tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDigital Spy Ch. 02

Digital Spy Ch. 02


I awoke on Saturday to find unseasonable sunshine streaming through the curtains. Getting up I checked the camera feeds from above Julia's bed, where she had collapsed after her display. She was still curled up asleep, so I inspected the rest of my feeds. Samira had had a rough night; after her brothers had gone a guy I knew to be her father and a couple of other older men I assumed were friends or uncles had taken over, taking it in turns to fuck her and beat her tits and ass with belts.

My normal reaction would be to feel bad about this, but I couldn't very well go to the police without incriminating myself. It's not like I was the one doing the abusing either, so I'd upload to the website and be damned. But today I felt unusually bad, and wondered why as I ran the night's footage though some fast editing software I'd designed. When I was satisfied with the selections I hesitated for a moment, then decided "screw it" and hit the upload button. I also saved a hi-res version to DVD, and put it in a courier envelope to send to the discreet disc authoring place in Denmark.

I checked the cameras again and Julia was still fast asleep. I spent a few minutes just watching her lie there and it dawned on me: I, Daniel Wright, chauvinistic bastard of the first order, was getting attached to a woman. And not some hot young thing either, but a woman at least 5 years my senior with a failed marriage and a teenage daughter - the very definition of baggage. And I quickly realised that the reason I felt bad about Samira was because it bothered me what Julia might think. Well, I wasn't having any of that, I decided. Nobody was going to get under MY skin, especially not some posh MILF from South Ken.

While Julia slept I crept around the house, installing bugs everywhere - I forced my noisy conscience to shut the Hell up by determinedly taking particular care of camera placement in Allesandra's bedroom. Then I went back to my laptop, edited Julia's footage into a multi-angle video file, and uploaded it. I was absolutely determined not to feel guilty about it. My work done, I strolled downstairs rather more noisily and made a show of preparing breakfast. Soon I'd thrown together a terrific omelette, toast, filter coffee and OJ. I'd 'accidentally' disturbed Julia, who came downstairs wearing a fluffy bathrobe, a smile and not much else. "Good morning," she yawned. Looking over the breakfast spread she grinned. "OK, you can stay!"

It was warm outside so Julia suggested we sit out on the roof terrace to eat. We looked out over the gardens and chatted some more, Julia asking me what I was planning to do for the day. "I thought I might hit Oxford Street. Apart from the change of clothes I brought I need, well, everything!" I laughed. It was easy to laugh around Julia. "It's about time I had a new wardrobe anyway. Fancy coming along?"

"Who, me? You don't need me following you around and trying on every pair of shoes I see." She was right about that, but I was still doing my new man act and, though I hated myself for it, I didn't want to be away from her for too long.

"I need your advice on clothes," I lied, "otherwise I'll end up looking like a tramp. Anyway, you obviously know what looks good." I actually meant the last part, and she unconsciously preened at the compliment. Plus I dangled the additional carrot of my new Company Platinum Amex card, all at the taxpayer's expense of course. Her eyes widened, and she asked me why our employer was so desperate to keep me sweet. I shrugged. "There are maybe four people in the world who can do what I do. One of them's in Russia, one's in China and I think the American guy is in a sanatorium these days. The Company don't want me working for anyone else, so it's in their interest to beat any offer from the private sector."

She gave me a wicked look. "They could just have you shot."

I laughed. "I guess they could, but then I couldn't build my little toys for them, could I?" I was deliberately noncommittal about the sort of equipment I designed.

"Payroll managers are much easier to replace," she mock-sighed.

"Oh, I'm SURE you're irreplaceable," I sad, wearing my biggest shit-eating grin. She threw a cushion at me.


Late afternoon found us in Axis, a pleasant subterranean restaurant under One Aldwych, examining our purchases. I'd been measured for several suits and shirts, with Julia helping to select the fabrics and patterns. She actually had a great eye for clothes and had been really helpful. I noted with some smugness that I was going to look like one suave motherfucker. She'd also advised me in buying some off-the-peg casual stuff, a little trendier in style than I'd normally wear but I had to admit that her selections looked great. She'd gone for shirts that were a little tight on me, showing off my physique, though I pretended not to notice. She'd also looked at some sexy outfits for herself, loudly dismissing them as "too young" for her but obviously elated when I insisted she let me buy them. I'd also paid for some extremely foxy lingerie she'd been eyeing up, which brought a delighted blush to her cheeks and cleavage.

