Dig Two Graves Ch. 04


"My client merely defended himself. In fact he had to do so from his knees after he was struck down by your Marketing Vice-President, Mr. Schmidt."

"Mr. Schmidt was acting on his own behalf. He was no longer employed by this firm."

"Oh?" Bill replies. "I assume you do not have ex-employees as part of your HR panel reviews. So Mr. Schmidt must have been employed by this firm at the time of yesterday's meeting. Since Mr. Schmidt attacked my client immediately after the meeting, I see no other course but to conclude at the time of the attack he was still within this firm's employment."

"There's still a matter of interpretation of who attacked whom."

"Ms. Evans," Bill retorts. "I personally witnessed the attack by Mr. Schmidt."

"I would expect you to do nothing else but support your client," Kristy says.

"I do hope you are not accusing me as an officer of the court of suborning perjury? Besides, there's a second witness."

"A second witness?" She says with surprise.

Brad gets up and opens the door. Betty Higgins, Schmidt's administrative assistant that I talked with yesterday, enters the room looking very timid. Bill holds out a chair for her. She gratefully accepts the chair.

"Mrs. Higgins," Bill addresses her. "I just want to assure you that you're not under oath. I simply have a few questions for you and would appreciate your honest answers."

Betty nods.

"Were you standing besides me yesterday? Outside of conference room 15-C?"

"Yes," she says.

"Did you witness the altercation between Jake, Mr. Vickers and your former boss Mr. Schmidt?" Bill continues.

Betty hesitates and looks first at Tom and then Kristy.

"Mrs. Higgins, I would personally appreciate if you would tell the truth as you best remember. There will not be any negative repercussions if you tell the truth," Kristy assures.

Betty sighs and then looks back at Bill. "Yes, I did see it."

"Can you describe what you saw?"

Betty glances first at me, then at Kristy before finally looking back at Bill. I suppress a chuckle because it was obvious to me that Bill had gotten to her somehow. I've never known her to be anything like accommodating or helpful. Perhaps my opinion was a bit biased since I knew that she had been reporting to that scumbag.

"They, Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Vickers, started arguing and then Mr. Schmidt just struck Mr. Vickers across the face." Betty says.

"Can you show me how?" Bill interrupts.

"Well, he used his forearm like this," she says, taking her arm and pretending to strike Bill across the top of his nose.

"Thank you Betty," Bill says. "Then what happened?

"Well, Mr. Vickers went down. I mean not all the way to the floor, but just to his knees. I could see he was woozy. Mr. Schmidt then starting telling him things, terrible things, about his wife, I mean ... Mr. Vicker's wife. Then Mr. Schmidt said something about how he ought to beat up Mr. Vickers. He didn't use those words exactly. There were some swear words mixed in, but basically that was what Mr. Schmidt said.

"Then what?" Bill prods

"Then Mr. Vickers somehow was able to hit him in the face with the back of his head. I couldn't see how he did it because he was still on one knee at the time. Mr. Schmidt was standing over the top of him taunting him about Mrs. Vickers. Then Mr. Vickers punched him right in the groin. Mr. Schmidt fell to one knee while Mr. Vickers stood up. Mr. Schmidt was still threatening Mr. Vickers and swearing at him. Then Mr. Vickers kneed him in the face. Mr. Vickers said something I could hear and then he turned to leave. That's when I turned and went back to my desk. I didn't want to have anything else to do with what happened in the room."

"Thank you Betty," Bill soothes.

"When you got back to your desk, did Mr. Vickers and I show up just a few moments later?"

Betty nods. "I guess so; the two of you arrived shortly after I sat down at my desk."

"Did he ask you about his wife going into Mr. Schmidt's office around noon on Tuesday?"

"Yes he did," she replies.

I am about to object to my own lawyer's line of questioning when he tells Betty that was all the questions he had for her.

Bill turns to Kristy. "Is there anything you would like to ask her?"

Kristy looks down at Tom and then back to Bill, shaking her head. She then thanks Betty and tells her she can return to her duties.

Then as a shock to me, my lawyer then gives a very brief explanation of what happened at my home Friday night and the hospitalization over the weekend. Kristy and Tom were both shocked. Kristy being the attorney I trained recovered quite quickly and argued that what happened at my residence was irrelevant given it was a private matter and had nothing to do with the company.

