tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDigital Spy Ch. 13

Digital Spy Ch. 13


Many thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through yet MORE delays - those of you who sent emails hoping that the story would continue, they were very much appreciated. Also thanks to everyone who suggested story ideas, I may use some of them in the upcoming chapters. The end is in sight now, so hopefully I won't stretch your patience out too much further.

This chapter is the most extreme and nasty one yet, and as ever is a work of FICTION and FANTASY. I do not in any way condone such behaviour in real life, I don't (in spite what some commentators may think) hate women, and if such material is offensive to you, go and read something else!

On with the story...


Cassandra accompanied me to work the next day direct from our place. Clothing was not a problem, since I had decided on a very specific dress code for her: no dress at all, or blouse or skirt or anything else. Heels and stockings were acceptable, as was other lingerie, just as long as her tits, ass and pussy were bare. After some online discussion with the boffins who had built the brainwashing card we had decided to try and push Cassandra as far as we could, to see if there were limits to the device's power.

Julia lent Sandy her purple sparkly flasher coat and Aless donated a pair of patent black shoes with open, buckled toes and 4-inch chromed spike heels. A rummage through what had become the communal lingerie drawer turned up black seamed nylon stockings with red ribbon bows on the back of the hem, and a black mesh garter belt embroidered with dark red hearts. After Aless attacked her with mousse and a hairdryer, Cassandra's purple-dyed hair assumed a funky, feathered modern 'do.' Makeup, including some slutty deep-red sparkling lip gloss, completed the picture, and the picture said "fuck me until my ears bleed!"

It was a cold morning (winter was drawing in fast) so the heat was on in the Brabus. Cassandra started breathing heavily as I negotiated the morning traffic. "It's warm in here," she sighed, and I reached for the air con button. "No, don't worry," she piped up and slipped off her coat. We pulled up next to a bus as it waited for a green light, and several teenage schoolboys suddenly had their days made as they spotted the perspiring naked woman in the flash car obliviously fingering her cunt.

Sandy didn't even bother picking up the coat as we parked at the office (having given the security guards a similar thrill), so I grabbed it and slipped it over her shoulders as she exited the gleaming black Merc. She seemed surprised to discover that she was, in fact, naked, and quickly fastened the jacket closed. I swiftly ushered her through the various 'new employee' procedures, including getting a security pass - on a neck chain given that she'd have nowhere to clip it! By 10am we were sitting in one of the large tech section meeting rooms. I was positioned towards the middle of the long polished oak table, with Cassandra on my right. She had once again lost the coat and was leaning against my shoulder while idly rubbing her clit with one hand, having first inserted two fingers of the other into her asshole.

Across the table sat five technicians in white lab coats, the men who had designed the magic credit card. The one in the centre, apparently the most senior, shook his head slightly. "Remarkable," he muttered. "Remind me, what did you tell her to do?"

"I think my exact words were to masturbate every spare moment," I replied. "That seems to be what she does. If she's occupied - working, say - everything's fine. But the moment she finds herself at a loose end..." as if to punctuate the sentence Cassandra emitted a loud moan of pleasure.

The guy in the middle, whose name was Stanton, addressed her directly. "Cassandra, we have some questions for you, and it's very important you answer honestly." She nodded brightly, though her fingers continued their work. "Good. Are you aware of what you're doing now?"

"You mean rubbing my clit and fingering my asshole? Oh, yes. Is it bothering you, Mr. Stanton?"

"Er, no, not at all." Liar, he was sweating and squirming like a snake, as were his colleagues. "Do you normally behave like that in public?"

"Well, now that you mention it, no. But since spending Saturday with Dan and his friends I feel... sexier, I suppose. Hornier. I want to come all the time."

"I... s-see," replied Stanton. I swear to God, his glasses (thick-lensed, typical 'scientist' ones) were actually steaming up. "And you aren't worried about other people seeing you like this?"

Cassandra seemed to consider this, moaning slightly as she neared a climax. "I'm aware they might be shocked, but I don't actually care what they think. Isn't that odd? I used to be much more self-conscious. Oh, excuse me, I'm going to coooOOOOOOO!!!!" She shuddered as if plugged into a live current, burying her fingers up to the last knuckle in her anus.

"I... I wonder if you might give us a minute," gasped Stanton, "please wait outside until we call you." Sandy stood and smiled, then swayed sexily out of the room. Already one hand had started stroking her clit again.

