tagSci-Fi & FantasyDigital Eros Ch. 04

Digital Eros Ch. 04


Claire watched in horror at the video being projected in front of her. It was of Claire, a week before. She was kneeling in front of a man, her head bobbing back and forth, her back naked to the camera. The man's knees rocked back and forth, and then gripped her head. A few seconds passed, and Claire turned sideways, her head's profile now in sight of the camera. The man's semen was dripping down her face.

A vision of another man ejaculating passed before Claire's eyes. The scene blinked in and out of reality.

"How long have you been married to James, Claire?" a woman asked. She was dressed in a neat pantsuit, extremely business like.

Claire could barely respond. "Three...three years."

The woman sighed in disapproval. "Three years. And you've been doing this with other men for...how long?"

Claire looked at her and frowned. "This...this was the only..."

The woman laughed. "Even now, with proof, you continue to lie. We've been following you for a year now. This is the ninth man we've found you with."

Claire panicked. "You've been following me? How...why?"

The woman glared at Claire. "We're a private investigation group. A friend of James's caught on to your illicit behavior and asked us to investigate. We've documented quite a bit."

A slideshow flashed on the projector. A clip of Claire underneath a man in Pittsburgh. In Boston. In D.C. In Chicago. In...

"Stop," Claire said, hard of breath. "Please, stop."

"Claire, I will be quick. All I need to do is press a button and these videos are emailed to James."

"No!" Claire wailed. "Please, don't do that! I'm sorry...I..."

"There's another option, Claire. We make a confession video where you explain to James what you did."

Claire swallowed. That doesn't sound so bad... "Okay, I'll do it."

The woman pressed a button. Several video cameras emerged from the ground and ceiling, and whirred in place to face Claire.

"All right, Claire. We are ready to begin." The woman signalled to an invisible person and red lights lit up on the cameras. "Begin by slowly removing your clothes."

"What??" Claire shrieked.

The woman sighed. "Claire, do you remember what I said about sending those videos? This is your last chance."

Claire nodded quickly. She slowly began to unbutton her blouse.

"Claire, when did the infidelity start?" The woman asked.

One button after another was unlatched. "A year after we started dating," Claire said quietly. "At first it was harmless flirting online...anonymous stuff..."

The buttons were all undone. Claire tensed her lips as she pulled the shirt off of her.

"And why did you do that? Were you unhappy with James?"

Claire shook her head as she undid the buttons on her pants. "I was always happy with James. I promise. I just...there was something about the attention, the excitement of it..."

Claire pulled her pants down, and shakily stepped out of them. She was now left in her underwear.

"So when did it go past flirting online? And continue with the rest of your clothes, Claire."

Claire shakily reached behind her to unlatch her bra. "I... I would just be out for drinks with friends and talk with random men. It was fun, meeting new people, new faces." The latch loosened, and her bra fell to the ground. Claire glanced warily at the cameras around her, their lenses glaring at her.

"And is that how you had your first illicit encounter? Please finish up."

With trembling hands, Claire hooked her thumbs into her underwear and pulled them down. She was now totally naked. She looked again to the cameras. She could see the red lights accusingly glaring at her, the weight of them pushing on her. She yelped and grabbed a hand across her breasts, and one hand shielding her cunt.

Wait a minute... this seems familiar. Taking my clothes off, being embarrassed...what's going on?

"Claire!" the woman barked.

Claire obeyed and dropped her hands to her side. "No, I couldn't meet men that way, too many mutual friends who could see. I started requesting more business trips out of town, more chances to get away from familiar eyes..."

The interrogator nodded and pointed to a wooden table nearby. "Claire, get on the table. On your hands and knees. Your ass pointing to me."

Claire did as she was told. Her modesty had been forfeit, and she had to continue. She climbed onto the table, lewdly exposing herself to the interrogator.

"Claire, when did you make that step? To fully cheating on James?"

Claire gazed at a camera that was facing her. "At first it was harmless touching. Accepting an arm around the shoulder. But that was...intoxicating. I would just be so turned on that I...I..."

"Claire: I want you to masturbate. Show me how turned on you were."

Claire reached a hand between her legs and began to rub herself. "I'd go back to the hotel room and do this. I'd hope that if I just came by myself that would satisfy me, and I wouldn't do anything crazy."


Claire's breathing was becoming more labored. "But it didn't work. It just made me want it more. I'd be distracted at work imagining myself with other men. When I was with James...I..."

Claire stopped. The interrogator continued. "You what?"

"I'd...I'd imagine he was someone else. Someone else inside me."

The interrogator grunted. She's judging me. That triggered more guilt in Claire than anything else.

"And then? The first time you really made that step?"

Claire's hand continued working. "Philadelphia. A downtown bar. A man with tattoos said he lived close by, offered to get drinks at his place."

"You knew what that meant."

"Yes...yes...I did."

"You went home with him..."

Claire was getting close. "Yes..."

"You fucked him."

"Yes!" she began to moan.

"You fucked him and you did not feel bad about it."

"Yes!" she cried, as she orgasmed. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Her hand moved swiftly, prolonging her orgasm, and then she relaxed, her heaving body collapsing onto the table.

Claire looked sideways at the interrogator. "Are...are we finished?"

The interrogator tsked. "Do you think we are finished, Claire?" She snapped her finger. Doors opened all around the room. Into the doorway stepped the shape of nine men. They were hidden in shadow, but Claire could see that they were naked save for masks across their faces, all different shapes and types...and all of them fully erect, their cocks pointing to her.

"Nine men, Claire. One for each of the men we found you with." The interrogator moved close to Claire, pressed her face near hers. "They are going to fuck you Claire."

Claire moaned, not so much in complaint.

"Do you want that, Claire?"

