tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDigital Spy Ch. 08

Digital Spy Ch. 08


Another fairly extreme chapter, with quite a sadistic edge to it. Goes without saying that this story is intended purely as fantasy, and I would never condone such behaviour in reality.


On Sunday I got up late to the sounds of activity in the kitchen. Aless had risen before us, taken her friends home and was now whipping up breakfast.. "Good morning Daddy!" she beamed as I walked in dressed just in my boxers, and I kissed her forehead. "Did you have a nice time last night?"

"Very, thank you love. And you?"

She was wearing a long pink nightshirt with Pooh and Piglet on it, her nipples poking through the thin fabric and her long, coltish legs bare. "Mmmm, great. I got the girls tipsy and we started playing strip poker. None of us knew the rules though so we played strip snap instead!" That made me laugh. "I was winning so when the others ran out of clothes I made them do forfeits. My friend Becky ended up eating my pussy in front of the Ginny and Sam, and they got excited and started playing with themselves. They were all a bit embarrassed afterwards but I told them not to be so silly. I haven't looked at the film yet, I thought you might like to do that!"

I smiled. "That's very thoughtful of you."

"Did Mum like her necklace?"

"Very much. Thanks for helping me choose it."

"So did it work? Did you get any?"

"Indeed I did, over the bonnet of a car in fact," I laughed.

Aless's eyes lit up. "A car bonnet?" I could see the ideas flashing through her mind.

"What are you two degenerates talking about?" yawned Julia as she sauntered into the room in her fluffy bathrobe.

"Daddy was telling me that he fucked you over your car bonnet," Aless replied.

"Oh, that's nice!" exclaimed Julia. "Is that all we talk about now? What happened to "Good morning Mum, how are you? Can I get you a cup of tea?" "Yes thank you, darling, that would be lovely." And anyway," she sniffed, "it wasn't even my car!"

Aless and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. After a second, Julia joined in.


Aless decided to take a bath while back in the lounge, Julia checked the answering machine and discovered we had over 20 messages - all of them from Giles. They ranged from accusatory to belligerent to miserable to hysterical and all points in between. She took the phone off forward and within a few minutes it rang. She turned on the speakerphone and gave a cheerful hello.

"You bitch!" Giles half snarled, half sobbed from the other end. "I don't know how you did it, but I know it was you, or that boyfriend of yours!"

"Giles how are you?" Julia's tone could have charmed the birds down from the trees. "You sound tired, aren't you getting enough sleep?"

"How did you do it, did you drug her? Not that it matters, that bitch! She's out on her ear, mark my words! She told me she was visiting her mother, can you believe it??"

"Well Giles, it's a better excuse than 'working late,' wouldn't you say? That was your personal favourite as I recall." Julia said sweetly.

Now Giles became conciliatory. "Well, anyway, you were right about everything. You always were, of course. It's clear to me now that we've both made mistakes, but surely after this we can put them behind us?"

Julia stifled a laugh and beckoned me over. I quietly snuggled up next to her on the couch and slipped a hand under her bathrobe, squeezing first one soft breast and then the other. She suppressed a sigh and spoke again. "You want to pick up where we left off, is that it?"

"Well, obviously I have a lot to make up for, as do you. Both of us said things we didn't mean and overreacted about what happened. But I know we can work through it."

"Mmmmmm," moaned Julia as I gently rolled one nipple between thumb and forefinger. "And you don't think the others involved now will cause any problems?"

"No chance! I've seen the last of Chardonnay, and you could never have the sort of relationship we did with that Neanderthal idiot!"

"You know, you're absolutely right," cooed Julia.

"Good morning Giles!" I said conversationally.

"What? Julia, what's going on? He's listening to our private conversation?!" Giles sounded incensed.

"Dan and I have no secrets from each other, Giles. For example, if I want him to know that the way he's playing with my nipples right now is driving me crazy, I just say so. Unlike your and my relationship, when if I felt like calling you an arrogant, inattentive, empty-headed fuckwit with a dick small enough to embarrass a horsefly, I'd keep it to myself. But now I don't have to."

"Julia, please..."

"You should hang up now, Giles. But first let me clear up any doubt; there is no chance for us whatsoever, nor would there be even if you were the last man on Earth. As far as I'm concerned, if you were to die slowly and painfully of a degenerative disease I'd still think you got off easily for what you did to Aless and me. Dan's going to screw my brains out now, and I'm leaving the phone connected. If you want to hear how a real man fucks your ex-wife, keep listening. Otherwise hang up now you sad, miserable sack of shit."