As soon as the door closed Stanton began a muttered conversation with his colleagues. I caught odd phrases like 'brainwave displacement,' 'neuropsychological infarction' and 'synaptic packet frequency' before they turned back to me. "It seems that the young lady has completely succumbed to the Neurocard's influence, so much so that she remains highly receptive to instructions even without the neural disruptor activated. I have to admit we hadn't considered these kinds of side-effects, or indeed," his bushy eyebrows waggled suggestively "using the card in this manner."

Yeah, I thought, but I bet you're thinking about it now, aren't you? All of these guys were typically nerdy, balding, greasy-haired career technicians, in fact if anything they resembled the crowd at a 'Futurama' convention where everyone had gone dressed as Prof. Farnsworth. I suspected quite a few hot young things were about to find themselves unexpectedly drawn to pasty old boffins with questionable personal hygiene.

"Is there anything you can do?" I asked. "I mean, I know this is my fault and I'm all for posh tarts walking around naked, but Sandy's condition is already messing up her life. If nothing else she's going to get a blister on her clit."

A couple of the geeks sniggered unpleasantly at this. Stanton frowned and placed a device on the table. It looked for all the world like one of those handheld credit card PIN machines you get in restaurants. "Activate your card and place it in here, it will isolate the specific brainwave frequency of the young lady. It will allow you to reverse the conditioning, or at least modify it - perhaps the use of keyword activation might be advisable?" Hmm, I thought, that's not a bad idea.

I picked up the box. "If you don't mind I'll take this outside - I'd rather keep the details to myself." Stanton looked disappointed, but agreed.

Out in the corridor, Cassandra was leaning against the wall and rubbing her pussy frantically as another orgasm built. I slipped my magic credit card into the reader and activated the chip. Lights chased across the display and Cassandra suddenly froze. Her face went blank and her hands fell to her sides. "Um, Cassandra, do you know where you are?" I asked. Stupid question, but I wasn't quite sure what to say.

Her voice was a flat monotone. "I am in a corridor at a place called The Company, where I now work."

"OK... do you remember the suggestions I put inside your head on Saturday?"

"You made me act as though I was enjoying it as you and some other men raped me. Then you told me to behave like a whore and masturbate all the time. I did, and because of that I lost the job that I loved."

Wow, I wasn't expecting that. "But you seemed to love it when we fucked you," I argued.

"I did, it was the best sex I've ever had. But I also knew I shouldn't have been acting that way. Normally I would have screamed and fought. You..." she paused for the first time, "...violated me anally. Nobody's ever done that to me before, it was very painful and disgusting."

"And how do you feel now, programming aside?"

"I'm so ashamed I could die. Standing here naked, playing with myself like that... it's horrible."

"And with the programming?"

"I fucking love it."

"OK, Cassandra. I want you to listen carefully..."

In the end I programmed her with four keywords. 'Ossorio' activated a modified version of her normal behaviour, so she'd be able to wear clothes (including underwear) and function normally without needing to come every few minutes. She would still be receptive to being fucked, especially if I ordered her to, and she'd still have wet dreams about me and be compelled to masturbate, but with a rather healthier frequency. 'Configuration' would switch her into the original programmed state with a few changes; she would crave being naked and constantly want to be fucked, but would just about be able to suppress these urges enough to do her job. 'Gerhardt' would remove what little inhibition she had left; she would feel an overwhelming urge to take any cock within her immediate vicinity in one (but preferably all) of her holes. And finally, because I'm an irredeemably evil bastard, 'Montessori' would shut down all the programming and return her to normal - complete with the memories of being degraded, broken, helpless and repeatedly violated.

I led Cassandra back into the meeting room and handed the control box back to Stanton. "Thanks guys, I think that'll do the trick. Sandy, better thank the nice men for all their help, eh?" I leaned closer and whispered "gerhardt." The effect was immediate. Cassandra's eyes widened and she let out a low moan.

"Oh my God, I need COCK!" she cried and all but dived under the table. Stanton gave a strangled cry as, out of sight, she attacked his crotch. I saw her head start bobbing as she released his cock, and the two engineers either side jump as her hands shot out to massage the bulges in their trousers. I made a show of checking something on my PDA, and I was - the feeds from the cameras I'd secretly palmed under the table. I could see Sandy deep-throating Stanton's cock with relish, and massaging the pricks of his subordinates with either hand. Stanton wheeled his chair back and Cassandra barely missed a stroke, scooting forwards on her knees to keep up. The guys either side went along too, unwilling to let the wanton, oblivious whore let go of their erections. The final two engineers, clearly feeling left out, stood and unzipped their flies.


