tagLesbian SexDing Dong the Bitch Is Dead

Ding Dong the Bitch Is Dead


(The day after "The Bitch's Oven)

Jennifer awoke that next morning to the most incredible sensation she had ever felt! She looked down to see Robin wallowing between her legs under the covers, her tongue bathing Jen's cunt with her warm wet touch. As Jen screamed a little sigh Robin popped her head out from under the covers and smiled at her with wet creamy lips.

"Good morning sweet meat." She said. She looked down at the dark blonde hair of Jen's pussy and smirked, "Breakfast!" She dropped back down and continued pleasuring Jen.

Soon Jen was quaking uncontrollably from a string of violent juice splashing orgasms. When she could stand no more she pulled Robin up and nuzzled Robin's head against her warm soft neck. She lay there silent for several minutes. Finally she lifted Robin's face so that their eyes met. Jen's were misty, Robin's were hot and fiery.

"Oh girl, you are getting more and more incredible by the minute." Jen said her eyes closing softly.

"Hmmmm, does that mean you like me?" She said in a little girl voice.

"Oh most definitely." She responded.

Robin turned her attention to Jennifer's wonderful breasts. They weren't as awesome as Robin's but they were very, very close. Robin caressed and kissed and pinched and massaged and licked and rolled and maneuvered her nipples in every possible way. Finally Jennifer pushed Robin back toward her swollen soaked pussy.

"Oh damn girl, finish your breakfast and get out of here!" Jen couldn't let her get away without taking on one more volley of orgasms. It didn't take Robin long to get them started.

Suddenly Jennifer hopped from the bed. Strolling naked across the room she picked up a sweatshirt and sweatpants off a chair in the corner. She turned back toward Robin and threw them at her. They hit Robin in the face and slipped down to her lap.

"Nice shot, honey but where am I going?" Robin asked from underneath a dangling leg of the sweatpants.

"YOU have to leave! Oh, I can't take anymore of this just now, you're way too hot. I love you little girl." Jennifer pulled her robe over her shoulders, turned and started studying her own face in the dresser mirror.

"Why can't I stay, I'll be good. Promise." Robin begged.

"Get those sweats on and hit the road. I have to start getting ready anyway." Jen answered her eyes fixed on the mirror.

"Ready for what Jen?" Robin snapped.

"I have a date later and I need to get some things ready pretty soon now." Jen still didn't look away from the mirror.

"A date?" Robin was obviously hurt.

Jennifer turned and looked at her now. "Robin, there is no room for jealousy between us. That will only send us back to the relationship we had yesterday."

"Nooooo, not that, I don't want that but…" Her sentence faded.

Jennifer took a seat on the edge of the bed beside her. "What? You think we're getting married now or something?" Jen smiled at her.

Robin dropped her head sadly. "I didn't bring any rings." Jen smiled at this.

"That's my baby, keep the sense of humor." Jen patted her head and returned to the mirror.

She watched Robin pour out of bed and pull on the sweats. Robin flipped her hair from the neckline and shook it free throwing her head from side to side. Jen was amazed. This little jewel was sexy in everything she wore. She bet she would make a flannel nightshirt look hot. Robin slipped up beside Jennifer and laid her head on her robe clad shoulder.

"Where did you think this would lead? Don't get hooked on any one person just yet. There is a garden of sweet flowers out there for you to pick." Jen worked with her hair trying out different looks for the night. "And, can you take some bad news right now?…"

Robin shook her head yes, she couldn't find her voice, her stomach turned inside her.

"Robin, I'm a senior you know?" She started. "I will be graduating."

Again Robin shook her head yes, her eyes locked intensely on Jen's lips in the mirror.

"Well." She took hold of Robin's hand, "I'm graduating at the end of this semester, I start law school back east next semester."

Tears began to well up in Robin's eyes. "Noooo, Jen. That's just…just six weeks or so. Please, not so soon. I just found you and…" Her tears were flowing freely.

Jennifer gently wiped them away with the sleeve of her robe. "Oh Robin, little bird, you have just spread you wings. Fly! Don't worry. We have this short time, let's use it to it's fullest."

Her words fell on rejecting ears. She clutched the sleeve of Jen's robe and gripped it tight. Jen could feel the warm sweet tears on her neck. Robin cried out loud now sobbing like she had just lost her first true love…maybe she had. Her hand slid up the length of Jennifer's chest and caressed her face in her hand.

