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University of Arizona Campus

Monday night, September 26, 2011

Dale's experience:

First thing I noticed was she... or it wasn't human. It had large breasts under tight shiny plastic type blue clothing. The face was humanoid, pretty, the hair was bright orange but it was the wings that tipped me off on the nonhuman. Its arms, legs all looked human and as a man I found it highly attractive. As my eyes descended down its form the bulges between its legs caught me off guard. The top half was female, the bottom half was male in appearance but with the clothing on I really didn't know exactly what to expect. I just knew it wasn't the typical sex organ of a female, smooth, and internal. This creature had a package and it looked big.

Its wings fluttered slowly as it approached, the face pleasant and beautiful. She seemed passive showing no signs of hostility or violence toward me. Her sudden appearance in my room as I worked on homework late was associated with a bright blue light which got my attention of course. When the light was gone the creature stood in my room. I can't tell you I wasn't afraid. I was... practically wetting myself and about to scream out to my roommates but before I could the thing spoke.

"I mean you no harm, human. I am called Salania. I come from, what you would call a different dimension."

Her voice was unlike anything I've ever heard before. It pierced my head, almost causing pain but it wasn't exactly high pitched or loud, just powerful.

"I wish to join with you and offer myself and unimaginable pleasure as compensation. If you are agreeable we can begin. If not I shall depart."

My eyes widened. This thing from another dimension just asked for sex and was willing to pay for it by giving me pleasure. I didn't know what to do with that. I didn't answer either, too taken aback by the entire thing. When I didn't answer she spoke again.

"My apologies. Let me reveal myself for your view. This may help you decide."

A second later her plastic clothing suddenly disappeared leaving the creature naked. Its natural skin tone was red/orange almost like a bad spray tan. Her large breasts looked human and did not fall when her clothing was removed. They were spectacular, round, large, perky with the nipple high on the breast. Her areola was darker red and perfect size. Her stomach had muscle definition different that a human female but very erotic. What took me back again was the two penis type appendages hanging from between her shapely legs. Both were equal size and hung probably eight to nine inches side by side, ribbed with lines and texture from her circulatory system that was oddly spherical so the veins wrapped around and around her shafts.

I couldn't see any balls beneath her heavy shafts and the heads of the phalluses were not shaped like mine, they were more blunt and round. She saw me looking at her shafts and with her hand, lifted them both up to reveal a single opening beneath them. Instead of a vertical slit like a human woman her 'pussy' went horizontal under both shafts, but it did have lips of a sort and looked more like a mouth than a vagina. When it opened up on its own to reveal a moist tunnel my eyes widened even more. It appeared she had total control of its movement.

"As you can see I'm equipped to please both of your species sexes. Have you made a decision?" she asked, letting her cocks fall back over her pussy.

I have to admit, my own cock was growing looking at her. She had such an erotic look it couldn't help it. I think she knew and took my erection as my answer because she moved closer and gave me a better look at her. She was shorter than me, but not by much. When she neared I got my first smell of her, an aroma I will never forget. It was not earthly but it had a giant effect on me, causing my penis to throb and my body to tingle. My urges took over and I reached out, using both hands to fondle her large breasts. They were firm, warm, and her skin was of exquisite softness. When I pinched her nipples the aroma increased, like she excreted it from pleasure. The nipples didn't harden like a human woman, instead a clear liquid formed off the tops. It was slippery and lubricated them, making it easy from me to pinch and play.

I continued to play, cupping, pinching and fondling her tits to my heart's content. The liquid continued to emerge from her nipples and when I finally put my mouth to them the taste was exquisite, which made sense from the smell. My cock throbbed and throbbed in my pants, as I sucked and licked her breasts, swallowing the stuff as soon as it arose.

That was when I noticed both or her shafts were beginning to engorge. Side by side they rose up, lengthening and widening as I feasted on her orbs. There was no foreskin to speak of. Just a smooth ribbed shaft and round head. On the tip of the head I expected a hole but there was none I could see. I had the urge to touch them and the aphrodisiac smell and taste only made it worse. I'm not gay, never had the urge to touch a man's cock but she wasn't human and I had no problem engaging in manipulating them.

