tagIncest/TabooDigital Spy Ch. 04

Digital Spy Ch. 04


This is the latest in an ongoing series that is the first thing I've considered good enough to submit here. The story has already turned out quite different to how I expected, but I'm having fun writing it. Feedback is of course welcome.

If you haven't read the story from the beginning, I suggest you do as it's getting a bit complicated!


Late on Sunday afternoon (once Julia had decided she was both fed and satisfied), I sat down at my laptop to work on the website. After a couple of hours spent wrestling with editing and graphics software I was happy with the new homepage for Julia's movies and uploaded it to the server. As well as her first bathtub adventure (which I noted with some pride had got the most hits of any new file I'd ever uploaded) the page now contained the whole restaurant/car/garage scene, her performance in front of the computer and the trip to the deli. I also added the deli girl's sex scene with the old guy as a separate file, and fired off an email to my members informing them of the updates.

I had moved my laptop down to the office and was sprawled across the couch in one corner, so I heard Julia's email beep to signify a new message. She was sitting in front of her PC, left foot tucked under her right thigh and the other foot touching the floor. She had showered off the glitter and then worked out for a while, and was now clad in Lycra shorts and bra top that barely contained her breasts. She'd tied her hair back in a simple ponytail and exchanged the contacts for a pair of small black-framed glasses. She still looked incredible.

I watched as Julia clicked the link and examined her new page. I could the colour rising in her cheeks as she explored the video clips, shifting in her seat as the material onscreen made her pussy tingle. With some difficulty I tore my eyes away from the two throbbing points now poking through her top, and accessed a secure online bank account. I made a few keystrokes and approved a large transfer of funds. Then I got up and circled behind Julia's chair, reaching down to rub her shoulders. She nuzzled her head against my forearm and looked up at me. "Thank you. I love it," she said.

On the screen I could see she had opened the file of the girl from the deli, currently showing her naked on all fours behind the counter as the old codger pulled out of her pussy and shot a surprisingly copious load over her ass. "I think we could have some more fun with her," I said.

"Mmm, definitely," cooed Julia. "She was lovely. I bet you'd like to get your big cock into her asshole, wouldn't you?"

I feigned puzzlement. "Is this a trick question?" She reached up and gently slapped my cheek, laughing.

Her email beeped again. She closed the website down and opened her mail folder. "Hm, it's from my bank," she said opening the note. She read aloud under her breath. "Account number blah blah blah has made a transfer into your account of... Jesus Christ Dan, there's almost thirty grand here!"

I nodded. "That's half the proceeds from the site and DVD sales. It channels into a Swiss account and I use it to buy high-return stocks. The site's been running for years so obviously I've spent quite a bit, but that's exactly half of what's in the account right now."

"No, Dan, it's too much! I just wanted half of the money for MY movies and DVDs, not the whole site! And whatever you've made from the stock market is yours! I can't accept..."

"You can and you will," I said firmly. "Look, we're partners. In two days you've given me more material than I'd get in a week, and about a hundred times better. Everything we make now is fifty-fifty, that's the deal."

I could see she wasn't sure. "Look," I said. "I'm going to be honest with you - it'll be a new experience for me but what the Hell. I'm bloody crazy about you. But I'm under no illusions; I'm not a very nice guy. I was in your house for two minutes before I was working out ways to video you and your daughter naked. So if we're going to make this work, I can't mess you around any more."

She reached up and touched my cheek. "Don't sell yourself short, you're a better person than you give yourself credit for. You've made me happier in two days than I've been in he last nineteen years. So what if we have different needs to other people? It just makes us so much more lucky to have found each other."

I shook my head. "I never thought I'd say this, Julia. I think I've falle...."

She silenced me with a finger on the lips. "I know, love. Me too."


I threw on a shirt and went to pick up my suits. It being Sunday the traffic was comparatively light, and I was soon pulling the Murcielago up outside an exclusive Saville Row boutique. The rather swishy proprietor ushered me through a final fitting, then carefully bagged the suits and shirts so I could lay them across the passenger seat. As I was leaving he handed me another suit bag. "This was a, ah, special request from your female companion." Intrigued, I laid it on top of the others and then burned rubber back to Julia's, stopping briefly to grab a couple of pizzas.

