Digital Spy Ch. 06


A waiter came over and took a drink order, and I wondered aloud if Imani was one of the girls. As it turned out, she was the entertainment. On the stroke of nine the lights dimmed and the stage was bathed in light. From the back of the club walked an arresting figure; it was Imani, swaying confidently on golden platform ankle boots, clad in a liquid gold bikini that barely covered her pussy and struggled to hold her large swinging breasts. Her hair continued the gold theme, her usual short crop covered by a metallic wig that fell to her shoulders. Even her lipstick and eye makeup were the colour of that precious metal. She reached the centre of the stage and struck a seductive pose, lips pouted, hands caressing her breasts.

A voice issued from recessed speakers, "Welcome to tonight's entertainment. We begin with our golden girl... IMANI!" A thumping, sex-driven 70s funk number began playing, and Imani danced. All eyes were on her as she strutted and weaved on the stage, running her hands up and down the poles and extending her tongue to lick a set of leather cuffs. As she danced she slowly untied the bows that held the bikini top in place, and it fluttered away to reveal large, dark-chocolate coloured nipples. Each one was pierced near the top of the nipple with a gold ring.

The bikini briefs soon followed, exposing a completely shaven mound and another ring through the hood of her clit. She danced to one of the poles and grabbed it, freezing completely still as the music stopped. Two security guards walked onstage wheeling a curious looking apparatus. It was a low padded bench, with large metal boxes at each end. From each box protruded a large neon-pink dildo. I recognised them as the kind of fuck machine available over the internet; when turned on, the machines would piston the dildos like thrusting cocks into whoever happened to be sitting on them. Attached to the bottom of the bench were other bits of machinery - one looked like an electrical transformer and there were at least two gas cylinders.

On the stage the guards were securing Imani's arms behind her with cuffs at wrist and elbow. She was led to the bench and laid face down upon it. She was positioned so that a guard could feed the larger of the two dildos, which was about 12 inches long and as thick as my forearm, into her cunt. It was a struggle, until he grabbed her shoulders and yanked her back roughly. She was impaled on the giant cock and howled with pain and surprise. Her protests were soon cut off when the second guard strapped a ring gag under her hair and over her lips. A metal ring inside her mouth now held it open, and the guard fed the smaller dildo, only about 8 inches long and 2 in diameter, through the hole and over her tongue.

Next they secured her legs and torso to the bench with leather straps. Once Imani was unable to move, they turned their attention to her breasts. First they fixed clamps, attached to long cables that ran to the underside of the bench, to her nipples above the rings. To the rings themselves they clipped electrodes, which were also wired in to the bench's mechanism. Finally they moved to her rear, clipping a third electrode to her clit ring and inserting a large black butt plug, one of the expanding kind, into her asshole. The process completed, they walked to the front of the stage and placed two small devices near the edge. One was a chip & pin credit card reader, the other was a small box with a slot in the front.

The speaker voice returned. "Imani has volunteered to be the first victim of our latest creation," it intoned. "Each part of our interactive bench is controlled by you. The more money you pledge, the harder it will go for our helpless prey. As the money goes up, the dildos will drive faster and deeper into her tender young flesh. The clamps on her delicate nipples will bite with more force, and the voltage and frequency of shocks to her breasts and pussy will increase. Finally the butt plug in Imani's delectable bottom will inflate ever larger as the money increases. Simply place your credit card in the reader, and enter your pin and the amount of your pledge. Alternatively feed your notes into the counter provided. Remember, the more you pay, the more she suffers!"

With that the lights came up and, seemingly from every corner, gorgeous scantily-clad women entered the room. Immediately several men almost sprinted to the stage and began to feed money and cards into the readers. Sure enough on the stage, the dildos began to pump into Imani's cunt and mouth - slowly at first but increasing in speed as a queue formed to enter money into the devices. I could just make out a pained expression as her nipples flattened and bulged where the clamps pressed down, and I saw her stiffen as a tiny spark arced over one nipple ring. I could also hear the unmistakable hiss of an air pump as the butt plug in Imani's rear began to expand. She was whimpering, but it was unheard over the hubbub from the excited patrons. Men were now circling the stage, trying to see every violation of Imani's body as the money piled up.

