tagSci-Fi & FantasyDigital Eros Ch. 06

Digital Eros Ch. 06


James sat grimly as Dana was led into the cave, blindfolded. She was being guided by a woman with blond hair, who had named herself Kara.

"Dana, he will meet you here," she said quietly. "He told me to prepare you for him."

James could see Dana biting her lip. Oh, you will be met here, James thought.

Kara led Dana towards a crop of tall, sharp stalactites. James had prepared ropes for the situation, and had tossed them over a column of rocks overhead. Dana did not resist as Kara began binding ropes to Dana's arms

"When will he be here?" Dana asked quietly.

"Soon," Kara whispered back. Kara did a second pass tightening the knots, ensuring that Dana could not move. She then moved to the slack line of the rope and pulled hard, drawing Dana slightly into the air. After she was satisfied, she stood back, and gestured to James.

James stood, and moved quietly towards the bound woman in front of him. He surveyed her body from behind. She's wearing perfume, he realized. I bought her this perfume. James could also smell something else. She's aroused.

James pulled sharply on her clothing. Her dress was shorn off her body with a loud ripping noise. The firelight bounced off of her body, shadows dancing across her curves. She was wearing a black thong. The underwear I bought for her. James sternly pulled it off of her, the fabric snapping under his hands.

James stepped away, back towards Kara. He himself began to disrobe, and Kara followed suit. When they stood naked, Kara lifted a bottle of a thick, clear, faintly glowing substance. She positioned the bottle over his cock and poured. The substance dripped over his member and down his legs. Kara then took the bottle and poured the remainder of the substance and poured it over her breasts and down onto her bush of pubic hair. With a finger Kara draw the substance up and into her cunt.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

James nodded to Kara to begin. Kara understood his signal, and raised her hand towards Dana, the substance still dripping from her fingers. Kara murmured a few words in a language James did not understand, then snapped her fingers.

Dana's body tightened against the ropes, her knees locking. "What...what..."

Kara reached down and tightened her hands around James's cock, and pulled down once. Dana gasped from above.

"Marcus, what's happened?" she cried.

Kara gestured and the blindfold fell from Dana's face. Dana's face went white as she saw the nude figures in front of her.

"Marcus isn't here," James said quietly. Kara pulled on his cock again, and Dana's body tightened overhead again.

"What...what..." she stammered. James could tell she was completely dumbfounded by the events, and something was happening to her body to prevent her from comprehending.

"I had my suspicions about you," James said with a poisonously neutral voice. "Staying out for God knows how long. Always saying you were too tired when you got home."

Kara pulled again on his cock, and Dana gasped overhead. "I can explain..." she stammered. "I..."

"You've been fucking Marcus for months now," he completed for her. "You never had the courage to tell me. But you did confide in a friend. And word got to Kara."

Dana looked open-mouthed at Kara.

"Kara is an eromancer," he explained. "A sorceress of the sexual arts. She has a personal interest in punishing the unfaithful. She was quite eager to help me." Kara knelt in front of James and began stroking him harder. His cock was becoming more erect in her face.

"My dear, let me explain what will happen," she said, looking to Dana's suspended body as she stroked. "I will give him pleasure beyond his knowing tonight. Our climaxes will echo across this room."

Kara licked the entire length of his shaft. Dana's body seized and her breath sharply escaped her.

"You shall also climax, my dear," Kara said, looking back to Dana. "A dark climax. But you shall not enjoy them. The pleasure we give each other will exorcise your guilt, the guilt of your adultery. As we make each other come, the suffering you have inflicted on this man shall be pushed onto you."

Kara took James in her mouth. Dana kicked overhead, trying to escape from the spell's growing effects. Remarkable, James thought. Dana tried to look away with great effort.

Kara tsked. "I don't think so, my dear. The more you look away, the stronger the spell becomes."

Dana looked back and groaned in frustration as she realized the seer was right. Kara chuckled to herself as she stroked, while James stood mutely, staring daggers into Dana. Kara resumed sucking loudly, moving her hand down between her legs. As she began to masturbate herself, James could see Dana's legs spasm, as though Kara's cunt was joined to hers, spilling torturous pleasure into her body.

James began to sweat as he felt his body churning. He ran his fingers through Kara's hair, gripping her head. Continuing to stare at Dana's writhing body, he held Kara's head in place and began thrusting roughly into her mouth. Kara giggled in approval and allowed herself to be used, using her other hand to caress her own body.

James grunted through his teeth as he came in her mouth, continuing to thrust roughly into her to prolong his pleasure. Dana wailed as the dark orgasmic power shook her, her cries turning into animalistic grunts.

"James...please," she was able to gasp. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I'm..." her voice descended into a combination of babbling and panting as the power rippled through her.

Kara stood up and sauntered towards her. She frowned mockingly at Dana, stroking her face with her palm. The she suddenly grabbed Dana's face and pulled her in for a kiss. Kara had collected James' semen in her mouth, and now forced it into Dana's mouth. Dana moaned in surprise and kicked as she swallowed.