They were exactly the same and felt soft but ridged in my hands as I held both of them, running my hands up and down the ribbed shafts. They too began to ooze the slippery liquid from the heads but more than her nipples had. Using it I spread it around the tips and down the shafts with my fingers and began to stoke her off. I wanted for her to lay down so I could inspect her wondrous body further but I was still speechless and unable to form words. She kept silent as well, but I noticed a hum come from her throat when my stimulation pleased her.

The more I played with her cocks the more the fluid dripped from her heads. It appeared in small dots then combined together to run down her head and shaft. The longer I played the more appeared until it was dripping off onto the ground like she was climaxing. The hum had become constant in her throat and I think I was witnessing her first orgasm using her male sex organs. The stuff was all over my hands coating her ridged shafts and not slowing down, appearing faster than I could wipe it away.

I stopped, stepped back and watched in wonder as her body quivered and the juice dripped onto the floor. The look of ecstasy was on her angular human face and her nipples were dripping as well. I had never seen anything so amazing in my life. I just stood there and watched what I had managed to do to her.

As the secretions began to lessen she opened her huge green eyes and smiled. Using her hand she smeared the liquid all over her body, arms, chest, and stomach and even stroked her own members a few times for good measure. Then she reached out for me. The first thing she did was rid me of my clothing. She was gentle but firm and I soon stood naked with a raging hardon before her. My cock isn't as large as hers, only maxing out at six and a half inches but she didn't seem to care. When her hot hand wrapped around it I thought I was going to cum instantly. With her other hand she squeezed her left nipple hard, pushing a large amount of her juice into her palm. She slathered my cock with it, using it to stroke my shaft and palm my head. The secretion had a tingling effect that added to my pleasure. I was about to lose it any second it felt that incredible.

"You are approaching climax," she said.

I only moaned, feeling the pressure build and the point of my release imminent. She fell to her knees just as I began to squirt the clear stuff before the thick seamen shot forth. I exploded in a massive eruption all over her oozing breasts, while she continued to stroke my cock all the way through. Her reddish tits were covered with my load before I finished. The excitement brought a lot out of me and I think the added stimulation from her strange secretions helped add to my quantity. The pleasure was greater as well, rocking my body from the intense contractions and euphoric bliss.

Before my eyes all of my semen melted into her skin. She fucking absorbed my jizz like osmosis. I stood stunned watching it disappear into her body until not a drop was left. I fully expected my cock to fall flaccid after such a massive climax but it didn't. It lessened a little but remained hard enough I could have had sex easily again. It had to be her juices, they kept me hard and in only a matter of seconds I felt the urge to continue, as if time had passed and I was ready to go again naturally. The down period was all but erased. It was amazing.

"I sense you understand why you maintain your erection," she said.

"It's your juices, right?"

"Correct, they have a prolonging effect on the human male. Allowing you to continue with no wait."


I grabbed her hand and walked her to my bed asking her to lie down so I could explore her strange horizontal pussy I wanted to look at. She smiled, and laid down spreading her legs for me, knowing what I desired without asking. Her wings spread out under her across my bed. Her large cocks remained hard and extended over her stomach. It was then I realized what was different about it. She had no bellybutton and the abdominal muscles went vertical instead of horizontal. But it was her pussy that I was really interested in. I moved forward reaching out for it and suddenly it opened, making me jerk back. That's when I heard her laugh for the first time and knew she had a sense of humor.

"Wow, okay so does it bite?" I asked.

"Only if you want it too," she laughed again.

It didn't sound like a laugh anyone is used to, but there was no other explanation to the sound. I reached forward again and brushed the strange lips gently back and forth. I heard the hum begin in her throat and her cocks began to ooze, dripping down onto her stomach. Slowly I inserted a finger into the center of her pussy. Her lips closed slowly onto it and I felt her body suck me inside, just like a mouth would. It was so strange and erotic. They didn't pucker like lips only moving up and down with less mobility than real lips but she held my finger tight and I felt her insides sucking it.