Through loud sobs she managed to say, "Does…that…mean…you will…break your…date…and be…with…me…me tonight?"

Jennifer pushed Robin back to the bed and sat her down. "No, Robin, lesson number one. You never ever break an engagement you have made. If you're going out with the ugliest plainest guy or girl around and the hottest honey you have ever seen asks you out you say no. Let them know that you want to but you are previously engaged and if they ask earlier next time you would love to be with them. Understand?" She waited for Robin to respond. She shook her head yes, tears dropping to the bed. "I would so much rather be with you tonight but I can't. Understand?" Again the head nod and more falling tears. "Tonight is a social ladder climbing date. I hope to practice law in this area some day. This is nothing but politics."

She stood Robin up and led her to the door, she opened it and lightly pushed Robin out. "By for now honey. I will see you soon, you'll see, we WILL be together again before long."

It was all Jennifer could do to shut the door but she knew what was best for Robin, at least for now. Robin stood with her back against the door and cried for five or ten minutes, too numb from the recent news to move. Jennifer heard her through the door but got on with the business of her day. Finally Robin headed down the narrow stairway. Jennifer heard her crying fade as she left. Jennifer's eyes began to water. A single tear ran down her cheek, she wiped it off and went on, her heart breaking just a little.

Robin tried to slip by the others in the house without being noticed. For all intents and purposes she succeeded. Quickly she was across the yard heading toward the quad. More than once she stopped in her tracks looked to the sky and begged for answers through tear filled baby blue eyes. Before long she was striding slowly toward the dorm. She looked up at the dorm that had held such awful feelings for her. Then a thought raced into her mind…Nikki! She was going back to her room where this horny, usually naked, little vixen lived. The day started to take on a new feel. Leaving Jen was still hurting but reality was setting in. What was Robin planning to do, take Jen with her and her husband on their honeymoon? She thought for awhile. Jen was going to be a ship passing hers in the night, she decided she would be glad if they could just anchor next to each other for the short time their future held. She wiped her eyes and tried to look presentable. It was almost 10:00 o'clock.

Robin eased the door open, Nikki was still asleep, must have had a late night. As usual she was sleeping in the nude, the covers down to her waist, her back was sleek and smooth, not Jen but not bad. Robin closed the door behind her. She couldn't resist crawling up to Nikki on her hands and knees. She brushed her lips softly on Nikki's back, Nikki twitched. Robin backed off not wanting to wake her just yet. Robin picked the covers up looking at Nikki's soft round bottom. "What an ass!" Robin thought. She eased the covers down and let them come to rest about mid-thigh. She leaned over and studied Nikki's full round puffy pussy. "Ewwww…!" Robin sighed out loud. She clapped her hand over her mouth, Nikki stirred a little but didn't wake. Robin just sat and soaked in the lovely sight. Once or twice Nikki shifted moving her cunt almost giving it a life of it's own. Robin could feel the heat from Nikki's body on her face.

Robin got to her knees, looked to the ceiling and took a deep breath. With one quick but soft gentle motion she slid her fingers down Nikki's hot steamy butt crack and between the pouty swollen lips of Nikki's cunt. She watched intently as her fingers disappeared into her suddenly wet pussy. Nikki's legs spread instinctively. She lazily rose on her elbows and turned her head dreamily. Through all but closed eyes she glanced back at Robin and sighed and moaned lowly. It was as if Nikki was lost in a wet dream, she probably was.

With a sudden jerk Nikki's eyes shot open! She rolled into a ball pressed up against the wall grabbing the covers and pulling them over her naked body. She sat there blinking her eyes trying to get fully awake. She looked at Robin with mouth wide agape eyes bulging in disbelief.

"What in the HELL are you doing?" Her shock turned to a smile of curiosity.

"Good morning Nikki." Robin said in a sickening sweet tone. Smiling just as sweet.

Robin crawled up into bed with her getting to her knees and placing a hand on the wall on either side of her head. Nikki looked up at her through questioning stunned eyes, she pushed her back with one hand while still holding the covers tightly with the other. Robin took Nikki's hand from her chest and slipped it under her sweatshirt, Nikki jerked her hand back just as her fingers touched Robin's soft belly.

With a shocked gasp she asked, "What has gotten in to you?"

"Great way to wake up huh Nik?" Robin answered not responding to the question.

"HEY!" Carey was standing in the doorway. "You get the hell away from her!" As far as Carey could tell Robin was hovering above Nikki preparing to do her damage.

