tagIncest/TabooDigital Spy Ch. 01

Digital Spy Ch. 01


I guess it all started when I got headhunted from my job as an electronics engineer, working for a firm in Birmingham. Now, I don't really care for Birmingham - though it has more lap dancing clubs per head of population than anywhere else in Britain! - but it was a good job, big salary, plenty of bonuses, flash car and all the office juniors I could fuck. Well, the latter part wasn't quite in my contract, but I'm an OK-looking guy and keep in shape, and being single I had plenty of cash to throw around. Oh, and there's the small matter of being a surveillance expert. Once I found a girl I liked it was a straightforward job to put undetectable wireless mics and cameras around her computer and in her car, and pretty soon I had a good idea of what kind of things she was into. Girls always talk to each other about what they like in bed, especially if they aren't being satisfied.

So if a hot young temp said she fancied some hunky bit of rough I wouldn't shave for a few days and make sure she saw me carrying some heavy bit of equipment on one shoulder, and pretty soon I'd be back at her place with her bent over the back of the couch and my cock in her ass. I'd also take the opportunity to secrete a few more cameras and mics around her home so I could enjoy her solo antics or with other guys. I run a pretty popular (and lucrative) website of the footage I get - the service provider's in Scandinavia, where the law doesn't look so sternly on voyeur porn.

That's where I sell my DVDs from too. My best seller is of a little slut called Sarah. The same day I'd put micro-cams all over her car (including the zooming, panning ones that, if I do say so myself, are a work of genius), I caught her in a pub car park being fucked senseless by eight guys. Luckily I was online monitoring the feed when it happened, so I got some killer shots of her pinned to the back seat with a cock in her ass and some guy's fist in her cunt. I'd also placed bugs on the outside of the car, and managed to get angles that were almost as good as if there'd been a camera crew there. When the guys shoved her over the bonnet and paired off to double-penetrate her asshole, I couldn't believe my luck. After they'd come all over her they took turns to piss in her mouth, and that's when I shot my load over the screen. After that she must have limited her activities to the bedroom, and since I never went home with her I didn't get to film the action. She left the company soon afterwards - I hear she's a big-time porn starlet in Germany these days.

Anyway, like I said I was headhunted, by a government agency as it turned out (I'd better not say which one, for obvious reasons). It seemed that they were already using some of the surveillance technology my company sold, and when they found out I'd designed all of it they offered me a job on the spot - five times the pay, any car I liked, penthouse pad in London's exclusive Docklands - score! They wanted me to start quickly, and there was just one problem; my apartment was being remodelled and wouldn't be ready for a while. Rather than put me in some overpriced hotel they asked if I'd mind staying with another member of their staff for a couple of weeks. Hey, I'd just hit a new tax bracket, like I gave a crap. So I put most of my stuff in storage, traded in my Skyline R34 for a silver Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, and burned rubber down the M1 to London.

I'd decided to travel down Friday night so I had the weekend to settle in. I quickly found my lodgings; an expensive-looking end-of-terrace townhouse in South Kensington. It was about 7.30 when I arrived and the late September evening was starting to draw in as I rang the doorbell. I hadn't given too much thought to my host, what with the job offer and movie happening so quickly, so I was in for a pleasant surprise. All I knew was her name, Julia, and that she ran the agency's payroll department (hey, even spies need paycheques). But when she opened the door I forgot to breathe for a second, because here was a vision.

I guessed she was mid-forties (I later found out I was correct), in really good shape without being a health nazi, and she had curves in all the right places - my extracurricular business means I have a pretty good eye for measurements, and I figured she was about 36-25-37. Her face was slightly angular, with large, liquid grey eyes and a slightly pointed nose. Her skin was tanned but not leathery - she didn't look like she lived on a sunbed like some middle-aged women - and she had a beautiful shock of auburn hair without a trace of grey. I guessed she probably paid a premium to her colourist, but it was worth every penny. She was still dressed for work, in a pair of slightly high-heeled pumps, a dark blue skirt that fell to just below mid-calf, and a cream silk blouse. The latter was stretched tightly over a bust that looked to be about an E-cup, and a couple of buttons were undone to reveal a tempting bit of cleavage. Her jewellery was expensive but discreet, very businesslike, and perched on her nose was a pair of small, oblong-framed glasses. No wedding ring, I observed - not that that normally stopped me!

