byMr James©

Kat stood beneath the needles of hot water, in the shower, and gently soaped her taut tender breasts. The jets stung her swollen, erect nipples, as she washed the sticky semen from her skin. She turned the water to cold for a few seconds, playing the shower head over her smoothly rounded belly and against the smooth mound of her pussy. A twist of the control shut the water off and she stepped out of the cubicle, reaching for the soft towelling robe, warming on the radiator. Gently, she patted the droplets of water off her skin, cautiously pressing the towel against her tender, sensitive nipples.

While she showered, a maid had laid out her clothes for dinner. On the bed she found a dress, in midnight blue silk that had been expertly designed and cut, with slits on either thigh that reached to her mid-thigh, to emphasise her full bosom and pinched waist. Next to the dress were a pair of sheer silk stockings with a garter belt and a tiny pair of briefs, cut high on the hip. There was no bra, although the bodice of the dress was lightly boned, so that her naked breasts would be cradled and supported in the silk.

Kat slid the silk briefs along her legs and settled them snugly against the mound of her sex, her breath hissing through her teeth as the thin ribbon of material nestled between her buttocks and pressed against her tender asshole. As she ran her thumbs around the waistband to settle them comfortably on her hips, Kat felt the soft silk clinging to the tender, puffy lips of her pussy. Drawing a deep, shuddering breath, she slipped the silk dress over her head and slid it down her body. Reaching behind her she tugged the zip up, feeling the cool material closing around her body, cradling her breasts, until she was fastened firmly inside. The silk felt chill, then warm, against her still proud nipples and she groaned softly as she realised that the dress was just loose enough to allow them to brush against the inside of the bodice.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Kat slowly rolled the stockings up her legs, clipping them to the garter belt. Slipping her feet into matching heeled pumps she stood and observed her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was sleek and smooth, hanging in a sleek blonde curtain around her neck. The blue-grey of her eyes was clear and there was no trace in them of the lustful wanton of an hour ago. The memory of her voice, cracked and broken by passion, as she begged James to make love to, no to fuck her, brought a crimson flush to her cheeks. The thin band of leather around her neck stood starkly against her creamy smooth skin.

Kat moved over to the dressing table and sat in front of the mirror. In a velvet lined case, already opened, she found a string of flawless black pearls and a pair of perfect black pearl teardrops. Resting on top of the pearls was a small envelope of creamy vellum paper. Kat slipped her thumb beneath the flap of the envelope and slid out a slip of matching paper. Written in a precise, almost fussy, script was a single message. "Wear these to represent your earlier tears." it read. Kat slipped the necklace around her throat, feeling the icy smoothness of the nacre against her skin as the pearls slipped, like a rivulet of water, into the valley between her ripe breasts. The pearls hung, lustrous, from her earlobes and seemed to wink from within the curtain of her hair. Next to the case that had held the pearls, she saw a tiny cut-glass phial of perfume. It was unlabelled but, when she carefully prised the stopper out of the bottle, she could detect an expensive blend of musk and citrus. Carefully, she dabbed a drop of the scent on each of her pulse points, inhaling deeply and feeling the effect of the aroma, making her head swim.

Kat stood up and surveyed herself in the mirror, carefully appraising the image. The heels tilted her hips a little, flattening her smooth belly and making her taut breasts jut proudly against the fine silk. Satisfied with the effect she would have, Kat opened the door and stepped out, into the hallway. The long corridor was empty and her footsteps on the deep pile were almost silent as she made her way to the drawing room.

The door to the drawing room was already open and she pushed it a little wider, pausing in the doorway, waiting for James, lounging comfortably in a high backed armchair, to look up and notice her. The logs in the hearth were well alight, making the room almost too warm for comfort, but nobody seemed to notice the heat. James looked up from the book in his hand and, placing a finger between the covers, beckoned her over. Kat walked slowly into the room, passing James' dinner guests.

Kat stood to the left of James' chair, her hands clasped in front of her and her eyes slowly sweeping the room. None of the men, who were James' guests, struck any chord of recognition in her thoughts but they all wore an air of authority, like a mantle over their clothes. They were all over forty, with athletic figures, not fat but well muscled and broad shouldered. Each of them gazed interestedly at her, their eyes running over her dress and her figure as though they were cataloguing her in some mental collection. One by one, they turned their gaze to James and nodded, treating him to a slight smile of approbation.

