tagInterracial LoveDinah, A Restaurant Story

Dinah, A Restaurant Story


I used to work for an upscale restaurant. I've seen the good, bad, and downright outrageous there. These are my stories.

As with any Saturdays, I must deal with angry customers, crying kids with parents that ignore them thinking that it's not happening at table, and servers that rather congregate in the back talk about the latest gossip, than check their tables.

I'm the supervisor who quit and was begged to come back and if the General Manager wasn't my brother's best friend, I would have left this place to burn to the ground. Anyways, back to my story.

This Saturday was especially busy. It was the end of summer and kids and teens were starting back up in school and half of the staff will be returning to college and I would not see them until the next holidays. Thank god. I'm about 10 years older than most of them but worked at the restaurant since I was 17.

The only one that I truly will miss is Dinah, a young cute Indian lady that has left me dreaming of bending her over. A woman with a body that have many men wanting to leave their wives for. Long, black hair that touches the crest of her big, firm ass when she lets it down. A little bit of muscle because she played sports throughout high school and college. D Cups, all natural with quarter size areola and coco puffs for nipples. I know that because she came to work in a thin shirt without a bra on a cold day. Her father sent her home after a lot of the wives couldn't keep their husbands from stop staring and drooling. That was the best Valentine's Day every. Tall, with long legs and athletic calves that remind you of a Sunday drive to a distant city. Her face is like a classic R&B song from the 60's that you would sing over and over when you would hear it on the radio. Big, brown eyes that you get lost in when you look into them. Cute little nose with a stud. I hate the stud in her nose, but that is part of her life. Big, luscious lips that I imagine can suck the chrome off a pipe. High cheek bones that she got from her mom. And a voice that's dark, vibrant, sexy that can carry a tune. But, she has the weirdest laugh that throws off the complete package.

Her dad owns the restaurant, so she has been working here every holiday, every summer the last three year. I count down the days when she will come back so I can see her again. When I first started working there she was just this short, chubby little girl with pigtails and big, thick glasses. Now, she matured like a fine wine. She is one of the main reasons why I stay working here even if her father doesn't like me.

"Children, children, children."

I was clapping loudly to get them to stop giggling and talking.

"Y'all have tables that either need to be cleaned, greeted or checked on. If I catch any of you back here and you're not on break, or restocking, half of your tips will be mine at the end of the shift. If you act like children, I'm going to treat you like one. Am I clear?"

As they walked out of the room, Dinah was the only one left in the room. I walked over to sit down with her for a couple of minutes before I go back onto the floor.

"What are you looking at?"

"I'm looking at old pics from high school, here look."

She handed me her phone.

I browse thru her pictures I never notice how beautiful she was. And how horny I was getting. Most of her pics were from her playing volleyball and basketball. Those gym shorts did no justice because they made her look good. One pic had her bending over from the hips and not the knees. I could see an imprint of her pussy trying to rip thru those shorts. I thought the table jumped I got so hard. I handed her phone back and try to think of something unsexy to sheathe my sword.

"Let me get back to work cause you're going to get me in trouble."

I got up to leave. She grabbed my hand before I fully stood up. Why did started to get hard again.

"Wait, I have three things to say before you leave."

"Go ahead, I'm listening."

"First, how did everything go with the ex-wife, is it official?"

"Yes, I am no longer married. I never met a person so happy to get away from me. I hope that she is happy."

She smiled a little, kind of weird.

"Second, this is my last shift today. I won't be coming back here because I start my internship when school starts up. So, I won't see you unless I come to visit."

Now, I was feeling depressed. No more quick glimpse of her ass as she walked past me or bending over to pick up something. No more smells of the sweet fragrance combinations of oils she mixed with mangos and honeysuckle that made her the most desirable fruit wherever she went. No more hugs where her ample breast push up against me and those hard coco puffs penetrate my spirit. All that is gone. My world crashes.

"I can't take the next thing you're going to ask, so just text it to me so I can deal with it later."

I walk out the room feeling like a broken man. My phone beeps.

"Look at it in private and tell me what you think. Again, I'm sorry."

