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Different Strokes


From: Persisto@Dummy.net

To: Raina@DoesNotExist.com

Subject: Different Strokes

So you want me to fuck your ass? "You start with fucking me normally from the back and when I'm cumming, you just change sides." If that would work, and I doubt it would, it would certainly be the last time you let me fuck you that way, because you are certain not to appreciate it.

Here is an alternative plan.

On a night (or whatever part of the day) when you are nicely relaxed and horny, we'll decide in advance of any action that today is the day you're going to get sodomized.

You will set your mind on it and ask me for it; you'll bend over, rub your anus and tell me "I want you to fuck me here."

Your beautiful bum will become the center of all my attentions.

At first I'll be on my knees behind you, standing up bend over, you will spread your globes and I will lick your tight hole, while sticking my fingers deep in your cunt. You'll rotate your ass and push it in my face and I will wriggle my tongue in your puckered hole. I'll withdraw my fingers from your soaking cunt and insert one slowly into you ass, while using the thumb of my other hand on your clit.

Now, you'll sit down on the sofa, on which you had thrown a cover before to avoid any visible memories of what is to come. You pull your legs up high. I start tickling your pussy with the tip of my tongue like you love me doing. My finger finds its way back into your rear and I can feel you relaxing.

Much as I know how you like being licked lightly, this cunni job has a secondary motive, and I start licking you more avidly with long wet strokes of my tongue. My saliva mixed with your delicious juices drip on my finger which is slowly moving in and out of your ass. I lift you slightly, and now succeed to get the tip of my tong in your tight hole.

Your fingers rub your pussy for a while, then you spread your lips, which I know is an indication that you want more of my mouth's treatment on your cunt. Before executing this silent instruction, I'll find the gel and put a liberal amount of it on two of my fingers, and slip them in to your now wet ass. I lick your clit and fuck your ass with my fingers, it does not take long for you to get a shuddering orgasm.

You'll get on your knees, and I slip my dick in your cunt for a few long wet strokes, I slide my thumb in your ass to keep it ready and spread some of the wetness around your anus.

You spread your globes and I pull out of your pussy. I put more gel on my fingers, and lube you up a last time. I squeeze a blob of gel on to my dick and spread it over the head, before placing it before your wet but still super tight ass. I push and the head will slip in, now it is your turn; you move back slowly and then start rocking back and front, taking in a centimeter more with every backward movement. I reach around and plunge my fingers in to your cunt, you moan, you are tight and I'm a big guy. I'll pull out and admire your tight ass wondering how on earth we'll fit so well here also.

I put my rod back in, it only fits half way, you're so tight, and start stroking very slowly and gently, resting my hands on your hips.

You reach back and hold my balls, controlling my movement. You are so tight and I know I'll explode after only a very short time, when I start cumming, you make your sphincter squeeze my tool, while massaging my balls, this feels great (and is a great way to avoid me making any "uncontrolled" movements, please be careful!) I'll pull out and tell you how great that was, while covering you with kisses everywhere.

Then I will tell you that this was only the first time, how I will fuck your ass while you are laying on the bar, sitting on your low table, while you are supporting yourself on feet and hands facing me, so you can move and I can see and touch your pussy, standing up and and and...

Now let me know if you prefer your or my idea!

Can't wait,



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