tagLoving WivesDina Ch. 05

Dina Ch. 05


Special thanks to thesoundandfury and Hotscribe for all their wonderful insight and guidance with this series.

*If erotic material offends you, or you are not of legal age to view such subject matter, do not read any further.*

Dina Daly slowed as she approached the driveway to the house she shared with James. She had had an eventful day. First she had run into Rosalind Pierce, wait no, it was Barnes now, at her salon. Then she had gotten her first waxing, a painful occurrence that had left her legs and pussy red and throbbing. Her subsequent massage, coupled with Roz's comforting, had left Dina with a heat between her legs brought on by females solely. She had never considered herself curious about the opposite sex, but after today, Dina was beginning to doubt her feelings and desires.

Pulling her Mustang into the garage, Dina gingerly lifted herself from the sports car. Her slim legs were sore now, but smooth as silk. She had removed her delicate white bikini panties, her mound and pussy lips too sensitive from the wax to tolerate the material rubbing intimately against her. She reached into the rear seat of the car to remove her new purchases. James had told her to pick up something new, they were going out tonight, but he wouldn't tell her where. It was going to be a surprise.

Walking through the connecting door, Dina was hit by the smell of steaks broiling and the sound of water boiling.

"James? I'm home. You'll never believe who I ran into at the salon," Dina said as she tossed her gleaming sable locks behind her shoulder as she set down her parcels.

"Who did you run into, Dina?" James called as he checked his pots cooking on the stove.

"Rosalind Pierce, well Barnes now. She got hired at the firm, did you know?"

"You're kidding. That's the Rosalind that old Smith hired? He said she was sharp as a tack. Well, I'm happy for you sweetheart. I know you've missed spending time with her."

"What are you cooking? It smells delicious," Dina asked as she settled unto one of the stools on the other side of the counter.

"Well I broiled some filets, made some rice and I have some asparagus with hollandaise sauce. I figured you'd be famished after your shopping and salon appointment, so I whipped us up a delicious dinner," James said as he tapped the spoon against the edge of the pot. Dina looked different. She had a faint blush high on her cheekbones and she was fidgeting.

"James, I have something to tell you. Since we've become so open with each other, I think there's something I need to tell you. Bear with me, it's kinda difficult to talk about, but I'm confused. See, when I went to the salon, I ran into Roz and while we chatted during my appointment, she came back with me when I went for my wax," Dina began.

"Wait a minute. You got waxed? Didn't you tell me that you would never sit through that medieval torture?" James teased.

"Oh hush James, and let me finish. Anyway, I was getting my legs waxed, and it hurt, oh my god, did it hurt, but then my body got used to it, so it was just one pain all over. I decided to get everything waxed, including my mound so I wouldn't have to shave all the time. When LuAnn had finished waxing, she rubbed a soothing and cooling lotion all over my legs and pussy. I got turned on James. From a woman!" Dina finished as she buried her head in her hands.

"Dina, it's not a big deal. You were feeling vulnerable and with LuAnn, I'm sure she was just trying to ease the pain. It wasn't like she was trying to turn you on. I wouldn't put much stock in it, hon. It was just a reaction to everything," James said as he came around the side of the counter to wrap his arms around Dina's slim body.

"So it doesn't mean I'm gay?" Dina asked quietly.

James chuckled, the sound deep in his chest. "No hon, you're not gay. Just a victim of circumstances, I'd say."

"Ok, then I guess I don't really have a reason to be so freaked out."

"Not at all. It's just a normal reaction, Di. Don't worry about it," James said as he returned to preparing their dinner. "Well, Dina, dinner's done. Want to get washed up and I'll set the table?"

"Sure James, I'm just going to go hang up my new clothes and splash some water on my face," Dina said as she walked back through the living to head upstairs.

As Dina walked from the room, James's head began to swirl with ideas. Since Dina had participated in a threesome with his friend from school, he had begun to work on her letting her guard down and releasing some of those inhibitions. She was changing and he couldn't help but find her sexier than usual. The idea of Dina and Roz getting together for a lesbian affair made his cock stiffen in his pants, lengthening and straining against the fabric. Taking a deep breath, James's mentally pushed the image from his mind, and reaching into the cabinet, began taking out the necessary items for dinner.