Claire was silent, though she seemingly had something to say.

"Claire...look at them." The interrogator took her face and moved it to gaze at the men. "All of them aroused, and ready for you. They want to fuck you, Claire."

The interrogator kissed Claire on the cheek, then began to slowly insert a finger into her wet cunt. Claire moaned louder. "What do you want, Claire?"

Claire shuddered, and whispered inaudible sounds.

"What was that, Claire?" The interrogator's finger slipped deeper.

"I want it," she said quietly.

The interrogator thrust another finger deep into Claire, and pulled upward on her g-spot.

"I want them to fuck me!" Claire shrieked. "I want them all! I want it!"

The first masked man, as if on signal, strode towards her. He pulled her legs back, positioning his cunt in front of his cock. She reached behind herself and opened her labia up to him, ready to accept him.

He began to fuck her her, roughly and deeply. Claire moaned with excitement as she took him.

A picture appeared on the projector. "Claire, this was the first man we found you with. Why him?"

Claire stammered out words in between the thrusts. "He...he was vulgar. He told me he would fuck me till I couldn't walk straight. That...nobody had talked to me like that..."

Claire came, loudly. The man withdrew his cock, moved to the front of her, and roughly inserted his cock into her mouth. He was silent as he came inside her mouth, though she sucked and swallowed noisily.

The second man followed suit, positioning himself and inserting himself in her.

A second picture on the projector. "Claire, this was the second man. Why him?"

Again Claire stammered out a response. "He... he was rich, and full of himself, and he knew it. He poured a thousand dollar bottle of champagne on my body when we fucked."

Claire finished again, screaming, and the man moved to come in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

The third man approached, and dutifully entered. "Claire, this was the third man," the interrogator continued. "Why..."

"He was fat, and nerdy. I wanted to use him, I knew that I would be the best experience of his life. That was...that was power..."

Claire came again. Her body was glowing with thick sweat as she grabbed the man's cock to milk him dry inside her mouth.

The fourth man approached and entered her. Claire looked at the projector as she was again fucked. "He had been married for six years, he told me. That was dangerous, it was a violation..."

The fifth man approached and entered her. "He was really conservative... he wanted to do things that he had never done before..."

The sixth man. "He knew how to use ropes. He left me tied up, crying, for three hours before he fucked me."

The seventh man. "He was foreign, exotic, I wanted to see if his cock felt any different."

The eighth man. Cum was now dribbling down the side of her mouth as her muscles began to fail her in the heat of her orgasmic fever. "He... he just looked so strong. I wanted to manhandle me, toss me around like a doll."

The ninth man approached, the last. He entered Claire more slowly. Claire wanted him in faster, but his firm hands on her buttocks refused to let her push backwards.

"What..." she complained, attempting to look backwards in protest.

The interrogator grabbed her face and kept it pointed towards her. "Face forward, Claire. Tell me about this man, the ninth man."

Claire squinted at the picture of the man. "It looks like..." The man fucked her slowly, deliberately. Claire felt something odd about the way he felt inside of her.

"Who does it look like Claire?"

"It looks like...it looks like James..."

The man behind her began to pick up his pace. Began to fuck her harder, roughly, his hands digging into her buttocks. Claire yelped and met his thrusts.

"You fucked someone who looked like James?" the interrogator asked. "Why?"

Tears welled up in Claire's eyes. "I don't know...I..."

The man fucking her was now violently thrusting, all his strength pushing into Claire's body. She moaned in confusion and heat.

"I must have...I must have..."

The interrogator brought her face close to Claire's. "You must have what?"

Saliva and cum dripped out of Claire's mouth. "I must have wanted to be with him...I just...I just didn't know how..."

Claire screamed, and thrust back on the cock with all her strength. The man roared as he began to cum with her. Two jets of semen emitted from his cock, filling her hole. He then roughly pushed her body off of him, and grabbed her hair. She squealed as he pulled her head upwards, spinning her body to face his cock.

Wait a minute, she thought, her mind spinning from the intensity of the orgasm. She saw the twitching cock in front of her, examined its veins and muscles, the shape of the balls hanging taut beneath it. I know who this belongs to...

Another vision of a man in a tank, his body naked and suspended, that cock pulsating as it began to spurt out jets of glorious semen. Another vision of Claire herself on a glass table, bathed in light, that cock pulsating as it shot spurt after spurt onto her breasts, her cunt, into her mouth.

"James!" she shrieked. "James, what are we..."

Her eyes met his. James eyes flashed with anger as he gripped her head, held it firm. And then, she looked forward, saw in slow motion the cum beginning to push its way out of his cockhead, filling her total frame of view. The first jet caught her face and she gasped in pleasure. She opened her mouth, and a second spurt caught her lips, some spilling into her mouth, more down her body.

Her body was heating up from the intensity of his ejaculation and the force of his hands on her. With her free hands she began to finger herself and pull at her breasts. "Yes, James... yes!"

A third blast. A fourth. A fifth. Claire's face was nearly doused in his semen. She came loudly again, her hands working frantically. A sixth blast. A seventh. An eighth.

James pulled her face onto his cock, impaling her mouth. The final blast swept into her mouth and down her throat. She came once more, her screams muffled by his member. She sucked and licked with all her might, drawing as much of his liquid out of him as she could.

James released her roughly. Her muscles gave way, and she fell softly off the table with a light wet sound as the her semen-coated body struck the floor.

"James..." she whispered. "James...wait..."

James looked down at her accusingly. "Any final words?" he asked.

"James...this isn't real..."

James cackled. He turned to the interrogator. "Thank you, Amy. Dump her outside with no clothes. I'll expect the video later tonight."

James strode out of the room and slammed a door shut.

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