James turned his head and spoke softly, but commandingly, to her.

"Kneel." James ordered.

Kat knelt by the arm of his chair, her back upright, so that his hand almost brushed her shoulder. James reached out and traced his fingertips across the nape of her neck, beneath the shining fringe of her hair, and along the smooth curve of her shoulders. Kat could feel the frisson of his touch rippling beneath her skin and swallowed a tiny groan, as she felt the warmth between her thighs. The fragrance of his cologne, sharp and tangy, made her throat tighten with the memory of him possessing her in her room, less than an hour ago. Reaching to the small table, on the other side of his chair, James lifted a large snifter, with a dark amber pool of Armagnac in the bowl. Reaching down, he slowly circled the mouth of the glass beneath Kat's nose, letting the fumes from the spirit rise and invade her nostrils. He leaned closer, as he brought the glass to her lips, and gave her another soft command.

"Drink." he ordered.

Kat pursed her lips and sipped at the warm spirit. The smell, enveloping her, brought a flash of her squirming as he dribbled the spirit onto her nipples and then her clit, as she writhed under the torment of his diabolical caress. A bubble escaped her lips as, unable to contain it, she released the tiniest of mewls into the glass. The drink was taken away and James resumed the tender caress of her skin. Kat could feel her nipples hardening against the silk of her dress and swelling as James' fingers slid over her skin.

James glanced at the clock above the hearth and rose from his chair, just as the maid appeared in the doorway to the dining room. She stepped close to him and murmured softly in his ear, earning a nod and smile of thanks.

"Alicia tells me that, if we are ready, dinner is about to be served." James announced.

His guests rose to their feet and, after a gesture from James, Kat rose to join them. The long table in the dining room had been set with five places and, next to the carver chair, at the head of the table a cushion had been placed on the floor. Kat understood that the five places at the table were for James and his guests and that she would be expected to kneel by the side of James' chair. Kat looked at James, her eyes signalling her total surrender, as she walked slowly down the length of the table and stood behind the cushion at the head. Everybody took their places and James signalled for her to kneel by his chair. Kat lowered herself onto the cushion and then felt James' fingers at the leather band around her neck. In a moment, he had fastened a fine silver chain through a ring on the collar and clipped the other end to the arm of his chair.

Alicia, the maid, brought plates of smoked salmon, with wafers of wholemeal bread and placed them in front of each man. Alicia placed a second plate in front of James, with a silver fork. The men ate with gusto, James feeding Kat forkfuls of smoked salmon, as though she were an exotic pet. Kat obediently lifted her head each time James reached down to offer her a mouthful.

Alicia brought each course to the table walking past Kat, as she knelt on the floor, without a glance. James chose morsels from the extra plate and fed them to Kat, a taste at a time, alternating mouthfuls of food with tender, teasing caresses against her bare neck and shoulders. Kat felt the goosebumps rising on her arms and shoulders as she responded to his tormenting fingers. At last, the men were served with coffee and brandy, the sharp tang of the spirit in her nostrils bringing a flush of nectar to Kat's pussy.

James and his guests rose from the table, and Kat looked up at him, expecting him to unfasten the chain at her throat. James looked down and placed a finger against his lips, shaking his head. Kat remained on the cushion, waiting for James to return. Alicia came into the dining room and cleared the plates away, folding the table cloth and taking it out to be laundered. Kat watched her moving around the room, coldly ignoring Kat, except to glance occasionally at her, her eyes burning with dark embers of hatred.

Eventually, James returned alone, closing the dining room door behind him. Kt could feel a thin ribbon of perspiration dribbling icily between her breasts towards her belly, for the dining room had been as oppressively hot and close as the drawing room. James' tie was undone and he casually draped his dinner jacket over the back of one of the chairs. Kat straightened her spine as he approached, assuming an attentive pose, like an obedient pet. James unfastened the chain from her collar and helped her to her feet. Kat stood, wobbling a little, waiting patiently. James moved behind her and, after a second's pause, she felt his fingers pulling the zipper at the back of her dress slowly down her spine.