When Dina returned to the dining, James had set the table, opened a bottle of Merlot and had the five armed candelabra blazing. The result was instant intimacy, the two of them surrounded by the shimmering light, the aroma of the mesquite and hickory wafting in from the grill. Dina found she was starving, her stomach growling when the aromas tickled her nose.

"James, this is absolutely scrumptious. I was starving," Dina said as she cut into her filet.

"Glad you like it hon. We've been so good lately with sticking to the no red meat diet lately, that I had a hankering for a steak."

"Hey, you'll get no complaints out of me," Dina said as she popped a forkful of steak into her mouth, her pink lips pursed as she savored the meat. "So, what's this surprise you have for me tonight? I did as you asked and got something dressy casual, whatever that is."

"Tonight we're going out to a club. It's a bit different than any club we've gone to before, but I think you'll like it. It's something new to try," James said.

"Well, I'm excited. It must be some kind of club for you to risk going to, especially since you've already begun to start the campaign."

"That's another thing I wanted to talk to you about, hon. I don't think I'm going to run. The party has another very strong candidate for this Congressional district, one I think that will serve the district better than myself. I didn't realize the extra strain it would cause us and our marriage, and now that I've had a month to think about it, I've decided to drop out of the race. However, I fully plan on putting on full support behind Tom McLaughlin. I think he'll do some good things on the Hill," James responded as he put his fork down and picked up his glass of wine, draining it when he finished his rushed explanation.

"James, I know how much you wanted this, but I have to say that I think you made the right decision. Tom is a great candidate and I think that your reasons for dropping out are admirable. You put family first, which not a lot of politicians do. They expect the wives to keep up all outward appearances even if they aren't happy. I think this is going to be great for us and for the firm as well. Just think of all the great publicity that was generated from this," as Dina reached across the table to close her hand over James's.

Looking into Dina's soft brown eyes, James's couldn't help but become a bit choked up. Everyone had assumed that he had married the young co-ed, who was 18 years his junior, as a midlife crisis trophy wife. He wasn't even sure if that was an underlying motive, but all he knew now was that Dina had proven to be a dedicated wife, partner and above all, friend and confidant.

Finishing their meal in a comfortable silence, they rose and began clearing the table. Loading the dishes in the dishwasher, James turned to Dina.

"Are you sure you're ok with all this? I know I should have talked to you first before pulling out of the election, but I felt that strongly about it."

Dina laughed and said, "James, I know that everything you do has a purpose and if you feel strongly enough about something, I will always supported you." Wrapping her arms around him, Dina pressed her lips to his, feeling his smooth skin, "I have to admit, it's a big relief to have it all behind us. I was worried about all the tabloids that would swoop down on us once the election got in high gear."

"Well, I can't think of a better subject for them to try and take pictures of," James whispered as he pushed a stray wisp of her hair off of Dina's cheek.

"Ooo, someone's really laying on the charm. Can't say as though I mind it though." "Hey, it made you smile, and that smile looks so good on you, babe," James said as he kissed Dina's neck. Her skin was so soft, so supple, he couldn't help tasting the other side of her neck.

Dina's moan of pleasure and surprise seemed to spur James on. He feasted on her shoulders, her collarbone, all the while, firmly caressing her back. Dina felt shivers running up and down her body as James's lips traveled over her landscape. The fires that had cooled before in the valley between her legs began to fan themselves and race along her skin.

"We should probably start to get ready James, if you want to make it out of here tonight," Dina whispered as she struggled to control her rampant hormones.

"Just one more," he whispered as he dragged her down for one more soul-searing kiss. Dina felt her breath sucked from her lungs, her tongue alive and dancing in his mouth, her hands fisted in his salt and pepper hair, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Her moan of need echoed his, their bodies fused together as one.

James gradually eased the pressure of his lips on Dina's, their chests heaving as they slowly broke apart. Dina lowered her head to his chest, her heart beating wildly.

"I don't believe I've ever been kissed like that before," Dina murmured.

"That was magical," James replied. "Why don't you go up and start getting dressed, I'll be up shortly."