I watched her looking in one of the lingerie boutique bags, trying to see the contents without pulling them out in front of the whole restaurant. She needn't have worried, since I'd specifically asked for a booth set back and on a slightly higher level than the main dining area - and what the Platinum Amex wants, the Platinum Amex gets. She'd put her hair back loosely in a large tortoiseshell clip, but a curl had escaped and hung over her face as she rummaged furtively in the bag. Her glasses had slipped down her nose a little and the dark red shade of her lipstick was driving me crazy. She was wearing a light charcoal coloured dress that buttoned from just below her cleavage (she'd left a couple undone, for my benefit I was sure) to the hem about mid-thigh. Her heels were fairly high, about 3 inches, and she looked stunning. We'd had a good bottle of sauvignon blanc before our starters had arrived and Julia's flirting, which had been going on throughout the shopping trip, had been steadily increasing. I decided it was time for a little fun.

"Show me what's in the bag," I hissed in a loud stage whisper.

"Not here!" she shot back, similarly soft voiced.

"Oh, go on. I know you didn't buy those for your own benefit, so whose?" I put on a mock-injured expression. "Who is he? Tell me, and I shall have him killed. Unless it's a she, in which case, can I watch?"

I know, my spiel was terrible, but Julia seemed to think it was hysterical. "Later," she muttered, smiling mischievously.

I decided to push my luck a little. "No," I said, my eyes fixed on hers. "Go into the ladies' and change into whatever's in that bag. Right now." I could tell she was shocked, maybe even a little scared, but she stood, took the bag, and headed for the toilets. I made a pretence of brushing crumbs off my shirt to deposit a couple of cameras, ones I'd preset to automatically lock on to moving objects. I checked the mics on my clothes were in place too as Julia, looking nervous but as sexy as hell, returned to the table.

As she sat, I could already see one change; her plain hose had been replaced by a pair of seamed fishnet stockings. She'd also left an extra button undone on her dress, revealing more mouth-watering cleavage. My cock was straining in my trousers as she leaned forward and fixed me with a serious stare. "OK, now what?" she asked quietly.

I didn't say anything as a waitress brought over our main courses. As she left, I said clearly, "Show me." She paused for a moment, then began to unbutton her dress. Once it was completely undone she stopped, and for a moment I thought she was going to tell me to shove it. Then she stood and slipped the dress from her shoulders.

"What do you think?" she asked me coyly. Unfortunately I was lost for words. Julia was wearing a thin bra top, almost a bikini, in black lace embroidered with blue flowers. It was see-through and her large areola were clearly visible, accentuated no end by her bullet-hard nipples. The bra had a matching thong with integral suspender straps, attached to her fishnet stockings. Completing the effect was a simple platinum belly chain.

Eventually I managed to stammer, "a-awesome..."

Julia sat and nonchalantly began to eat. I was painfully aware that she'd seized the upper hand, and I was determined to get it back. We slipped back into our discussion as if nothing were out of the ordinary, only the flush on Julia's chest and those rigid nipples betraying her state of arousal. The enormous tent pole in my trousers did the same for me. As we talked, laughed and ate I suddenly dropped into the conversation, "take the bra off, squeeze your nipples while you eat." I think because of the normal tone of my voice it took a second to register what I'd said, but without missing a beat she reached up and undid the two knots holding her bra top on. She slipped it back into one of her bags and then carried on talking about some book she'd read as she roughly pulled and pinched her nipples.

