tagLesbian SexDina and Penny - The Toy

Dina and Penny - The Toy


Penny had finally convinced Dina to move into her flat. Things had become interesting already for the college girls, who had shortly there-after realized that they were deeply in love, and that being with a girl felt more natural than any experience either of them had had before.

"Well," said Dina. "What have you there?"

Penny brandished a glass wand as if it were a microphone. "Just a toy."

"A toy?"

"For us to play with. Isn't that what you do with toys?"

Dina nodded and climbed onto the bed to sit on her knees before penny.

"I thought you might be missing the old rod. So I bought us a toy."

The thing was clear but for the top, which had a pink heart that served as a sort of handle. Dina took it in her hands and felt the weight of it. The cold glass felt good on her hands. "Lovely little thing."

"Can't we play?" said penny, inching forwards. Dina had only put on her stockings and bra and penny had already changed into a pair of silk shorts and a light sweater for sleeping in.

"I have dinner tonight, I already told you so."

"Haven't you even a moment to play?"

Dina shifted to lean back onto her palms. "I don't know. I don't think I do."

Penny crawled behind Dina and gently hugged her around the waist. "I want to have you."

"And I'd like to be had, but I don't think time allows it."

"You're so used to men. Don't you know it doesn't take so long anymore?" Penny reached a hand down to feel Dina's thigh and moved her way up to where her legs parted. She found it to be wet.

"I'm caught," said Dina.

"Give me 15 minutes," said Penny, undoing Dina's bra and taking one of Dina's tiny breasts into her hand. "I've got to have you." She slid her other hand back down to Dina's panties and pawed around until Dina spoke.

"Give me more than that."

Penny went under Dina's panties and delved a single finger into her slit. Dina hummed softly and lay her head on Penny's shoulder, and Penny reacted by kissing the side of her face.

"You're so wet."

"How can I help it?"

"Can I get the rod?" Dina handed it to her. "Thank you. Why don't we switch around?"

Dina lay back supported by her elbows, while Penny crawled around to kneel before Dina's crotch, with her ass in the air. She brought her face to meet Dina's muff and licked up some of her wetness, causing Dina to shutter and sigh. After working her with her mouth for a few moments, Penny held the toy by the handle and slid just the first knot into Dina's pussy. Dina's legs tensed and she drew a sharp breath.

"I see you've gotten comfortable without a man to stretch you out. Well, let's remind you, eh?" Penny pressed her tongue against Dina's clit and pushed in another knot.

"Ow! Oh..." Dina began to grind into penny's face. She rested her arms above her head and after only moments of Penny's multitasking, Dina cried: "The whole thing, oh, please, fill me up with it." Penny went one knot deeper.

"I knew you missed this. So sensitive today, my love. How could you deny yourself this?" Penny fucked her harder with the toy and returned her mouth to Dina's pussy, and before long, Dina had a trembling orgasm.

"I can't help myself," said Penny, proudly, looking at the mess she'd made of Dina, "I want to have you again. But I want to cum."

"I don't- I don't have the time."

"The second one will be even quicker, baby, you know that. I don't think it's fair that I don't get to play." Penny slid off her shorts, and with her sweater still on, she sat back and stroked her pussy.

"Looking at you like this, how could I not want you. I just love seeing you destroyed like this." She reached to touch Dina's pussy, making her flinch. "Sore, huh?" She smiled down as she rubbed Dina's cum against her own clit.

She opened Dina back up by the knees and lowered herself down until their slits touched. Penny began to grind into Dina. "You're GOOD and wet for me, aren't you?"

Dina cried out, only egging Penny on, but Penny really couldn't keep up the detached-and-in-charge act for long. "Mmmm... oh, fuck." She moaned softly and looked down at Dina, who smiled. "I'm gonna cum on top of you. I'm gonna ride you until I get it."

"You're wet too."

"Of course I am, i just got to fuck you like a man."

"Not exactly," Dina laughed.

"Shut up." Penny pulled Dina's leg to her chest and held onto it while she began to ride harder, grooving their hips against each other, mixing fluids. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. She came close, slowed down, came close, and slowed down, partially to torture Dina and partially to make the sensation last. However, Dina was pretty raw at this point, and couldn't hold back as well as Penny.

"Oh my god." Dina bucked her hips upward as Penny sped up to tiny, rapid thrusts and groped her own breast with her free hand. "Cum. Cum with me, I'm cumming, I'm, oh-" Penny rode out an intense silent orgasm, digging her nails into the flesh of her breast. Dina cried out again and then gently pushed Penny away. "If i wasn't sore before, I am now."

Penny flopped down besides dina and pulled up her hand to kiss it. "Didn't take too long at all, did it?"

"No, but now I'm much too sleepy to go to dinner."

"Two's a lot for you."

"Mm, I know."

They cuddled into each other.

"...I've caught a sudden stomach bug," said Dina, "Out of absolutely nowhere."

"Yes, of course you have."

"Wouldn't be fair of me to give it to the others at the dinner."

"Oh, of course not. You'd better call in."

"Good plan." Dina reached for her cellphone on the bedside table and Penny nuzzled into her neck.

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