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Dinah's Breeding


Dinah slowly opened her eyes as the room around her came into focus: stark, white ceilings first, then the walls of glass. She couldn't make out anything beyond the glass, so she reasoned in her muzzy mind that it must be tinted. She became aware that she was lying on a comfortable bed, and that the room was warm but smelled of antiseptic and some other odor that she could not put her finger on. It's impossible for a virgin of just 19 years old to know the smell of sex.

As Dinah's awareness grew, so did her fear. It became apparent that she was totally naked and her legs were bound to some sort of apparatus, the wide bindings snug at her knees and ankles, yet it she lay in a very comfortable position. Her arms were bound to posts at the head of the bed; to one arm was secured an IV line which led to a bag hanging just above her. She looked to her left and saw a bank of monitors and a speaker.

"Hello?" Her voice was weak and scratchy.

The door slid open and in walked a bear of a man carrying a silver medical tray. He was large and had very dark hair, a beard and mustache, and very full lips. His eyes twinkled as he surveyed her. "Well, welcome back, Dinah. My name is Ian, and will be assisting you."

'Welcome back?' Dinah thought, 'How long have I been here... how long have I been out?'

As if reading her mind, Ian said, "You've been here for about a week. We kept you in a state of twilight sleep this whole time so we could administer the proper preparations."

With that, Ian raised a syringe from the silver tray and began flicking it to remove the air bubbles. He surveyed it in the light, and then smiled down on her as he inserted the needle into the IV line and pushed the plunger.

Dinah's body went warm, her areolas contracted, pushing her nipples to attention.

"What was that?" she asked Ian, looking him up and down. She realized that he was in surgical scrubs, the top wrapping around him like a robe.

"It was a fertility drug with a mood enhancing element, developed by our own Dr. Novartov. It will make your experiences more pleasant and the breeding easier."

'BREEDING?!' Dinah's mind screamed, 'I can't do this! I'm a virgin!' But something in the medication prevented her from being able to voice her fears. All Ian heard forming on her lips was a series of groans and grunts.

"Yes, little girl, I know you're needy. We will be getting to that soon enough. But first, we have to get you in the right position ..."

He slid a wedged bolster under Dinah's hips, and then pressed a button on the wall nearest him. There was a whirring sound, followed by Dinah's awareness that something was pulling her knees up and apart; pulling her ankles down. The machine continued to position her legs upward and outward as Ian clamped some leg rests on the side of the bed for her comfort. He placed Dinah's feet in the stirrup hooks, and then began to untie his top while talking to her.

"Are you comfortable there, little one? I know this is all new to you ... we picked you special for this. I am your caretaker and your breeder, so you and I are going to become very close for a while. The drug I gave you is a powerful sexual stimulant as well as a fertility drug, so you should be getting pretty horny right now. Let's see how you are doing .."

With that, Ian clicked the bottom of the bed and swung it down and out of the way. He then ran his hands along Dinah's inner thigh, feeling her tremble as he neared her most intimate flesh. He looked into her eyes and saw sheer terror and animal desire swirl together as he reached her pussy lips.

"My goodness but you are wet!" He ran his beefy fingers along her slit, gathering nectar there and bringing to his lips. "You taste so sweet, so innocent! I am a lucky man to be your first and to be the father of your children. Let me taste more before we get down to business ..."

Ian kneeled between Dinah's upswept thighs. Dinah fought the drug mightily, trying to move her body, to scream, anything to let someone know she was not enjoying this. All she succeeded in doing was force more drug into her veins as her rapid heartbeat sucked at the IV line.

Ian lowered his head and his thick, supple lips met Dinah's pussy for the first time. Dinah's clit was already standing at attention from the drug, so it only took a couple of swipes of Ian's tongue to bring pussy juices bubbling forth from her depths. Her hips heaved in response to his mouth; he plunged his tongue into her and felt her hymen.

"Oh, this will be good," he said, lifting his head away from her slit momentarily. "You're a virgin; you're so ripe and ready. Your pussy is begging for me to fuck it." He pushed a finger into her, agonizingly slowly, and felt around inside. "You are so hot and tight ... I think I'll jack off and cum in your pussy quickly at first, and then I will take my time the second time."

Ian rose from the bed and dropped his pants. Dinah gasped at the size of his cock: a large head with a thick, veiny shaft protruded over two balls the size of baseballs. She had never seen a naked man in person, only in the magazines under her mom's bed. Ian had a thick mat of fur on his chest with a trail running to another thick mat around his cock. He absentmindedly stroked himself while contemplating his next move.

Ian reached over took another syringe from the tray. It was a small syringe with a tiny needle. He lifted his heavy cock, and pushed the needle into his balls, injecting the fluid there. As Dinah watched, his balls surged to even bigger proportions.

