tagMind ControlDigital Spy Ch. 11

Digital Spy Ch. 11


Many thanks to everyone who has sent me feedback on the ongoing adventures of Dan and co. To those of you who emailed me direct, I've tried to reply to everyone but if I forgot you, it wasn't deliberate! I appreciate all of your kind comments very much.

Sorry for the delay on this chapter and the fact that it's fairly short. I was about halfway through when something major went wrong at work and since then I haven't had much time or energy to write. Hopefully I'm back on track now.


The following week went by relatively uneventfully. Monday morning saw Max and Imani giving their second round of motivational blowjobs, both looking dynamite in smart business suits that were tight in all the right places. They were careful to swallow so as not to let their clothes get messed up, though Max insisted on working through most of the morning with some of Dominic's escaped come drying around her luscious glossed lips. The scheme was turning out to be a runaway success; by 4pm Monday the team had already finished about a week's worth of work.

Ginny suddenly found excuses to be over at our house every night. Somehow I doubted her parents would be quite so keen if they knew the 'big project' she and Aless were working on was me. I was taking vitamins, had changed my diet to get more slow-release carbs and started a new cardio routine in the gym, but I was still having trouble keeping up with the needs of Julia, Aless and now Ginny. Luckily for me they were all easy on me, quite happy to satisfy each other when I finally had to surrender. Ginny was a little freaked out the first time that Julia joined her, Aless and I in bed, but soon came around when she discovered how good Julia's expert tongue felt applied to her hair-trigger nipples.

My biggest concern was making sure everything was organised for our big move over to the new apartment. Much of Julia's furniture was staying behind for when she rented out the house, so I had time to get the new bed and some of my stuff from storage shipped over. I also arranged a little extra parking space since I now had a brand new Brabus to house along with the Murcielago, Aless's Mini Cooper and Julia's BMW Z4. I took Friday afternoon off to make sure everything had been completed satisfactorily, missing Imani and Max's incentive fuck session with the team. I was disappointed but didn't really have the spare energy to join in much anyway, and I could check out the footage later.

The apartment looked terrific with furniture in, even if my bachelor style clashed a little with Julia's more homely approach. While overseeing the last few items being brought in I met our next-door neighbour, a voluptuous Indian girl named Mallika who looked like she should be the lead in a Bollywood movie. She was returning from the gym, large breasts almost escaping from a tight grey sports bra, when we got chatting in the corridor. We were still there when the new bed was brought in, and I saw Mallika's dark eyes widen when she noticed the hinges and padlocks at the top and bottom. Fortunately she seemed more intrigued than shocked, smirking sexily as she asked to 'take a closer look sometime.'

With everything sorted at that end (and the usual stack of cameras hidden everywhere) I steered the Brabus back to Julia's to help with packing up some of her stuff. It was around 4.30 when I got back and she was still at the office, but a couple of muscular removal guys were being shown around by Aless, while Ginny just enjoyed the view. I got the distinct impression that the girls were having fun teasing the two hunks - for one thing Ginny kept crossing and uncrossing her legs and I caught a flash of bare pussy under her short schoolgirl skirt. The guys were loving it, or at least they were until they noticed me. One of them looked like he'd been caught groping a nun, the other blushed furiously and began seriously studying the packing crates they'd brought. I caught Aless's eye and winked. "Everything under control, girls?" I asked innocently.

In her best butter-wouldn't-melt voice Aless said, "Yes thank you Daddy. We were just showing these big strong men what needs to be packed up. I wasn't sure though," she hopped up onto a chair, stretching up to gesture at some ornament on a high bookshelf, "is this going?" The ornament was irrelevant of course, she just wanted to flash her naked ass at the guys. I could see both of them desperately trying to look without me noticing, as Aless jumped back down (her skirt whipping up to reveal a momentary glimpse of shaved pussy).

"I don't think so, love," I replied, somehow suppressing a grin. "I'll go and stick the kettle on, shall I?" Somehow I contained my laughter until I made it to the kitchen.

If Aless and Ginny had been teasing before, now that the guys were afraid to look they became merciless. Aless hiked up her skirt even further and got Ginny to do the same, then both of them started 'helping' to move things around. They were bending over in front of the guys, thighs spread just far enough to reveal the moist peaches of their cunts each time. I made sure I was 'supervising' as closely as possible, enjoying both the view and the guys' discomfort. But eventually the workmen were about to move some heavy crates and I didn't want a back injury on my conscience, so I shooed the girls upstairs - they made sure to give one last flash as they bounded up the staircase.