Bill argues that Schmidt and Hinckley both conspired against me, that they used company resources in an effort to discredit me and commit criminal crimes and subverted the very HR process to get me fired. In addition Mr. Schmidt, on the previous day, admitted before witnesses that he did all of these things using company resources and procedures in an effort to gain sexual control of Mr. Vicker's wife. As such what transpired Friday evening, even though it was my private residence, was simply an extension of criminal and civil violations that spawn within the walls of this firm. Bill then adds his opinion that any judge would accept that argument and allow a jury to hear all the testimony. Finally Bill asks Kristy how she thinks all of this will play in the court of public opinion.

Kristy then glances at Tom and asks that we excuse her and Mr. Weston for a ten minute break.

Once outside in the hallway, "Do you think they'll go for it?" Brad asks.

"I don't see where they really have any choice. They know that if we go to trial the papers will eat this up. This isn't the kind of publicity a company like this wants to have. I don't think they'll agree to the whole ten million dollar figure though."

About fifteen minutes later they both come back into the room looking grim.

Kristy looks at me. "Jake, I can offer you six million tops. That is the max they will go for. And they also want you to sign a permanent non-disclosure and a two year non-competitive agreement, as you offered.

I look at Bill and smile. All we really wanted was the five million, and I didn't care personally about the non-competitive clause.

I nod back at Kristy and smile, reaching across the desk to offer her my hand and acceptance.

After a few words between Kristy and Bill who needed to get together to iron out the details, Bill and I exit the conference room and walk toward the elevators.

"Mr Vickers?" I hear behind me.

Both Bill and I turn to see Betty Higgins nervously rubbing her hands together.

"Betty?" I inquire. "Is there something wrong?"

"Well," Betty says. "Both yes and no."

"What is it Betty?"

"It's about yesterday when you were asking me about Mrs. Vickers going into Mr. Schmidt's office?

The sudden angry look on my face caused Betty to take a step backward. Bill took a small step toward her and said, "Go ahead Mrs. Higgins, what did you want to say?"

"Well," Betty says, not sure how to proceed. "I wasn't surprised that you asked me those questions Mr. Vickers. But there was one question I was surprised that you didn't ask."

I look at her puzzled.

"You didn't ask me how long Mrs. Vickers was in his office yesterday. She did lock the door like I said but she was in there only about a minute, maybe two at the most. And when she came out she looked very angry."

I glance over at Bill as he glances back.

"Thank you for telling me that Betty. I'm sorry if I alarmed you," I tell her. "Is there anything else you would like to share?"

"No Mr. Vickers. Well, yes, I'm sorry all this happened to you."

"Thank you Betty, I appreciate that," as Bill and I watch her turn and walk away.

"So?" Bill asks me.

"So what?" I ask back.

"Yesterday when you found out she went into his office, I could see you finally give up and it was almost like your heart hardened completely against her. Now it's obvious nothing happened in that office yesterday, at least anything sexual. Does this change anything?" Bill asks.

I look at Bill for a very long moment and then say "Not a damn thing Bill. Not a damn thing. When I heard those tapes from Tuesday, that finished it for me. I just hadn't realized it yet." Just then the elevator bell dinged and the doors slid open. Bill and I entered and I watched as the doors closed for the last time on another aspect of my life.

Thursday 4:30 PM

Once again Bill and I are being ushered into my wife's office. This time at their bequest, although to be honest we would have asked for another meeting anyway. It was time to finish this once and for all.

I notice immediately that Susie looks much better than the previous day, although she is still having a difficult time looking me in the eye. After we sit down Vicky says, "Jake, Susie has withdrawn her petition for divorce. She recognizes ..."

Vicky is cut short by Susie's hand on her arm.

"Jake," Susie says, struggling but managing to look at me. "We have a lot to discuss. I have some things to tell you that will be difficult. I've made some grave mistakes in this whole affair. I want to ask you for your forgiveness. I want, no ... I need for you to come back home."

I take a very deep sigh. "There's no easy way to say this Susie. I can no longer do that. I doubt I will ever be able to forgive you and I certainly can't come back home."

Vicky is shocked, but I notice Susie seems to have expected my response.

"We've filed for divorce," Bill speaks up within the sudden lull, presenting them with copies of the suit and proposed settlement.

"The settlement is straight forward. Whatever assets were brought into the marriage by both parties will be retained. All assets acquired during the marriage will be split 50-50. There will be no one-time settlement fees and no alimony. We realize that under Texas law Ms. Vickers would be entitled to 50% of all combined assets, but we think there are special circumstances that require a special settlement. It would not be in either party's best interest to have all of the events of the past week brought out in court."

