tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDigital Spy Ch. 12

Digital Spy Ch. 12


Updates still not as frequent as I'd like, so thank you for sticking with the story. Thanks also for your feedback, emails and story ideas - hopefully I can use some of them as the story goes on.


On Saturday night Julia decided she wanted to break in our new 'bondage bed.' Julia told Aless that for its first outing the bed should be a 'Mum and Dad thing,' and the gorgeous young girl stamped off to her room, pouting - she was after all still very much a teenager. We retired to bed and kissed softly for a while, before I slowly slipped Julia's purple silk robe onto the floor. She breathed heavily as I pinned her wrists in the headboard holes and firmly locked the top half of the 'stocks' in place. I paused, straddling her stomach to watch those divine breasts rise and fall as she gasped in anticipation. She raised her hips and I slipped a cushion underneath her ass before locking her ankles in place, then stood back to admire the view. Julia was lewdly displayed across the whole of the bed, tits jutting like soft pillows, pulled upwards by her elongated arms. Her legs were stretched wide to expose the two most intimate places I was about to punish.

Julia's eyes burned into me. "What are you waiting for?" she exhaled, "get over here and fuck me!"

I made a performance of strolling slowly around the room, though I'd have looked a lot less ridiculous if my erection hadn't been bobbing around comically like an eager snake. "Let's not rush things," I said, "we've got plenty of time. I was just thinking about taking in a late movie..."

She shot me daggers. "You wouldn't dare, you rotten bastard! You'll be so fucking sorry..." She began to struggle against the restraints but the padded holes fit too snugly around her wrists and ankles.

I reached into a drawer and pulled out several items, which I was careful to hide behind my back as I strolled over to the bed. "Sticks and stones may break my bones," I replied cheerfully, "but whips and chains excite me." I dropped the things I was carrying next to the bed where Julia couldn't see them, except for a fat red ball gag that I held up in front of her face. "Such rude words from such a nice lady," I said, squeezing her cheeks in one hand and forcing the hard rubber ball between her teeth with the other.

"Don't want to disturb the new neighbours, do we?" I smiled, fastening the straps tightly behind Julia's stunning riot of auburn hair. The gag had a metal ring protruding from the front, to which I attached a short chain topped at each end by a sharp steel clamp. I flicked both Julia's nipples with a finger (not that they could get much harder) and then snapped the jaws into place. She moaned into the gag and lifted her head up to try and relieve the sudden biting pain in her tits, but I could see in her eyes the acute awareness that she wouldn't be able to stay that way for long.

Next I held up a thick black vibrator, making sure that Julia could see the small crocodile-style clip near the base. Her expression revealed genuine fear as I worked the phallus into her pussy, which was easy enough as it was already slippery with arousal. I leaned forward to flick my tongue over her clit, sucking the little nub between my lips to make it hard. Once it was suitably erect I snapped the clip into place, extracting another injured groan from Julia.

The final item I showed her was a large black vibrating butt plug, rubbing it over her chin and throat to coat the surface with the saliva that was escaping from around the gag. She tried to wriggle out of reach but the bed prevented her moving to any great extent. I slid the tip of the plug into her crinkled butthole and pushed it in hard. Julia gasped, snapping her head back reflexively, which in turn yanked hard on her abused nipples. She wailed, lifting her head up again and looking at me pleadingly.

I held up the two small black control boxes. "These are the latest thing," I said. "I've set them to randomly vary the intensity of the vibrations. They might pulse gently or they might stay on full power the whole time. The only person who'll know for sure is you." I hit both 'on' buttons simultaneously. Julia's whole body jerked and she screamed around the ball gag as the excruciatingly delicious sensations overwhelmed her. I enjoyed watching her squirm as I dressed in jeans and a collarless white linen shirt, then left the bedroom and closed the door behind me.

I found Aless sulking in her room. She cheered up considerably when I explained the predicament I'd left her mother in, and we went online to check movie times in the West End. I was going to pick a fairly short action flick starring a Hollywood hunk I knew Aless fancied, but she overruled me and demanded to see a critically-acclaimed subtitled French drama. I suspect this was more to do with the almost 3-hour running time than any desire to expand her mind with a little culture. We hopped a black cab to the Curzon, an indie cinema on Shaftesbury Avenue. The movie turned out to be more enjoyable and less pretentious than I was expecting, with some good acting. Being French it was also packed with nudity and almost hardcore sex scenes, making it even harder to concentrate. Aless wasn't helping matters by lifting her short skirt and fingering her naked cunt every time I looked over.