As soon as the guys had packed up their truck and left (no doubt to jerk off as soon as possible) the girls came skipping back down, laughing. "You two are wicked," I said sternly.

"Oooh," shivered Aless, looking a little nervous, "does that mean we have to be punished?"

"I'm afraid it does," I replied, removing my belt. "You know what to do." Aless did; she undid her school tie and dropped to her knees, hands clasped behind her back. "You too, Ginny," I told the busty teen, "you did the crime so now you have to take the punishment."

"Aless? What..?" stammered Ginny.

"Do it!" hissed Aless. "Don't make it worse!"

Ginny nervously copied Aless, removing her tie and dropping to her knees. I moved behind Aless and bound her wrists securely with her tie. I quickly moved on to Ginny, enjoying her gasp of shock as I pulled her wrists together tightly to secure them. I wasn't actually going to hurt her - well, nothing permanent - but she didn't know that and her fear was a huge turn-on. Aless had realised this straight away, but quite apart from reassuring her friend she began playing the victim to the hilt. "Please don't use your belt this time, Daddy," she whimpered. "I was only teasing them."

I put on my sternest Master voice. "Yes, but you wanted to fuck them, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?"

"No! I swear, I didn't, I was just playing." She was going for an Oscar, it seemed, a crocodile tear rolling down her face. "Anyway, it was Ginny's idea! SHE told me to do it! SHE wanted to fuck them! Punish HER!"

"NO!" wailed Ginny in genuine terror. "I didn't... Aless said it would be fun! I would never... I'm sorry! I'm sorry Dan, please don't..."

As she said my name I squeezed my belt into a loop and cracked the two sides together, causing a very satisfying, loud snap. Ginny jumped and shut up instantly - Aless also jumped but I could tell she was just doing it to further petrify her friend. Very quietly I said, "you are to refer to me as Master, and by no other name, or you will be punished even harder. I am going to teach you a lesson, and you will thank me for every strike of this belt on your skin, do you understand?"

Ginny didn't know what to say. "I... I'm..." she gasped, tears now rolling freely down her cheeks.

I snapped the belt again. "Seeing as you do not know how to take your punishment properly, I will first have to demonstrate on Alessandra. I want you to consider that the punishment she is about to get is your fault." I leaned down to Aless and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her breasts to Ginny. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles. I squeezed her right breast in one hand, making her whimper softly. I pulled her nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed lightly, but made sure it looked like I was putting maximum effort into it.

Aless picked up on this immediately, screaming "AAAAAHHHH!!!!! NO PLEASE DADDY, IT HUUURTS!!!"

I tried to do my best stone-cold killer impression. I doubt it was very good but Ginny was too scared to notice. "WHAT did you call me?"

"I'm sorry Master, thank you Master," wailed Aless.

I shook my head. "An extra three lashes, I think." I made a major performance of raising the belt above my head and bringing it down viciously across Aless's breasts, though in fact I barely touched her. But from her reaction you'd think the flesh was being flayed from her bones.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!!" she screamed, collapsing backwards. "Thank you master," she wept, laying it on as thick as she could. I continued to 'beat' her where she lay, hands twisted behind her. I could see Ginny flinching with every scream and sob from Aless, and when I thought she could stand it no longer I stopped. Aless lay on the floor shaking and crying as I stroked the belt. If Ginny had been thinking clearly she would have noticed only the slightest of welts across Aless's skin, but she was in the grip of panic and all that registered to her were Aless's cries of pain. I reached down and started undoing the blouse that was stretched across her huge boobs. I noticed she too had nipples that were trying to tear holes in the fabric.

She looked up at me pleadingly as I raised my arm to strike - and then Aless blew it. She couldn't contain herself any longer and began laughing to split her sides, which set me off. Ginny looked at us uncomprehending as I doubled over, my turn to have tears running down my cheeks. "Ohh, Ginny, I'm sorry," I managed when I could catch a breath. "That was really cruel. I just couldn't resist." And, I added to myself, my cock was like a concrete post seeing how terrified you were.

Ginny went from relieved to angry in about a nanosecond. She pouted, shooting daggers at Aless who was still laughing. The pout just turned me on more. There was something else too. It looked like... no, it couldn't be; disappointment. "You are such a cow, Alessandra," Ginny said softly.

