Difficult Choices


He only chuckled in reply and continued thrusting in and out of her forcefully, sliding his cock the entire way out before burying it deep into her body again. He looked over at Jen and smiled at her wide-eyes expressions, watching her look on in horror at the sight of her friend's pussy being violated over and over again.

"Yeah, that's right. Take a good, long look at that. See how easily I can force my hard dick up into her body. Yours works the same way, you know. Take a good long look because you're next, this is exactly the same treatment that you're going to get."

"What? N... No! Y... You promised you wouldn't!"

"I made no such promise, and I'm not entirely sure that I'm not still going to rape you too. It depends on if your little friend here can satisfy me or not. It depends on if I'm satisfied with what you do for me."

The scene of him thrusting in and out of her friend's body, the thought of that being done to her as well was more than she could bear and sent her into a frenzied sobbing. "Oh no.... nooooo... please don't do that... please..." She turned to Trish, who's screaming had finally quieted into a low moaning. "Please, please don't let him hurt me, just... j... just satisfy him."

Trish looked coldly back at her friend, hating her for her selfishness, for asking yet more from her. She wanted to tell her that she'd already done everything she could, but she just closed her eyes and kept silent.

"Yes, that's right, you need to satisfy me if you don't want me to have my way with your little friend here. You both have to. In fact, you know what? I have an idea."

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of Trish's pussy and turned his attention back to Jen, climbing up on her so that his wet, glistening dick was close enough for her to smell it, smell the scent of her friend's pussy on it. "You do know how to suck a man's cock, don't you? I'm sure you must have at least done that? Why don't you suck my dick off for me and get a good taste of your friend's pussy?"

"WHAT? NO! Please god no, please don't make me do that, please don't."

The man smirked at her again. "God has nothing to do with it. And he isn't going to help you either. Now open up your mouth and suck me off properly."

Jen closed her eyes tightly to block out the sight of his wet, throbbing member and allowed her jaw to become slack, willing it to open but feeling it disobey her. He helped things along by grabbing her face and squeezing her cheeks against her teeth, forcing her mouth open and then sliding his slick cock into it. She moaned and protested as the light metallic flavor of her friend's pussy filled her mouth, convulsing at the thought of where his dick had just been moments before.

"Suck it. SUCK. IT. Stop your whining and breath through your nose, I want to feel your lips wrapped around my cock. I want to feel your tongue stroking it, I'm going to come in your mouth and I want you to swallow it all down. Just keep thinking about keeping that little virgin pussy of yours intact."

He groaned slowly as the sensations of her moaning vibrated through his cock, feeling her submit to him and begin sucking him firmly and intentionally. He was already close from raping Trish and it didn't take long before he reached down and grabbed Jen's hair, gritting his teeth as the pleasure surged through his body, so close to coming and then suddenly, with an audible pop, pulling himself out of her mouth. He slammed his eyes shut and held his breath for a moment, pushing the orgasm away. Then they opened and fell back upon Trish's body.

"That was very good, and you almost made me come, but I've decided that I really want to leave a big load of hot cum up inside your friend here. I want to make sure she has something to remember me by. Trish's eyes widened as she realized what he meant, terror taking her over as she suddenly realized that she hadn't been on birth control in several months and there was nothing to stop him from...

"You don't mind, right? I'm sure a dirty little slut like you is on the pill." And with a grin he slid back into her pussy, his hard shaft lubricated with the juices from Jen's mouth. "No. No I'm not, please, you don't want to do this. You don't want to get me pregnant, think about it. You don't want to do this, please don't!"

"Oh, that's where you're wrong, my dear. Actually I think you're a beautiful specimen of female and you'd make a great carrier for my child.", a wicked smile spreading across his face.

"No... no please don't, oh please, please don't do that. I'll give you anything you want, I swear! Anything! Please!"

"Hmmmmm..." His eyes went back to Jen's naked body, and she could feel her skin crawl as his eyes hungrily went up one side of it and down the other. "Anything I want? Alright. Here's what you have to do if you don't want my cum up inside your pussy. You need to get down between your friend's legs here and lick her clit until she comes. And if you can't make her come, then I'm going to rape her and then blow my load up inside you."

Trish closed her eyes and reluctantly nodded, she could scarcely bear the thought of putting her mouth on another woman's body that way, down there... but she also knew that cooperating was her only choice. "Okay... okay I'll do it..."