Dina walked on unsteady legs upstairs to their room, her cheeks flushed and her nipples stiff. James was certainly surprising lately. From dropping out of the election, to concentrate on their relationship, James was going out of his way to shower attention on her. Not that Dina minded, she was enjoying herself more than ever. It was like they were newlyweds all over again. So much for the seven year itch, she thought as she pulled her new purchases out of their bags.

Dina had spent hours browsing for the right outfit. She considered herself to be stuck between generations. She certainly had the slim, toned body to wear the latest fashions and at 28, she wasn't a dinosaur, but she was married, and had been married for 6 years. She couldn't just run around town, flaunting her bare stomach and the dimples above her ass. So she compromised. She had selected some khaki cargo capris, the waist cut a bit lower than she was used to, and she had purchased a white oxford shirt to go with it. It was a classic, tailored man's oxford, but with some small decidedly female details. The collar was smaller, opening wider at the throat, showing off a fair amount of cleavage. The salesgirl had told Dina to leave the last two buttons undone, so that she still covered her tanned stomach but flashed glimpses of it occasionally.

Dina walked over to her stereo, selecting an 80's disc, and popped it into the shelf system. Soon the sounds of Tainted Cell were echoing through the room as Dina swayed to the music and brushed her long, sable hair. She was putting on her makeup when James walked into the room.

"Damn Dina, I swear, you get sexier each day," James commented as he let out a wolf whistle.

"Oh, you like it? It's just an old outfit I wear when I don't really care what I look like," Dina replied.

"Well, it sure does look good," James told her. "I guess I'll go ahead and get dressed now. Although, I'm afraid I may embarrass you. You look so good and I'm such an old man."

"Oh please! That's why the waitress at Ch`e Nick's always seems to need a towel for all the drool. I'm not about to stroke your ego anymore than is necessary Mr. Daly. You're one of the sexiest men on the planet, and you know it," Dina said as she swiped his ass with her palm. She was right though, James was handsome. At 46, he still had a swimmer's body, long and lean, and his salt and pepper hair just added distinction to an already great package. His blue eyes twinkling as he smiled, lines at his eyes giving him a Paul Newman type look.

"Ok, if you really think I'm hot, I guess I won't worry about it. So can I wear my white leisure suit and brown boots?" James teased her.

With mock horror, Dina covered her eyes. "Oh please not that! I thought I burned that when you were away last time."

"You little minx, that's where it went. I thought maybe someone had boxed it up for memories. Damn, and I loved that suit. It got me all the women I could and couldn't handle."

"James, it's not the 70's anymore. Women don't fall for High Karate and leisure suits. Why don't you get dressed? We'll never get there if you don't hurry up."

"Nag, nag, nag, all you do is nag. Ok, I'll get dressed. The Docker's and that plaid shirt?" James asked as he headed for the closet.

"Yeah and don't forget to wear some sexy underwear."

"Why sexy underwear? What kind do you have on?" James asked with a quizzical look on his face.

Dina turned around and slowly lowered her new cargo pants. James's mouth watered as he saw that she had no underwear on at all. All he saw was a smooth expanse of tanned skin, her ass cheeks white where her bikini covered her up.

"How do you like my new panties? They're from Victoria's Secret, they're called, Barely There, and I paid a fortune for them. I guess Vicki's secret is out...that's how she makes all her money. Charging people for things that aren't really there!" Dina said saucily.

"Get dressed you saucy thing. If you want to get there, we need to get going now or we're going to miss everything," James said as he buttoned the last button on his shirt. He held his arm out for Dina, and tucking her hand into his, they headed out to the garage.

James held open the door of the Mercedes for Dina and walking around to the driver's seat, climbed in.

"So where are we going?" Dina asked for the hundredth time.

"We're going to a club called Ephemeral. It's in Clearwater, and it's an upscale club with dancers," James answered, wording his reply as vaguely as he could.

"Dancers? You mean strippers?" Dina asked incredulously.

"In a manner of speaking, yes," James said matter of factly. "Look Dina, it's not a sleazy place that you see on all the movies. It's just a club that plays great music, the women are there for men who want to see skilled dancers, and for us, its going to be a new experience. Who knows, you might even like it."

