tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDigital Spy Ch. 03

Digital Spy Ch. 03


Sunday morning was slipping into afternoon when I awoke in Julia's room. I looked at the ceiling for a few moments until my brain caught up with the rest of me, and memories of the previous 24 hours came flooding back. But for the fact that I was in Julia's bed and ached in places I didn't even know I had, the events of Saturday seemed almost unreal. Had I really made Julia strip in the middle of a high-class restaurant? Had we actually fucked like savages in the garage? Had she then genuinely taken the five-minute walk back around to her front door naked apart from stockings, heels and glasses, my come still drying on her face and tits? We didn't bump into any neighbours, but I wondered if some of them had been watching from indoors. I was a bit worried that they might make life difficult for her if they were prudish, which I knew was an odd reaction for somebody who runs a voyeuristic porn website, but still; I didn't want to see her hurt.

After running into the house laughing like a schoolgirl, she'd filled a deep bath and we'd settled back into the scented water. Julia's soft skin against mine, and the memory that only the night before she'd been impaled on a giant dildo in this very tub, left me with another raging hard-on. Julia stroked it softly and we kissed for the first time, our gentleness in sharp contrast to the violent fucking I'd just subjected her to. She kissed down my chest to my nipples, swirling her tongue around them in turn and nipping at them deliciously with her teeth. Then she slid her head under the water and enveloped my erection in her mouth.

As she bobbed up and down under the surface I felt like a rock star. Seriously, Julia would make a great free diver; it seemed like hours before she came up for a quick breath, then disappeared under again. In reality it can't have been more than a minute, but it was enough to bring me to the edge of orgasm once again. I gently pulled Julia from beneath the water, wanting to put it off for a while. "I hope that looked good," she whispered in my ear. At the time I didn't think anything of it, though on reflection perhaps I should have.

As we gently towelled each other off I noticed some bruising on Julia's shoulders where I had pushed her onto the garage floor. I opened my mouth to apologise but she silenced me with a finger on my lips. "Don't," she said, "I didn't do anything I didn't want to." She led me into her bedroom, grabbed the edge of her quilt and hauled it onto the floor. Again, I thought nothing of it at the time as she lay back and pulled me on top of her. Quite out of character I reached for the light, a symbolic gesture really given the low-illumination ability of my cameras, but she caught my hand in mid-air and guided it to her breast. "Before, in the garage, you fucked me," she breathed into my mouth. "Now I want you to love me."

Our second time was everything the first was not. I slid into her gently and she gave a contented sigh, running her nails gently up and down my spine as I slowly moved in and out. Her tongue sought out mine and I reached under her shoulders to bury my hands in her damp hair. We stayed this way for what felt like days; at some point Julia rolled on top with my cock still enveloped in her pussy, and I reached up to caress her spectacular breasts as she rode me. She ran one hand down her stomach and began to rub her clitoris as she rocked back and forth. We were still like that when I came, her internal muscles expertly manipulating me, and a moment later she joined me. Some time after that I fell asleep, though a more accurate term would be passed out.

Returning from my reminiscing haze I looked around the room. There was no sign of Julia, so I sipped upstairs to my laptop. Checking my server revealed that the footage from yesterday was better than I had possibly imagined. The shots from my clothing cameras were a little shaky, like a handheld movie, but that just added to the raw, illicit feel of the footage. It was all there; Julia's strip, the walk to the car, the drive home (the Lambo had cameras of its own, naturally) and the frenzied garage fuck. The latter was given an added edge because it was all from my point of view; to anyone watching the video it would be as if they were fucking Julia. I'd even captured the rushed, furtive walk home.

I decided I'd check the rest of the feeds later; for now I wanted to find Julia. I flicked through the downstairs rooms until I found her, sitting at the PC in her office. Did I say sitting? That doesn't really do the scene justice. Julia was half-lying in her office chair, heels resting on the desk either side of the machine. All she was wearing was a pair of calf-length stiletto-heeled boots made of sparkling purple plastic. She had teased her hair into a huge American porn star-style bouffant, and had sprayed it with some kind of glitter. The sparkle theme extended to her skin, which was coated with glittery body lotion, and she'd discarded her glasses in favour of deep lilac coloured contact lenses with matching metallic-flecked eyeshadow. Her lips shone with a twinkling gloss that matched her boots, and it took me a moment to notice that she'd applied the same to her nipples. What distracted me was that she had her right hand buried up to the wrist in her pussy, and three fingers of her left hand were pistoning into her ass. She was utterly captivated by whatever was on the screen in front of her.