Now, that might not sound like much of an outfit to some guys, but I love women in business attire, especially with glasses. My cock twitched, and I realised I was staring. "Um, sorry," I stuttered. "You must be... Julia?"

She smiled nervously, I hoped because she'd been as impressed by what she'd seen as I was. "Yes, and you're Dan?"

"Guilty," I grinned, getting myself under control. "Is there somewhere I can park?" I shamelessly pointed a thumb over my shoulder at the Lambo.

"Wow," she said, almost to herself. Then out loud, "Yes, my garage is just around there..."

Typical London, the garage was around a corner and up a side-street, but I wasn't too bothered. I suggested she show me, and she seemed to like the idea. I opened the gullwing door and she slid into the seat. One of the fantastic things about a Lambo is, because the doors open upwards and the seats are so low to the ground, a girl can't sit down in a skirt without flashing her thighs at you. As I helped Julia into the car (always a gentleman, at least that's what I pretend) her skirt rode up and I caught a glimpse of what looked like the top of a stocking, or at least a hold-up. I almost ran around to the driver's side, eager to fire up the engine - I was hoping that Julia was the sort of woman who liked a fast car, and there are maybe three production cars in the world faster than a Murcielago.

I cranked the ignition and the engine roared. I don't know if you've ever heard a Lamborghini V12, but it sounds like a dragon being sucked through a jet engine. It's loud, and it's glorious. Lambos come with hi-fi systems but they're hardly ever used, because the engine noise is a symphony in itself. I glanced over at Julia and noticed that two very hard nipples were now straining against her blouse. Jackpot! "Cool!" she yelled over the racket coming from just behind us. Even in the short time it took us to get to the garage (and believe me, in this car you hardly needed to touch the gas pedal and you were there), I could tell Julia was getting pretty turned on. I pulled the car in next to her merlot-coloured BMW Z4, congratulating myself on guessing she liked a fast car.

It was a short stroll back to the house, and so we chatted a little. I asked her if she lived alone and she told me her daughter shared the house, but this weekend had gone to stay with her father - a divorcee, it seemed. I spun the usual bullshit; "A daughter? Go on! You don't look old enough!" She laughingly told me I was full of it but I could tell she was pleased. She let us in to the house and suggested we eat. I was famished, and readily agreed. She had a huge pan of pasta sauce simmering and in no time she'd dished it up with cochiglie and focaccia. She asked me to pick some wine and I noticed she had a pretty good rack - yes, OK, terrible joke. But her selection was quite decent and I pulled out a pinot noir.

We chatted amiably through the delicious meal, and I learned quite a bit about her. She'd married young and her husband had become a successful merchant banker, but they had divorced when she discovered he'd been keeping a mistress. It wasn't him sleeping with someone else that had angered her, Julia admitted, it was when she discovered he'd been paying to keep his bit on the side in an expensive Covent Garden flat with a flash car and platinum credit card. "It was just as well," she told me bitterly, "that's where he lives now." She'd got this large five-storey townhouse, as well as school fees for her daughter, and with some satisfaction she added, "that's the little slut's Beamer in the garage!"

After eating we opened another bottle and went up to the first floor living room to talk some more. Julia was curious why I wasn't attached, given that a guy at my age (I'd revealed I was 35) with my level of success would supposedly be 'in demand' as she put it. "I guess I like the single life," I said, thinking to myself that not many women would understand my voyeuristic sideline. I asked her if she was planning to marry again, and she shrugged.

"I doubt it. Not for a while, anyway. After that two-timing shitbag it's nice not to have to worry about being messed around."

I decided to go for the New Man of the Year award. "It must be difficult sometimes," I said in my most sincere, sensitive voice.

"Sometimes," she admitted. "This house is too big for just me and Alessandra" - her daughter - "but it's close to her school," a wicked smile crossed her face as she said "and it really pisses of the shitbag!" She reached over from her end of the couch and patted my leg, saying rather too pointedly, "it'll be nice to have some company." I noticed she was licking her lips a lot and absently running her fingers up the stem of her wine glass. I guess I'm bragging but it would have been easy enough to charm my way into her bed right there and then, but I had other things in mind.