I untied Aless and she hugged Ginny, who was still bound. "I'm sorry babe, that was rotten of us wasn't it? I wasn't sure if Daddy meant it or not."

"You mean he actually does that? Ties you up and beats you?" asked Ginny incredulously.

"Well, not like that, it's just playing really. Nothing that hurts too badly." Aless licked her lips. "But a little bit of pain is nice sometimes. Mum loves it; sometimes she and Daddy pretend she's home by herself and he's broken in, and he ties her up and tortures her a bit and then 'rapes' her... Mmmmm," she was purring, "Daddy hasn't done that to me yet, but he's promised to, haven't you Daddy?"

I bent to untie Ginny. "I have to wait until you've forgotten, it'll be more fun when you're not expecting it."

"Er, hold on Dan. I mean Master. You don't have to untie me if you don't want to," Ginny said shyly. "I'd like to try, um, being punished. Not too hard!" she added quickly.

Aless reached under Ginny's skirt. "My God, Daddy, she's dripping! She was turned on when she thought you were really hurting me!" She pushed her wet fingers into Ginny's mouth. "Bitch, you liked seeing me being whipped half to death, didn't you?" Ginny nodded, hungrily slurping her juices from Aless's fingers.

"OK, Ginny, you asked for it. Aless, go round behind her and hold those beautiful tits out." Aless pressed her delectable body into Ginny's back, cupping her breasts and lifting them to make a better target. Ginny moaned as I aimed the belt at her right breast. I struck harder than I had on Aless, though not so hard as to really hurt her. Even so she jumped, breasts jiggling delightfully in Aless's hands, and she gasped "thank you Master!" She thanked me again as I brought the belt down on her left breast, slightly harder, and then again on her right, harder still. My aim was slightly off with the fourth blow, and the rough underside of the belt snapped down across her nipple.

Boom. Ginny's back arched as if she'd been electrocuted and she pushed back against Aless, an orgasm tearing into her with all the force of a tornado. Her breasts shook wildly in Aless's hands as her body spasmed, and tiny droplets of moisture flew from her pussy to spatter against her thighs. A strangled cry escaped from her throat as for a moment her breathing stopped. For a second I was worried, but she soon slumped back down onto her knees. "Wow," I murmured to myself, and Aless obviously felt the same. She was still holding Ginny's breasts out like some kind of wanton sacrifice, and she looked up at me, nodding slightly; do it.

It was a mean thing to do, but I had to know. I lifted the belt above my head and snapped it down over Ginny's other nipple.

Double boom. Instantly the tornado struck again, Ginny screeching in pain and ecstasy, thin streams of liquid running down her inner thighs as her cunt went into overdrive. Aless bit her earlobe and flicked her fingers over the abused nubs, prolonging the unbearable sensations that were racing through Ginny's small body. Aless relented eventually and slowly Ginny began to come down from the heights of pleasure that were ravaging her, collapsing against Aless's chest. "Ooooohhhhhhh nnnooooo..." she wailed, her body bathed in sweat, rivulets running down her face and dripping onto her breasts. She gasped in air, exhaling with quiet moans as Aless gently traced a fingernail around each of her dark areolas.

I really shouldn't have. It was one of the most evil things I've ever done. But then Ginny did say she wanted to be tortured. I pulled the belt back like a child with a slingshot, then cracked it sideways as hard as I could across both of her nipples.

If her first two orgasms had been a tornado, this one was a supernova. She twisted like a scalded cat, tendons standing out all over her perfect body. Her eyes rolled back to the whites and saliva flicked from her mouth. But that was nothing compared to the torrent from her cunt, juices arcing like a fountain over her thighs. Her chest worked frantically, trying to draw in oxygen. Aless actually had to hold on to her to prevent her throwing herself across the room, and with a tortured rip her school tie split apart as her arms shot out rigidly at her sides. As her breath finally caught she let out an unearthly scream, finally slipping out of Aless's sweat-slicked hands and collapsing on her side on the floor.

Aless protectively cuddled up to her, stroking her disarrayed blonde hair. "It's OK, babe, no more," she whispered into her friend's ear. I sat down heavily on the couch, absolutely stunned. I had never seen anyone come like Ginny just had, an orgasm that seemed to reach from the tips of her hair to the ends of her toes. I looked down dumbly at the belt in my hand, putting it down gingerly as if it was a lethal weapon.