Aless was hornier than ever when the film ended, and begged to look around the sex shops along nearby Brewer Street. When a stunning 18-year old girl wearing a tiny red zipped miniskirt, short denim jacket and low-cut white tank-top, braless nipples jutting obscenely through the thin fabric, is bouncing up and down in front of you, it's hard to refuse. She half-dragged me up Great Windmill Street, laughing as she went, the hem of her skirt dancing over firm, naked butt cheeks. The first store we came to was called 'Pirate,' and she dashed inside.

Now, Soho isn't quite the grubby hole it used to be, and a lot of the adult stores have gone for a more upmarket look, but there are still a few that retain the unpleasant seediness of old. This store was one of those. An unshaven guy slumped behind the counter, and the clientele consisted of a couple of shifty-looking old men browsing the racks of cheap hardcore magazines. All three looked around as Aless bounded through the bead-curtained entrance, laughing.

She went straight up to a rack of ugly sex toys, and selected a nasty-looking two-pronged strap-on described on the packaging as 'The Punisher.' "Oooh, this one!" she cried, ripping open the box and pulling the monster dongs free.

"Hey!" said the guy behind the counter in a thick East-European accent, "you can't do zhat!"

"I just want to try it," she shot back breathlessly, hiking one foot up on a shelf full of DVDs and bending over, giving everyone a stunning view of her bare asshole and pussy as the miniscule skirt rode upwards. Gripping the toy by the base she stuffed first one, then the other flesh-coloured plastic cocks into her mouth and slicked them with saliva, then reached behind her and jammed one each into her cunt and ass. "Ohhhhh," she moaned as the hard shafts slid into her holes.

As she fucked herself I unzipped my cock and offered it to her, and she hungrily sucked me into her mouth. I grabbed a handful of hair and rode her throat, all the while watched by the store's other occupants. Aless had been simmering the whole way through the movie and took all of two minutes to come, her muscles contracting hard enough to expel the dildoes with some force. As she shuddered to her climax I withdrew my cock and jerked it furiously, quickly unloading over her lips, nose and chin. She licked a thick glob of my sperm into her mouth happily, then presented the slippery strap-on to the guy behind the counter; "We'll take it."

I pulled out my wallet but the guy shook his head nervously. "Not money," he muttered, "I fuck her azzhole." I looked at Aless and shrugged. Grinning she lifted herself up on the counter and slid her butt to the edge nearest the guy, who had pulled his short, stubby cock from a pair of cheap tracksuit pants. He pushed it roughly into her ass, though after the reaming her sphincter had just taken from the dildo it went in easily. Even so the ecstatic schoolgirl moaned with pleasure as he grabbed her thighs and started furiously banging her most intimate place.

The two customers had been observing this activity and both were now openly masturbating (I got the feeling this was the first real woman they'd seen naked, possibly ever). One, a short, skinny man who looked about 70, shuffled up to the edge of the counter where Aless's head was hanging upside down. He tensed and looked like he was about to have a coronary. After a few seconds his cock fired several streams of thin, watery semen over Aless's face and into her open mouth. The second customer, sixtyish and overweight, needed no more encouragement. He actually pushed his cock into Aless's mouth as he came, thick white come drooling out from between her lips to add to the mess on her face. This was too much for the sales guy, and with a grunt he emptied his balls into Aless's rectum.

She climbed down from the counter and licked her lips. "Come on Daddy," she purred. "Mummy will be wondering where I've got to." I grinned and followed her out onto the street. She laughed and skipped along the road, apparently unconcerned about the three loads of come plastered over her face and the fourth beginning to leak out from her asshole. Like mother like daughter, I thought, remebering my first official 'date' with Julia - the one where she'd ended up walking back to my car naked. I hailed a cab, and the driver almost crashed into a lamppost when he noticed Aless's dishevelled state.

We pulled up outside the apartment block and by now I was getting a little concerned. It was a good four hours since we'd left and I was beginning to wonder how much punishment even Julia could take. I pulled out my wallet but instead of taking the proffered £20, the driver simply looked expectantly at Aless. I groaned as she walked around to the driver's side door and bent down to take his large cock in her mouth.


