I could concentrate on his orgasm. I held his nuts and ran my index finger around his hole. I wanted his cum, I wanted to feel it as it squirted in my mouth, I wanted to feel its creamy saltiness as it lay on the top of my tongue. I felt the power to make this partner happy and satisfied. I wanted to feel his surge as well as his release. I was very into it and the girls could not only see the signs but they were very appreciative. I felt occasional touches and strokes. I could smell them. The cabin was deliciously rank and truly an example of the art of aroma therapy. Jack began to grunt. I pulled his cock back and sucked on the head. I pressed my finger into his hole and pushed in a knuckle. I was rewarded with a little touch of cum so I continued to suck in the fat head. I sucked in his slit. I thought he would like that. Jack, however, wanted deep strokes and pushed into my throat. I began long and deep sucks that started at the head until I reached deep throat. I squeezed and kneaded his balls as I felt them tighten. One finger just ran around his pucker and occasionally into it. And then I felt the surge of his cum rising up through his cock. The vein running along the base became very hard and I could feel him pulse. He threw his legs back and began to do push-ups on my face. He pumped a few times and then pushed deep and my lips squeezed the shank as I felt him begin to shoot. His cum was a fair load and it filled my mouth. Its saltiness coated my tongue, my palate; it dripped out the sides. He pulled up and out, moving just above my lips as I milked his cock to squeeze every last drop of it. He didn't last long but he did have quantity. As I squeezed the last from him, he smiled and nodded to me and collapsed by my side. I felt exhilarated and enjoyed it immensely. I lay on my back with my cock standing hard, proud and tall like the little soldier he is; my face was, you might say, seed-covered. Cheryl began to lick me and clean my face. She sucked the load from my mouth and whispered to me.

"That was awesome. That was as hot as it gets. I loved watching that, I could tell that you did, too. It was beautiful. You're beautiful. Now, I have to cum. Please eat me quick, I'm gonna cum, too."

She straddled my head and pushed her pussy down. It only took a couple of licks of her sweet cunt when I felt its juices pour out and over me. Salty and sweet, what a wonderful combination. My favorite. Her body tightened and her thighs shook as she came one more time. She groaned and was panting hard. She pushed her puss again into me and then wiggled it on my tongue as she, too, collapsed in utter satisfaction. We lay like this for a few minutes as I slowly licked and inhaled her powerful sex smell. Finally, she turned around and we lay in a beautiful embrace.

"Do you know how many times I have frigged myself with my eyes closed dreaming that image? And now I saw it close up and it was great. You have raised the bar on my frigging sessions. Thank you so much. You are the best. I love you for that."

There was moaning to my left and we began to watch as Sheila went down on Jill. Cheryl and I both reached over and began to stroke Jill's tit together, and it was sweet. Jack had roused again and was lightly stroking my dick. He sat up and used two hands.

"I'm going to try to give you a better blow job than the one you just gave me, if that's possible."

We laughed. Cheryl spun around to watch Jack's technique. Her ass sat in my palm as I wiggled my fingers into it. She began to lightly run her hands along my body. We were watching Jack licking my cock from the piss slit to my asshole and back around. He sucked in one nut at a time to add a delicate tongue bath. Cheryl's palms now cradled my testicles as Jack pulled my cock between his lips. Her fingers lightly scratched at my ass hole.

Jill was moaning in the throes of Sheila's exquisite oral. Sheila had half her fist in her twat, too. Jill's nipple was a hard pebble in my fingers as I pinched it. Jill began to flop and shake. The odor was as thick as a Louisiana bayou on a hot August day. I took a deep breath. Cheryl noticed and smiled. She moved around to my head and straddled it again. Her scent was divine. She crouched over me so she could lick my root as Jack bathed me. The only sounds in the room were squishy.

I heard Jill softly moan and I knew she'd cum. I had Cheryl's pussy not more than a foot from my face. I had four lips sucking me. I closed my eyes and went for the ride.

My nuts were tightening and my ass cheeks were squeezing as he made a buzzing sounds while he sucked on me. Oh, did that feel good and my sounds of pleasure escaped.

I felt Sheila straddle my head. I knew it was her pussy. I loved it as she pulled Cheryl's ass a little closer. As I sucked in Sheila's juice I also tasted Cheryl. Yum.

Another mouth was on my dick. Jack was sucking me in deep strokes as Cheryl and Jill trailed along the sides. Jack began to hum again. The girls joined in a moment later. That was it for me. I felt my cum explode over tongues fluttering, all seeking a taste. I thought I was shooting for hours as my mind traveled to that great light-show in my head. It was pussy juice dripping onto my eyes and nose that brought me back. I believe that my dick was now quite dead for the night but damn if the rest of me wasn't in top form!

There really wasn't much for me to do as Sheila did all the work. The others lay at my side except Cheryl, who was pushing her ass into Sheila's groin. As Sheila's fingers drummed her own clit, I think she might have had one finger rubbing Cheryl's slit. I really couldn't tell as I was near delirious.

After this episode, I fell asleep for a good while. When I awoke, I was alone in the cabin and a bit disoriented. I hit the head and took a fast shower. I put on a soft cotton terry robe that was laid out for me and I left to stroll the deck. It was deep into the night The stars above were a bowl of twinkles. There was little sound as I strolled. Several people were asleep, curled up on the sofas with a throw over them. I walked up to the bridge where Tom was checking the readings. The hot tub was bubbling and several people were just chilling out. Jill, Sheila, Didi and Sam were taking in the bubbles. I disrobed and slid into the tub next to Sheila who gave me a little peck on the cheek.

"Everyone's out cold but us," said Didi, "have you joined us to liven things up?"

"No, I don't think so," I said, "I just woke up. I'm just ready to mellow out for a while."

Tim stood by the tub. "Can I get anyone anything?"

Didi responded, "A couple of joints...anyone want a drink?"

Several soft drinks arrived with a few joints, an ashtray and some caviar and crackers. Tim placed the tray by the side of the tub. I took a Coke and a few tokes and then let the bubbles do me. Sheila and Jill both played with me as I smoothed out under the starry sky. I stroked Jill's tattooed kitty as my mind wandered.

"I'm sorry to say but I think you dick is dead," said Sheila.

"No, it's not dead. It's simply in repose. It needs to recuperate for a while longer. Why, are you horny?"

"No, not really...I mean, not at this moment...but you know me, I'm always horny!"

Didi asked, "Since we're all beat, let me ask you all a question. What's the kinkiest scene you ever did?"

Sam jumped in. "I'd say that Max and Mel and I recently had a scene with another couple where..."

Sheila burst in, "Sam, I hate to interrupt your story but I think I'm starting to pass out. This hot tub is laying me out. Sweetheart, will you put me to bed?"

"Of course. Come. Good night, folks. We'll see you tomorrow."

I held Sheila close and took her down to the cabin. She was limp as well as tired. I opened the door to find Cheryl, Rita and Bev sacked out and under the covers. Bev awoke and motioned us onto the bed as she got off.

"I'm going to my berth. I have more work to do tomorrow when we dock in New London. Good night."

Sheila and I found our space in the bed. As we fell asleep, the movement of the boat made sleep easy and deep. With Sheila nested into me and Rita's breasts in my back, sleep came fast. The engines quietly hummed a narcotic lullaby and my dreams were pleasant ones.

Next Time: The Party moves to Foxwoods.

If you like my memoirs please leave a comment, astute or stupid. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

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