That's all that I could think about throughout the shift. I was sad, angry, hurt. I couldn't do my job. Even when it came time to collect from the servers because of their mistakes, I just told them to keep their money and see them around the holiday season. Even Chris noticed and pulled me into the office.

"Say bruh, what's going on with you. You're making simple mistakes and you gave back close to $700 dollars in tips, do I need to bring you to the hospital?"

"It's the divorce, I never realized how much it affects me till today."

That was a half lie. Talking to Dinah brought up some old memories. I can't anyone how I felt about Dinah because gossip runs fast in this place. Even Chris can get shady sometimes.

"Well here is some good news, Dinah will no longer work here."

Dinah never like Chris since she saw him make a pass at her mother. She was about to tell her dad; but, I begged her not to since that was my brother's best friend and I owed him for getting me this job. I promise to keep him on the straight and narrow while I was here.

"That's not helping. Remember, you are the one that had to grab her mom's ass right where she can see you."

"Again, it's not my fault. She didn't see her mom grab mines first. And she gave me that 'come fuck me' look. I'm the victim here."

"You're unbelievable, you know that. Your two steps away from being a man whore."

We both started laughing. It took the sadness from Dinah leaving and brought me back to being me again.

"What can I say, Indian women love that white meat. Why do you think she hit me up after the divorce? That's a Bengal tiger on the prowl."

"What the fuck dude. Are you trying to get fired?"

"Again, I'm the victim. Since she sold her half to him and will open her own restaurant, I will be GM over there. I'm getting all the perks and privileges. Besides, she is a freak in the bed. A lot of back up in the pipes. And her body is still tight and banging. If Dinah wasn't a prude she might just be as freaky as her mom."

I just nodded and went back onto the floor to finish out the shift. As much as I hated to think about it, what if she was? She asked me questions about guys and what it was like to be married. I don't know too much about her sex life and I didn't pry. My phone vibrated again.

She asked if I see the text yet. What is so important about this text? I texted her to stop playing on her phone while working and put a smiley face on the end of it.

The last guest finally leaves. Too much of my surprise, all the servers did their closing duties without issues. I need some sex bad. This back up is stressing me out. We have inventory tonight and was not looking forward to it. Every server except Dinah tries to find a way to get out of it. They cry and complain about the littlest things. They eventual piss Chris and me off to where we tell them to go home and we finish up. Tonight, it was different.

"What up Sam, my brother from another mother."

He places his hand on my shoulder. That means he wants something, as usual.

"Please don't tell me you're not staying to finish. I'm not in the mood tonight and I just want to go home."

"Dinah swapped with a server to do inventory. I don't want to be near here especially when we talk."

"Why, don't want to spend time with your daughter in law."

Chris face looked like I punched in the gut.

"This is why I don't like you, but please do this and I will owe you big."

"Why not, I like it when you in debt to me"

"Great, so I will see u tomorrow, just email me the inventory list, so I can sign off on it in the morning.

My heart is racing. This is the first time that I will be alone with her. The cooks did their inventory early, so they can go to a birthday party. My phone vibrates again.

"I guess you still haven't seen that message, so please just delete it and don't worry about it."

In my head I was very curious on what she sent to me. I'm thinking it is an apology note stating that she will miss me, and we will always be friends. I went into the office and shut the door. I finally opened the message and wow.

She sends me photos of her in some sexy underwear that covered little to none. If the entrance to heaven was thru this body, I would worship her forever. Her breast was bigger than I imagined. Firm, smooth and defying gravity. She turned around for a thong pic and her ass looked like smooth caramel. She bent over with another thong on and I saw everything except her clit. Big, shaved pussy lips that looked sweet to taste. Loved a shaved pussy. One pic she is standing there topless in tight grey gym short that was making a 3D imprint of her pussy. She must have overheard me talking to Chris about that time when my ex-wife wore these little, grey shorts and they are a turn on for me. I put my hand in my pants and rubbed my dick. I was about to pull him out when there was a knock on the door and Dinah came in. She looked at my pants and started smiling.

"It took you long enough."

She rubbed her hand on my swollen diamond hard dick smiling.

"I thought it was a Dear John letter."

I slowly remove her hand because she was about to unzip my pants.