I looked around to see stunning girls dancing and stripping, but unlike a typical lap dance club the men were pawing at their bodies, pulling or even ripping the clothes from them. Some girls were already being licked or fucked, or had mouthfuls of hard cock. A couple of booths over one a black-haired girl, who was probably about twenty but had obviously gone to great pains to look about five years younger, was being pinned face-down over the table by two burly men in suits while a third pushed the neck of a champagne bottle into her asshole. "No, please!" she was weeping, "this is a mistake! I came in here by accident! Please, no, it huuuur..." She was cut off as one of the men pushed a fat cock into her mouth.

On the stage Imani's plight deepened. The dildos were almost a blur, thin trails of smoke were rising from the electrodes and her asshole was looking distinctly swollen. And this after only a few minutes, when the club would be open for hours yet!

Aless slid into my lap, her back to me. "Daddy, I need you to do something," she said quietly.

"Anything, darling, you know that," I replied.

"Daddy, I want you to fuck me in the ass."

"What? Why? Why now?" I wondered aloud.

"Because in a minute I'm going to take my collar off and go out to dance for some of these men, and they'll probably want to shove their big cocks in my tight little ass. That's OK, but if I'm going to be broken in I want you to do it, Daddy. I want you to be the first one to fuck my nasty asshole."

I nodded, and began to undo my trousers. Julia meanwhile slipped down to the floor and began to slather saliva over her daughter's puckered sphincter with her tongue. "Mmmm, that feels nice, Mummy," cooed Aless. My cock was already jutting upwards, harder than marble, so Julia quickly spat on the head and guided it gently into her only child's ass. "Ooohhhhhhh!" hissed Aless. "It huuuurts! But... Ow... It feels good too. Ooohhhh!" Julia now applied her tongue to Aless's pussy, licking furiously as Aless gingerly, but with rising enthusiasm, rode my cock. "Mmmm, don't stop Daddy. It feels good with Daddy's big, hard cock in my ass!" Aless almost shouted. With my thick shaft in her anal canal and Julia's tongue on her clit it was only a matter of minutes before Aless reached a powerful orgasm.

"Thank you Daddy," she sighed, slipping off my still-hard cock. "See you in a while!" She undid her collar and plunged into the crowd.

"Aless, wait!" I called, but she was gone.

"Don't worry," Julia said as she stood and undid her own collar. "I'll keep an eye on her. We'll probably make more money with the whole mother/daughter angle anyway." She kissed me on the lips, and then she was gone.

I sat back to watch Imani's ordeal for a little while longer when a figure blocked my view. I looked up to discover it was two figures - and identical ones at that. "Hello Sir," said the closest, "now that your friends have gone, can we dance for you? I'm sure you'd like a sexy lesbian show," she giggled, "especially one performed by 19-year-old twins!"

I tried to say, yes, that would be most enjoyable, but all that came out was "mmmehhhhhhh..."

The two girls standing before me were mirror images of each other. Their hair - a deep henna red shaped into large fluffed-up bobs - and makeup were indistinguishable from each other, as were the short black silk chemises they wore. Jewellery, spike-heeled sandals - all impossible to tell apart. The one on my left ran a scarlet fingernail over her equally red bottom lip. Her blue eyes sparkled. "I'm Carly," she breathed, "this is Fliss. We'd really love to put on a show for you."

I nodded dumbly. "Go... go right ahead," I managed to splutter.

They smiled matching smiles and coiled into each other's arms, softly kissing with open mouths. Their wet tongues entwined and their hands began to slide over the soft silk, seeking out buttocks, nipples, the skin of their backs and necks. Slowly the one on the right (Fliss, I think) sank to her knees, and slipped her hands beneath Carly's chemise. She stood, lifting it over her twin's lithe, athletic form, revealing a smooth-shaven pussy and petite B-cup breasts like upturned saucers, topped with small bee-sting nipples. Carly shrugged the garment away sensually and swayed for a moment in just her heels. Then she crouched down and mimicked the dress removal on Fliss, running her hands slowly over her sister's skin in time with the throbbing beat issuing from the speakers.

When both twins were naked they turned to face away from me, and for the first time I had a way to distinguish between them. Both had elaborate tattoos on their backs; one (I'd completely lost track of who) had a globe of black flames starting at the top of her buttocks, with a thin trail of fire tracing the length of her spine to the nape of her neck. The other had an elaborate network of thorny black vines that swept from her left hip, across the skin of her back to the right shoulder.

