tagLoving WivesDidn't Ask, Didn't Tell (Until Now)

Didn't Ask, Didn't Tell (Until Now)


I am not Adrian. I am Donna, his wife. He uses the same password for everything and I've logged on to his account to tell the sequel to "Super Bowl and us three".

If you haven't read that story, let me verify it for you. It is true; it really happened. Just the way he wrote it. If you haven't read it, go read it now (in the "loving wives" category), and come back.

Welcome back. Now the fun part.

Three months after the Super Bowl we had our national sales meeting in Chicago. In the time after our weekend I had had some email correspondence with Rick but did not speak with him until he called me at work to volunteer to pick me up at the airport for the meeting. Everyone from out of town would be staying at the hotel, but Rick urged me to come a day early and spend a little time together.

I told Adrian of this plan and he said, "say hello". No suspicion, no jealous grilling. Just like any other work trip.

I booked a flight for early Saturday. The sales meeting would begin with a dinner on Sunday night, so Saturday would be a free day with Rick. I had no particular agenda here, really just thinking it would be nice to go for a long run on the lakefront and have dinner. And if thoughts of sex were just below the surface, I felt that Rick was a special category, having been invited to fuck me by my husband.

The day came and I left for Chicago. By then I think Adrian forgot about the extra day. He made love to me the night before I left, a nice, late night session. No fireworks, no mention of the upcoming first time seeing Rick since "that night."

Gaining the extra hour from Miami made it still morning when Rick picked me up at the airport. As Adrian told you, I've not been with another man since before we were married except the night before the super bowl. And the night with the two of them was more excitement than I had ever counted on. But when I stopped off in the ladies room to freshen up on the way to baggage claim I looked at my fleece jacket over my clingy top, tighter since the kids, my denim skirt, my thirty-something face, and thought "what the hell". I took off my panties and put them in my purse.

Rick was on time, happy to see me, and looked fabulous. I immediately got back the sense of propriety I felt the day of the super bowl-the one that comes with a new lover. And the secret of being panty-free made my heart thump with anticipation. I was going to be a bad girl.

My hotel room would be several hours from ready. The day was beautiful and Rick informed me that he had gotten his sailboat season-ready the weekend before. This was quite early for Chicago and he was very happy to be one of only two boats in his sailing club to be ready, the other being his friend and race competitor, Jerry. We decided to go for a sail and stopped by the grocery for wine, cheese, bread and fruit-the cliché romantic picnic! Rick also sprang for a bottle of Dom, which he put on ice as soon as we got to the boat.

Rick's boat is a Beneteau 35 with plenty of room and some special modifications that make it easy to sail with only 2 aboard. We bundled up and headed out on the lake in a brisk, cool wind. After a few miles, the wind died down and we got out the food and wine. Rick uncorked the wine, set it in a cooler upright to breathe, and said "how about that champagne first?"

By this time I was really charged up, having been impressed by Rick's sailing competence and thrilled to be out on the water. We drank, we toasted, we smiled a lot. The champagne flowed fast and we lowered the sails so we could drift through this beautiful day.

Rick leaned into me and brushed his lips against my cheek. He paused and asked, "May I?"

I kissed him hard on the lips, sliding my hand behind his neck like the first time we ever kissed, thinking how strange that moment had been, having just been made love to by Rick and my husband. But this was just us two, and it felt good. No guilt, just excitement. Rick pushed me back gently onto the cushions and I felt his thigh slide between my legs. I felt the denim of his jeans touch my pussy and remembered-no panties! This was still unknown to Rick, but as he kissed his way down my chest, then skipped to my thighs he quickly discovered my state of freedom.

My husband is probably the best lover I have had. He does this thing where he presses his face against my pussy while sucking on my clit and it makes me come every time. Rick is good in this area as well, but I have to admit that by this time I was thinking only of Rick's size. No; size doesn't matter, even after kids. Yes, it's the magician, not the wand. But what it is; - is different.

Rick slid off his jeans, positioned himself over me and began to work his cock into me. This time it was a familiar feel and a familiar scent. Again, Rick uses slow strokes and I felt like I needed to be pumped faster.

"Lie on your back", I told him. I got on top and reached down to put him in me. Again, the size- a really different experience. I began to ride him and stripped my jacket and top off, so that I only had my denim skirt on, hiked up. We were on the lake in the broad daylight, but we were alone.

I know from Adrian that these stories are mostly read by men. But for any of you readers that are girls, especially moms, let me just share-oh my god! We went at my speed, my control of depth. I fucked him, came quickly and came again. Rick worked his shirt off and played with my breasts, but mostly I just fucked him. When he came I felt like I was the only girl in the world.

Back at the marina we tied up and poured wine to accompany the sunset. Jerry appeared from the next row of boats and introductions were made. He sat down, poured a drink from Rick's well-stocked bar, and proceeded to catch up with Rick and get to know me. I could tell that he could tell something was going on between Rick and I, and that he thought it odd because I wear a wedding band and made no secret of my husband and kids in conversation.

Only three people in the world know about the super bowl. But when a man has shared a woman with another man, there is a secret place in her psyche that he can tap. He knows she is a girl who "does that". Rick knew "that". And by his open flirtations and his camaraderie with Jerry, he let Jerry into that place.

I had enough to drink that I was ready to "go again". Jerry wasn't leaving, and by this time I didn't want him to, even though having Jerry would be crossing a whole different line for me. But he is charming and handsome and Rick's buddy. And I was far from home, on another man's boat.

I went below for drinks and the two men followed me down the ladder. Jerry began to kiss my face and Rick closed up the hatch. We made our way forward to the bed and began a long, tender night of lovemaking. Rick took on the role that Adrian did in our first threesome, kissing and watching while Jerry fucked me first, then trading off. Jerry must have known that Rick had already fucked me that day; I was slippery and tasted like come. But by the end of the night I guess it didn't matter. Jerry came twice in me, Rick came one more time, and the two of them fit in some avid and uninhibited eating, just going for it with fresh, mixed sperm running out of me. Both men were tender and enthusiastic; not trying anything strange or crazy. I thought how bizarre that Rick has watched two other men fuck me now now-his friend and my husband.

Riding back to the airport on Monday night was a mixture of bittersweet lust and contentment. I thought of Adrian and the night before I left, wondered if he would ask about the extra day or if I would tell him. And I didn't tell him, until now.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/12/19

She didn't need to tell him

He knew and was prepared. When she returned home she found many things missing from the house. All of his things. A bedroom set, everything from his den including the large screen TV, the computer andmore...

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by 26thNC12/15/18

He knows

He knows a girl who did that to her husband. He knows a cheating whore.

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