tagIncest/TabooDigital Spy Ch. 10

Digital Spy Ch. 10


I don't know if it exists elsewhere in the world, but Dogging is a genuine phenomenon here in the UK.


Saturday started out cold, wet and miserable. I spent a few hours arranging for some of my furniture to be delivered to the new apartment, Julia & I deciding to move in officially the following weekend. She wanted to do some research into the legalities of becoming a landlady since she would be renting out her house, so I borrowed her BMW and drove through the busy London streets to hit a few luxury car dealerships.

Several fruitless hours later I arrived home discouraged. I had seen plenty of fabulous supercar metal, but nothing that would conceivably fit all three of my new 'family' comfortably for more than two minutes at a time. I had come close to ordering an extremely nice Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, but the rear seats just weren't big enough. I'd had a pleasant test drive of a Bentley Flying Spur, but the idea of driving the same type of car as Giles was not one I was happy with.

When I arrived back there was a note on top of the TV. Julia had taken Aless for a full going-over at her favourite spa, the Sanctuary, followed by hair, makeup, nails and clothes shopping in preparation for our visit to the Club. They would be gone most of the day, so I mooched around the house at something of a loose end. I decided to check the Digital Spy website, something I'd been neglecting quite a bit since Aless had more or less taken over running it. Firing up the computer in Julia's study I logged in, and began going through the most recent uploaded videos. Most of this content I hadn't even seen, from live acts at the Club to Julia and my adventures at the office, even a girl I used to date in Birmingham involved in a vigorous fucking session with a guy I recognised as her younger brother. I was impressed with Aless's editing skills; she'd quickly got the hang of the software and seemed naturally proficient at choosing which angles to use and how long to hold a shot.

The phone rang, interrupting my musings. It was Julia. "Hi darling, any luck with the car search?" I told her there wasn't. "Aww, never mind, I'm sure you'll find something you like," she soothed. "Sorry to run out on you, but we wanted to do something a little bit special for the Club tonight."

"That's OK," I said, "I'm just killing time on the website. I'm really impressed with the work Aless has been doing keeping it updated, we should really be paying her something."

"Hmm, good idea," said Julia thoughtfully. "How does, say, £250 a week sound?"

"About what I was thinking," I replied. "She'd be getting a lot more if we actually paid her for her, erm, acting."

"Aha! Trying to swindle us out of our rightful earnings are you, Mr. Big-Shot Producer?" she laughed.

"Absolutely," I chuckled. "How else am I supposed to pay for all these nubile young whores and mountains of Bolivian marching powder?"

"Well, if you can tear yourself away from the Hollywood lifestyle for five minutes, maybe you could check out a website I found this morning. I was thinking of getting some new bedroom furniture for the new place, and I found something through Google. It's in favourites under 'Fantasy Furniture.'"

I opened the link and had a quick glance down the page. "Hmmm, that's.... wow!" I exclaimed. The site was full of beautifully handcrafted wooden contraptions like stocks, bondage crosses, padded benches fitted with manacles and more. One thing that particularly caught my eye was a large, ornately carved bed. At first glance it was like any other bed, but on closer inspection I could see that the headboard was split and hinged with brass on one side, like a set of stocks. There were holes in the rosewood that were part of the carved pattern, but would perfectly fit around a pair of female wrists. The other side of the board featured a subtle but sturdy brass lock. Looking down I could see the endboard was similarly designed to hold two widely spread ankles. The bed was long enough that all but the tallest woman would be stretched helplessly across the mattress.

"I thought perhaps we might order the bed..." Julia began.

"I'm just entering my credit card number now," I replied. "Who knew shopping for home furnishings could be such good fun?"

"Some of the other items could be interesting," she continued. "I was thinking maybe if we were to invite Max over again, not to mention I was planning to do some, ah, 'management training' at home."

"Oh really?" I asked, intrigued. "This training wouldn't involve a certain secretary who seems to have taken a sudden, extended leave of absence from your office, would it?"

"Maybe," she laughed. "Anyway, got to run. My hot sugar body polish is ready. Love you!"

"Your hot what..?" I began, but the phone was already dead.

I surfed the web for a while, but was thoroughly bored. Like every guy alone at home, in the end I decided the only thing worth doing was watching porn. I started transmitting a video file over to the TV in the living room. Flicking the set on I was greeted with the stuff of every pervert's dreams - four teenage girls lounging around on a bed in their nightclothes.