He quickly slid his hard shaft out of her again and went to work moving the cuffs around, making sure that Jen was firmly secured to the bed while Trish's hands were cuffed together in front of her and her ankles bound. He grabbed Trish by the hair and maneuvered her around so that she was situated between her friends legs, her face just inches away from her pussy. His eyes met Jen's as he spoke to her. "I hope you realize that you need to take an active part here. If you don't relax and enjoy this, and let her give you an orgasm, then what happens will be your fault. And don't even think about faking, because if I even remotely suspect it, then you both are really going to get it."

Jen nodded earnestly, her eyes meeting those of her friend as they peered at each other for a few long moments. They had known one another for a very long time, were so close, but not this close, never before like this. Jen shivered partly from the humiliation that they were being put through, and partly from the excitement of her best friend's mouth inches away from pleasuring her.

"Now ask her. Ask her nicely to lick your pussy and make you come."

"Trish... I'm... I'm sor...", she stopped herself short of saying it, "I... will... will you... will you please lick my pussy and make me come?"

Trish's eyes left contact with her best friend and looked down at the shaved pussy in front of her, the scent of Jen's arousal filling her nostrils. She had never been this close to another woman before, had no experience doing this. But she did enjoy watching it, it was the only kind of porn she had ever sought out, and she knew how she liked it. She closed her eyes and let her tongue slide out of her mouth, probing until it made contact with Jen's wet slit. She paused for a moment before parting the lips of her pussy with her tongue, sliding it around in a circular motion as she explored her best friend's most private parts.

An loud involuntary gasp left Jen's lips and as if on it's own her back arched, she threw her head back at the contact, at the sudden surge of pleasure, unlike anything she had ever felt before. She had touched herself, sure, plenty of times, but it was never like this. Trish's warm, wet mouth sent shivers up and down her spine, waves of intense pleasure washing over her. Trish carefully watched her friends reaction and allowed it to guide her, repeated each movement that made her friend moan and carefully avoiding any contact that made Jen's body jump or tense.

"Mmmmmm... that is nice. Now tell your friend what a good job she's doing. Tell her how good she's making you feel. Tell her how happy you are that I'm forcing her to lick your pussy because of how good it feels."

Jen shook her head and whined in horror at his request, she had hoped that she could just give a good performance and fake an orgasm, she didn't want to say those things, didn't want to admit that she was helping rape her best friend. Her breathing grew more rapid and shallow as the mixed emotions tore her apart, partly feeling anger and pain and hatred at the humiliation they were being put through, and partly unable to deny the pleasure she felt, unable to stop her hips from gyrating against her best friends mouth, begging her for more.

"Okay... alright..." She bent her head down and looked at her friend, meeting one another's eyes again as she spoke to her. "Tr... Trish... that... that feels... oh my god... Trish... that feels s... so, sooo good."

"Keep going. Tell her all of those things I said. Keep telling her, over and over again. Say it like you mean it."

Jen threw her head back and gasped as the pleasure continued to grow inside her, like a river beginning to overflow it's banks. "I... I do... I do mean it... oh god... oh... oh... Trish..." Her eyes shot wide open as she looked down at her friend. "Oh Trish... you're making me feel so good, that feels s... so... fucking... good... I... I... I'm glad that he is forcing you to lick my pussy, I'm glad he's making you do it, it feels so good, I'm so glad he's doing this to you, oh fuck..."

Her hands curled into fists and her body convulsed as Trish pushed her higher and higher, sending sensations through her body that she never even thought were possible. She had found the sweet spot now, and she knew it, she carefully kept her pace and speed steady, swirling her tongue around her friend's clit, darting it occasionally into the opening of her pussy, feeling it throb and quiver, knowing that it was only a matter of time, if she could just keep this up, this would all be over.

"Oh.... oh god... oh my god... oh fuck... Trish... ooooh... oooooohhhh yes... oh fuck I'm so glad that he's making you do this, it feels so fucking good, oh god, I'm sorry, it feels so good, please don't stop, please don't stop, please please please please, oh GOD... OOOOHHH..." Jen's eyes shot wide open and she looked down at the sight between her legs one final time, before throwing her head back and her words turning into imperceptible sounds and moans, mixed in with her gasping for breath. Her hips thrusted steady against her friends mouth, prolonging the pleasure, feeling it build until she couldn't stand it anymore and then an incredible rush, her pussy spasming all on its own, violently and repeatedly, over and over and over again until finally she went limp, just a quiet, subdued moaning leaving her lips.

