tagSci-Fi & FantasyDimensional Slip Ch. 02

Dimensional Slip Ch. 02


Luke stirred, rubbing his head as he wobbled to his feet, barely holding his fragile balance. Looking to the ground he saw Tracey, curled into a small ball and seemingly sleeping.

"Trace, you should get up." Luke said, leaning down in his leather to pick her up, she jerked awake and backed up quickly, eyes mad with horror. "Tracey? Hun, what's the matter?" Luke asked, nervously.

Tracey calmed down, and started to relax, standing up. "I had a nightmare." She said, simply. Luke nodded, if he ever remembered his dreams, he would either compare his, or ask to listen, but dreams were too unreal for his liking.

"Rick redecorated," Luke said, looking around, "This place is dim, but reminds me of a planetarium, all the moons and everything on the ceiling."

Tracey looked up and chimed in, "Wow, check this out, it's actually accurate to the phases and positions and everything." Tracey walked to a close by door and pulled the handle, it was locked shut.

"No luck with that door eh?" Luke said, looking around and checking the door near him, on the other side of the hall. "Well, that one is black, this has a white circle on it, new and full moons?" Luke asked.

"I think so, tacky theme though, Rick's usually a lot better at these parties. Also the cabinets, they have a crescent and gibbous symbol on them, how lame." Tracey said, looking to the door opposite the front door. "No phase there, who wants to bet its open?" Tracey asked, pulling her black hair back.

"I'll bet it might be, but what do I win?" Luke asked, picking Tracey up and walking her to the door.

"Let's hope it has a bed." Tracey said, holding onto Luke gently, and sighing. Opening the door they were surprised to see one desk in the middle of the room, a bed in the corner with two empty wine glasses and a note on the nightstand, two cabinets and a book shelf on a wall.

Luke carried Tracey directly to the bed, pulling her ninja outfit off of her by unsnapping the top, and seeing her wholly naked body underneath.

"I thought you might like me like this." Tracey said, standing next to the bed, chest moving gently with every shaky breath.

"I do Trace, you know I love you." Luke said, kissing Tracey deeply, sliding his warm tongue into her mouth as she moaned, wrapping her arms around him, and pressing her soft breasts into his chest. Tracey broke the kiss, and slide on of her hands down, and closed her eyes quickly, breathing faster, and then pulled her hand back with one wet finger.

Luke sucked it, tasting Tracey's pussy on it, and licking it clean, smiling and holding Tracey, Luke dove onto the bed, with Tracey landing in his arms. Smiling to her he kissed her gently, pressing his hands to her large soft breasts, feeling her nipples harden in his hand, he kissed her gently and slid slowly down her body, kissing the tops of her breasts, slowly dragging his tongue along her nipples before sucking one into her mouth and biting it gently.

Tracey moaned, she lay back onto the pillow and closed her eyes as she felt Luke suck harder on her nipple, and then slowly trace the tip of his tongue down her body, to her very anxious pussy.

"Please, Luke, don't tease me, I need this." Tracey begged as she felt his tongue lance along her clit, stabbing it gently, but firmly as he slid two fingers into her awaiting pussy.

Tracey arched, and gently slid back down, moaning continually louder as he progressed, pinning her clit in his lips and sucking on it, while he licked and fingered her faster.

Luke became hard, but ignored it, Tracey needed the pleasure right now, and he simply wanted it. She moaned louder, closing to a strong orgasm. Luke was tempted to stop right there, but Tracey might just kill him at this point. Licking her clit in fast sweeping circles Luke felt her cunt muscles lock on his fingers, as he tried to move them faster to no avail, she was in the throes of pleasure.

Moaning loudly and yelling in pleasure Tracey bucked against Luke's mouth and hand, moaning out in a torrent of pleasure as she slowly subsided and fell back to the bed in a hard thud.

Luke looked to the table, and saw the wine glasses fill half way with a red liquid. Falling back and off the bed he looked around shocked, trying to find what had done it. Walking to the glasses he was no wires, tubes, or mirrors, so he opened the letter, reading;


I have blue wine in the cabinet to symbolize out separation, but not the red of our passion to mix it with.

Your lover, eternally,

-Geristadt Mereyyes."

[i] Wine... red wine of passion? Okay so because I did that to Trace, it filled half way? [/i] Luke thought, looking genuinely surprised.

"Luke?" The voice shocked him to his senses.

"Yes Tracey?" Luke said, turning around.

"Are you alright, you reacted to something." She asked, looking into his eyes.

"No I'm fine; I just... got a bit shaken up." Luke said opening the cabinet to see a bottle, sitting up, and looking unopened.

"What's that?" Tracey asked him.

"Wine, apparently, here," Luke said taking out and walking with it, "I guess we're supposed to put this with the red in there." Luke said.

"Why?" Tracey asked, as Luke looker to her.

"Rick and his damn games, remember how he made his mansion one huge puzzle two years ago?" Luke said tripping on the bed's leg and dropping the bottle, watching it hit the ground and land as flat as it had stood up in the cabinet, with one, iron sounding thud.

"... Could Rick have planned that?" Tracey asked, nervously dressing.

"I'd not be surprised," Luke said, opening the bottle and pouring the blue liquid into the wine glasses, moving it quickly as to not have to tip the bottle up, Luke saw no wine come out when it wasn't over the glass, and said “Then again, this doesn't feel like Rick's work..."

The wine slowly began to swirl itself into a purple, and then began to empty slowly as laughter and moaning was heard in the background, one deep voiced male, and one very loud voiced woman, both howling in laughter.

Luke dropped the bottle again, with the same effect as the last time, and the nightstand opened up, revealing a key in it. The key had the symbol of a crescent moon on it.

"I think this is more than just a game Rick plays yearly Tracey." Luke said, sitting down, looking at the Key.

Luke and Tracey walked slowly to the door, hearing nothing, but feeling something, coldness. Opening the door a face, of sorts, looked back at them, a slim, bony figure, with no nose, mouth, ears, or hair looked to Luke with deep red eyes, and let out a small growl.

Luke slammed the door shut, and locked it, falling back to the ground.

"What the fuck was that thing!?" He yelled in utter terror, seeing Tracey as scared as he was.

Still to be continued...

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