tagFetishDifficulty Adjusting to Treatment Ch. 01

Difficulty Adjusting to Treatment Ch. 01


A new chapter in my life was opening. The therapy had done wonders on my body and I couldn't wait until it was completely done. Treatment like this was still experimental, but that is what I am here for. I was the first trial subject in converting a man into a woman with all of the natural hormones while still retaining many of my regular features, a few of which were my genitalia and my fertility.

This was such a strange experiment that I couldn't believe it was real. I had called the number released for it to acquire more information, maybe see if I could help in anyway, but I was still very confused and thought that I would probably just hear something about it at some point in the future. A local science experiment wouldn't be anything crazy in my life, right?

My girlfriend, Suzy, on the other hand, saw this as a golden opportunity. She loved dressing me up as a girl, tying my long hair in pony tails or braids, and other things commonly associated with woman. I didn't mind as I knew she liked it and I think that it's just stuff she enjoys. I never liked rigid gender norms anyway, so it was fun to have these new experiences.

So when she heard that I could gain many body parts she had expressed wanting to see on me, like wider hips, a plumper butt and, as she said, best of all, breasts, she wouldn't let me say no. I acquiesced, knowing that this is something that you wanted, that we could use the money and that I could get used to.

Treatment was simple. I few injections, some light exercise to monitor my vitals, a small change to my diet for the time being, nothing major baring the three hours a night they kept me there. Suzy didn't seem to mind at all. Every night, I would come home and she would have food for me to eat, making sure it was a part of the diet I needed to follow. After dinner, she would always give me a wonderful massage, making sure to hit all of the tension areas from my long day, both at work and at the research center.

As the first week went by, I started noticing that Suzy was taking the measurements of my body. I asked her why and she said that it was to check if anything had changed. We were told that the hormones and diet together should have a fast reaction across my body and either distribute or reorganize my body mass into it's new areas. She seemed to be very impatient about it, especially when she started bringing home new clothing.

It started somewhat cute. She brought a few blouses and skirts home and asked me to try them on. I noticed that they were all a bit larger then what would fit me. I noticed that the main problem areas were the chest and waist and slowly turned to look at her, commenting on how I hoped my boobs would grow into them for her. She giggled, blushing as she realized that I had noticed. I leaned in to kiss her and she reciprocated, pulling me closer and grabbing my butt before maneuvering us into the bedroom.

I had informed my boss, Janet, about the decision I was making and she seemed to be hesitant. She asked me if I was prepared for the big decision I was making and made sure I was willing to take the risk. I informed her that I was and she told me that the company would support me in any way that they could. Suzy and I made plenty of money to help keep us afloat, so I asked if I could leave work an hour early to help the researchers on time. She agreed, but told me that she would have more work that they needed my help with at a later date.

All of my coworkers were very kind and treated me well, but by the end of the week they started to try to get even closer to me. That is until, one day, the girl who I shared a double desk with, Kim, reached her foot under and across the width of the desk and rested it in my lap. I looked up, startled, and she winked at me, flexing her toes in a way to rub my slowly engorging member.

Now, Suzy and I had made a rule: our relationship was open, but I was to be the only guy in it and we were always supposed to talk before we were with someone else. I knew that she had slept with a few other girls before, but she wasn't into being long term with them, especially when she told me how much she loved my dick. She always told me it was mine specifically. She had been with a few other guys before, but she only wanted my dick. I loved that about her and told her that she didn't have to worry about me bringing another dick into our relationship.

I tapped Kims' foot and mouthed a quick message to her, "Not just yet." She pouted at me and huffed before she got back to her work. I opened a private messenger and sent a message to Suzy quickly, telling her that I may have found someone to have fun with, that I would ask her back to have more fun with us both tonight, and asking her permission to do something now. She replied with a wink face and then a short instruction.

"Go to the bathroom and read the mirror."

I was confused, but decided to follow her instructions. As I stood up, I noticed Kim following me with her eyes. She was definitely not happy I stopped her and I would probably not be on her good side for a while.

At the mens rest room, I saw that there was a sign saying that it was closed for renovations. I was shocked, until I saw that, in sharpie, Janet had put another note. "James, feel free to use ours. You won't need to be away from it soon. XD"

I turned around, slightly shocked, and walked into the womens' room. It was much bigger than the mens, but that may have just been because the company who used the this floor and the two on either side only had me as a male employee. I was a bit surprised to find no one in there, but even more surprising was a small pamphlet on the wall next to the closest mirror. I pulled it out and saw what I knew Suzy must have put, Janet must have okayed, and Kim must have read.

Inside was a complete breakdown of the treatment i was on, the expected results, all of my kinks, and explicit permission to do with me as the other workers saw fit.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/31/18

I think it was good, you should continue. It seems like it’ll be a decent story.

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by ptebaden08/09/18

Interesting begining

Waiting for more chapters

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by Anonymous08/09/18

Do your best and keep writing

My honest opinion, decent start, but because it only one page was posted, I'm a little disappointed. The reasons others are being rude is because they were horny, and expected more action. As a fellowmore...

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by Anonymous08/08/18

It's so-so

I'm sorry, but that was a weak start. I really hope you have something better planned for this story.

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by Anonymous08/08/18

Stupid story

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