Robin and Nikki both turned and fixed their eyes on Carey's, both girls were smiling. Carey cocked her head to one side, a confused looked replaced the angry one she had been wearing. She cautiously took a couple of steps toward the bed.

Robin got to her feet and struck a sexy pose in Carey's direction. She slowly lifted her top with one hand as she slid the bottoms far enough down to expose most of her belly and half of her bush. Carey's mouth dropped open and her eyes bulged from her head.

"Here's another one to play with if you want to, remember Carey?" Robin was shocking these two to their very foundations.

Carey thought back to the day before yesterday when she and Nikki had caught Robin masturbating on her bed. She had invited Robin to play with her and now Robin was inviting Carey? "What in the world has gotten into this bitch?" Carey thought to herself. The three girls just laughed. Robin dropped her top back down and returned to Nikki's bed and hugged her neck softly. Nikki looked at Carey with a "I have no idea what's going on" look. She didn't know whether to hug her back or not, she shyly placed her hands on Robin's shoulder and gave her a little friendly squeeze, her eyes fixed on Carey the whole time.

Robin leaned back and gazed into Nikki's eyes. "I'm sorry Nik, I'm sorry for being such a big bitch. Forgive me?" she turned to Carey. "Carey? Forgive me you guys, I'm really sorry."

Carey joined them on the bed. They had a good group hug. Nikki and Carey shaking their heads in surprise looked at each other strangely. Robin released her hold on the two and leaned away from them. She took a deep long breath and with one quick move she leaned into Nikki's face and pressed her opening mouth against hers. Nikki's eye grew to extreme size! She looked down at Robin then to Carey and back to Robin and back to Carey and back to Robin, then they slowly closed and the passion of this first kiss sank in. Carey slapped Nikki's shoulder jokingly and opened her mouth in fake surprise. Nikki's eyes opened, looked at Carey dreamily, rolled back in her head and closed again.

"Hmmmm…" Robin finally broke the embrace. "I'm hungry. Are you guys?"

"That's what I was coming down here for. To see if Nikki wanted to go to breakfast before the cafeteria closed." Carey answered Robin's question.

"At first I thought it was Carey waking me up. Whewww was I wrong." Nikki smiled at Robin.

"No, not the cafeteria. Let's go to Mom's Café. On me, my treat, ok? They have an all you can eat breakfast buffet on Saturday until noon if we hurry." Robin was getting as giddy as a little girl.

Robin knew Carey wasn't in the greatest of financial shape. She cut corners ever chance she got. The cafeteria was one corner that stayed cut. And Nikki, she was doing ok but couldn't afford to pay for Carey too so they spent a lot of time in the cafeteria at meal times. Carey acted as if she was a little hesitant to take anything from Robin. Robin walked over to Carey, Carey backed against the bathroom door, Robin pressed in against her small but firm hard tittys.

"You afraid of something Carey Barey?" Robin opened her mouth and pretended she was going to bite. "Surely if I'm invited to eat with you, you should be invited to eat with me." Robin ran her hand down and patted Carey on her snatch. "Come on, let's go."

Carey smiled wickedly at Robin pushed her back and headed for the door. "Let me get dressed, I'll be right back don't leave without me." Carey was still wearing her short pajamas, Robin thought she looked so darling in them.

Robin turned to see Nikki pulling on some panties, still shaking her head at her disbelief. Robin hadn't been too sure that Nikki ever wore panties. Before long Nikki was publicly presentable, not a comfortable state for the girl. The two girls were bouncing down the hallway in no time. They heard the sound of Carey's snickers squeaking up behind them. The trio bounded down the stairs, out the door and into the parkinglot. As if they had all agreed previously they headed for Robin's car. It had been a graduation present from her dad. A brand new deep blue Camaro. Carey hopped in the back as Nikki opened the door. Nikki slipped into the passenger's bucket seat. It was nice, she had wanted to ride in this car ever since the first time she saw it. It was cool. Robin fired it up, a Chili Peppers' CD was blasting. They were at Mom's in no time, it was only six or seven blocks away from the campus.

