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Dimensional Slip


Tracey stalked slowly behind her boyfriend, seeing him walk slowly along the path up to his house, wearing all black leather, a medieval warriors outfit, complete with a working sword and shield, but both of those less dangerous than the sword under the leather.

Jumping onto his back, while he dropped his shield and rattled his sword, Tracey landed on Luke as he crashed into the grass, rolling over slowly.

"So you decided to be a half an hour late, and then tackle me?" Luke said, looking up at Tracey.

"I'm cute, I can't help it." Tracey said, flashing her angelic smile and running her hand through her long black hair, blue eyes gleaming.

"I'll bet, but see, I've got something new planed this year." Luke said, smiling.

"Oh, something we haven't done I hope?" Tracey said poking him in the neck, one of the few places she could find skin through all of his leather.

"Yeah, but off first, I want to see your costume." Luke said, lifting Tracey up, her 125 lbs. feeling light in his arms, at 5'7" Tracey was terribly cute, with her long legs, slim frame, and nicely rounded body.

"I'm a ninja!" Tracey yelled, as her skin tight, black outfit clung to her body, and her two katar's refused to gleam, being black steel.

"And your hood?" Luke asked, kissing her gently as he set her down, his 6' tall even body lightly towering her. Smiling at her outfit that couldn't leave anything to the imagination.

Tracey took her outfit and opened a small pouch on her belt, also silk, but wound into a sash, a small ball of silk came out, she unfolded it into a small hood, which she put on, only her eyes were visible now.

"I'm a ninja!" Tracey repeated, poking Luke in the stomach, bending the leather lightly.

"I see..." Luke said, looking at her awkwardly as he then picked her up and carried her a few feet in a circle, holding her closely, and her 24 B cups pressing into his chest. "Well, I've never wanted a ninja as badly as I want you Tracey."

Tracey sighed, took off the mask, and kissed Luke deeply, sliding her tongue gently along his lips. "Be patient, take me to wherever you've planned first, and I'll show you some of the secrets in this costume." Tracey whispered, winking.

Luke walked inside, grabbed his satchel, which he took for good luck, everywhere, and got into the car, which had two signs in the back passenger windows, both saying "Happy Halloween."

They drove along a small country road quietly, as Tracey looked surprised and cried out, "We forgot to put out the box of candy, so we'd still be giving some to the kids!"

"Did it, light was on, but you weren't looking lover." Luke said, taking a mental note on what was in the box, "Warheads, crunch bars, suckers, kit-kats, bottle caps, and a twenty dollar bill, like every year."

Tracey leaned against him, as the motor purred loudly. The car sped along, having another thirty miles to go before they got to the mansion.

"So where are we going?" Tracey asked Luke, getting cold from the cool air flowing into his black corvette.

"The Mansion, an empty place that's been like that for a few years now, I hear it's got someone in it, performing all sorts of evil rituals and such." Luke said, grinning.

"So we're going to Rick's?" Tracey asked, knowing Luke's only pagan friend.

"You know too much my love," Luke said, taking out a plastic dagger, "I may have to slay you for it."

"How about you slay me with something harder?" Tracey said grabbing at the crotch of Luke's armor.

Tracey started unbuckling the cup shaped section of the armor, covering Luke's rapidly growing cock. Unpeeling the leather, Luke sprang forth, as Tracey began licking the head and kissing it gently.

Moaning and closing his eyes, swerving along the road lightly, Luke sighed and rested one hand in Tracey's long hair, rubbing her head affectionately. Tracey took him in deep, sucking on his hard cock, and licking along it. Luke opened his eyes a minute after he passed Rick's mansion, and felt heat increase on his cock, as Tracey sped up, lightly rubbing her teeth along his swollen shaft.

"Tracey, you're making my drive a lot harder... no pun intended." Luke said, sighing gently again. Tracey slowly slid a hand onto his balls, cupping them and gently rubbing them. Luke moaned deeply as he felt himself nearing an orgasm. Tracey stopped and kissed the head, scooting back up.

"There, now we can finish once this boring party is over." Tracey said, looking at the rigid cock, not subsiding.

"You're cruel... terribly cruel." Luke said, keeping his eyes on the road and seeing a large mansion in the distance.

The Mansion loomed darkly, without lights in it, as Luke pulled up he felt dizzy, stepping out of the car he walked and opened Tracey's door. Tracey stood up, and fully adjusted the crotch plate. Stepping up to the door Luke looked apprehensive.

"What's wrong?" Tracey asked him quietly.

"I don’t know... Do you want to just go home?" Luke asked, feeling dizzier.

"Come on, this drive took nearly an hour, let's just go in and relax alright?" Tracey said, holding Luke's hand.

"Yeah, sure. Let's go." Luke said opening the door as they walked into a pitch black room, smelling of dust and mold. Luke felt a wave of dizziness hit him, he sank a bit, and then replaced his footing broadly, and straightened, feeling Tracey fall back, he leaned to his knee's, caught her, and then lost consciousness.

to be continued...

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