That must have some power, James thought. Suddenly he felt slightly light headed.

Kara pulled her face away, and an icicle of cum stretched between their mouths. "What do you think, master?" Kara asked. Dana looked pleadingly at him.

"She hasn't learned her lesson yet," James said roughly. He beckoned Kara to rejoin him.

Without moving, she was back in front of him, on her hands and knees, her cunt positioned towards him. James inserted his head into her cunt and she cooed, gyrating her ass over the tip of his member. Dana grimaced, her body tensing.

James began to fuck her methodically, like a passionless machine, back and forth at a steady, constant pace. As James fucked Kara, he could see Dana's legs spasm, as though something was slamming into her.

Kara drew herself up, grinning wickedly at Dana. "Let's make this a little more interesting."

James felt two new hands draw themselves around his chest, and something breathed into his ear. A naked body pushed itself against his back. He looked to the side. It was...Kara?

"Erolusus", the second Kara explained, kissing James's neck. "Sexual duplication. Two of me is better than one, no?" At his side, she took James's right hand and placed it between her legs. She was sopping wet, and moaned in delight as she began to hump his hand.

Dana had become nearly silent overhead, assaulted from the menage-a-trois in progress, her cries becoming a thin, tired moan as the dark pleasure assaulted his body. "Harder!" the first Kara insisted. James complied, using all of the power in his legs to fuck her.

The two Karas moaned dramatically as their orgasms approached. Cries of "yes!" and "more!" echoed in the cavern. James could feel his member throbbing, and began to thrust faster into the first Kara, inserting his fingers into the second to draw out their pleasure. James's veins pulsed as his orgasm came on, the Karas escalating into screams.

James could see Dana's body spasming violently, her limbs thrashing against the ropes. Her head lolled to the side, her pupils blank but aware of what was happening to her.

James suddenly felt blood rush from his head, and his knees buckled. This must be part of it, he thought. I must persevere.

When consciousness came to him, the two Karas were positioned over each other, their heads locked into the others' cunts. There was now a third Kara, positioned aside Dana's heaving body.

The third Kara drew her hand down Dana's back. James could not see what she was doing, but as Dana's head shot to attention he could imagine.

"What do you say, master?" Kara asked. "I think she understand the magnitude of what she has done."

Dana looked mutely at him, in total surrender. James gritted his teeth.

"No. She hasn't experienced what I experienced."

The third Kara raised an eyebrow and Dana's head drooped. The other two Karas unlocked themselves from their mutual pleasure and crawled sensually towards James.

With a grunt, James realized he was having some difficulty standing. He did not complain as two of the Karas drew his body into a lying position. His member still stood erect; whatever the substance that was poured onto him, it had prevented him from losing his erection.

The three Karas knelt over him. One took his cock into his hand and sucked once, then passing it to the Kara next to her. Their hands were drawn behind the Kara aside them, stimulating the cunt of the adjacent duplicate. They continued as this, looking approvingly as they shared the cock between them.

They then lifted themselves up. One of the Karas straddled his hips, drawing his cock into her, facing away from him. Another positioned herself over his leg, grinding her cunt into his quadricep, kissing and caressing the Kara impaled on his cock. The third Kara swung her legs over his face and pressed her cunt onto his mouth.

The three Karas giggled with glee. In rapid succession they orgasmed. They then switched places, a new Kara taking her place over James's face.

James began to feel woozy, and the body straddling him began to become blurry. The Kara on his cock began to violently push herself up and down on his cock, and he suddenly came. The force of his orgasm caused him to black out.

The dim of the cavern blurred back into existence, and he saw three naked shapes standing over him. "K...Kara?" he whispered.

His vision cleared slowly, and the blood rushed from his face. Standing over him were four duplicates of Dana, with small black horns protruding them their heads.

His eyes swung towards the front of the cave, where the ropes were undone. "What...what...?"

One of the Dana duplicates splayed her fingers in front of herself, cum webbing between them. One other took her hand into her mouth, sucking the liquid off. "He is so confused..." she said.

Another licked from another's shoulder to her ear, drawing a trail of cum into her mouth. "So easily convinced..."

Another knelt down at James, collecting a drop of pre-cum from his still-erect member.

"Unwilling to face the cold truths in front of him."

James attempted to lift himself, and pained himself at the effort. "I can't, I cant..."

"Move?" one of them answered mockingly. "No, you cannot. You have fallen into our web, so to speak."

"Trapped," another whispered. Her body shifted in shape to Kara and back to Dana's.

"Wh...why?" James demanded.

The kneeling Dana rolled her eyes and chuckled. "It should be painfully aware." She began to stroke his cock. "We will draw out your life energy, drop.."

She stroked harder. "By..."

A final stroke. "Drop." James grimaced as he came, his semen landing in thick jets on her face. The other Danas moaned approvingly as they felt his life energy enter them.

James felt his vision blur as one of them resumed straddling his cock. You fool, he thought. You stupid fool, you stupid...

"JAMES!" a voice shrieked at him.