Trish breathed heavily through her nose, slowly pulled her face away from her friend's sopping wet pussy, her mouth full of the juices from it. She sat back on her feet with her head hung, eyes cast down to the bed, embarrassed and humiliated at what she had been forced to do, at the feelings of betrayal that she struggled with, from watching and feeling her friend get lost in the ecstasy of the pleasure that she had given her.

"Mmmmmmm... that was very nice. There's just one or two more things that I want now." The friends made eye contact with each other as they each realized the truth. Their ordeal wasn't over yet.

Part 3


The man reached over and began stroking Trish's body, sliding his hands up and down her back, over her shoulders, feeling her soft skin. She pouted gently but didn't bother resisting his touch any longer, despite her body tensing at the contact. "Wh... what... what do want from me...?"

"Fair question. I'll tell you what I want. I want to uncuff you, and then I want you to make slow, sweet love with me. I want you to convince me that you're enjoying it, I want you to kiss me like you can't get enough, I want to feel your hands pulling me closer to you."

Trish buried her face in her hands as her shoulders shook, crying gently to herself at being forced to humiliate herself further. Still, she told herself, he could have asked for worse things. Without another word she turned and laid on her back next to her friend, holding her cuffed wrists up for him.

"Ask me first. Nicely."

She closed her eyes for a moment and took several deep breaths, putting on her best face, trying to get through this and hoping that he would finally let them go. She sniffled, cleared her throat, and then in her soft, sweet voice, spoke. "Will you have sex with me, please? I... want... to have sex with you." Her stomach muscles tensed and shuddered for a moment, holding back the tears, and then relaxed and her chest heaved as she forced herself to breath.

"Make love. Ask to make love with me."

"I... I... mmmmm.... okay... okay... will you please... can... can I make love with you, please..."

"That's better." A few moments later her wrists and ankles were free of the cuffs, but she couldn't help but squeeze her eyes shut and avoid looking at him. His breath was warm and moist against her face as he positioned himself over her again, moving his lips closer to hers, feeling them reluctantly part and meet his in a firm kiss. She repeated the kiss the same way, a second time, and a third time, before letting her lips melt into his and letting him taste her, taking him into her mouth. A low, deep moan left through his nose as he felt her submitting to him.

With a quiet gasp he slid into her again, watching her grab the sheets on each side of her body for a moment as she braced herself and then, after relaxing, letting go and finding her hands on his sides, holding him reluctantly and, realizing that would not be enough to please him, digging her fingers into him gently. Finally her eyes opened and she looked into his, tried to hide the hate and disgust that she felt and reached up to pull his head back down to her lips, kissing him again.

Jen whimpered quietly, finally returning to reality from the heightened state she was in, her eyes darting around the room and falling on the scene next to her. Her body shivered uncontrollably from the chill she felt, the sweat covering her skin making her feel cold and clammy, watching as if unable to tear her eyes away from her friend touching and kissing this man who was brutalizing them in such a way.

He continued thrusting in and out of her, deep and firm and steady, making her gasp, feeling her breathing growing quicker and quicker. Trish suddenly turned her head away and her lips began to pull back again, her face contorting in agony as she started to cry. "Oh, come on now, you were doing so good. What did I tell you? Just behave yourself and do ask I asked already, it isn't that hard, I know a dirty little whore like you loves being fucked. Don't you?"

Trish shook and replied as best she could, her voice cracking and breaking. "Please... please don't..."

"Please don't what?"

"Y... you... you know what..."

He let out a low, wicked chuckle as she pressed her hands against his chest as if to push him away, watching her body twitch as her pussy began to spasm around his cock. "Ooooohhhh... you like that, is that it? Hmmmm? That's right... oooooh yes... I know... I know how good that feels... I know you can't deny it... just let yourself go... there's no use trying to stop it..."

"Please... oh god... please don't... no... don't do this..."

His thrusts grew firmer and more rapid, his cock getting even harder and more full as he sensed her body's evolutionary response to him inside of her. "Mmmmm... oh yes baby... that's what I want... give me what I want... give it to me... I know it's in there..."