With that Julia attacked me. She flung her robe onto the floor and all but tore my boxers off. She grabbed my throbbing erection at the root and guided it toward her moist lips. "I want your cock in my mouth now, baby!" she said out loud, and noisily took me inside. She began to suck, driving me wild by running her tongue along the sensitive skin around the edges of my helmet. "Unnh! Ahhh! That's it, suck my fat cock!" I panted, as much for Giles' benefit as anything. He was silent, but the line was still open so we could tell he was listening.

Julia was really going to town on my dick, making plenty of slurping and smacking sounds to torment Giles further. With a look of pure wickedness in her eyes she deep-throated me mercilessly, gagging loudly as the tip of my cock jabbed the back of her throat. "Aaaahhhh," she gasped, releasing me. "It's so good to finally be able to deep-throat a cock. Giles barely reached the tip of my tongue." This elicited a quiet sob from the other end of the phone, and something else - rapid, slightly strangled breathing and a very faint sound, almost like slapping.

"My God!" I whispered to Julia. "Is he wanking?"

"Probably," she responded coldly. "It's the only fun he's likely to get for a while." She straddled me on the sofa and guided my saliva-coated cock into the tightness of her pussy. She moaned loudly, "oh God yes! That's what a real cock feels like in my cunt! It's so BIG! Ohh, baby, fuck me with your giant cock!"

I thought she was going a little over the top but her main concern seemed to be to torture Giles, and I wasn't about to spare him. One thing was for sure; with Julia expertly squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles and those luscious tits bouncing in my face, I wasn't going to last much longer. I spat onto the two middle fingers of one hand and pushed them forcefully into Julia's asshole.

As I planned, she went crazy. "OOHHHHHH YES! Finger my ass you dirty bastard! Finger-fuck me while you split me in half with your cock! Ohh yes, YES! I'm coming Dan ohh I'm cominnn..!"

The pressure from her pussy seemed to double as she came, and I was lost; I shot stream after stream of thick semen deep into her. There was a gasp from the phone and then a click, and the line went dead. "Sounds like Giles finished too," gasped Julia. "Shame; I was having fun talking to him."

"Well, if he calls again you can torture him some more," I said as Julia slid off my lap. "I have to know; was her really that small, or were you just saying that to be cruel?"

"Darling, it was like throwing a sausage into the Grand Canyon."

When Aless came down from the bathroom we were curled up on the couch roaring with laughter. Her quizzical expression just made us laugh harder, so she tutted, turned on her heel and flounced out of the room.


On Monday morning I outlined my plans to Maxine and Imani. Max broke into a wide grin, though Imani looked shocked (she hadn't actually seen me watching her at the club) but was still enthusiastic once she'd got used to the idea.

Basically I wanted my team to be the best in the Company, producing more and better work and thus getting greater honour and, best of all, rewards. But I realised that incentives would be required if the team, particularly the guys, were going to up their productivity to the sort of levels I demanded. The men were happy to coast, knowing that they would be comfortably employed whether for me or any other team leader. So I decided upon some reorganisation; one of the software nerds and Trevor the older guy in a group under Imani's supervision, the other nerd and rugby boy Chris under Max (who retained overall superiority).

The first duty of the week would be a team-building exercise, specifically each man receiving a deep-throat blowjob from his supervisor. They would then have until Friday lunchtime to impress said supervisor, who would make a recommendation to me about their performance. I would have the final decision as to what their reward would be; better than average work would result in another blowjob, with the girls being naked this time. Excellent performance would deliver the same followed by a fuck, while a truly outstanding job would repay the lucky employee with a chance to do all of the above and then take his team leader up the ass.

Max, clad in a pink and navy-striped rugby shirt that she wore as a short dress along with a natty pair of Nikes, gave me a sly look. "And what about you, O fearless leader?" she joked.

"My performance is always exemplary, isn't it?" I replied. "And seeing as I'm twice as smart as the others I'll be expecting twice the reward." I slapped Imani's ass, clad in a short pinstripe business skirt, and she shivered, breasts jiggling under their matching low-cut jacket.