"It's more of a fuck me Sam letter. I have been watching you all shift. I was hoping you had some wild fantasy about me cause your dick gave you away. I purposely brushed up against you to see how hard you were, and I imagining you going inside my pussy and my ass. I imagine that your tongue is on my clit with a finger or two inside and I would cum so hard I would have to cover my mouth, so no one would hear me. I always wondered, but not I know that your thick, veiny, curve and leans to the right."

She was on her knees and start nuzzling my crotch. She slowly rubbed her cheek then her nose, and her closed lips all around the shaft and balls like she was appreciating it for a job well done. She ran her tongue across the imprint, teasing me more, and more. She put her mouth on the imprint to further torture me.

She finally pulled him out and examined him like a test subject. It felt so good in her hands. She was holding it like it was a blue-ribbon winner at a state fair. She started licking slowly, from shaft to tip. I wanted to stop her cause this was wrong, but I have been wanting this for too long. I reached over and locked the door, so no one can come in.

"Don't worry, no one is here. I checked before I came in. We can be as loud we want."

"You do realize that we can get into trouble. Not by Chris, but your father."

"I'm old enough to know what's right and wrong."

She licked some of my precum and smiled.

"Damn you taste sweet like pineapple. And this would be wrong if I done this with someone still in the building. Or while you were still married. So, shut up and enjoy this or I will put something in your mouth to keep you quiet."

She slides my dick into her mouth slowly, savoring every inch she could all the way to the base. My legs shook. I never had a woman that could deep throat with authority. Maybe she is like her mother. I shook off that last statement and the thought of her mom going down on Chris.

She started coming back up and running her tongue on the tip, then sliding back down. My dick was excited. It got harder and hard with each stroke of her mouth and tongue. She stops sucking to slap herself in the face with it. She's a naughty girl and I will punish her for that. She massages my balls and starts to deep throat again in a feverous pace. I started grinding my hips and fucking her mouth imagining it was that fat pussy of hers. I see her running her fingers up her skirt and finger fucking herself, matching the speed of her sucking. She really does multitask very well. She's moaning and cumming with each stroke and I couldn't take it anymore. The smells from the puddle of pussy juice on the floor just beneath her and the loud moaning from the both of us sent me over. I tried pulling back, but she grabbed my ass and moved faster. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, I grabbed onto the desk to brace myself and let out a roar as I exploded down her throat and mouth. Waves of europium came over as she sucks and lick every drop out of me. I took off my shirt because I was sweating so hard and she grabbed the bottle of water that was on the desk and started drink.

"Um, you know that is Chris's water bottle?"

"Good, that makes the night even better"

"Well, we need to get this inventory out the way."

"Wait a minute, what about me?"

"Don't worry, I got something for your tight, thick ass. But if we don't get this inventory out the way, Chris will know something and that's the last person I need in my business. I'm glad I started early because I wanted to get out early. I only have about a few items and then I am going to have my fantasy."

"Which is?"

"I'm better at showing you then telling you."

I started to think of what I want to do with this woman. Damn so many things I want to do to her, but I don't know what. I guess I will have to wing it like I always do.

"Well, I'm finished and emailed everything to Chris."

"So, you figured out what you want to do with me? From all the talks, I heard that you were very creative?"

Damn, I thought. She must have talked to Chanel, French foreign student who went home two yrs. ago and still sends me naughty pics. She sent me tickets to come visit her in France. First class. Christmas here I come. "That's all rumors and lies that were spread about me."

"I saw the video..."

I froze for a second.

"Chill, not trying to blackmail you into something. I just want to know if you could do what you did in that video to me. Chanel say she has never squirted till she met you. No other guy or woman has ever made her squirt since. It is said that your tongue is one of legends, a gift from the heavens, etc. etc... When I first heard that, I had to know if it was possible. So, I experimented. I came multiple times, had big orgasms, but never squirted. I need to find out what it feels like. Make me squirt."

She was laying on the table with her skirt pulled up and legs spread open. My imagination did no justice to what I saw.

The aroma was like a sweet honeysuckle that grew in my backyard when I was a kid during the springtime. How I missed that smell from the south (very ironic). It was shaved except for a landing strip on top of full, plump labia that begged to be slowly kissed. She had a huge clit sticking out between her lips. It looked like a giant, smooth raisin covered in caramel.