I pulled it out and slid sideways to the left where the lips came together. Her hum became louder as I discovered what I was curious to know. I found what could only be called a clitoris but instead of protruding like a human it was an indent my finger fit in perfectly. I found an exact copy on the other side and stuck a finger into it as well. They went only as deep as my first knuckle but it was driving her crazy. Her dicks were running full again making a mess on her stomach. Her pussy lips quivered and pressed together tightly as she climaxed again. She arched her back and pushed forward wanting me to increase my pressure on her inverted clits. That's when I saw a second hole under her pussy. Her anal opening.

It was exactly like a human's, same location and same tight puckered look. Hers was dark red almost black and just quivering with the climax she was experiencing. Moving my head between her legs I ran my tongue over it and she freaked out. Her pussy lips opened and suddenly a blast of thick white fluid hit me square in the face. It was so thick and so plentiful it caused me to be unable to breath and I had to rise up and wipe it away with my hands.

Once I was able to breathe and see again I looked down at her. She looked embarrassed and guilty.

"My apologies, human. I should have warned you."

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting that."

My chest and hands were covered with remains of her pussy cum on my chin. It was sticky and didn't come off easily and she looked even more embarrassed as I struggled with the goo. She moved then, rising up and proceeded to clean off her cum from my body with her mouth, swallowing it all. Once she finished with my chest she began sucking my hard cock. Apparently she was making up for cumming all over me. It felt phenomenal. She had no problem taking me all into her mouth and throat, never gagging once.

I watched her head bob and her wings slowly flap as she sucked and sucked me. The wings extended out of her shoulder blades and looked soft like her skin, but were a darker red. When I put my hands on her head I discovered small horns hiding under her bright orange hair. She didn't take me or climax with her mouth, just stopping short. She looked up at me before grabbing me by the shoulders and with incredible strength tossed me onto the bed on my back. Crawling over me I watched her cocks sway back and forth until she was straddling me. She lifted herself up with her legs, grabbed my cock and sucked it into her pussy.

It was like nothing I had ever felt before. A combination of vaginal sex and oral sex because her lips closed around the base of my shaft and held tight as she rose up and down on me. Her cocks bounced up and down with her and I reached up and grabbed them both, stroking them as she fucked me. She wasn't kidding about unimaginable pleasure. The things her pussy was doing to my cock was unreal, nothing has ever come close, not even anal. Her cocks proceeded to ooze all over us as her pussy milked my cock like never before.

She kept her balance with her wings, flapping as she rose up and down rapidly. The hum growing louder in her throat, as she and I approached orgasm. I took turns between her tits and cocks, playing with both and spreading her juices all over us. Not only did it stimulate my dick it made my body quiver and spasm with pleasure, adding to the bliss I was experiencing. Words can't describe nor can I compare it to anything two humans could do. The pleasure was even greater than then the previous orgasm and the oral sex I had just received from her.

We climaxed at the same time. My cock exploded inside of her and her breasts and cocks were flowing continuously, running down her body onto mine. My orgasm almost caused me to lose consciousness. I saw stars, literally and almost blacked out it was so good and intense. I've heard of full body orgasms, but this was the first time I had experienced it. Her secretions all over me caused the incredible results. I expected my cum to run out of her, especially when she lifted off of my with her wings and my cock fell out, but noting came from her pussy. She had absorbed my semen again. Hovering in the air her nipples and cocks rained down on me and her body seemed to glow and vibrate.

The room turned blue and suddenly she disappeared in a blink of an eye, leaving me shaking and panting for breath from my orgasm. I was so spent and overwhelmed I couldn't move for over an hour.


Jenny's experience:

My room suddenly began to grow blue and I sat up in my bed, groggy from being woken up. This thing with wings, huge breasts and two large dicks suddenly appeared at the foot of my bed. Before I could scream it spoke, piercing my mind and causing me to listen.

"I mean you no harm, human. I am called Salania. I come from, what you would call a different dimension."

My heart was pounding in my chest. It was between me and my door. I had nowhere to go. Crawling back against my headboard, I couldn't speak.