Aless was sitting near the head of our bed in the main bedroom wearing her Winnie the Pooh nightshirt. She was dealing cards to her three friends; Becky, a slightly heavy but extremely pretty curly-haired Indian girl dressed in a set of purple satin pyjamas; Sam, a petite, short haired redhead in a pale blue set of shorts and vest top; and Ginny, a curvaceous brunette with the biggest tits I'd ever seen on a teenager bursting out of a short lace-trimmed white nightdress. I couldn't take my eyes off the latter, her breasts (surely at least an E-cup) bouncing enticingly as she pushed her long, straight hair back behind one ear.

The conversation was in progress as I turned up the sound. "But he's kind of old, isn't he?" the Indian girl was saying.

"George Clooney's older, but you're always saying you'd like to fuck him," Aless retorted. "Anyway, you've all seen him picking me up from school, he's hot!"

"He is Becky, you can't deny it," I was delighted that it was Ginny speaking in my defence.

"I wonder what his cock's like?" said Sam wistfully.

"Big," said Aless proudly, "and it gets really hard."

"You've seen it?" gasped Becky.

"Seen it, sucked it, fucked it," laughed Aless. "Why do you think I'm so happy in lessons?"

The other three sat there in shock, mouths agape. Ginny was the first to break the silence. "Was it, you know... good?"

"Awesome," said Aless very definitely. "He makes me feel like a princess being rescued... some silly crap like that anyway!" she laughed. "Or other times he treats me like his very naughty little girl. I love it when my Daddy punishes me." Aless was purring, her nipples hardening through the nightshirt.

"Aless!" cried Becky, "that's awful! How can you talk like that, and... and do that?"

"Oh, come off it Becky. We're not really related, and you're one to talk anyway. I know what you've been doing with your geography teacher!"

"Everybody knows!" laughed Sam.

"That's different," snapped Becky, blushing. He's not my... my step dad, he's just a teacher!"

"Yeah, and if any of the other staff found out he'd be sacked and you'd be expelled. And before you ask, my Mum knows and doesn't mind. Now," Aless threw down the cards in frustration, "don't any of you tarts know how to play poker?"

Sam and Ginny shook their heads while Becky just sat there steaming. "Fine," said Aless, "strip snap it is!"

"I don't know about this," muttered Becky, "maybe we should just watch a DVD or something."

"What's the matter?" smirked Ginny, "scared?"

"No!" snapped Becky, "I just don't... Oh, fine, whatever. who cares anyway?"

"Excellent," grinned Aless, piling up the cards in front of the others. "Get ready to show your goodies!"

Only a few cards had been dealt when one jack was laid on top of another. "Snap!" yelled Aless, slapping her hand down on the pile. "OK girls, let's see them." Aless of course knew full well that they were being filmed, and was obviously eager to get them out of their clothes. Ginny, bless her, didn't hesitate. She yanked the hem of her nightdress over her head and casually tossed it aside, her magnificent boobs bouncing freely. Her dark nipples were large and already hard, poking up from the centre of wide, crinkled circles. Sam also quickly removed her top, revealing small, B-cup breasts that were crowned with cute, extremely swollen aureoles. Finally, Becky reluctantly unbuttoned her pyjama top and sat with her arms crossed over her perky C-cups.

The game continued until a pair of threes appeared. Again Aless's hand shot out, "snap!" Becky groaned. Ginny laughed and slipped off her white panties, exposing a neatly cropped brown strip of pubic hair. Sam's pussy, when she removed her shorts, turned out to be almost bare except for a few wisps of red hair.

Meanwhile Becky was procrastinating wildly. "Does anyone want a drink? I was just going to get..." She was cut off as Aless tackled her around the waist and pulled her back onto the bed.

"Quick, grab those pants!" she squealed, and Sam and Ginny pounced. Despite struggling, Becky was helpless as between them her three friends tugged down her pyjama bottoms. She had a neat, triangular patch of dark silky hair above her pussy, which Aless now stroked with one hand. "Mmm, so is this what Mr. geography teacher keeps you in detention for?"

"Stop it, you bitch!" wailed Becky. "Listen, I'm not joking! Let me go!" Her attackers relented, giggling as they released her. I was surprised that Becky didn't immediately try and get dressed; instead she sat back down on the bed and retrieved her cards.

"Come on, let's keep playing," she snapped at Aless, "you're not getting away with being the only one still dressed."

"Hmm, OK," smiled Aless slyly. "But if I win again, I pick a forfeit and you three have to do it."

Sam won the next round. As Aless took off her nightshirt, baring her shapely figure and rock-hard nipples, the young redhead looked at the other two naked girls. "Mmm, those look nice," she said, eyes locked on Ginny's nipples, "Becky, why don't you give them a suck?"

