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Different Rules Apply Out Of Town


Christine had slept with three guys over the past 12 months, a rate that in her mind could be considered neither prude nor promiscuous. She didn't really care one way or the other – she just thought that it was probably pretty average for a single girl at 27. While each of the occasions had been a one night stand, neither of the partners had been complete strangers. She had had a few such experiences over the years, but had come to realize that having some connection to the guy she slept with made the whole experience much more enjoyable.

If she had been in a position where she had wanted a serious relationship, each of the guys sure would have been good candidates. They were all cute, kind and charming – not to mention the fact that they were all quite fit. Also, neither of them had that annoying alpha male attitude she hated so much. However, as an ambitious young employee at a growing medical company, she knew that she didn't have the time for a steady relationship. She really enjoyed her job, even with the countless meetings and conferences, and she was dedicated to advancing her career.

Because all three sexual encounters had been a onetime thing, it meant that she had only had sex three times in a year. This really wasn't enough to keep her satisfied. In fact, she had definitely experienced an increased sex drive over the past years, something she knew was related to her becoming more comfortable with her own sexuality. As a young girl, she had been quite nerdy and more interested in her studies than boys. She had wanted to be judged by her abilities, and not by her body. However, as she had transformed herself into a strong and confident woman, she had also become more in touch with her sexual desires. She had also come to realize that she was in fact a very attractive woman.

Encouraged by the increased attention, she had gradually changed her wardrobe into more tight and revealing outfits. She had worked hard all her life and knowing that it was her brain that had gotten her this far, she now kind of felt she should reward herself by allowing her body to get some attention too. She couldn't deny that she had developed quite the exhibitionist streak. Whenever she thought it was appropriate, she would wear low cut dresses that showed off her tits. At an average D-cup, they were quite big, and she figured they were very attractive. She sure got a lot of appreciating looks, something she quite enjoyed these days.

Christine loved her job and she knew she was at her current position because she was good at it. Her daily work routine was interesting and meaningful, and she was grateful that she had really nice coworkers. Therefore, these were the people she generally hung out with even outside of work. They had a lot in common and she didn't mind talking shop outside the office. Since she didn't really want to sleep with complete strangers and that these were the people she most interacted with, it was not surprising that the three guys she had slept with over the past year were also her coworkers. While perhaps not ideal from a professional standpoint, they were actually all her closest colleagues.

She had restricted each of these sexual encounters to out of town conferences. People from her office often had to go away for such events, and for some reason she had felt that it was more OK to fool around then. Thankfully, it hadn't actually messed up the work dynamics and she figured there was sort of a silent understanding – what happens at the conference, stays at the conference. Cliché, but certainly applicable. At home, they had all kept hanging out normally – in and outside of work.

Yet another conference had now just come to an end. This particular event had been located at a tropical resort and Christine had decided to stay for the weekend to make the most of the trip. With the busy schedule leading up to the conference, she figured she now deserved some relaxing time. She knew a few of her colleagues had the same idea and in the back of her head she secretly hoped there would be an opportunity to end up in bed with someone. It had been a few months since the last time and she could feel the sexual frustration building up. Plus, the sexual encounters during the previous conferences had in many ways been a way to reward herself for a job well done, and this one had required particularly hard work.

Feeling a bit fed up with the surroundings of the hotel, she had agreed to join some of her colleagues and drive to a beach resort nearby. It wasn't until she got in the car that she realized that the other people going were just Adam, Ben and Carl – the three guys from work she had already slept with. Realizing this, Christine thought it might be awkward. She hadn't been particularly discreet about her previous hookups and she figured each of them knew she had also slept with the other two. Also, she figured that if she slept with the same guy twice, there might be the expectation that she was after something serious, which she wasn't.

These issues aside, she was also quite pleased. Obviously these guys were attracted to her. While they had tried to be discreet, she had noticed each of them casting glances at her at work, both before and after she had slept with them. She figured she could at least be sure she would get laid if she wanted to. And she sure wanted to. Besides, it would be more awkward to change her mind now than to join to them, and she figured it didn't really have to be weird. She sure wasn't ashamed of having slept with them.

The mood was really good in the car, their work had been well received, and they all felt quite victorious. Christine had been largely responsible for this success and the guys all congratulated her for a job well done. The guys were all a few years older than she was, but Christine was very much their equal. In fact, more often than not she would be the team leader on their joint projects and there was no doubt they appreciated her contribution to the company.

The more they drove, the more Christine found herself distracted by the fact that she had slept with all of the guys in the car. At home, she actually never thought about it much, but somehow it was different now that she was away and informally allowed to play. Her mind kept recollecting the events, and she actually felt herself blush slightly as she thought about how each of the guys looked naked. They had all been exceptionally good sex partners and very attentive to her needs. Come to think of it, these guys were probably the best sexual encounters she had had. Maybe the fact that it had been a few months between each of the encounters added to it, but they had all made her feel desired and she remembered how this had drawn out her adventurous side.