"I wish to join with you and offer myself and unimaginable pleasure as compensation. If you are agreeable we can begin. If not I shall depart."

WTF? Join with it? What did it mean? Did it want to fuck me? Its two huge cocks were erect and it was glistening like it was covered in sweat or some kind of slime. It was red all over but had an erotic look to it with a pretty human female face, extremely toned and sexy body even with the two strange large members extending up and out from between its legs. Then I saw a horizontal vagina type thing under the shafts with odd lips that seemed to open and close by themselves.

But it was the smell that was so memorable, like a pheromone, turning me on and making my own pussy wet with desire. The two dicks looked inviting, making me want to touch them... suck them. My inhibitions were lifted and I crawled toward the creature across my bed until the two members were right in front of my face. The smell increased and so did the slippery feeling between my legs. I reached out and ran my fingers up the left shaft. It felt soft, hot and ribbed with circular veins wrapping around the shaft but inside was ridged. It had no testicles, nor did the shafts have any slit in the top, like a human's penis. With my other hand I grabbed a hold of the right and sat on the edge of my bed.

The creatures smiled down at me and began to hum as I stroked both shafts slowly. The skin didn't move like a man's dick so I just ran my fingers up and down the long shafts without gripping to hard. When I started to see small clear droplets forming on the heads I was engrossed. The droplets combined together and the clear liquid began to run down the shafts and the hum of the creature increased. Moving forward I licked the secretion and my mouth was filled with a taste unlike anything on earth. It was so wonderful. My body began to tingle and I began to suck the heads, wanting more and more of the slippery fluid.

My entire body was alive with feeling, erotic, sensual, and lustful. If felt my nipples harden beneath my night shirt and my sex moistened further to the point of saturating my panties. The feel and taste of the dicks in my mouth was so erotic and intense I became crazed, sucking and stroking them in turn like a porn star in a smut film. I sucked one while the other oozed more until I could harvest enough to swallow, switching back and forth between them. When the flow became too great I knew the thing was climaxing. I couldn't swallow it fast enough and it began to drip all over my legs and bed. Even the creature's nipples were dripping and the hum from its throat was loud as it climaxed.

My body felt hot. What I had swallowed had spread through me, stimulating me, turning me on like I've never experienced before. I sat back, watching this thing climax and drip its ooze, humming its chorus of rapture. When the oozing eased it approached me, crawling with its wings spread onto my bed. I should have been terrified but I was so turned on and horny I invited and encouraged its hands to remove my clothing.

I hesitate to call it a him or her; it was so confusing to see the female face and breasts but then the large penis like members between its legs. I guess it doesn't matter if it was male or female or both because nothing would have changed what happened either way. Salania, as it called itself, undressed me gently, caressing my body with soft feminine hands and began to touch me, softly. First my legs and arms, spreading its secretions into my skin, making sure to get every inch. It almost seemed like a ritual, like Salania was preparing my body for something... anointing me. My head, neck, face... then came my chest, breasts, nipples, stomach and suddenly I was on my tummy where she began with my back, bottom and back of my legs. I was vibrating literally from the intense tingling. She rolled me over again effortlessly onto my back and finished with my sex. I cannot describe what her juices did to me then. The pleasure was inexpressible as it spread the slippery juice from its nipples on to my vulva and clitoris and around my tight anal opening. Nothing has ever felt so wonderful before. No skin of my body had been untouched and I felt like I was floating in a pool of pleasure.

Through blurry eyes I looked up at Salania who was kneeling on the bed below me. She looked sexy as hell with this small smile on her face. When she lifted my legs and bent them over me I did nothing to inhibit her. She scooted forward then, taking one of her shafts in her hand, the left I think and pushed it down toward my pulsing sex. I welcomed her large wide member into my body, arching my back as it slid in effortlessly, deeper than any man before. Her other shaft rose over my body, oozing the clear liquid as she began to thrust the left in and out of me. Reaching up, I took hold of the right and used the juices to stroke it while Salania fucked me slow and gentle, driving me toward orgasm.

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