That evening we watched the footage on TV while we fucked. Ginny was sleeping over, though sleep wasn't much on the agenda; she was at that moment face-down in the thick carpet while Julia reamed her cunt and asshole with the Punisher. Aless meanwhile was bouncing up and down on my lap, her pussy squeezing my cock deliciously with every slap of her pert little teenage bum against my crotch. She was facing away from me and had her eyes glued to the TV, where Cassandra was pleasuring the five engineers. She lay on top of Stanton, who had his dick sheathed deep in her cunt while he tugged roughly on her stubby nipples. His number two aide was pounding her asshole and tugging her head back by the hair, so that the third guy could choke-fuck her throat. Despite being so precariously balanced the slutty P.A. still had a cock in each fist, pumping them furiously as the men slapped and mauled her body, venting all the frustration built up over decades of being scorned by women on this one lithe girl.

"I'm surprised you're not in there too, Mr. Wright," gasped Ginny between thrusts. She kept trying to pull Julia's hands towards her tits but the older woman wasn't cooperating, wanting to prolong the anticipation.

"I would have been, but there was no room... aaaahhhhhh!" I replied as Aless milked my cock into her grasping pussy.

I didn't mention what happened afterwards, when I'd taken Cassandra down to the gym showers to clean the come and saliva off her perfect skin. First I'd carefully deactivated all of the cameras Julia had hidden there. As Sandy stood naked under the hot spray I stripped and stepped closer, leaning forward to whisper in her ear, "'Montessori." Her eyes widened as she was suddenly stripped of all programming, and she made a run for the door. I tackled her against the wall, twisting an arm up behind her and pushing her against the white tiles. She gasped for breath to scream as my other hand closed around her throat. "Don't make a sound, slut," I hissed into her ear. "There are over three hundred guys in this complex and you know I can make you fuck all of them if I wanted to." She nodded fearfully, and I removed my hand.

"Wh-why are you doing this to me?" she wept, flinching as I pressed my cock against her asshole.

"Because I'm a bastard," I replied, jabbing past her tightly-closed sphincter muscles. She wailed in pain and despair as I raped her asshole. This was my darkest fantasy, to take a woman completely against her will. Sandy tried to twist away as I defiled her body, but I held her firmly against the tiles and buggered her roughly. This was the part of me that had enjoyed watching my old squeeze Samira get gang-raped by her brothers, even as I was resolving to turn them in to the cops. At least Sandy's ordeal would be shorter; I was so turned on that it only took me a couple of minutes to unload into her bowels.

Cassandra slid to the floor, weeping. Suddenly she gasped as a stream of hot piss splashed her face; I needed to go and it seemed such a waste with her lying in the corner of the shower. I thought she'd try to get away again but seemed resigned to this further humiliation, and simply lay there sobbing as the hot liquid ran across her face and down her body. Intrigued, I said "Configuration" loudly. The change was instantaneous; Sandy's head whipped around and she opened her mouth to catch the stream of pee, letting it run down her chin and tits while taking the odd small swallow.

The flow soon dried up and she arched her back sexily. "Mmmm, kinky," she smiled.

I felt guilty about it later, if that's any help.


Julia announced she was 'working from home' on Wednesday, the age-old euphemism for a day off. We were having our new 'bedroom furniture' delivered and she was eager to supervise. I had to admit that I found myself a little distracted at the prospect of trying it all out, and I wasn't the only one having difficulty concentrating. I'd set up a desk and workstation for Cassandra in the corridor next to the lab entrance - a sort of makeshift reception - and one 'configuration' later she was cheerfully going about her admin duties clad in nothing but pink Jimmy Choo boots, her glasses and a sexy smile. I'd never had so many people wander down to check my schedule for meetings, and the guys in my team went out to ask how much annual leave they had left and other trivia so often that I started getting annoyed. Eventually I explained what must be done before the end of the day and they groaned, realising a late night would be needed to make up for lost time. I took pity on them in the end though, after all the hot naked receptionist WAS my fault. I told Cassandra to stay behind until everyone had left, and to offer whatever motivation she felt was appropriate.