"Jake, what has happened?" Vicky says stunned.

Susie puts her hand on Vicky's arm to silence her. I realize that Susie still hasn't told her lawyer about any of the things she's been doing with Schmidt. I've had enough.

"Vicky," I say with an acidic tone. "It's apparent that your own client hasn't told you what she's been involved with, so let me give you a succinct overview."

I glance at Susie and she drops her head, staring at her hands again. "When I arrived home last Friday, after being gone for nearly two weeks and the day before our anniversary, I was seduced and tricked by my wife to sit in a chair and allow myself to be tied up. My wife then proceeded to suck and fuck my very worse adversary ... in a position only inches away from my face. That level of humiliation apparently was insufficient as my wife then demanded I lick my adversary's sperm out of her cunt. When I refused she grabbed my testicles and twisted. When I continued to refuse she twisted my testicles so hard that I passed out."

Vicky looks at me, then her client, and then back at me, her mouth seemingly stuck open.

"I regained consciousness over the weekend in a hospital, alone, and informed that I was fortunate they were able to save one of my two testicles. They told me I had only about a fifty-fifty chance of keeping the other one. Fortunately, I was told just this morning that blood flow to that testicle is improving and they no longer think amputation will be necessary.

"Oh my God," I heard Susie say, a horrified look on her face.

I ignored her, concentrating on her lawyer. "As I was released by the hospital, I was served a TRO by my wife against my own residence. I discovered that all of our money had been removed from our accounts and my credit cards were all reported as stolen."

"On the next day I am served divorce papers and told by my company they wish to fire me. Over the next two days I gather enough evidence to completely shred all the trumped up and forged evidence that had been assembled against me. As bad as this week has been, if nothing else had happened ... I would have still wanted to try and save my marriage."

"Unfortunately that's not the case. On Tuesday the four of us met and we were able to present in just 24 hours enough evidence to cast doubt on both the affidavit and the photographs. I understand that neither of you two could admit to that, yet I know as well as you do that doubts had been created within your minds. Despite those doubts, I've learned that my wife left this office Tuesday evening where she met my worst adversary and fucked him in my bed in my house, as she had been fucking him for the past several days.

"I first learned of this Tuesday night. Each morning that I have sat here this week trying to get my wife to see that all of these charges were false, she was laughing at me with the knowledge that her mouth, pussy and even ass were full of Schmidt's cum." I look over at Bill and nod. Bill reaches into his trusty portfolio and brings out a cassette tape.

"This is a copy. It's a recording of Schmidt making a phone call from my bedroom on Tuesday night. I'll let you two listen to it on your own time but the gist of it is that Schmidt has made plans for having you gangbanged this weekend. Of course if you still want to do that I suppose you could give him a call."

I look at Susie. Tears are rolling down her cheeks. For the first time since I've known her the tears elicit no feelings within me.

Addressing Susie I say, "Were you crying yesterday because his cum was inside you even as you listened to how he setup this entire thing?"

I sigh. I've inflicted enough damage for one day. Bill and I should have left then, but I couldn't leave well enough alone. "I have just two more things to say to you Susie. First, you need to get yourself tested. Schmidt fucks anything that walks. Second, I will always love you, but I can no longer be with you. I don't know who you are anymore. I don't understand how you could have so easily believed I was cheating on you. I don't understand how you could have betrayed me like you did. I don't understand how you turned so vicious. I don't understand how you could continue to see Schmidt even after you had to suspect that I might not have cheated. Do you really have that much vengeance in your heart? Several nights ago I sat in my hotel room thinking about all the questions that needed answers. I still have so many questions but I no longer care about the answers. I think I finally understand that old saying now ... the one that says, "before you embark on a journey of vengeance, dig two graves". Susie, you've buried both of us."

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Superb Story Telling

A superb story about betrayal and revenge and the consequences of allowing anger and hatred to overrule reason and compassion.

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by JbRobertsson03/07/18

Great story...

Great characters; evil twisted wife, smirking scumbag boyfriend, etc. The story flowed smoothly and sensibly, at least as far as the actions Jake took to prove his innocence. I wish he'd pressed chargesmore...

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Just a follow-up.

I'm as much of a pig as the next guy, but he had more important things to worry about than looking up her skirt!

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by sbrooks103x05/11/17


I'm not sure if some of these belong with Ch 3!

“With Schmidt involved I am certain that some coercion must be involved.” – What “coercion?” Schmidt obviously showed her some doctored “evidence,”more...

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