"That was another special concoction ... it's a sperm enhancer. It makes me produce more and better quality sperm. Although, my regular sperm would probably be fine since I plan on fucking you a lot while you're here ... you are so gorgeous and sexy!"

Dinah's mind was numb at this point. 'These people really plan on getting me pregnant! Why? What did I do to deserve ..."

Again Ian answered her unspoken question: "You're here because your parents are broke. There is big money in adoption and a lot of wealthy people looking to adopt babies right out of the chute, so to speak. You have great lineage, great looks, a great health history ... and you're a virgin, so we didn't have to worry about the typical STD's or anything like that. Being 19, you are plenty old enough to carry a baby to term and your parents were paid handsomely for your 'services'. Y'know, if you play your cards right, you might find out that this is not such a bad gig. Lots of girls your age are having babies for free ..."

He took another syringe with a tiny needle and inserted it just beneath the head of his cock. He watched him wince at that one and return the empty syringe to the tray.

"Liquid Viagra. We're gonna be here a while."

He smiled and touched her again. Her skin felt electrified and he leaned over to take her nipple into his mouth. He was rewarded with some sweetness as he sucked her nipple hard.

"I see that the high-powered fertility drug is making you lactate a bit already. You should be pregnant by week's end."

He stood and began to stroke his cock, looking at her bound and helpless body lying in wait for him. He ran his hand over the cock head, now slick from precum.

"I'm going to jack off and when I cum, I'm going to bust your cherry wide open and pump my cum right up against your womb. I'm gonna make you cum on my cock so hard when I shoot ..."

'No, I won't!' Dinah thought as she watched in wide-eyed terror at this man stroking this huge piece of flesh. It was only getting bigger and bigger and looked angrier and angrier as he pulled at his balls and furiously rubbed the shaft. Dinah felt an odd tingle in her pussy as she watched Ian pleasure himself, the outward signs of her arousal were not lost on Ian.

"OOOOoohhhh I'm getting so close ... you're gonna be so full in a minute..."

With that, Ian flopped down on Dinah and shoved his hips forward, pushing his huge cock into her pussy sleeve in one strong motion. He sucked and chewed at her nipples, pulling more of the milk into his mouth as Dinah grunted with the force of his entry. The feeling of being so utterly filled overwhelmed her senses and she came hard and fast on his cock. She didn't even notice that he had torn her hymen, only that her first fuck felt so damn good.

"Ooohhh yesssssss you slut! I knew you'd cum! Cum for me, baby ... cum on ... cum all over me ... soak my balls .."

Ian continued to talk to her as he pushed and pulled the massive cock head back and forth inside her pussy, rubbing that special spot and making Dinah cum and cum like she'd never experienced before when she came on her own fingers back in her bed at home. Ian rose up off of her, leaning back and holding her pussy against his hips. With her on the wedge, it put her pussy in perfect alignment for him to hold her this way, rubbing his cock head against her cervix.

He strummed her clit with his thumb and growled, "Cum again, Dinah. Cum hard and suck all my cum from my balls. I want to feel your cervix suck on the mouth of my cock. I want to feel it take all my cum inside and make a baby ... or two .." He continued to strum her, watching her face flush with excitement.

"I know you're close. You know you love the feel of my cock inside you. Hurry, girl: you're pussy is so good that I can't hold out much longer ...."

She felt him swell inside her and that pushed her over the edge. He felt her pussy ripple once, and then grip him in a concentric milking motion that sent his cum roping into her.

"AAARRGGGGGGGGG! TAKE IT! TAKE IT ALLL!!!!" He came and came, his balls emptying deep into her body. He leaned over and chewed on her nipples, the sensation of his teeth driving her to another mind-blowing orgasm. She gained a bit of control of her body, rolling her hips against him to draw the last of his sperm out. That told Ian that she had surrendered to her task and that it wouldn't be necessary to bind her anymore – unless, of course, she liked it.

Moments later, she felt him withdraw from her, but noticed that his cock was still rock hard and bobbing in front of him. It was then she became aware of people staring through the glass, some in obvious states of arousal, some taking notes. Her thoughts were all over the place: She felt vulnerable, exposed, but energized. She wished she wasn't lying there with cum streaming from her pussy, and yet, she was still extremely horny. She wished that one of those people would come in and lick her pussy until she could cum again. She wished she could go home, she wished she could stay here forever.

Ian's voice interrupted her thoughts: "I need to leave you in this position for a few minutes so that my cum can soak down into you." He gave her another syringe full of the "medication" as he said, "I'll be back in a few minutes after this dose has time to work, then we're going to do it doggy style ..."

The warmth spread through her loins and a shiver ran down Dinah's spine, and her pussy began bubbling with sheer anticipation of Ian's return.

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