The girl with the vines bent forward, bracing herself with a hand on each knee. Her twin turned and slowly licked two of her fingers, then slid them between her sister's pussy lips. She began to finger her spitting image, at first in time with the music and then gradually increasing in speed. The pumping fingers were soon glistening with fluid from the stooped girl's pussy. As her twin's orifice became slicker with moisture she slipped in a third finger, then a fourth. "Wait..." gasped the crouched twin, but her sister didn't listen. As I watched she looked longingly at me and added her thumb. As the bent-over girl complained and moaned she pushed her hand in beyond the knuckles. The stooping twin's legs were shaking with arousal and adrenaline as her sister rapidly fisted her cunt. I was stroking my cock, trying to hold back but finding myself seriously over-stimulated by this shameless display.

The bending girl was just managing to stay on her feet, but her knees had buckled and she was trying to support herself on unsteady arms. Her twin never let up the assault for a second, placing a hand on her back across the tattooed vines, and angling her fisting arm as if she was throwing a punch. The girl on the floor was all but weeping, "no... stop... it's too hard... Aaahhh!" she came screaming, moisture dripping from her swollen pussy.

She collapsed to her knees gasping, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Fuck you, Carly! Are you trying to kill me!?" she panted.

Carly (the twin with the flames, it seemed) casually sucked Fliss's juices from her fingers. "Serves you right," she said haughtily. "The bruises you gave me with that riding crop the other day have only just gone down. We're even now, right?"

"Fine" hissed Fliss between clenched teeth. She stood, shakily, and sat next to me. "Did you enjoy that?" she whispered to me. Unable to speak, I indicated my rigid cock. She smiled, "that's all right then. What's your name?"

"Dan," I managed.

"Carly, why don't you let Dan sample your hot little pussy? I know how horny fist-fucking me must have got you."

"Mmmm, good idea," Carly said, dropping to her knees and preparing to take me in her mouth.

"Oh, I doubt that's necessary," said Fliss sweetly. "You must be very wet already. If it's too slippery you won't feel anything." Carly looked a little unsure, but agreed.

We switched positions, Carly lying back on the couch and holding her shapely legs apart behind the knee, her heels pointing to the ceiling. I knelt on the floor, my hard dick jutting upwards towards the entrance of her pussy. Fliss moved behind me and pressed her taut body against mine. She reached around to grasp my cock. "I'll guide you in," she breathed into my ear. "She'll be just DRIPPING wet, so why not see if you can get your cock right in with one thrust? She loves that."

I grasped Carly around the waist, gathered my strength and thrust forward. But Fliss had a spiteful plan; at the last second she angled my cock downwards so that it rammed into Carly's dry asshole. Carly screamed as if she'd been shot, as my momentum forced the hard muscle through the tightness of her puckered anus. I tried to pull out but Fliss was pressing her whole body against my back with all her strength. She grabbed Carly's ankles and began to slam herself against me, forcing me deeper into her twin's tight rectum. Carly was screaming; "help! Security! Please, somebody help me! Aaauuuugghh, God, it hurts!" but this just spurred Fliss on. Her malicious laughter filled my head as she forced me to rape her twin's asshole. Despite Carly's cries the security guards watched impassively as the teenager was forcefully buggered.

In spite of my unwitting participation I was of course loving every moment of raping Carly's ass, though I found her screaming somewhat distracting. With one powerful hand I grasped her throat, squeezing just enough to make her breathe in short gasps and, more importantly, shut her up. Fliss and I began to time our thrusts so that we slammed into Carly together, forcing my cock ever deeper into her tortured anus.

I was feeling more sadistic than ever; I think I was angry that a bunch of strangers were right now probably fucking my surrogate daughter within an inch of her life. Whatever the reason I used my free hand to start delivering violent slaps to Carly's small tits, making sure to get several stinging, hard contacts with her erect nipples. I was squeezing her throat strongly enough to completely cut off the air for a few seconds at a time, then relaxing my grip lightly so she could gasp in much-needed oxygen.