We called the team together an the lab and I explained my new system. As expected the guys couldn't believe their luck. The nerds, Phil and Dominic, were your typical web geeks who didn't meet girls much, Trevor was married and by all accounts his wife was now over 50, frumpy and overweight, and Chris was the sort of guy who if it moved, he'd try and fuck it. Suddenly they were being offered almost unlimited access to two incredibly hot women who would normally be way out of their league.

Dominic, the skinnier of the two nerds, raised a trembling hand. "Yes?" I asked.

"What if, um, our team leader might not, be, ahh, 'available' every week, they might be... on holiday or something, or, er..."

I knew what he was getting at but it was amusing to watch him sweat. Eventually though I took pity on him. "You mean because of 'Women's Problems,' Dom?" He gave an embarrassed nod. "Actually girls, that's a good point. If for any reason one of you is unavailable I'll expect the other to pick up the slack." Neither woman seemed to mind.

"Very well then, let's get started!" I said enthusiastically.

"What, now?" asked Phil.

"No time like the present. Ladies, do your stuff. And seeing as it's the first time for everyone, I suggest you show these gentlemen what they're competing for. Strip," I ordered.

Max needed no more prompting. She grabbed the hem of her dress and simply hauled it over her head, displaying that lithe, toned and above all underwear-free figure to the team. "How about it, boys? Are you ready to work hard for me?" she asked, squeezing her nipples gently and cupping her cute tits together.

All of the guys, speechless at this exhibition, got up and moved towards her. "Hey!" yelled Imani. "Not so fast! Phil, Trevor, you're on my team! Get over here right now." The two men looked a little disappointed as they stood before Imani, but only until she removed her jacket. Her gigantic black tits were straining against a dark blue lace bra accented with small red embroidered flowers, gold nipple rings clearly visible through the fabric. She slipped off her skirt to reveal matching suspender belt and thong, the ring on her clit also completely obvious.

Max was already kneeling on her folded dress and had Dominic's cock in her mouth. I was shocked to see that the skinny, acne-faced geek was so well-endowed. He had a tool like the proverbial baby's arm holding an orange, and Max was struggling to get her mouth around it. In one hand she held Chris's cock, which despite being a decent-sized seven incher looked small compared to Dom's monster. I gave an involuntary shiver, looking forward to the day when he performed well enough to shove his battering ram up Max's tight asshole - after all, she'd been reluctant to even let me put a finger up there!

I strolled casually behind Max and conversationally asked Dominic if he'd ever had his cock sucked before. He shook his head. "Don't be afraid to help out a little," I said, "like this." I placed my hand firmly on the back of Max's head and forced her forward. She gagged and struggled as Dominic's huge ramrod was jammed down her throat, but I was remorseless. After a few seconds I let go and she slumped backwards, coughing as saliva splashed over her delectable breasts

"Don't forget to let her breathe occasionally," I added. Then I wandered over to Imani and the others as Dom again began shoving his tool down Max's throat.

The black woman had taken a different approach, bending double at the waist to take her charges' cocks in her mouth. She was actually managing to suck both simultaneously, her cheeks bulging obscenely. Trevor's dick was long but not particularly thick, while Phil was the opposite; his tool was fat and stubby. Imani's tits, free of the bra, were swinging and bumping together as she tried to force as much cock into her face as she could. She's removed her panties too and I simply couldn't help myself - the sight of her ass, stretching down to stocking-clad legs that ended in patent black high heels, was too much stimulation to ignore. I unzipped my hard dick and pushed it slowly into her waiting pussy. She moaned around the dicks crammed into her mouth as I began to ride her.

Across the office Dominic had given Max a respite from the relentless face-fuck he'd been subjecting her to, and she was using the opportunity to suck Chris's cock. She was deep-throating him almost frantically, seemingly looking for any excuse to keep away from Dom's giant shaft. Max's frenzied sucking proved to be an unwise tactic, because it didn't take long before the burly young guy cried out and unloaded a generous helping of come into her mouth. She coughed as it hit the back of her throat, but to her credit she swallowed all of Chris's sperm.

She had an air of resignation as she released his softening cock from between her lips and again turned to Dominic. She needn't have worried; his inexperience and excitement got the better of him and he erupted before Max could get her mouth back around his tool. 'Erupted' was right, too; he came like a geyser going off. Max actually fell backwards slightly, as much from the force of his ejaculation as from surprise. He shot rope upon rope of thick white come over her face, hair, tongue and tits until she looked like the victim of a bukkake video. This was too much for me and I emptied my own rather less impressive load deep into Imani's soft cunt. Phil and Trevor were also spurred on by the sight of Max half-drowned in semen, and discharged their own messes over the Imani's face and tongue.