By the time we made it back into the flat Julia was in a bad way. She was twisting and writhing desperately, trying to find any relief from the vibrating torture. From the pitch of the buzzing I guessed that the toys were jammed on 'full,' and from the sheen of sweat bathing Julia's skin and soaking the bedclothes I guessed they'd been that way for some time. Aless was clearly in no mood to mess about; she hadn't said a word since the cabbie had shot his wad into her mouth, and I quickly found out why. Discarding her jacket Aless stalked over to the bed, grabbed a double handful of Julia's hair (pulling her head back to increase the strain on her nipples, naturally) and spat the whole thick load into her mother's face, where it mingled with Julia's sweat and tears.

Aless whipped off her skirt and strapped on the Punisher, climbing between Julia's splayed thighs. She worked the fat plug out of Julia's ass, the rubber lump buzzing like an obscene, angry bee in her hand. To my amazement the young woman then pressed the tips of BOTH cocks against Julia's asshole. If Julia had dared shake her head with the nipple clamps in place, I'm sure she would have. Even so she moaned around the ball gag as Aless invaded her anus with two oversized rubber phalluses. Despite being loosened by the plug Julia's sphincter was horribly stretched by the toy, and Aless struggled to force it in.

The buzzing from the dildo had died down somewhat as the remote had randomly switched to a lower setting, but suddenly it snapped back to full power. Julia's wail was almost inhuman as the latest in who knows how many orgasms clawed its way through her tired body. Aless was unconcerned however, in fact she seemed to delight in her mother's condition and pushed even harder with the fat toys. This was too much for me; I had to fuck something! I tore the sleeve of my shirt in my haste to remove it, but didn't care.

I clambered on to the bed and wrapped a strong hand around Aless's throat from behind. "Fuck that whore," I snarled into her ear, jabbing my angry cockhead against her teenage asshole. She gasped for breath, trying to squirm free as I savagely jammed my way into her tightest hole. I bore down with my full weight, driving all 8 inches of my hard flesh between Aless's buttocks. She shrieked hoarsely, and Julia wailed too as my thrust slammed the Punisher into her ass right to the hilt. I continued to choke Aless as I spat into her ear, "What's the matter, Cunt? You can dish it out but you can't take it? Fucking slut, you should have known this was coming, teasing all those strangers!"

With that I began to violently rape my daughter's ass, all the more tuned on because I knew what it was doing to Julia at the same time. Aless tried to reach behind her and push me away to no avail, and her resistance just made me harder. I saw fire in Julia's eyes; clearly she was getting off seeing her upstart child being abused in this way. With my free hand I clawed at Aless's teenage tits, yanking hard on the nipples through her thin top. She gave a strangled cry and shuddered as an orgasm punched into her, Julia arching her body against Aless's as another climax took her too. With that I yelled something incoherent and voided my balls deep into Aless's insides.

I gently rubbed the young girl's shoulders after regaining my breath. "I think that's enough," I said quietly, climbing off her so she could reluctantly withdraw the Punisher. I flicked off the dildo in Julia's cunt and, as gently as I could, unclipped it from her clit. The rush of blood and sensation would be, I knew, even more intense than the clip itself for a few minutes, and Julia moaned once more. The nipple clamps came off next, accompanied by more painful groans, then the ball gag. Julia let out a shuddering gasp as I took it out, and licked cab driver semen from her lips.

"You evil, evil bastard!" she snarled at me as I unlocked the headboard, but even so I caught her wink. She made a show of massaging her tired, stretched arms as Aless smirked down at her, so the younger woman was taken completely by surprise as Julia grabbed her wrists and yanked them upwards so I could lock the restraint back down. "You wanted to try out our new bed, darling," said Julia sweetly, as I freed her ankles and wrestled Aless's into their place. Julia slipped out from underneath her daughter and stretched, catlike. "Mmmm, I like our new furniture, I think I'll see what else that site has tomorrow," she grinned.

Aless was protesting as she lay face-down on the bed, but she was surprised into silence as Julia reached beneath her and tore open the skimpy top, letting her tits spill out. Julia retrieved the ball gag and nipple clamps from the floor and dangled them in front of Aless. "Your turn, love," she smiled.