They went in, the buffet was running low. They asked the waitress if it was still open for breakfast. The waitress looked it over and said if there is enough here for you, you are welcome to it, help yourselves. The girls grabbed trays and plates and started to dig in. Robin took two juice glasses from the stack. She studied the four pitchers next to the glasses. Milk, orange juice, apple juice and grapefruit juice. She filled one glass with milk the other with orange juice. She threw the glass of juice down and grimaced at the slight pain. She remembered the abuse her throat had taken the night before. There was still some discomfort there, she refilled the glass and decided she would sip this one slowly.

Carey and Nikki were on the other side of the counter filling their plates greedily. Robin thought to herself, "I can't expect these two to accept me so quickly but won't it be fun winning them over completely." Carey whispered something in Nikki's ear, they both looked up at Robin slyly.

"What?" Robin asked with a smile. "What?"

Carey looked down at the link sausage in her hand then directly at Robin's crotch. The two girls snickered and continued down the line. They were eating everything in the warming pans. Robin studied the scrambled eggs, the hashbrowns, the different meats, bacon, link sausage, patty sausage, and just a smidgen of ham. The waitress took the ham and started to leave with it. Robin asked if there was any more in the kitchen, the waitress said no, but offered the pieces left in the pan to Robin. She took them with her fingers and thanked her. She put helpings of eggs and hashbrowns on her plate and looked to the bacon. She added four slices to the growing heap of food. She picked up two link sausages with the tongs and laid them on her plate. She grabbed two patties with the tongs next but thought for a second looking at her plate. With wrinkled up nose she put the patties back and headed to the corner booth that Carey and Nikki were approaching.

Carey slid in, Nikki looked back to see Robin following them. She waited for Robin to slide in between her and Carey. They unloaded their plates and glasses and set the trays on the outside edge of the table. The waitress came by and picked them up and asked the girls if they needed anything. Carey and Nikki shook their heads no, Robin asked for some coffee, black. Nikki added that she would take some coffee with cream and sugar. They all got busy devouring their breakfast.

After the waitress had delivered their coffee they began to talk. Robin cupped her coffee in her hands warming them, it felt good. They were almost alone in the café. One other booth and two tables held people. It was getting late in the morning and the lunch buffet didn't start until 1:30 p.m. on Saturday. Robin studied the two and asked how their food was. They both shook their heads but didn't quit eating. Robin stuck a link sausage between her lips, tapped Carey on the shoulder to get her attention, when Carey looked Robin sucked the link into her mouth and began to chew seductively.

"Something like this you mean?" Robin pointed to the buffet counter, referring to the joke she and Nikki shared earlier.

Carey choked on her mouthful of food. She shook her head yes. When her mouth was empty she answered. "Yeah, something like that."

They all had a good laugh. If Nikki had had a mouthful of milk it would have surely shot out her nose. Robin was really enjoying being with these two. Robin gazed out over the customers, no one was paying them any attention at all. She put her hand on Carey's knee and ran it slowly up to her pussy. Carey's eyes shut and her chewing slowed, she swallowed her mouthful and looked at Robin shaking her head in disbelief. Robin rubbed her the whole time, Carey didn't move to stop her.

"I didn't see any pussy on the buffet, can I have some of yours." Robin smiled and popped half a slice of bacon into her mouth, chewed it up and swallowed it, still massaging Carey's cunt.

"Oh, I don't see you waiting, you think you can just take what you want any time you want?" Carey was smiling but her eyes were beginning to turn sultry.

Nikki rubbed Robin's neck with her spoon. She wasn't about to be left out of this act. What a threesome they made. Playing with each other this way in public. They were finished with their food but they were still hungry, so they just kept eating each other with their eyes. Finally the waitress came over and asked if they needed anything else. Robin pulled her hand away from Carey's lap. They all shook their heads no this time, they thanked her. She asked if it was on one ticket, Robin shook her head and answered yes. The waitress penciled on her ticket pad, tore the ticket off and laid in upside down on the table.

"Now you little hot asses get the hell out of here, you're making me horny." She smiled down at the three.

They studied the waitress now. They hadn't earlier. She was kinda ok. Maybe late thirties early forties. Good body for her age. You could tell she had seen better days but she was still good. She disappeared through the kitchen door. The girls slipped out of the booth. Robin looked at the kitchen door, opened her pocket book thoughtfully and dropped two twenty dollar bills on the table.

"Robin, what are you doing, a forty dollar tip, are you crazy?" Nikki was amazed.

"That is a little too much don't you think?" Carey added to Nikki's statement.

Robin pulled three hundreds out along with several other twenties and a fifty. Ones and fives filled in here and there. "I don't think so."

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