When they arrived at their destination, they checked into their accommodation. It was very nice, and Christine was glad they had spent a bit of extra cash to get a nice place. They all had their own room in a four-room bungalow next to the beach. The guys, eager to get a drink, decided to go straight to a nearby bar. Christine however wanted to take her time to get ready and said she would catch up with them later. She really wanted to pamper herself and ran a nice bath. She had bought a bottle of rosé and she decided to have a glass in the bath. It felt nice to just lie there and relax after a week of stressing. She caressed her own body, and she really started to feel quite sexy.

After her bath, she was feeling a bit daring and she brought out her shaving kit and decided to completely remove her pubic hair. She had never done that before – she would usually just trim it down. She hoped she would end up naked with someone tonight and since each of the prospects had seen her naked before, she thought she might just give whoever it would be a nice little surprise. Smiling to herself, she thought about how this type of thinking would have been unheard of just a few years earlier. She was glad she'd learned to openly enjoy her sexuality.

She then proceeded to get dressed, starting with a pair of black lace panties. The sheer fabric against her now naked mound gave her a sexy, sinful sensation. She also put on a matching bra. It was a bit of a push-up and she knew it would give her a nice cleavage in the short, black dress she had decided on. She figured that she might be a bit overdressed for a holiday weekend with her colleagues, but she wanted to make sure they got the message – she really wanted sex tonight. To make the signals even clearer, she put on some makeup, including a rich, red lipstick. She did her nails, both fingers and toes, with a matching polish.

Before heading out she looked herself over in the mirror. She was pleased with what she saw. The black dress hugged her figure and also exposed a lot of her body. She found her own eyes drawn to the generous cleavage, and the dress was short enough to show off her sexy legs. The weather was too warm for stockings, and she wanted to reveal her naked skin. Her toes looked super cute as the red polish contrasted against a pair of black high heeled shoes that accentuated her feminine legs. Her long, brown hair flowed perfectly and further emphasized the sexually vibrant side she was bringing out tonight. She was super-hot, and she knew it. If only her younger, nerdy self could see her now!

The guys had found a nice restaurant nearby and texted her the directions. Their bungalow was quite remote by car, but the town was easily accessed by a trail next to the beach. It wasn't peak season, so even when she reached the small town center, there weren't very many people around, but everyone she passed on her way seemed to be checking her out – man or woman! Her exhibitionist self really enjoyed the attention and subconsciously she started swaying her hips sexily as she paraded down the beach boulevard.

Her appearance wasn't lost on her colleagues either. As she entered the restaurant, she could see how they seemed to freeze mid-sentence. They were obviously checking her out, looking her up and down as she approached their table. She felt sexually powerful as she stood before them. She was a quite tall woman, and with the high heels, she was almost the same height as the guys.

"Wow, you look great Christine," Adam said and the others were quick to agree. Rather than casually remain seated, they each got up to great her with a kiss on the cheek. They would rarely have done so back home and it sort of signaled that they were no longer just colleagues on a work trip. This was further manifested when Ben pulled out her chair for her in a chivalresque manner. Christine loved the attention and she felt that she would pretty much be able pick whom she wanted for the night.

They ordered some food and wine. The spirits were high and the mood was quite flirtatious during the dinner. The guys didn't even hide the fact that they were all trying to charm her. In what appeared to be a mixture of honest appreciation and a jocular competition, they seemed to be trying to outdo each other with their compliments.

After dinner Christine excused herself and headed for the bathroom. She made sure to sway her hips sensuously as she walked away. She knew they were checking her out, she didn't need to turn her head to make sure. The fact that no one was talking reassured her that they were all just taking in the show.

She took her time in the bathroom, reapplying her lipstick and making sure she still looked her best. When she was done and went back to the table, she noticed how the guys again stopped talking as she approached. This time they almost looked a bit guilty though. Christine felt a bit daring and decided to call them out.

"So, I take it you were talking about me," she said with a devilish smile as she sat down. The guys didn't respond at first so she decided to push them on. "Come on, no need to be shy here. What were you saying?"

"Well," Carl started. "We just kind of realized that we all had sort of... you know."

"You have all slept with me," Christine helped him along.

The guys laughed nervously.

"Yeah, something like that," Adam admitted.

"And now you were comparing notes?" Christine asked, covering her mouth with a feigned expression of shock. She figured that probably wasn't true, but as she said it she actually thought that the idea of them discussing having sex with her would have been quite hot.

"No, no, nothing like that," Ben reassured her and Carl continued.

"We just wanted to make sure that nothing serious was going on and that..."

He didn't finish the sentence and Christine decided to help him.

"That I'm fair game?" she said and smiled slyly. She was surprised with how direct she was. The wine may have helped with that, but the sexual mood was also quite apparent and she found that it was liberating to be open about it. She knew she wanted sex tonight, and no doubt the guys around the table knew that as well.

"Typical men," she continued. "You sleep with a guy once, and suddenly he wants to marry you."

The guys laughed, relieving the tension in the room. Looking slightly more sincere, Christine continued.

"Look, you're all great guys, and I must admit that the sex was absolutely fantastic with each of you. But I'm not going to get in a serious relationship with anyone from work."

She looked around the table to make sure everybody seemed to be OK with this. They just looked at her with lusting eyes and she decided to get back into a more flirtatious mode.