I ran the tip of my finger across it gently and it was as hard as my dick, pointing and saluting. I slit my middle finger between her lips slowly till I reached her love cave and slowly explored. It's wet and tight. I might lose my mind sliding my dick into this. She moaned instantly from the soft sudden pressure between her lips. I tasted my finger to see how sweet she was. She was my honeysuckle. I put that same finger in her mouth. She hesitated, but tried. Her eyes rolled in excitement and joy. She moans again and started to gyrate her hips on my other fingers inside her while playing with her breast. I didn't notice that she had already unbuttoned her shirt and pulled them out. Those coco puffs were perked and firm, ready to be teased. She played with one while I started to lick the other. The taste of sweat and the oils created this sweet salty mix causing an uncontrollable sensation in my taste buds. I couldn't get enough of how she tasted. Her skin tasted like a milky way candy bar with salted caramel in the middle. I flattened my fat tongue and I explored other parts of her breast. I used long, even strokes to cover all her breast with my mouth. Each time I got to a different part of her breast, it was sweeter or saltier and I got more excited. Her breast tasted like saltwater taffy or salted caramel. She was my candy girl and I'm going to enjoy her all night.

I finally moved back to her coco puff and I nibbled on it. I looked into her eyes as I slowly applied pressure. They got wider, and wider as I intensified the pain. She locks her nail into her other nipple to match what I was giving and let out a loud, uncontrollable yell. I unlocked her secret. I slid the other fingers I had in her pussy into her mouth, but she pulled me up to and started to kiss while my fingers were between both of our lips. As we slowly licked her juice off my fingers, we crossed to the "v" and entangled our tongues for a bit and start to lick the other fingers. I moved my fingers and focused on those big, caramel lips of hers. They were as soft as the times she kissed me on my cheek when she left for college. Her tongue, smooth, slippery and alive like snake through the brushes, was finding the inside of my mouth almost violently. Very aggressive. Something is not right. This is not her.

"Slow down killer, we got time."

I pulled back from kissing her. The look she gave me was priceless. Like that deer caught in the headlights.

"I'm sorry, I thought this is what you like. They said..."

She started to tear up. Got to fix this fast.

"Hey, that was them. This is you. What I do is based on the moment. I can be soft, or I can be rough. But, I'm here to pleasure you, not them. Let's take it slow and work our way to that."

I kissed her again. This time slow and sweet. Savoring every suck, lick, soft kiss. Allowing our mouths to connect and talk to each other. We were letting our tongues get a chance to know each other. Her body reacts more differently this time. Her nipples instantly pop like popcorn again. I slowly run my fingers up her sides and electrified her skin. She lets out a soft, deep moan and her body relaxes some more. I slowly rub her nipples and her clit at the same time. The electricity flowing thru her body she shudders and break contact with my lips to let out an orgasmic groan. She started to speak softly in her native tongue.

She unzipped my pants again and put my dick in her mouth. The soft suckling and massaging my balls made me lose focus and lost in the feelings. Damn, her mouth feels so soft, warm and wet. I keep rubbing, circling those big nipples like a soft, slow wax on a '67 mustang in mint condition, trying to make it shine. I switched from rubbing her clit to pinch between my thumb and index finger. I slowly start moving my fingers back and forth like a hand job. She removes my dick from her mouth and moans out at what I'm doing.

"Tonight, I am going to pleasure you like I always imagined. If you don't like it, tuff."

I think she started cursing me out in Hindi, so I started to move faster on her clit. She started yelling and put my dick back into her mouth to silence herself. She started to tense up and try to move from my hand. I moved down and grabbed both of her legs and put them on my shoulders and she was fuckin soaked. I pulled her body to my body and had her in a standing 69. I buried my faced into that wet mess and just kept licking everywhere. Lips, clit, hole whatever was open, I was licking. Dinah match my intensity by deep throating me again, but faster and harder. The smells overwhelmed my senses and her deep throating cause me slowly descend to the floor with my back on the floor and her on top. She stops sucking my dick and sits upright with her big, glazed wet pussy hovering over my nose. The honeysuckle is making my sense of smell go into overdrive.

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