"Since we're trying new things, and in the spirit of that alone, I'll try and have a good time. But if I'm not, will you promise to take me home?"

"My word of honor," James replied as they pulled in front of the club.

James was right. It was upscale. Dina had expected a dive, complete with seedy men standing outside. But she was surprised to see an all brick building in one of the ritziest parts of town. There was only a small neon sign that read "Ephemeral" and some velvet ropes forming a queue for patrons. She detected a faint bass line coming from the club and most of the people outside waiting appeared to be some of the wealthiest in all of Clearwater.

Dina was somewhat surprised that she and James were ushered right into the club. She saw that the inside of the club wasn't at all like she expected. There was a hazy of blue smoke hovering in the air, but there wasn't a single tattooed biker in the club. Several couples occupied the booths along the side stages, and several well dressed men were seated around the main stage. The girls were all very graceful, given their various states of undress. The bar in the back was polished mahogany, the waitresses clad in Playboy bunny type costumes. The music was a blood pumping bass number, the girls expertly working the main stage and the two smaller side stages.

James picked a small booth just off to the side of one of the smaller stages. As Dina slid into the leather seat, a blonde buxom waitress appeared to take their drink order.

"Two single malt scotches, on the rocks please," James requested.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" Dina asked James.

"Not at all, just a drink to loosen you up. You look like you're ready to jump out of your seat. I told you this place was upscale. They don't even go all nude here, the girls just get topless. And several of the dancers are professional dancers, they do this to supplement their income."

"How do you know so much about this place?" Dina asked curiously.

"Smith and I have closed a few deals with other attorneys here. It was never anything sexual, more like a gentleman's club."

"If you say so," Dina said a bit miffed. She couldn't believe James had been to a strip club. Although as she looked around the room, she realized he was right. It wasn't a seedy strip bar where the girls all had a glazed look in their eye. As she scanned the room, she saw several very toned women, each with their own style of dancing, and not one of them looked lifeless and drugged out. These women were graceful, classy and from the looks of it, sophisticated.

As the song ended, the dj queued up AC/DC's, You shook me all night long, and their waitress returned with their scotches. Dina took a sip of her scotch and nodded mentally in approval when she tasted the familiar Glenlivet.

A new dancer took her position at the stage in front of James and Dina. She was a petite woman, hardly more than five feet tall, but she was built. Either she had a gifted plastic surgeon, or God had been in a good mood when he cast her mold. Her breasts sat firm in her silver bikini top, her legs strong and lean. As the music played, she worked the stage with a familiarity born of one who enjoys entertaining. She ground her crotch for the men upfront and for the couples in the back she danced more stylistically, her gleaming blonde locks swaying back and forth with her hips to the punching rhythms of the song. She slowly shimmied out of her pants, just two triangles of silver with a connecting strap separating prying eyes from her womanly charms. She turned her back to the crowd and slowly, drawing out the moment, removed her top. As she turned back to the crowd, Dina sucked in her breath as she saw the other woman's naked breasts. They were more than a handful, with dusky pink nipples and thick, hard nipples.

James leaned over. "Isn't she lovely?" he asked as he began nonchalantly rubbing Dina's shoulder.

"She is so graceful. This wasn't what I expected at all," Dina replied, a little breathlessly as she found herself holding her breath as the blonde expertly climbed the brass pole in the middle of the stage.

The song ended and the blonde bowed to the crowd, whistles and clapping filling the air. The dj's voice boomed out, "Let's hear it for Angel. She's available for private dances as well. It's $50 for a single and $75 for a couple. If you're interested folks, just ask your waitress."

"Sweetie, I noticed how much you were admiring Angel. What do you say we get a private dance?"

"Isn't that where they take you in the back and perform for you? Both of us?" Dina asked somewhat naively.

"I think it would be fun, and from the look of your nipples, I'd think you'd really enjoy it," James said as he slid his palm down to graze over Dina's hardened nipple.

"If you think so," Dina replied, her eyes closing in pleasure as James began rubbing her inner thigh with his other hand.

James was steadily adding pressure to his movements, noting the parting of Dina's lips and the heaving of her chest. Excusing himself briefly, James headed up to the bar to request a private dance with Angel.

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