Not long after, she said she was tired and was going to turn in. First she suggested that she give me a quick tour of the house and show me to my room. I picked up my overnight bag and laptop case (which is pretty much all the luggage you'll fit in a Lambo) and followed her. The house was on the end of an Edwardian terrace that backed on to the large, well-kept spaces of Brompton Cemetery. It was vaguely rectangular, with the front slightly wider than the back. The front door opened straight into the lounge, with a shower room and small study/office behind it. One flight down, below street level, was the dining room and kitchen with walled courtyards at either end. The first floor held two bedrooms, the rear one of which opened onto a small terrace with lawn chairs and a view of the cemetery gardens. The second floor contained only the large master bedroom and its en-suite bathroom (Julia kind of rushed us through that one, though I did have time to see a king-size bed and a large round whirlpool bath). The top floor had Alessandra's room, a small bedroom with a multi-gym and treadmill in it, and the master bathroom. That, I thought to myself, might come in handy.

Julia left me to unpack what few things I had and went down to the study to check her email before bed. Once I was sure she'd gone I opened my laptop case and pulled out my little box of tricks. I tiptoed up one floor to Julia's room and listened to the distant sound of a computer keyboard. Normally I wouldn't dream of doing a bugging job in someone's room while they were in the house, but I had a feeling that Julia was wound up enough from the car ride and the flirting to provide some entertainment tonight. I told myself that if I got caught I'd say I'd forgotten which floor the bathroom was on and hoped she wouldn't mind me using hers. I wasn't sure she'd buy it, but I got the impression she was horny enough that she might be glad to find me sneaking into her room.

Anyway, it only took me a few minutes to place the cameras and mics - some of my latest kit, impossible to find unless I wanted someone to. I did the bathroom too for good measure, and then slipped back to my room. Not a moment too soon; as I closed the door Julia was coming up the stairs. I fired up my wifi laptop, opened all the feeds from the bedroom, and waited. She slipped into her room and turned on a bedside lamp, plenty of light for my cameras - they can work in starlight if required. I waited for her to get undressed or at least remove her glasses, but to my surprise she didn't. Instead she lay on her back fully-clothed (even down to the heels) and slowly pulled up her skirt. I'd placed a camera looking down on the bed from the bottom, and I quickly zoomed in. She lifted the skirt to reveal the tops of her seamed nylon stockings, a simple black lace garter belt and - whoa! - no panties.

Apart from a thin, dark band of hair about an inch long, her pussy was completely shaven. It was also pretty damn wet, if the moisture coating the tops of her thighs was anything to go by. She pulled open her lips and quickly found her clit, rubbing it with one scarlet-nailed finger. I could hear her moaning something quietly, and turned up the gain on the nearest mic. "Oh... Dan... I want you to fuck me... Come and fuck me..." for a second I wondered if she'd seen me planting the cameras, but then I realised she was just lost in her own fantasy world. "Oh, that's it darling, lick my clit. Make me come..." Her hand was rubbing faster and faster, until suddenly she came. "oh... DAN!" she shrieked as she climaxed - I quickly dialled down the gain as the mic distorted. Julia also looked shocked at the volume of her cry, and glanced around nervously. I think she was worried I'd heard her, bugs or no bugs.

After a few minutes she seemed satisfied that the house was still quiet, so she stood and began undressing. She quickly lost the skirt and undid her blouse, revealing a stunning pair of natural breasts. As her black lace bra came off I made sure that I got a good close-up of her beautiful boobs. They were full and soft but with very little hint of middle-aged sag, and her 2-inch dark areolas were topped with rock-hard nipples the size of my fingertip. Clad in just her stockings, garters, heels and glasses she leaned over to rummage in her dresser drawer - I made sure I got some fine butt shots as she did. Bending forward, she reached back and almost casually slipped a finger gently into her asshole. I could hear her muttering again; "we don't want anyone to hear us, do we Dan? You'd better shut your dirty little whore up, hadn't you?" With that she pulled a ball-gag from the drawer and set about putting it on.