Dominic and Chris helped Max onto unsteady feet. She picked up her dress and made for the door, presumably to get cleaned up. As she passed me she hissed, "if you think I'm taking that thing up my ass, you're crazy!"

I caught Dominic's eye and he looked a little disappointed. "Don't worry," I said, "I'll take care of it."

Imani was quietly wiping the sperm from her face as Max hurried out of the lab. "I could probably manage it," she offered. "Maybe in Dom's case I could help out."

"Thanks," I said quietly so only Imani could hear, "but Max has a responsibility to her subordinates irrespective of how many inflatable butt plugs you can take up there." She gasped in shock. "Don't worry," I reassured her, "your secret's safe from the troops. Best stage show I've ever seen, by the way. When are you up at the club again?"

She smiled. "This coming Saturday, but I'm not onstage, just one of the girls in the crowd. Will I see you there?"

"Count on it," I replied.


That night Julia, Aless and I curled up in front of the TV to watch footage from the lab. Both Julia and Aless were shocked at both the size of Dominic's cock and the volume of his ejaculation. Julia snuggled under my arm.. "Using sex to increase the output of your employers and then filming the action. You're a genius, darling."

"So I've been told," I replied smugly.

She poked me in the ribs. "OK then, Mr. Clever. You won't mind me stealing your idea!"

"Not at all," I said. "But in case you've forgotten you're running the entire admin section now. Even if all of your employees only deserve blowjobs, it would take you all week to get around the department - and that's just the guys. You have about a 50/50 split of male and female employees, don't you?" She nodded. "There you go then. Incentive-fucking your staff would be a full-time job."

Julia smiled her most evil smile. "It would, wouldn't it?" she said sweetly.

She tapped a few keys on the laptop nestled next to her on the couch. The TV now flicked to an angle down from the ceiling of a small space lined with shelves of pens, post-its, rulers and other assorted office supplies. "A stationary cupboard?" I asked. "Not very original."

She shushed me and gestured at the screen, where two people had just entered the room. I recognised Julia's secretary, Libby, and her young P.A. Will. The slight, mousy-blonde girl looked nervous. "I know The Old Bitch is going to give me the sack," Libby was saying, Julia bristling at the insult. "It's not fair! SHE was the one who was f... you-know-whatting in the office, and now she gets Mr. Corman's job! His wife goes to our church, and she looked terrible last Sunday. I don't know what The Bitch did to him, but SHE should be the one losing her job, not me!"

Will was the picture of innocence, despite knowing full well what Julia had done to Corman. "Relax," he said in a soothing tone. "I get on OK with Miss Brighton. I'm sure I can smooth things over."

Libby sniffed back a tear. "I hope so. If I lose my job I won't be able to pay rent on my flat."

"Well, nobody wants that, right?" Will was laying it on thick. "I help you out, and... you help me out."

"Wh-what do you mean?" asked Libby apprehensively.

Will grinned. "Things are getting interesting around here, Lib. With Ms. Brighton in charge everyone's shagging like rabbits."

"I know, the other day I was in the ladies' and there was somebody in the next cubicle, and they were, you know, doing it. It's disgusti... wait! You can't possibly mean..."

"It's not going to be easy to convince Ms Brighton not to fire you, Lib. So I save your job, you keep your flat and in return, I fuck your brains out."

"NO! I can't! Will, please don't make me do that!"

"No? OK, well, I'm kinda busy so I'll see you later..." he turned to leave.

"Hang on!" wailed Libby. "You wouldn't... if I say yes you have to promise you won't tell anyone, OK? And it would just be this once?"

Will appeared to consider this. "All right," he said eventually. "One fuck for one job. But you have to be naked, and you'd better at least pretend you're enjoying it!"

Slowly Libby removed her clothing - shapeless jeans and a sweatshirt covering ugly grey cotton underwear - to reveal a petite, slim figure. She was reasonably cute, and could have been downright sexy except for her bushy, unkempt thatch of pubic hair and breasts that were little more than stubby nipples atop limp bags of skin. Still, Will didn't seem to mind as he stepped out of his jeans to reveal a large erection. We watched as he pushed Libby onto the cold tile floor and positioned himself between her legs. She made some attempt to sound excited as he lowered his cock into her bedraggled pussy, but her moans were patently artificial.

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