The moment I stepped through the door I was almost flattened by Julia launching herself into my arms. A devastating suit/pizza catastrophe barely averted, I was led downstairs into the kitchen. Julia, now looking the image of urban respectability in a long flower-print dress, ushered me in. "Dan, I'd like to introduce you to my daughter Alessandra. Aless, this is Dan who's going to be staying with us for a while."

The girl standing at the sink was strikingly beautiful. As tall as her mother but not yet quite as curvaceous, she still had a knockout figure. She was clad in jean shorts and a crop top, with a thin chain around her waist that that passed through a gold navel ring in the middle of her taut stomach. Her face was a younger version of her mother's, with the same full lips, slightly pointed nose and deep grey eyes. One thing she definitely hadn't inherited from Mum was her hair; it was light blonde and straight, and she'd had darker highlights feathered in around the ends that reached to her shoulders. She skipped forward and gave me a peck on the cheek. She had to stand on tiptoe to do it, and I noticed her purple-painted toenails and a sexy toe-ring on the fourth digit of her right foot.

"It's lovely to have you here Dan," she enthused. "Mum looks a lot happier than she did last week, you must have really hit it off. Also she hasn't stopped talking about you since I got home."

"Aless!" snapped Julia, embarrassed.

"Well you haven't," replied Alessandra, grinning and poking her tongue out at Julia.

"Alessandra, I should send you to your room right now!"

Aless clasped her hands together in mock piety and began to wail, "Noooo, please Mother! I'll be good! Not banished to my room with only cable TV, a 2 meg internet connection and 20 Brad Pitt DVDs to sustain me! Have mercy!"

By this point I was laughing so much that had to lean on the worktop. Julia was also cracking up and trying to hide it, which only made matters worse. Aless was giving an Oscar-worthy performance, waving her arms theatrically and bemoaning her lowly station in life. She had just got to the part about running away to join the circus when I held up my hand in surrender. "No more, please!" I gasped. "Have pity on a poor lodger."

Aless started giggling, which set Julia off again. "It's my pleasure, Alessandra. Really," I said. "And your Mum's been keeping me amused too."

Aless waggled her eyebrows suggestively. "Oh, I just BET she has!"

"Alessandra Kara McKenzie Brighton, you are the absolute limit!" cried Julia, but couldn't keep the amusement out of her voice.

We finally managed to stop laughing long enough to dish up the pizzas, flopping down on comfy seats in the lounge. Aless started filling us in on the weekend she'd spent with her father. She clearly didn't think much of the guy, refereeing to him in a withering tone as 'Giles' rather than Dad . But she reserved the most vitriol for his mistress.

"I really pissed the stupid bitch off this time," smirked Aless.

"Aless, language," sighed Julia.

"Mum! One, I'm eighteen and I can swear as much as I like, and two, she IS a stupid bitch!"

Julia smiled. "Well, yes, I can't argue with you there."

"Anyway, Giles took us out to TGI Friday's because he was desperate to impress me and he thinks it's my favourite restaurant. Maybe when I was 13, but not now." She rolled her eyes. "Anyway, Chardonnay" - the mistress - "hated it, especially the waitress who was one of the overly-friendly ones they always have. She said to Chardonnay, "Oh, you look amazing for someone with such a grown-up daughter." I thought the dippy cow was going to explode! She goes, "oh, she isn't my daughter," so I said, "don't be like that Mum, you look great for 45!" Honestly, she nearly had a shitfit right there in the restaurant. Giles had to buy her the biggest cocktail they sold just to stop her from storming out, it was so funny."

Julia had a truly evil glint in her eye as she chuckled at the story. She glanced over at me and I could tell she was formulating some sort of plan. I got the feeling that Chardonnay was soon going to be on the receiving end of some very nasty comeuppance.

We finished our pizza and talked. It quickly became obvious that Aless was just as delightful company as her mother; smart, well mannered, kind and with a quick sense of humour. And undeniably she was as sexy as Hell. Seeing the resemblance between the two of them as they sat and joked on the sofa was causing very definite stirrings in my groin. I decided it might be a good idea to work out for a while, and slipped up to the top floor to use the weights.

I had finished a pretty full-on set of exercises when someone stepped into the doorway. I had was facing mostly in the other direction so at first I just assumed it must be Julia, but when I turned I was in for a shock; it was Aless. Her skin and hair were wet from the shower and she was wrapped in a large fluffy towel. She'd cinched it around her breasts, lifting and squeezing them together, and it reached down only to the tops of her thighs.