James's eyes shot open. There was no one else in the room, aside from him and the presence of the eromancer fucking him.

James! the voice continued. It was inside his head, James realized. You can beat this! You know how!

I don't know, James answered back in his mind. I don't...I don't...

Why do you think she used Dana? the voice replied back. To weaken you! You have to let Dana stop doing this to you!

How...? James struggled internally. He was nearing another orgasm. Another of the Danas kissed him sensually, her tongue distracting him.

James, you know what you need to do. Why are you keeping Dana in your head?

James clenched his jaw, and shut his eyes, his mind spinning. Sparks and lines flew over his vision, and when he opened them, he was now somehow positioned over Dana, thrusting into her, her face contorted in shock.

Their surroundings began to shift. The cave became a sparse bedroom, and Dana's expression softened. She kissed him deeply, and drew his body further into hers. They came together, their bodies melting into each other.

Yes, James. These were the good times. What then?

The bedroom tore out of existence. He was now in a laboratory, with thick metal tables lining the sterile, white room. Bright, flourescent lights beamed from overhead.

James looked towards the imposing red door in front of him. He knew what he would find, and fear gripped him.

"I can't..."

You must, the voice insisted.

James produced a card from his pocket, and slid it through the slot aside the door. The door swung open, and James entered. A long, glass window was placed against one of the walls. A two way mirror.

On the other side was Dana. She was pressed against a table, kissing a man deeply. His face was blurred. James stood in place, transfixed in shock.

It seemed like hours passed. Dana sensually stripped off her clothing in a way she had never done for James. She touched the man in a way she had never touched James. And she fucked him in a way he had never seen.

Dana was on all fours, on a table, the man thrusting hard inside of her. The ground seemed to shake with each thrust.

You stood there and watched. Why, James?

Because...because I deserved it. I had pushed her away for months. Neglected her.

You did, James. But you did not deserve this.

I did, I did...

The thrusts continued. Dana began to moan loudly, and her echoes seemed to cause the entire room to vibrate. The man gave a final thrust, and pushed himself inside her.

And then fluid rushed into the room. Thick, glowing, green fluid.

What, what...?

James's eyes opened. Through the green blur, he could see he was naked, suspended immobile in a glass tube. With some effort he looked to the side. A woman, nude, blonde, in another tube.

I know where this is!

And then everything snapped and whirred, like an old CRT television shutting off.

James was back in the cave, sitting, panting. Sweat coated his body. His mind was still spinning, trying to process everything that had just happened.

"Welcome back, James," the voice said.

James lifted his head up. The blond woman he had seen stood over him, in a flowing white dress.

"Who... who..." James's eyes widened. "Claire?"

She grinned mischievously. "Glad you recognized me."

"What are you doing here? I don't...I don't..."

"James, I came in here to get you out. You and Amy." Her face became angry. "You were an idiot for letting Juzhi do this to you. A total idiot."

James frowned. "I... I'm so sorry." James remembered back to signing the contract in her lab. "Juzhi knew about Dana, she knew how to manipulate me into doing this."

Claire sighed. "She promised that you could fix the pain of Dana's loss. Instead you fell into an abyss of taking out sexual revenge on her."

James raised an eyebrow. "...how did you know? How were you able to overcome all this?"

Claire shook her head. "It wasn't easy. This place feeds on your weaknesses...while empowering you. I was nearly trapped myself."

"So what was your weakness?"

"My discomfort with my body. My fear of being...seen."

"And now?"

Claire grinned at him from one side. She hooked her thumbs into her dress and pulled down, revealing gold and silver chained across her body, outlining thin lace that hid her breasts. She wriggled her back and ass sensually as she pulled the fabric down to her legs.

James could feel blood rushing to his cock. "Claire!"

Claire rolled her eyes. "James, you just spent the last hour fucking not just me, but four of me."

Claire's body shifted to the naked form of Kara, and back.

"Wh...what? That was you? You did all that to me?" James remembered the episode with Kara and was becoming more erect.

Claire shook her head, and knelt down. "No. I'm still trying to figure this place out, but it seems like one person is mostly in charge of each 'simulation.' The others can influence what happens, to some extent, but what happened here was almost all you."

"But you knew how to shape the situation to pull my mind back to reality?"

Claire lay down next to James, resting her head on his chest. "A sorceress who used your ex-girlfriend as a sexual totem to suck your life energy? Yeah, I figured it was kind of on point."

Claire began idly running her fingers over his cock, almost as by routine. "We have to save Amy, too."


"No more talk," Claire decided. "Stand up."

James pushed himself up. Claire kneeled on all fours in front of him. She tossed her hair back, and the fabric fell off of her breasts and cunt. "That was a lot of work. Now I get my reward."

James blinked and another duplicate of himself was positioned behind her. Before he knew what was happening, Claire pushed her cunt onto the second James's cock, and at the same time took the first cock into her mouth.

James's eyes widened as he was simultaneously being sucked while fucking. Claire looked up at him, watching his eyes intently. As he came on both ends of her, she withdrew her mouth and let the cum wash over her face and body.

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