"No... no.... nooooo... oh god no... please... please... oh fuck... oh fuck... OH FUCK... OH FUCK... OHH... MMMMNNNPPHHHHH... MMMMM....." Trish squeezed her eyes shut and pinched her lips together as tightly as she could, trying to muffle the sounds of her orgasm, as if she could somehow smother it and stop it from happening, but it was no use. The relentless thrusting of his hard cock inside her, the involuntary response of her body as it was pushed and touched in just the right place, was far beyond her conscious control and she came, hard and violently, all of the muscles in her trim midsection rapidly tightening and relaxing over and over again, finally giving in to it as her mouth opening in a series of loud gasps.

"Mmmmm... oh yeah... that's right, you really are a little slut, aren't you? I knew that you had it in you." She hid her eyes from his broad, triumphant grin as the aftershocks shook her body, whimpering softly while his thrusting slowed down and stopped, his cock throbbing with every heartbeat. "What a little whore you are, getting off on my cock like that. You are just a cock-hungry little slut, isn't that right?"

He stared down at her young, firm body, taking in the sight of her rapid breathing as she caught her breath, hoping and praying that this would be over soon.

"Looks like there's just one more thing for us to do together. I'm going to enjoy fucking your ass for a while."

"WHAT? NO!" Trish's eyes flew open in panic and sheer terror as she screamed out. "NO! You... you can't! I... I'm too small... please! Please don't please please please!", shaking her head violently back and forth. "I... I've never done that! I haven't! Please don't hurt me, please!"

"Yes, I can, and I will. Unless, of course, you'd like me to rape your little virgin friend here instead..."

Trish closed her eyes and for the first time she remained silent in response, shuddering at the thought of her tiny ass being forced open by his thick shaft. Jen began to whimper and tremble as the silence went on, seeing the man grin at the internal torment that was going on in Trish's mind. She whispered, as if he wouldn't be able to hear, "Trish... Trish... please.... please..."

She shook her head again and began to sob as she heard her young friend pleading with her, her stomach turning at what she had been forced to do, at what was being asked of her now. "I... I... Jen... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I can't, I just can't..."

"Oh god... oh god no... please! PLEASE! TRISH! P... P.... Please... can't... can't... can't you... just..."

Trish blinked, her eyes cold and distant, staring blankly at the ceiling as she spoke, her voice barely audible. "I can't... I'm sorry... I tried, I've done everything I could for you... I've done enough... I can't do any more... this would be... much worse for me than it will be for you... I'm sorry..." She covered her face again and sobbed loudly, horrified at having gone through so much only to let her friend down now. She just couldn't bear the thought of him...

"Oh my god." Jen's eyes moved back to the man, who was smiling broadly now, eyeing her body like it was a delicious dessert. "Oh my god. Oh no. Oh no. Oh god no, no no no no no..." Her pleading continued as he grabbed Trish and dragged her off the bed, throwing her shaking body into a chair that faced the room. A moment later she found her wrists cuffed to the arms of the chair, and her ankles fastened to the legs. "I want to make sure that you have a good view so you can watch the show."

"Jen... I'm sorry... oh... I'm so sorry... I'm sorry..."

"Please Trish, please help me, please don't let him do this, please don't let... let... let him... oh god, oh god no, no! NOO! NOOOO! NOOOOO! NOOO! AHHH! AHHH STOP! PLEASE DON'T OH MY GOD NO PLEASE DON'T AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" An unearthly howl escaped her lips as he violently and carelessly penetrated her, viciously tearing her virgin pussy open with several rough thrusts, gritting his teeth and snarling like an animal tearing apart its prey as she shrieked in agony. "OOOOWWW IT HURTS! IT HURTS! STOP PLEASE STOP NOOOOO! OOOWWWW... Ow... owww...."

Trish squeezed her eyes shut as hard as she could, but there was nothing she could do to stop the echoing of her best friend's screams as they filled the room, filled her ears, the horrifying sounds burning themselves forever into her memory. The screaming and crying and pleading went on for what like seemed forever, when finally, at last, he groaned out furiously and thrusted a few final times, ejaculating inside of her and then collapsing over her tiny body as she sobbed, shattered and broken, beyond comfort.

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