"I was just going to bed, so I thought I'd come in here and welcome you properly first," she said quietly, biting her lip a little. She padded softly into the room on feet bare apart from that cute toe-ring, slipped her arms around my neck, and kissed me hard on the lips. Almost in spite of myself I gripped her waist and pulled her closer. Her tongue slipped between my lips and I responded by meeting it with my own. We stayed like that for about a minute until she broke away.

"Mmmm, Mum was right. You're a great kisser."

"Listen, Aless. Maybe this isn't such a good idea..."

"Oh, who cares? Mum isn't the only one who's been missing a decent guy around the place."

"You mean you and your father..?" I began, somewhat shocked.

"Eeew, with THAT creep? No chance. But the only guys I really know are my age, which means mentally they're about 12. I prefer sexy older men." She smiled up at me, running her hands over my chest. "Like you."

I let my fingers slip under her towel, and she shivered as I caressed her soft skin. I cupped her firm ass cheeks and gave them a gentle squeeze, provoking a contented moan. "Listen, Dan," she breathed, "I was serious in the kitchen. Mum looks happier than I've ever seen her. I want to thank you for that. And I was wondering..." She bit her lip again, perhaps unsure whether to speak her mind. "Would you like it if I called you Daddy?"

I was taken aback by the question. "Is that how you see me?" I asked.

"Well maybe not now, but I think one day I'd like to. Mainly, it just really turns me on!" She shot me a wicked grin that was almost exactly like her mother's.

"You are a very bad girl, Alessandra. Daddy's going to have to teach you a lesson." I slipped one hand between her thighs from behind and found the entrance to her pussy. It was very wet and radiating heat like a tiny oven.

"Oooh, what Daddy? What are you going to do to me?" she asked in a pseudo-little girl voice. "Am I going to have to take Daddy's great big cock in my mouth? Are you going to fuck my throat with it and make me swallow Daddy's nasty come?"

'Daddy's nasty come' nearly filled his shorts on the spot when he heard this, but I managed to recover enough composure to nod gravely. "You'd better get down on your knees, Alessandra. And take off the towel so Daddy can see what a dirty girl you are."

With a sinful gleam in her eye Aless reached up and undid her towel, allowing it to fall to the floor. Her skin was perfectly smooth and unblemished and lightly tanned all over, except for very thin bikini marks around her waist and over her pussy. A topless sunbather, eh? I liked that. Her breasts weren't as big as Julia's, in fact they were probably only just big enough to be considered a D-cup, but they were beautiful. Each perfectly-proportioned orb was topped with a large, puffy, teenage areola and crowned with a slightly bulbous nipple. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a neat blonde triangle and the rest of the skin around her cleft was perfectly smooth.

Aless dropped to her knees and opened her mouth, looking me directly in the eyes. I had been working out in just my boxers so I quickly slid them off. Not surprisingly my cock was already ramrod straight, so I slipped the head into her mouth and she swirled her tongue around it. God, it felt wonderful; she wasn't the accomplished cocksucker her mother was, but her enthusiasm made up for any expert shortcomings. She reached up with both hands, caressing my balls with one hand while stroking the bottom of my shaft with the other. The sensation was exquisite, but right now I had other ideas.

"I'm sorry, Aless, but naughty girls don't get to play with any interesting toys. Hands behind your back, please." She looked up questioningly but obeyed. I reached for my discarded clothes and pulled the belt off my jeans. With my cock still in her mouth I leaned down, wrapped the belt several times around her wrists and fastened it tightly.

"Now to begin your punishment," I said firmly. Placing one hand on the back of Aless's head I slowly pushed my full 9-inch length into her mouth. She gagged and coughed a little as the head reached the back of her throat, but didn't try to pull away. I kept my tool pressed into her mouth like this for about ten seconds, then withdrew until only the tip remained in her mouth. She gasped for air, so I gave her a moment to recover and then began another slow thrust as deeply as I could. I kept this up for about a minute and then withdrew my cock completely.

Aless looked up at me, tears streaming from the corners of her eyes. "That's not it, is it Daddy?" she implored. "You need to punish me some more, don't you?"

"I haven't really started yet baby," I replied. "I was just getting you used to having Daddy's cock shoved right down to your throat. Now I'm going to fuck your mouth. Are you ready?"