Fliss was clearly loving the abuse we were dishing out, and reached around me to pinch and twist Carly's clit. This was all it took to send the abused twin into a frenzy, her ass clenching my cock as she climaxed. I let go of her neck and she coughed, gasping, "you... fucking... BITCH!" at her sister. Fliss was still laughing, and I decided she was far too pleased with herself. I grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved her into a kneeling position. Realising what was going on, Carly grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back as I shoved my cock roughly into Fliss's mouth. I pushed forward until my balls rested against the lovely twin's chin, and held her head still while she spluttered and gagged for air. After about 30 seconds she was struggling wildly, and I noticed even Carly was looking concerned. I pulled out of her mouth and jerked my saliva-coated cock rapidly, and a few scant seconds later I erupted over Fliss's face. Carly dropped to the floor and pressed her head close to Fliss's so that a few spurts splattered her lips and tongue too. I released Fliss' hair and they collapsed against the couch, faces dripping come.

Carly gingerly touched her asshole. "You total cow, Fliss. That really hurt!" She was pouting but I could see a smile trying to break through,

"Yes, well, you deserved it," replied Fliss, making no attempt to hide her own smile. "And what was all that screaming about? "Police, Jesus, help me, a nasty man is violating my virgin flesh!"" she mimicked, and even Carly laughed.

"You're one to talk! I just felt like a little bit of choking, that's all, and I thought my screaming might persuade Dan here to help out." She winked at me.

I shook my head, smiling. "You two should really meet my daughter, I think you'd get on famously."

The twins stood somewhat gingerly, and kissed me on either cheek. "Thanks for a lovely time, Dan," said Fliss. I reached into my discarded trousers and pulled out a handful of notes, mostly 50s I think, and handed them to the girls. They thanked me delightedly then wandered away, giggling and chattering like schoolgirls.

I turned my attention back to the stage, where the security guys were now preventing any further donations to Imani's mechanical violation. It seemed there was still plenty of credit left though; the dildos in her mouth and cunt were almost a blur, she juddered with electric shocks and her nipples were almost squeezed flat under the pressure of the clamps. Saliva poured from the ring gag and a similar torrent of fluid flowed from her pussy. Every so often one of the guards would adjust a valve on the butt plug allowing it to deflate, but only a little each time, and as soon as he finished it would begin to expand again.

I decided to find Julia and Aless. Gathering their collars I began wandering around the club, noting all of the depraved sex acts that were going on around me. I spotted the twins sitting either side of a silver-haired man who resembled them so much he could only have been their father. Each twin now wore a collar and leash, and blew me kisses as I passed. The man acknowledged me with a curt nod and I responded in kind.

I eventually found Julia and Aless on the upper level. Aless appeared to have bitten off more than she could chew, so to speak. She was on all fours, with one guy underneath her fucking her pussy and another pressed against her back with his cock buried in her ass. A third was positioned behind the guy on top, apparently also levering his tool into her pussy. I watched for a minute or two as Aless whimpered and cried softly. Then the guy kneeling behind her yelled, "that's two in her cunt, now let's try for two in her ass!" He pulled out of one hole and began to force his dick into its smaller neighbour. Tears were streaming down Aless's face as she caught sight of me.

"Daddy... please... help!" she wailed. I knelt down in front of her head and pointed my hardening cock towards her mouth.

"I think you need to finish what you started, love," I replied firmly, though not unkindly. "That way, in future you might be a bit less impulsive." She nodded resignedly, and stuck out her tongue to accept my cock. As I and the three strangers punished her every hole, I saw Julia. She was lying on her back on top of a low table nearby, tied to it with silk ropes. Her arms were bound underneath the tabletop and the ropes wrapped her naked body, twisting tight around her breasts making them bulge obscenely. They were an angry purplish-red from the constricted blood supply and from the attentions of a tall black man who was beating them with a leather paddle. Julia's head hung backwards over the edge of the table, and the guy was shoving a dick of almost elephantine proportions roughly down her throat. A couple of others were hovering behind him, apparently waiting their turn, and from the volume of spittle and cum that had already coated her face and run into her hair I was guessing that the black guy had also had to wait behind at least three other men. A slightly plump Hawaiian-looking girl in a collar was holding a Becks bottle by the neck, jabbing the wide end into Julia's cunt. I guessed Julia must have tried to help Aless and was now being punished accordingly.

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