Intrigued, I used one camera to zoom in on the screen. It was partially obscured by Julia's hair but I could make out a very familiar logo. How familiar? I'd designed it. Julia was logged into the members' area of my website. With shaking hands I accessed the site and checked the users who were online. In a second I'd identified Julia's connection; she'd been a member for seven months and her username was 'Spywhore.' I pulled up the video that Julia was watching right then and my heart almost stopped. She was fisting herself to the incestuous rape of Samira. I flicked back to the live camera to see Julia biting her glossy lip and whimpering as she neared her orgasm. As Samira was doused with the second shower of her family's semen onscreen, Julia came. She made no attempt to hide it and I didn't need bugs to hear her scream - it was deafening from one floor down.

I quickly checked the logs of what files 'Spywhore' had accessed and there it was; yesterday as I showered before going shopping she had logged on and seen the video of herself in the bathtub, rubber sex toys in every orifice. I was totally, utterly and shatteringly busted. My head was swimming. She hadn't said anything, had she? And she'd played along perfectly, better than I could possibly have planned. If she was planning to kill me or call the police surely she'd have done so, at least before knowingly providing recorded evidence of her enjoying a very illegal video.

I was so wrapped up in the information on the screen that I didn't hear Julia walking up the stairs and into the room behind me. In fact I didn't realise she was there until she grabbed my chair and spun it to face her. "No!" I yelled, before recovering myself and trying to stammer out some explanation - anything to stop her from hating me. She shut me up by sliding the fingers of her sodden right hand into my mouth.

"I have one condition. Just one," she said in a maddeningly calm voice. "I'll be your star. You can fuck me in public, make me act like a whore in front of my friends, you can tie me up and do whatever you want to me. If you want me to fuck other guys I'll do it, as many as you like. I'll be your willing slut or I'll fight like hell and you and all your friends can rape me. I'll help you spy on other women too if you like; I can hide your bugs in fitting rooms, the showers at the gym, in my friends' houses, you name it and I'll do it. I'll be with other women for you, I'll even pick them up for you to fuck, if that's what you want. You can worship me like a princess and piss on me like a bitch. I'll let you spy on my daughter, I might even let you fuck her. But this is what I want in return."

She lifted one perfect leg up and rested her foot on the back of my chair, thrusting her pussy lewdly towards my face. "I want my own section of the site, with all of my movies. I want Spywhore to be your pin-up, your goddess. I want my own range of DVDs, and I get half of everything you make online. Do we have an agreement?"

I nodded. Every listening device in the room recorded me saying, "Yes. My God, Julia. Yes!" I buried my face in her pussy and she sighed like somebody had dipped her in warm chocolate. Hmm, chocolate, now there was an idea...


After I had brought Julia to another shattering climax, she suggested we talk. My room was the one that led to the roof terrace, so Julia simply stepped outside naked. It was another warm day but there was a light September breeze, making her nipples crinkle and harden in a way that made it hard to concentrate. Julia took a deep breath and started talking.

She had met Giles, her ex-husband, when they were studying for financial qualifications at the same college. Both were from well-off families and had become friendly. A relationship blossomed, and after qualifying they had married. Giles had never seemed as adventurous as her in the bedroom, but she had hoped to introduce him to more entertaining forms of sex as their marriage developed. Giles had other ideas however. He quickly got her pregnant, and after the birth of their daughter he had largely lost interest in sex, or so Julia thought. He appeared content to have a cushy job at his father's firm and a doting wife and daughter, the perfect little middle-England family. Julia, determined to make the most of her lot, had suppressed her desires as best she could and got on with being as good a wife and mother as possible. So she was shattered to find out that he had been involved in a series of torrid affairs since even before their wedding.