I have to admit that I was pretty stunned. I mean, I could tell she was horny and probably frustrated, but I hadn't realised how kinky she was. It stood to reason I suppose; she must have masturbated with her daughter upstairs and wouldn't want to be overheard. Back on the screen, Julia was lying down on her side, feeding a thick, pink vibrator into her butt. She slowly began to slide it in and out, moaning through the ball gag. With her free hand she began to twist and pull at her nipples, making them stand out even more. I noted approvingly that she obviously liked a bit of rough treatment, something I would be delighted to provide at a later date. For now though, I was happy just to enjoy the show.

And what a show! Julia had slipped three fingers of one hand into her pussy while the other pumped the vibrator into her ass with increasing force. Even through the gag she was moaning noisily. But before long it became obvious that this wasn't getting her off the way she wanted. Frowning, she stood and, still slowly stroking the vibe in and out, went into the bathroom. I switched over the feeds as she entered and began filling the corner bath. She quickly slipped off her stockings and garters and sat on the edge of the bath, pinching her nipples as she fucked her ass with the vibrator. When she estimated the bath was full enough, she reached into a cabinet and pulled out a huge dildo. It was sculpted like a cock, but about the length of my forearm and at least two inches in diameter. At the root was a large suction cup, which Julia fixed to the side of the bath. For one horrible moment I thought she'd placed it over a camera, but I was in luck: not only had she missed it, she'd stuck the huge dildo right above it. I was going to get some incredible footage of Julia fucking herself.

She slipped into the bath and turned on the whirlpool, but even with the swirling currents I was still getting some great underwater shots of her glorious body - I thanked my stars she hadn't used bubbles. The water half covered the giant cock, so as she got on all fours and began to slide it into her cunt her magnificent tits bobbed under the surface, jiggled by the churning flow. I'd placed one camera on the bottom so I had a perfect view of her body as she impaled herself - yes, my cameras are invisible and waterproof, like I said I'm a genius. Anyway, somehow Julia got to within about three inches of the base of the rubber cock, her teeth gritted around the ball gag with the effort. I expected her to start fucking it, but she stayed where she was, just gyrating around it very slightly. I realised that she'd positioned the dildo so that one of the whirlpool jets was obviously blasting hot water directly onto her clit, and that was doing the work for her. Her moans began to increase in volume again as she reached back and pushed the vibrator into her tightly puckered anus. Even with the ball gag its buzzing and the noise of the water were drowned out by her cries.

As I was checking to make sure I was getting plenty of above-water footage of her face and perfect ass I found myself really hoping that she came: not because it would look awesome or it would turn me on - though it would, in both cases - but because I decided I really liked Julia. I was sorely tempted to go up to her room right now, get in the bath with her and give her the real fucking she was obviously craving, but on the other hand I was enjoying the show too much.

In the bath, Julia was nearing the edge. Her hand was frantically stabbing the vibrator into her asshole, while she'd begun pumping back on the dildo, only about an inch or so in either direction but with quite a bit of force. The water was sloshing over the edge of the bath and her gorgeous orbs were bouncing around like crazy. Suddenly she went rigid and screamed through the ball gag. She thrust back on the dildo, somehow taking in its whole length, and the vibrator almost disappeared into her ass. She stayed like that for a few seconds, gasping, then collapsed into the water.

For a moment I was worried, thinking she'd drown, but she surfaced, sliding off the dildo and turning off the whirlpool with a shaking hand. She retrieved her glasses from where they'd fallen into the water, and placed them on the side of the bath with the dildo. Finally she undid the ball gag, working her jaw up and down for a moment to loosen the muscles, then she relaxed back into the water with a contented sigh. There was a mic hidden in the tap next to her head, so I clearly heard her whisper, "thanks, Dan."

I already knew that a performance like that would make a top selling multi-angle DVD, but for some reason I decided I'd keep the footage to myself for now. Instead I checked some of the feeds to my secure server - I can't watch all of my cameras all of the time, so I set them to transmit automatically when I'm not online. The only interesting stuff was a young Arabic girl, Samira, who I'd taken out a few times in Birmingham. She still lived with her parents, so the one time she'd allowed me back there while everyone was out, I'd seized my chance and bugged the place. I hadn't seen anything much from her - she'd masturbated once, under the bedcovers so I couldn't see anything - but tonight was different. She was lying face-down on the floor with her hands tied behind her as three guys took it in turns to fuck her mouth, ass and pussy. I enlarged one of the pictures and realised that the guys were three of her five brothers!

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