The lining of the dress clung to her damp skin and James had to peel the bodice away from her breasts. The friction of the damp cloth against her nipples had kept them hard and erect all evening and now they jutted out, like fleshy bullets, from the flushed circles of her aureoles. James tilted his head and took them, one by one, into his mouth, running his tongue over and around the swollen buds, tasting the sweet saltiness of the sweat that had coated her breasts. Kat moaned in the back of her throat as he nipped gently at her hard points with the edges of his teeth, sending sparks of pleasure into her belly and making her pussy ooze against the silk of her tight briefs.

James pushed the material of her dress down over her hips, letting it fall to the floor and then ran the tips of his fingers over the tops of her stockings and along the inside of her thighs, until he could press them against the silk of her briefs and feel the dampness seeping through the material. His other hand tilted her face upwards and he took her mouth in a passionate kiss, his tongue sliding between her lips and probing her hot, moist mouth. Kat moaned softly but passionately into James' mouth tilting her hips to press her pussy against his fingers. James hooked his fingertips into the waistband of her briefs and tugged sharply, the material bit into her curvaceous hips, for a moment, and then snapped, leaving her shaven mound uncovered. Kat yelped into James' mouth as he thrust his finger roughly between the lips of her pussy, prising the sticky lips apart.

"Bend over the table, slut!" James rasped, in her ear.

Kat turned and rested her forearms on the polished wood, gasping as the tips of her nipples brushed against the cool hard surface. She shuffled her feet apart, opening her pussy and the cleft between the cheeks of her ass, offering herself to her master. She heard the rattle of his belt buckle, then the rustle of cloth, as he unfastened his trousers, pushing them and his boxer shorts down to his ankles. Kat moaned softly, as she felt the tip of his cock brushing the inside of her thighs, hot and swollen against her skin. Her pussy oozed invitingly, clear juices flowing between her lips to make his cock slick and slippery. James guided the swollen head between the lips of Kat's pussy, easing it slowly and gradually into her lubricious passage until the tip was pressed firmly against the opening to her womb.

"Ooooooh!" Kat moaned, in a long-drawn-out sigh.

"There you are Kat, you slut, my cock is right inside your cunt." James whispered into her ear.

"Thank you, Sir, that feels so good." Kat sobbed, gratefully.

"You're so hot and wet, my dear, that I shall have to fuck you very hard and cum in your juicy wet cunt. Would you like that?" James growled at her.

"Yes, please, Sir. Fuck my slutty dripping cunt. Fuck me until you cum in my cunt." she begged.

James began thrusting, long, forceful strokes that pressed her hard against the edge of the table. Kat grunted and tried to thrust back at him, so that his cock would pierce her to the mouth of her womb. The slapping of his balls against her pussy lips was leaving them tender and bruised, while the blistering pace of his thrusts had her clit burning from the stimulation. James arched his back ramming into her with such force that he lifted her feet from the floor and holding her tight to his body, began spurting his thick gooey cum into her pussy. Kat almost passed out with the sensation of the stinging jets plastering her womb and pussy with cum, flooding her so copiously that thick runnels of slime oozed over the tops of her thighs to stain her stockings. Kat thrashed in spasms of ecstasy as she felt his cum filling her and his cock jerking and pumping inside her, her knees buckling as he supported her weight.

Gradually, James eased his softening cock out of her tender, dripping pussy and stepped away, admiring her sum-spattered thighs and her trembling knees. Incredulously, Kat reached between her thighs to touch her aching, soiled pussy and then straightened up to give James a suppliant look. James pulled his boxers and trousers back up, fastening them expertly with one hand and looked her over slowly, pleased with the wanton expression and the sluttish way she was stained with cum and pussy juices.

"Don't bother collecting your clothes," he ordered, "Alicia will deal with them. My guests are waiting for you to bring them drinks in the drawing room. Go as you are, I wish them to see you covered in cum and dripping pussy juices like a common slut."

"Yes, Sir." Kat replied, meekly.

As she left to do as she was bidden, Kat secretly revelled in her submission and, deep within her thoughts, wondered what other plans James had to demonstrate his mastery over her will.

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