I got home to find Julia pacing around nervously, an action somewhat at odds with her severely tied back hair and thigh-length patent leather boots - other than that she was naked. "Dan! You're home, just in time. She'll be here any minute!"

"Wh..." I began, but was cut off by a timid knock at the door. At first I didn't recognise our visitor, and was rather surprised when Julia reached past me, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the flat. It was Libby. Her mousy hair had been highlighted and styled into a much sexier cut, one now twisted in Julia's fist. She also sported the kind of make-up one would expect to see on a King's Cross whore; rouged cheeks, painted eyelids and slutty red lips. Her thin white blouse looked similarly whorish, but it was less of a problem as Julia was busy ripping the flimsy garment off with her free hand.

"You're late, you useless little cunt," Julia spat. "That's going to cost you. And so is this!" Having dispensed with the blouse, she tore off Libby's lace bra, thus revealing why the young woman had disappeared from work for so long. Her boob job looked amazing, and had been given ample time to heal. She now possessed a surprisingly natural large C-bordering-on-D cup, topped with those same stubby nipples except that they were now pierced vertically and horizontally with two silver bars through each.

Julia threw Libby face-down on the couch, revealing more body modification. An elaborate, thorny tattoo ran across her shoulders, spelling out the words FUCK SLUT in Gothic script surrounded by blood-red flowers. As Libby rolled painfully on to her back, whimpering, I saw a smaller version of the tattoo framing her belly button. Now I noticed similar thorn designs encircling each nipple, and the elaborate images drawn into her shoulders and calves of screaming naked girls being raped by slavering, steroidal demons. Beneath each image was a different label: 'slut,' 'cunt,' 'whore' and 'harlot.' I had to marvel at Julia's inventive cruelty; whenever Libby wore any kind of revealing clothing, the message would be on display to the whole World.

"Do you like the ink?" asked Julia. "The Edgecombe girls gave me the name of their tattooist to go with Max's surgeon. This stupid, backstabbing slut signed a contract to keep her job and reputation intact, can you believe it? She's my slave now, and unless she obeys my every whim her God-bothering parents, her whole bloody church in fact, will get to see some home videos. Isn't that right, cunt?"

"Y... yes, Mistress Julia," Libby managed to sob as she shrank into the couch.

"OK, babe," Julia addressed me, "why don't you go and rip off that skirt? And if there are panties underneath it, punish her for me!" I needed no more encouragement, and quickly stripped. Libby was quaking on the corner of the sofa and yelped as I grabbed her. The short black skirt she had on came away easily, splitting down one seam as I tore at it. Underneath she wore a lace thong that matched the bra; for Libby it was extremely daring but for 'Mistress Julia' it was just one more black mark. "Dan darling," Julia purred, "did I tell you this cunt is an anal virgin?"

"No..!" gasped Libby as I grabbed her by the throat, and flipped her onto her stomach across the arm of the couch. I forced three fingers into her mouth and coated them with her hot saliva, using it to lubricate my thundering erection - after all, I didn't want to hurt myself, just her. "Please!" she wept as pushed against her virgin asshole, the word turning into a scream as I forced my way in. God, but she was tight! It was actually quite uncomfortable trying to fuck that tiny orifice, and only the thought that Libby was in more pain than I was spurred me on. I grabbed either side of her face and pushed my fingers into her mouth for leverage, and started pounding her ass in earnest. Painful wails issued from her invaded mouth as I sodomised her, Julia standing nearby and spitting obscenities while she rubbed her clit in delight at this display.

The extreme tightness plus the fact that I was committing rape for the second time that day soon started the familiar pre-orgasmic tingling in my balls, so I slowed down and withdrew my cock. Libby lay across the arm of the couch, whimpering, something else that pissed Julia off. She slapped the younger woman across the cheek, hard.

"Listen to me, you useless slut. When a man pulls a cock out of you that means it needs cleaning. The best way to clean a cock is by sucking it. And yet here you are snivelling while your Master's cock is waiting to be cleaned." As she spoke, Julia took hold of the two metal bars through Libby's left nipple and twisted them in opposite directions. Libby screamed in pain and looked at me desperately. I moved closer and proffered my cock, and she slipped her mouth over it with a mixture of revulsion and gratitude.

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