Digital Spy Ch. 06


I could feel my balls tightening again and motioned one of the guys to pass me an empty champagne flute that was discarded nearby. I pulled my cock from Aless's delicious mouth and shot a considerable load into the glass. Silently I handed it to the first of the two guys with his cock in Aless's ass, and he understood. Pulling out he also stroked his ejaculation into the glass, and passed it to the second anal invader. He shot the largest load yet, and then two of us lifted Aless's tired frame off the guy in her pussy, who fired more gobs of white goo into the glass. One of the men waiting to fuck Julia's mouth apparently thought better of it and became the fifth to empty his balls into the flute. It was now full almost to the brim with thick come.

I handed it to Aless who took it in one trembling hand. "OK love, if you can drink that down without stopping for breath I'll put the collar back on. OK?"

She looked at me pleadingly, but I decided she needed to learn a lesson. When she realised I wasn't going to give way she screwed up her face and bravely gulped down the warm, salty semen. A little escaped down the side of her mouth and she frantically scooped it back in with her fingers. Soon only a dribble remained coating the inside of the glass but she licked at it frantically, perhaps afraid I wouldn't consider it empty enough to give her the collar back. I relented, gently placing it around her neck as the rest of the guys applauded. She looked surprised as they bent down to kiss her hair, pressed hundreds of pounds into her hands and told her she'd been wonderful. I helped her stand and gather her clothes, and we looked over to where Julia had been abandoned. The black guy had blasted her face with his come and it dripped into her eyes. The second guy had apparently got bored with waiting and had unloaded over her tortured breasts. Of the Hawaiian girl there was no sign.

We tenderly untied Julia and helped her stand. She rubbed her sore tits carefully and gritted her teeth. "I'm sorry, Mum," said Aless softly, "I didn't mean to get you in trouble like that."

Julia smiled a tired smile. "That's OK darling, I can't say it wasn't fun. I was more worried about you than anything else. Are you OK?"

Aless bit one trembling lip, but nodded. "Daddy taught me not to rush into things without thinking them through," she said, "and I need a lot more practice being fucked up the bum before I try taking on two guys again..." her composure broke, and she started crying a little. Julia hugged her, wincing slightly as Aless pressed against her breasts.

"There there love, you did brilliantly. I'm very proud of you." Julia looked at me as I fastened the collar around her neck. "Maybe it's time to call it a night."

I was about to nod when a cheer went up from the stage. The machines had finally stopped and Imani was being lifted gently onto a large, softly-padded sedan chair. Several security men carried her semi-conscious form offstage to rapturous applause. Next the Indian coat check girl was half-carried, half-dragged onstage as five grinning security guards began to strip, revealing cocks that would shame a racehorse. "Hmm," said Julia, "maybe we could stay a little longer..."


An hour later, not long after a come-soaked Anjali had been helped from the stage, I was sitting contentedly on a couch in the lower part of the club. Aless was snoozing quietly next to me, covered by a blanket that one of the guards had brought for her. Julia had wandered off muttering something about settling a score with "that Hawaiian bitch." I saw the silver-haired man walking briskly over to me, pulling the twins behind him on their leashes.

"Edgecombe's the name," he said curtly. "Just realised where I recognised you from. That website, isn't it? The one old Carstairs introduced me to."

"That's right," I smiled. "Dan. Dan Wright."

"Hmf. Yes, well. Good job on these two. They need a bit of rough treatment, toughen them up. I won't always be here with the whips and cuffs." He glared at the girls, who giggled. I guessed his bark was probably worse than his bite.

"Might see you again," he snapped, then turned to the twins. "Carlotta, Felicity, come along!" He almost yanked them after him by their collars. They waved coquettishly to me as they disappeared through the double doors.

"Who was that?" asked Julia, sitting down beside me and stretching.

"A very bad man who comes in here to whore out his teenage twin daughters," I replied.

"Oh? Cool. Anyway that Hawaiian slut will be walking funny for a week and I need a bath. Let's go home, shall we?"

I lifted Aless, still wrapped in the blanket, gently into my arms and we headed for the exit. She stirred slightly and still half-asleep murmured, "Daddy, when are we coming here again?"

To be continued...

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