"But in terms of being fair game, I'm a pretty fair lady though if I may say so myself," she said, posing for them with one hand coquettishly behind her head. "And I'm definitely game."

With the last remark, she made herself tingle with excitement. Once again it felt very liberating to be open about her intentions.

"So, it's obvious you have three willing candidates here," Adam said and then winked at her. "Maybe you should just make your pick?"

"Yeah, you've sampled the goods before, so you know what you get," Ben added, making Christine giggle.

This was all true, and she loved having the power to just being able to openly pick which one of her colleagues she was going to sleep with tonight. But she didn't want to make it that easy. She was enjoying them competing over her and she wanted to drag out the process. Besides, she actually didn't know which one she would pick.

"I suppose I could," she said. "But how could I choose? As far as I remember, you were all very satisfactory. Maybe you could remind me of the experiences and make your case?"

The guys just stared at her with open mouths.

"Do you want us to describe the sex we had with you?" Carl asked in disbelief.

It wasn't that Christine actually needed to be reminded. She remembered all of the occasions quite well. But this open discussion about sex really struck a chord with her exhibitionistic streak. The idea of them describing their previous encounter was making her very turned on. More than that, she liked the notion that they would compete for the opportunity to sleep with her again.

"Yeah, we all know I've already slept with each of you before," she said, sensuously running her fingers along her collarbone. Her bright red fingernails attracted the gaze of three pairs of eyes, drawing attention to her soft skin and slender shoulders. Knowing that she had them under her spell, she continued.

"Now tell me about how it was for you and convince me of why you should be the one to do it again. Why don't you start Adam, you were the first. That's if you haven't forgotten about it of course."

"Oh no. I sure haven't forgotten about that," Adam said and took a big gulp of his wine, obviously feeling somewhat nervous and uncomfortable about it.

"Uhm, OK," he started. "Well, it was at that conference about a year ago. I think all of us were there but I was the one presenting our work. Not sure it affected my chances, but I remember particularly acknowledging your contribution to the project."

Christine did remember this. She was sure it wasn't just something Adam had included in the presentation to get into her pants, but she had really appreciated it.

"I think you liked that and thanked me for it during the conference dinner," Adam continued. "I guess we just kind of hit it off and started flirting a bit. I remember that they were quite generous with the wine at that dinner, maybe that helped."

He then paused and grabbed the bottle on the table.

"By the way, do you want some more wine Christine?"

Christine giggled and accepted the wine. While pouring her glass, Adam continued.

"Honestly, I had been checking you out at work quite a bit and I couldn't believe my luck when you seemed to respond to my advances. I knew it wasn't a great idea to hook up with someone from work, but frankly you're just too hot to resist."

"Why thank you Adam," Christine responded and smiled at his little compliment.

"Well, it's true though," he said. "I guess we weren't being very discreet about it and I'm sure people were noticing."

"We sure were," Ben said, making everybody laugh.

"I thought as much," Adam continued. "And then after the dinner, you whispered in my ear that you wanted to come back to my room and grabbed me around the waist and led me to the elevator. I'm pretty sure we started kissing before the doors closed."

"You sure did," Carl added, and everybody laughed again.

"Then," Adam said, "When we were almost at my floor, you stopped the elevator and laid down the law. You explained that you weren't after a relationship and was just looking to have some fun that evening. I naturally agreed, thinking that you would start the elevator. Instead you leaned in and whispered in my ear, asking if I wanted to have some fun too. You then started rubbing my..."

"Your what?" Christine asked, getting increasingly turned on by having the event described back for her.

"My cock. You started rubbing my cock. I was blown away by how forward you were, and I was even more surprised when you proceeded to drop to the floor. I remember that I could barely believe it when you unzipped my pants and took out my cock right there in the elevator. I'm not complaining of course, I'm just saying it was not something I thought you would do."

Adam was looking at Christine, seeing if she actually wanted him to carry on. She didn't give him any signs to stop so he continued.

"You then started licking up and down my cock and soon took it in your mouth. It was just heavenly. In some way I guess it should have felt weird to have my coworker give me oral sex in an elevator, but it actually felt like the most natural thing in the world. I must say that you were... quite talented."

Christine smiled at this remark but also had a feeling of pride. As she had become increasingly comfortable with her own sexuality, she had noticed that she had started enjoying both receiving and giving pleasure much more. Giving head was something she really loved and she was glad her efforts had been well received.

"I think you must have sensed that I was getting close and even before I was about to warn you, you suddenly stood up and kissed me on the cheek. You said something about having bigger plans and pressed the button to start the elevator again."

"Woa, that's pretty wild stuff Christine," Ben said. "You know they often have cameras in hotel elevators, right?"

Christine actually hadn't thought about that, and now that she did, she actually didn't care. She was so worked up that she just found the idea that someone could have seen it quite sexy. Hopefully she had made some security guard's nightshift much more interesting.

"Still stroking me, you then told me to give you my room key," Adam continued. "When the elevator got to my floor, you peered outside and after making sure that the coast was clear, you dragged me along behind you by holding on to my cock. I remember thinking that it was crazy, but I wasn't going to argue with you then."

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