The Indian girl looked furious. "This is so unfair! You're all picking on me!"

"Less complaining, more sucking," laughed Aless. "Come on; suck! Suck! Suck! Suck!" The other two picked up the chant, Ginny thrusting out her chest and lifting up those gargantuan boobs. Becky leaned forward and took one nipple in her mouth, slurping around it with her tongue. Considering her apparent reluctance she seemed in no particular hurry to stop. Ginny gave a satisfied sigh, while Aless and Sam watched spellbound as Becky gave the nipple a protracted workout.

"I think you'd better stop..." gasped Ginny.

Becky released the hard nub from her mouth. "What? You wanted your nipples sucked so they're damn well getting sucked!" This brought peals of laughter from Aless and Sam.

"So competitive, Becky! You're not in school now," giggled Sam. Becky had meanwhile moved on to the other nipple and was giving it the same meticulous treatment.

"Oh, no, you'd better... ah, I, ahhhhh..!" Becky suddenly stiffened, her head flying back, breasts trembling as she was hit by an impressive orgasm.

"Wow!" said Aless. "You can come just from having your tits sucked?"

"Very... s-sensitive..." gasped Ginny, falling back on her elbows. I found myself unable to tear my eyes away from the way her flushed breasts bounced as she moved.

Becky moved back to her seat, a look of triumph on her face. "Come on, let's play. I want those panties off," she snapped. Whether it was adrenalin or pure anger I wasn't sure, but Becky was now well and truly fired up, no longer displaying any embarrassment about being naked. The cards once again began piling up, and as soon as two sixes touched down on top of each other her hand shot out. She beat Aless to the stack by a split second and responded with a loud shout of "YES! Aless, get those knickers off, now! In fact, you two, as your forfeit you can hold her down while I take them off!"

Giggling, Ginny and Sam pounced on Aless, who struggled playfully. Becky meanwhile grabbed her insubstantial pink thong and tore it down one side. Aless yelped in protest as the dark-skinned teenager ripped the thin cloth from between her thighs.

"Right then," said Aless firmly once the girls had let her go, "One last hand to decide the winner, and forfeits still count. Agreed?" Everyone nodded. The cards began falling and it was, perhaps appropriately, two queens that came up. Becky shot out her arm but this time Aless beat her to it, squeaking with delight as her hand slapped down on the cards.

"I win!" Aless cried with delight. "OK ladies, forfeit time! Sam, get sucking Ginny's tits – I want to see her come again. Ginny, you can finger her cunt while she does it. As for you," she turned to Becky, "you wanted to see my pussy so much, you can have a close-up view. Get on your knees and eat me until I come. Now, bitch!"

Sam and Ginny moved up to the head of the bed so they could recline against the pillows. Ginny's hand instantly began probing between Sam's pussy lips, thumb gently stroking her clit as a finger slipped inside. Sam moaned and dropped her mouth to Ginny's nipple, nipping gently at the responsive skin. Ginny hissed with delight and began to move her fingers faster. Aless meanwhile was now sitting on the edge of the bed, Becky kneeling facing her on the floor, her face pressed into Aless's groin. Aless had a hand tangled in the Indian girl's hair, pulling her mouth harder onto her clit.

As much as I was enjoying this display my attention kept returning to the other two girls, particularly Ginny. A thin film of sweat covered her body as Sam worked on her breasts, her hand moving faster and faster in the redhead's moist cunt as her own excitement grew to unbearable levels. Moaning, Sam tugged on the nipple trapped between her teeth, which proved too much for Ginny. The brunette's breasts juddered as she came, screaming as her blurring hand fired off Sam's climax as well. In front of them Aless ground her pussy into Becky's face as her own orgasm arrived.

"Shit!" I gasped, shooting a fountain of semen onto my clothes, the couch and carpet. Staggering to my feet (trousers helpfully bunching around my ankles) I half fell down the stairs into the kitchen to fetch something to clean up with. As I struggled to the sink one thought occupied my mind: I had to fuck Ginny.


Afterwards I hit the shower, unable to get Ginny and her amazing tits out of my mind. I wondered how Aless would react when I told her I'd like to screw her friend; knowing Aless, she'd probably love the idea. I dried off and dressed, pulling on a deep purple shirt, dark trousers and a black corduroy blazer. I was becoming a little concerned that the girls still weren't home, but neither of their mobiles were picking up. I was just wondering whether to call the Sanctuary when the doorbell rang.