Giles had actually been two-timing his live-in mistress with a junior clerk at his firm. Angry at being dismissed, the girl had forwarded several of the obscene text messages and emails Giles had sent her to Julia. Giles' indiscretions caught up with him pretty quickly after that; Julia's lawyer, an old family friend who was also a QC, went to town in court, painting Giles as the ultimate philandering bastard while she, the dutiful wife, carefully balanced her career with her family life and made every sacrifice for the good of her child. Giles got away with the mistress' flat and his Bentley Julia was awarded everything else.

Without her cheating husband Julia realised she had been denying certain parts of herself for nothing, and vowed never to do so again. However she wasn't about to run out and sleep with anything in trousers. The Internet provided a useful outlet, revealing a myriad of fetishes that she had never even imagined, but her few attempts at cybersex were unsatisfying. When she admitted to one of her online contacts that she fantasized about having sex in public, he had provided her with the link to my site. She had been both shocked and thrilled at the sight of unwitting women being secretly filmed, and thus 'Spywhore' was born.

I asked her how she had felt about the video of Samira, and she frowned. "I won't deny it turned me on, but I feel bad for her. Why doesn't she leave?"

"She's been brought up in a culture where women don't complain, I guess," I shrugged. "I really don't know what to do. I hate to leave her there, but I don't see how I can go the police."

She rolled her eyes and laughed. "Men! Everything's black and white with you. Have you forgotten who you work for now?"

"Are you saying I should, er, have her family killed or something? Can we actually have people killed?"

Julia was laughing uproariously, shaking in her chair. Her chest was heaving and jiggling like crazy, and I was having major problems keeping up with the conversation. "You idiot!" she snorted. "Email Midlands Police, give them her address and tell them to take a closer look. You don't even need to say why, and your external email will be anonymous. They'll just see the Company's URL and do exactly what you tell them, no questions."

"We, um, we can do that?" It sounded a little far-fetched.

"I bet if they even found your cameras they'd leave them alone. There are some things the police just don't want to know about."

"So... do you do this often?"

She shot me a wicked smile. "It's a great way to get rid of parking tickets.."

She stood up and stretched, something seriously dangerous to my health. Her calves were taut in the sparkly boots and the rest of her body looked magnificent. "I'm hungry, why don't I take a walk over to the deli and pick up something for brunch?"

My expression must have looked ridiculous, because she laughed. "y-you're going like that?"

She ran her tongue across glossed lips. "Well," she smiled, "not quite..."


"OK, I'm walking in now." Julia's voice came over my headset. I clicked open a video window on my laptop. It was black for a moment, and then jumped into life with a sideways shot of inside the local deli. The camera Julia had just palmed near the door automatically righted itself, showing Julia's back as she stood in front of the long, shoulder-height glass counter. She reached up and gently caressed the counter edge, secretly depositing a second camera and microphone. I was both amazed and ridiculously proud; anyone would think she'd been doing this for years, rather than having a quick two-minute demonstration before she left the house. Running her fingers over the countertop Julia placed another camera on the far edge. I now had panning feeds of the store's interior from front and back, and the behind-the-counter area.

I zoomed in on Julia with the camera in front of her. She had added a couple of items to her outfit; a vinyl raincoat that matched the purple boots and a narrow platinum choker - the latter looked fabulous on her but was mostly to hide the thin adhesive throat mic stuck to the soft skin of her neck. The coat would actually do little to keep the rain off, seeing as it ended about an inch below Julia's pussy and didn't fasten much above her navel.

The shop was quiet, as Julia had assured me it would be. The sole other customer, a dumpy grey-haired woman, was finishing up her purchases as Julia placed the last camera. The woman gave a disapproving look as she left the store, Julia responding by blowing her a sensual kiss. Then the single server came over to Julia and I took the opportunity to check her out. She looked about 19, with an athletic figure and a close-cropped bob of black hair. She wore a crisp white blouse and a short black shirt with frilly white apron. She looked at Julia with some bewilderment. "Er, what can I get you?" she asked.

Julia selected several items, making sure she bent lewdly forward to look at each one so that her boobs almost fell free of the coat. I noticed that the serving girl couldn't take her eyes off Julia's breasts, and seemed to be unconsciously mimicking her body language. Each time she leaned forward to lift something from under the counter afforded both Julia and I a tantalising glimpse down the v-neck of her blouse.