We left Aless like that, with clamps on her most sensitive areas and her orifices full of vibrating plastic, as I helped Julia into a deep, fragrant bath. I gently sponged clean her skin, and then as my tongue found hers she stroked my cock below the water and guided it into her cunt. It seemed that even after her long ordeal she'd saved one more orgasm for me; as I fucked her slowly and deeply she tangled her fingers in my hair and whispered tender obscenities into my ear, and I kissed from her neck down to each puffy, abused nipple. She came sighing, biting my earlobe and digging her nails into my back as I released inside her.

As we sank up to our chins in the warm bubbles, I glanced at the new wall clock. "Should we let her out yet?" I asked.

Julia shrugged. "Give her another half an hour," she replied, "I don't want her to enjoy it too much!"


London is a city that parties until early and consequently sleeps late. I left Julia in bed and took the Brabus around the empty streets of Canary Wharf, enjoying the surge of power every time I tapped the accelerator. Suddenly my phone beeped, and I hit the handsfree control. "Hello?"

"Dan? Oh, I'm so glad you're there," I recognised the ultra-posh tones of Cassandra the property agent. "It's the strangest thing but... I can't seem to get you out of my head. In fact - this is rather embarrassing - I was dreaming about you last night. The things you did to me, such wonderful, wicked things, I can't tell you..."

There was an unusual noise in the background, it sounded like church bells. "Cassandra, where are you?" I asked.

"At home in my flat, Dan. What, the bells? Oh, that's just St. Agatha's over the road, their early service." I asked if there was a window or anything that looked over the church, but Sandy went one better; "my balcony faces the entrance, I'm one floor up so I get a good view of people going in and out."

I pulled the Brabus into a deserted side street. "What are you wearing, Cassandra?"

"Why, nothing of course, Dan I just got out of the shower. I was in there for an age, I just wanted to, ah, rub my little pussy and think about you, isn't that strange? and yet talking to you I want to do it again... I think talking to you makes me horny, Dan."

"Did you put the devices I gave you on the balcony?" I asked through dry lips.

"Of course, I put them everywhere Just like you said."

"Sandy, listen carefully. Do you have a Bluetooth earpiece for your phone? Good. Put it on and go out on the balcony. Are you there? Are there many people going into the church? Great. Now, face them and hook one leg over the rail... can they see your cunt through the bars? Awesome! Now, start finger-fucking yourself... That's it, make sure you make plenty of noise..."

At the end of the phone I could hear Cassandra moaning loudly as her fingers pleasured her pussy. I grinned as she added as much filthy blasphemous talk as she could; "Good Lord, my cunt is so fucking wet! Jesus Christ, I'm coming! Oh God, my fingers feel so good in my cunt!" and so on. I waited until her cries turned to gasps, and her gasps to ragged breaths. "Ooooh, God Dan, that was amazing!"

"What are the parishioners doing?" I asked.

"Oh, they've gone inside and locked the door, but I think the Vicar made the Evil Eye at me first!" she laughed. "Anyway... can I see you soon?"

"Definitely," I agreed, "I'll call you."

A few minutes later the Brabus screeched to a halt in my parking space and I all but sprinted back to the flat. I needed to fuck again! Luckily Julia didn't need much persuading; she was sitting in front of the computer stark naked, hair damp from the shower. One hand was caressing her pussy as she looked at something on the screen. "Hi darling," she said seductively as I entered. "I'm doing a little shopping, come and see." I stripped out of my T-shirt and jeans and wandered over, to where Julia was studying the Fantasy Furniture site. I noted the total in her shopping basket - it looked like she'd bought half their stock. She noticed my expression, "don't worry darling," she grinned wickedly, "business expense!"

Before I could ask what that meant she dropped to her knees and sucked my thick rod into the warm, wet cavern of her mouth. I tangled my fingers in her hair and melted away as she went to work, her tongue bringing me the kind of pleasure most people don't know exists. No matter how many girls I fucked Julia was the only one who could make me feel like I was dissolving and being breathed in by her as she swallowed my cock.

I came back to reality at the sound of a loud moan. "What..?"

Julia released me and stood. "Follow me love," she smiled, guiding me by the cock into our main bathroom. There inside the large shower stood Aless, outstretched arms handcuffed behind the shower nozzle. She was frantically trying to wriggle out from under the spray, which from the temperature in the room I guessed was probably icy cold. Sadly for her the shower had 4 auxiliary jets lining the walls, so no matter how she twisted and writhed the stinging water drenched her pale skin. Her stubby nipples jutted out like marble splinters and her breasts bounced as she danced and shivered.

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