"Oh yes Daddy, I'm ready. I want you to face-fuck me Daddy!" I needed no more prompting. I thrust back into Aless's mouth and down her throat with one stroke. Grabbing two handfuls of hair I began a steady, powerful rhythm, burying myself in Aless's face until my ball sack bounced against her chin with each stroke. I looked down to see tears streaming from her eyes and spit dripping in long rivulets onto her perfect tits, which were bouncing around wildly at the onslaught. Although she was coughing and spluttering, Aless never once tried to pull away.

The sensation of my member sliding into the warm wetness of Aless's mouth defied description. Soon my balls and pubic hair were slick with teen saliva, and I could feel the pressure building at the root of my cock. I began to thrust faster, making Aless gag and splutter more. When I could hold back no longer I withdrew until only the head remained in Aless's mouth. Despite having already come several times that day I still managed an impressive load, streams of semen running from the corners of Alessandra's mouth to drip onto her breasts, already slippery with spittle. But Aless swallowed as much of my come as she could, finally letting my cock drop from her lips with a satisfied inhalation of breath.

"Now I hope you've learned your lesson, young lady," I said forcefully.

"Yes Daddy. I've learned that I only have to be a little bit naughty to make Daddy face-fuck me!" She grinned that wicked grin. I untied her hands and helped her up from the floor. She was scooping the come from her face with two fingers and feeding it into her mouth, much as her mother had done the previous day. Once she deemed herself clean enough, she stood on tiptoes to give me a peck on the cheek. "Welcome home, Daddy!" she laughed and then ran giggling into her bedroom.

I wandered downstairs naked, wondering what Julia would say about my 'paternal' encounter. I found her sitting in the lounge naked, my laptop next to her on the couch. Her pink vibrator was protruding from her pussy and she was rubbing her clitoris gently with two fingers of one hand. From the extent of the flush on her skin I guessed she had just had an impressive orgasm. She turned the computer towards me to display two video windows. One was replaying my oral domination of Aless, which Julia had apparently been watching from the beginning. The other was a live feed from Aless's room, where she was lying on her bed, tits still slimy with come and saliva, fucking herself rapidly with the handle of a hairbrush.

"Did you tell her about the cameras?" I asked incredulously.

"I... may have mentioned it," laughed Julia. She adopted a cute, butter-wouldn't-melt expression. "Does Daddy need to punish me too?"

I groaned. "I wish, but Daddy's pretty exhausted at the moment. But after a good night's sleep, Daddy will give you an assfucking you'll never forget."

Julia stood up and yawned, stretching. "You'd better," she said.


I spent a few minutes checking my assorted camera feeds, not turning up too much. Thankfully everything seemed quiet in Samira's house, and I made a mental note to email the police tomorrow as Julia had suggested. The only other footage I had apart from various of my former conquests dressing or showering was of Caitlin, a short but cute Irish redhead I had been seeing for a few months before moving jobs. She looked somewhat drunk as she fucked herself with a beer bottle in front of her two male flatmates, one of them having rather foolishly bet her that she wouldn't. Normally I'd have a good jerk-off session at the sight of a sexy young thing bringing herself off with a Budweiser, but frankly after the events of the past two days it seemed quite tame. I trimmed and uploaded it, then got ready to hit the sack.

As I was about to shut down the laptop something caught my eye; I hadn't planned to put the file of Aless and myself up on the site, but it was definitely in the upload logs right before the Caitlin file. I opened the site and sure enough, there it was in the updates section. Opening it up I discovered that it had been neatly edited and condensed to cut out any mention of our names or real relationship. It was a very professional job; one I couldn't have done better myself. Flicking back to the updates page I read the small paragraph of accompanying text. It described the contents of the clip as Spywhore's horny daughter being punished by her Daddy and then masturbating while still bathed in his come.

I shook my head in admiration. I might not have created a monster exactly, but I had definitely unleashed something powerful in Julia. She was already asleep when I clambered into bed next to her, and I lay for a while watching her sleep. To be honest starting my new job the next day was almost the last thing on my mind. I was reeling from the events of the last 72 hours, both emotionally and physically. It was hard to fathom that less than three days ago I had shown up looking for some easy pickings (and what could be easier than a hot, desperate divorcee?), and here I was with both a business partner - one who made my activities look almost tame - and a woman I was falling deeply in love with. My reputation of the Last of the Callous Bastards was going to be ruined. Even more bizarre, I was glad. I slid closer to Julia and wrapped one arm around her. She sighed contentedly in her sleep, and I dropped off with her exquisite smell filling my head.

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