"Will there be anything else?" the girl asked.

"Hmmm, I need something for dessert. What would you recommend?" Julia purred.

"How about our homemade dark chocolate and whiskey mousse? Would you like a taste?"

"Sounds lovely, yes please." The girl scooped up a small spoonful and held it out to Julia. But neither the girl or I expected what happened next, as Julia grabbed the girl's wrist, took the spoon, quickly smeared the mousse on two of the girl's fingers, and sucked them deep into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm," sighed Julia. "That's delicious. But you know what would make it even better?" Both the girl and I were dying to know. "If I could suck it off your nipples."

The girl hesitated for a moment, biting her lip with indecision. Then suddenly she began to unbutton her blouse, revealing perky b-cup breasts with small nipples, one of which was pierced with a short metal bar. Julia was mesmerised as she smeared a spoonful of mousse over the pierced nipple, then leaned across the counter and cupped the tit with one hand. Julia leaned forward and sucked the chocolaty teat into her mouth, catching the bar between her teeth and pulling on it gently. "Ohhhhhhh..." sighed the shopgirl. From the rear view feed I could see Julia's coat had ridden up as she bent forward, exposing the dripping slit she had just begun stroking.

Julia straightened up and licked her lips. "Mmmm, yes, that's perfect. Two of those please." The girl started to fasten her blouse but then apparently thought better of it, so I had an uninterrupted view of her pert boobs jiggling as she retrieved two tubs of mousse and added them to Julia's grocery bag.

"Will there be anything else?" she asked, looking my new top model directly in the eye. Julia glanced around, and then I saw her face light up.

"The salami," she said, gesturing to a hard dry sausage hanging behind the counter.

"How much would you like?" asked the girl, her boobs trembling as she reached up to unhook the salami.

Julia laughed. "Why, all of it love!" She held out her hands and the girl handed her the sausage. It was about two feet long and an inch & a half in diameter. "Oooh, that's lovely," sighed Julia. She bent forward and placed one hand against the counter glass, and with the other hand started shoving the salami into her saturated hole. "Aaaahhh," she hissed through gritted teeth as the meat filled her up. The shopgirl was captivated as Julia began to fuck herself with the hard sausage, much as I was watching back home. I had a superb angle of the salami sticking out of Julia's twat, another of her blissfully contorted face and a third of the shopgirl, who was gently tugging and twisting her nipples as she watched.

"Don't just stand there, sweetheart!" gasped Julia. "There's plenty of room, come and fuck this thing with me!" The girl needed no further encouragement. She came around from behind the counter, stepping out of a plain black thong as she did so. She lifted her skirt and apron to show a completely shaved snatch with a small ring in her clit hood.

"Turn around a little," I gasped into my headset, "I need to see both of you fuck that thing!" Julia, listening through a miniscule earpiece, moved slightly to give me a better side view as the girl bent forward away from Julia and guided the exposed end of the salami into her shaven cunt. Both women were leaning forward with their hands on the tiled floor, pushing back until their asses were pressed together. Slowly at first, but then faster, they began to pump against the salami, driving it into each other.

The counter-cam had a magnificent view of both women, and also showed the street outside through the deli's front door. Hardly anyone had passed since Julia had entered, but now a skinny, white haired older guy dressed smartly in a long coat and tie walked up to the door. He was about to enter when he caught sight of the two women through the glass. He looked flustered for a moment and I thought he was about to storm off and write a stern letter to the newspapers about the deplorable state of Britain's delicatessens, but then he apparently thought better of it. He looked around quickly to see if anyone else was approaching, then continued to stare at the two women through the window.

I could tell from Julia's breathing that she was ready to come. "There's some old guy outside watching you," I told her. She looked over to the door and, thrusting back harder than ever, came onto the salami. Her knees trembled and she screamed "YES!" as the orgasm hit, hair flying and her tits, having completely escaped from beneath the coat, bouncing around wildly. She collapsed to her knees and slipped off the sausage, now slick with her cunt juices. The shopgirl also fell to the floor, apparently spent. She pulled the salami from her pussy, and very deliberately turned it around to suck Julia's nectar from the meat.

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