I couldn't believe how composed she was as she sat there almost naked in a posh London restaurant, playing with her tits as we ate dinner. As Julia swallowed the last mouthful, she slid around in the booth a little to give me a better view, pulled her thong to one side, and began to rub her clit. I was so taken aback that I was still sitting there, mouth hanging open, when the waitress came to clear our table. I thought she'd had a heart attack when she saw Julia masturbating and, it has to be said, moaning quite loudly. Suddenly we were attracting a lot of attention as Julia rubbed herself to a screaming orgasm. I hurriedly threw some cash on the table and muttered something about skipping dessert, and grabbed our bags from the floor. Julia on the other hand readjusted her thong, picked up her dress and said to the assembled waiters (there were now several of them, all furious), "thank you. That was delicious." With that she walked through the restaurant, hips swinging like a hooker, naked except for her heels, stockings, thong and glasses. I hurried along behind her, eyes fixed on that magnificent ass as she climbed the stairs to the street.

I'd parked the Lambo on a meter about 50 yards up the road, but Julia didn't even slow down. She just kept walking, winking and blowing kisses at the guys who stopped mouths agape as she passed. As we reached the car I lifted the gullwing door, expecting her to jump right in. Instead she stopped and very deliberately unhooked her suspenders, then arching her back like a stripper pushed the thong down her legs. She stepped out of it and shoved it in my trouser pocket, giving my throbbing cock a playful squeeze in the process. Then she sat gracefully down in the racing seat, making sure she gave me a lingering view of her spread thighs and splayed cunt lips in the process.

It's fair to say that I broke every speed limit in London on the way back to her house. I began to wonder what I'd unleashed, as every time we pulled up to traffic lights Julia would look over at whoever was in the adjacent car, give them a beatific smile and shove three fingers in her pussy. The roofless Murcielago sits so low to the road that all of them had an unobstructed view of the wanton slut sitting next to me.

We never made it to the house. As soon as the garage door came down I'd almost leapt over the bonnet, yanked Julia out of the car by her hair and shoved her down on her knees against the side of her BMW. I grabbed a double handful of hair and thrust my cock down her throat. She gagged and tried to push me off, but I was too far gone to stop now. I throat-fucked her mercilessly, calling her every obscene name under the sun. I knew I wouldn't last long so I drove harder and faster into her mouth until my cock exploded in a shower of sperm. Julia tried to swallow but there was just too much; I felt like I was coming a river. My semen spilled from her mouth over her chin and breasts, and as my cock slipped from her mouth I sprayed the last few spurts over her face, glasses and hair.

But I wasn't done yet. My cock felt like it was made of concrete - I don't think I'd ever been so turned on. I reached down and grabbed her nipples, yanking her to her feet. She screamed with pain and arousal, which only made me harder. I spun her around, twisting one arm up behind her back, and slammed her over the BMW's bonnet. I leaned forward and snarled in her ear, "you've got this coming to you, you cockteasing bitch!" With that I pushed my dick into her dripping snatch.

I was like a man possessed. I hammered into her harder than I've ever fucked any woman, harder than I thought possible. Julia's cries were incoherent and reverberated around the garage. Before long I could feel another orgasm building, but I didn't want to come in Julia's cunt. I pushed her onto her back on the cold floor and positioned my tool at the entrance to her anus. Julia seemed to like the idea, pulling her thighs up to either side of her tits and grabbing her ankles with both hands. I crammed my dick into her tight ass and began to pound it as if I wanted to push her through the garage floor. I looked down at Julia, hair dishevelled and her face coated with my come, and thought I'd never seen a woman look so perfect. Her breath was coming in short gasps and I knew she was close to orgasm. Her bouncing tits looked so good that I reached down and twisted her nipples viciously, then gave her breasts several brutal slaps each. She screamed and writhed under me, crying and babbling that she was my dirty whore and to treat her like a slut and a bitch. I could see she was on the edge of a huge orgasm, and I have no idea possessed me; I looked her straight in the eyes and spat in her face.

Julia went off like a rocket. I swear the metal garage door was vibrating, such was the volume of her orgasmic shriek. She clenched her ass so tightly that my cock was forced out and my come splattered over her puckered hole and pussy. Her back arched so high she almost bent in half, then after about ten seconds, she collapsed onto the floor. She looked up at me with one of the most serene expressions I've ever seen, slowly scooping the come and saliva from her face and into her mouth with one finger. "Thank you," she purred between mouthfuls, "I needed that."

The only semi-coherent thought I could gather was, holy shit. I hope the cameras got all that.

To be continued...

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