It was the same driver who picked us up the first time. "Good evening, Sir. I have been asked to pass on a message from your lady companions; they apologise, but have decided to meet you at the Club. Apparently their preparations took somewhat longer than was anticipated."

"I just tried to call..."

"Yes, Sir. Regretfully portable telephones do not work inside the Club for reasons so as not to interrupt our members' enjoyment. However they had arrived before I left to collect you. If I may be allowed a personal observation, Sir is a very lucky man. Shall we..?"

Wondering what he meant I locked up and allowed myself to be led to the plush van with blacked-out windows. We wove through the gloomy evening traffic, drizzle pattering against the roof. The driver stayed quiet as we pulled into the familiar Soho alley and I descended the staircase.

I don't think anything could have prepared me for what I saw in the foyer. For a few moments I thought I was seeing double until my addled brain figured out what was going on. Sitting quietly to one side of the room was Julia, her long auburn curls falling in a cascade around her shoulders. She was clad in a deep red basque with translucent lace cups, attached to matching stockings partnered with a tiny thong. Next to Julia was Aless, and it was her appearance that had made me do a double take. Her hair had been styled and coloured to perfectly mimic her mother's, and her outfit also matched except that it was black rather than red. I guess one way to describe it would be like looking at twins, though with Aless's marginally slimmer figure and younger face it was more akin to seeing the same woman at both 18 and 40 - and she was a knockout at any age.

I realised I'd been standing there with my mouth agape for about 30 seconds when both mother and daughter burst out laughing. The receptionist was also grinning, and even the pretty blonde coat-check girl managed a small smile despite being in some discomfort (I discovered later that Julia had given her the same treatment as on our first visit, with similar consequences). Julia swayed towards me. "I take it you approve, Mr. Wright?"

"I, er... that is, um, I... wow," was about the best I could do.

Aless now walked over, mimicking her mother's exaggerated sexual swagger perfectly. "We've been thinking about doing this for a few months, freak everyone out a bit, but the opportunity never really came up before now," she said. "Plus we thought you might... appreciate it."

"Well, I can honestly say if you wanted to freak people out, those outfits would certainly do it," I replied, trying to recover what tiny vestige of cool I could.

Aless swatted my arm. "No, not the underwear, the hair and makeup! What do you think, really?"

"Incredible, just incredible. I keep thinking you two will run out of ways to surprise me, and then you do something like this..." I took a step back and gave them a thorough look up and down. "Both of you look spectacular. I must have been very bad in a previous life to deserve you."

Aless smiled delightedly and kissed me. She snaked her tongue into my mouth and I up to caress her neck. After a few seconds she came up for air. Julia pouted. "Hey, it's my turn," she said mock-sulkily. What a hard life, I thought as she pressed her lips hard against mine, being fought over by such beautiful women!

The receptionist handed Aless and Julia their collars and we made our way into the Club. It was quite full, most of the booths and tables already occupied. I scanned the room for a free spot when a loud voice barked, "Wright! Over here!" I turned to see Edgecombe gesturing from a large semi-circular couch across the room. He was stripped to the waist, his trousers open with a slim young brunette in French maid uniform kneeling before him, his cock buried in her throat. We strolled over, me leading the girls by their leashes.

"Hello Edgecombe," I said. "May I introduce my partner Julia Brighton and her daughter Alessandra Brigton."

I could see he was impressed by my companions. "Delighted, simply delighted." He tapped the maid on the shoulder. "Run along, would you Jemma? I'm sure I'll see you later." Slightly reluctantly she stood and left, not getting far before a group of young guys beckoned her over. In about a minute her mouth was full of hard cock again.

Aless licked her lips and gazed at Edgecombe's erection. "May I?"

"Please do, young lady," her replied, smiling - or at least as close to smiling as I'd ever seen him get. To Julia he said, "Such good manners; my dear, you are to be commenahhhhhhh..." the rest of the sentence was lost in a delighted gasp as Aless's expert tongue caressed his cock.

I sat, Julia sliding between the two of us. "Thank you," she purred. "Dan had some very complimentary things to say about your own daughters. Are they with you tonight?" Edgecombe gestured towards the stage. There were the twins, Carly and Fliss, facing each other naked with their hands tied behind their backs. They were connected by painful-looking nipple clamps joined by strong black cords. They were apparently trying to drag each other across a line drawn down the centre of the stage, the clamps pulling viciously at their breasts. The victor would be the one who could stand the excruciating sensations the longest. At the front of the stage a large group of men was betting furiously on who would win. Both girls wore agonised but nevertheless determined expressions.

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