I got Ginny some water and Aless gently bathed her face and body with a cool flannel. Her ragged breathing began to slow and she managed to sit up, propped against the base of the couch. "Un... believable," she eventually managed in a hoarse voice. "I'll be... stiff tomorrow."

"Are you OK?" I asked, genuinely concerned.

She nodded. "That was the most incredible thing that's ever happened to me."

It took Ginny a little while to recover, but before long she was sitting on the sofa, sipping water surrounded by a sort of satisfied glow. I couldn't take my eyes off her chest as it rose and fell almost hypnotically. She had a new, older expression on her face, giving me the feeling that she'd crossed a line in her mind and now there was no going back.

I turned to Aless. "And what about you, young lady? Can you take that sort of punishment?"

Ginny piped up, "Yeah, Al, it seems only fair. You were happy to watch me take it."

Aless looked a little unsure of herself. "Well, I suppose... I doubt I'll come just from having my boobs whipped, though."

I grinned. "Not a problem. Ginny, I want to show you something. Aless, take off the rest of your clothes and lie back on the footstool."

Aless did as she was told silently, and now her expression was distinctly fearful. Once she was positioned to my satisfaction on Julia's large leather-bound footstool, I picked up Aless's tie and the remnants of the other. "Check this out," I said to Ginny who had come to stand next to me, having also divested her remaining clothes. I tightly lashed Aless's wrists inside her ankles, left to left and right to right. She was now bound helplessly on her back, upper arms squeezing her breasts together while the position of her forearms kept her legs apart. Her pussy was splayed and wet, a tiny trickle of moisture running down to her tightly puckered asshole.

"Now," I said, handing the buckle end of the belt to Ginny, "there are other places to beat instead of her breasts."

Ginny smiled, lifting the belt up above her head. With perfect aim, she brought it whistling down to slap against Aless's exposed pussy. "Yoooowww!!!" shrieked the helpless girl, writhing against her bonds.

"Cool!" smiled Ginny, raising her arm again and flicking another sharp blow between Aless's thighs.

"Ahhhh! NO!!" she cried, tears springing to her eyes as Ginny rained down one stinging strike after another onto her pussy and thighs.

"Don't neglect her tits," I instructed, and Ginny obliged by aiming several lashes across Aless's chest, raising bright red welts across the skin of her breasts. Aless was sobbing and begging for Ginny to stop but her pussy was saturated, beads of her fluid flying from the belt as it spitefully beat her cunt. Her clitoris was standing out like a tiny gold nugget, and Ginny was doing her best to catch it each time. I held up a hand. "That's enough. Now," I knelt down, pulling Ginny with me, "while it's stinging, lick her as gently as you can."

Tentatively Ginny applied the only the very tip of her tongue to Aless's abused clit. "Oooohhhh," she sobbed at the intense feeling of sharp pain being intensified by gentle pleasure. Slowly Ginny licked around the red skin, probing Aless's hole with her tongue. The bound teenager was trying to twist and writhe away from her friend's soft touches, unable to stand the conflicting sensations. More to hold her in place than anything (honest!) I knelt at the other end of the stool and stuffed my cock into her upturned mouth. I began to ride her mouth slowly but firmly, the squirming only making her delectable lips caress my cock more vigorously. I reached down and began to tenderly rub my fingertips over her smarting nipples. She whimpered around my shaft as Ginny increased the speed and pressure on her clit. At the same time I started pinching and tugging on Aless's nipples more firmly, and she began to shake uncontrollably. Suddenly she came, gasping for air as the burning feelings in her breasts and cunt overwhelmed her. Wincing, I felt her teeth scrape lightly against my cock, but to her credit she managed to hold it in place despite the waves of pleasure washing through her slender body.

I pulled out of her mouth to let her get some air, pumping my cock rapidly with one hand. Ginny quickly scooted up until she was lying on top of Aless, their breasts squashing together. Ginny opened her mouth just as I exploded, squirting pearly jets over her nose and across her tongue. Some dripped down onto Aless's face, and she opened her mouth. "Mine..." she whispered, and Ginny lovingly kissed her, my come coating their lips and chins.

"OK girls," I asked innocently. "Do you have any homework to be getting on with?"


Saturday morning dawned bright and clear, but also cold. Frost sparkled on the lawns of Regent's Park as I weaved the Brabus through early traffic. I had told Julia to take Aless shopping for whatever girls buy with an unlimited budget, and though she had made a brief show of wanting to help me supervise the move, the lure of shopgirls sucking up to a platinum Amex card had proved too strong.

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