tagGroup SexDinner and a MMF 3 Way Ch. 02

Dinner and a MMF 3 Way Ch. 02


Chapter two of the Dinner and a MMF 3 way story

It had been just a few days since the night Beth and Ray took Jamie home with them to help fulfill their fantasy of have a MMF threesome. The night had gone well enough with all three participants having a good time but as the weekend gave way to the start of the week. Ray went to the office to find a message on his answering service. He sighs deeply as he hits the flashing red light, he was fairly sure what the message would be before he even listened.

"Hey uh Ray I am not sure I can come in today I am just a little unsure about even staying there after the other night. I had fun but it just seems like things could be weird from here on out. I am sorry if this puts you in a bind but I just can't do it."

Ray sat back in his chair looking at the desk his thoughts raced just hoping that Jamie would not relay the story of what occurred with his dad. He thought for awhile as he sipped from his Starbucks cup then picked up his phone to call his wife.

"Sweetie I am not sure what to do. Jamie I think is quitting and I am worried that he may tell his dad and I am not sure how this could all end."

"Okay calm down babe, I will go over to his house and check on him make sure everything is cool and no one is mad. He is probably just thinking he will be uncomfortable around you." Beth tried her best to soothe her husband as she climbed out of the bath tub and toweled off before she slipped on her tiniest thong and smallest skirt.

"Okay thank you I just don't want to ruin an old friendship over something like this and well I do think Jamie would respond better to you then to me."

Beth finished dressing and fixing her long blonde hair she gave herself one last quick look in the mirror before walking out the door.

Ray sat at his desk almost jumping at every ring of the phone worried Jamie had told his parents and while Jamie was an adult his dad would still probably loose it on him if he found out the details of the dinner from the other night. Ray did his best to keep his mind on work and helping the few people trickling in and out of the office but when his cell phone rang he put everything aside to take the call.

"Beth what's up?"

"I am at Jamie's calm down babe, his parents are not home his car is here so I am just going to go in and chat with him see how he is okay."

"Okay, okay I am just a bit worried."

Beth laid her phone down in the cup holder of her Lexus and walked up to the front door of the house. Her heels clicked loudly on the flooring of the porch, she smiled as she looked at her reflection in the glass of the storm door she knew she looked more like a high priced call girl then a concerned wife. She took a quick moment to adjust her hair in the glass before knocking on the glass.

The few minutes until the door opened seemed to take forever, her heart rate increased her palms became sweaty as her nerves were running wild. The door finally opened and there stood Jamie in the doorway wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.

Beth felt her heart skip a beat as the object of her desire from just a few days ago stood before her. She could feel her pussy tingle a bit as she looked at Jamie. She did not know what it was about this young man but this 21 year old had something she could not resist.

"Oh hey Beth, calm on in I guess." Jamie said as he opened the door and invited her into the house.

"Hey what's up? Ray was worried about you not coming into work and well I was worried you were upset with me." Beth said as she walked in and took a seat on the couch.

"Oh no I am far from mad at Ray, I was just unsure what to do after what happened the other night. I mean he and I you know."

"Oh dear boy do you think you are the first guy to experiment?"

"Well no but, hell I don't know." Jamie spoke nervously as he moved to sitting on the couch next to Beth. He was obviously shaken up, but at the same time he could not take his eyes off the 43 year old woman sitting on his couch.

"Oh sweetie it is okay it was a heat of the moment type of thing and no one is going to judge you for anything. You have Ray quite scared he thinks you will tell your dad about what happened." Beth spoke as she carefully inched her way closer to Jamie.

"Oh no I won't tell. I mean I did all that on my own and I am an adult I am responsible for it. I would not dare ruin their friendship." Jamie could feel her getting closer as a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. His heart raced as his cock started to stiffen.

"Well that is good I like a young man who will take responsibility for their actions. But, Jamie you haven't really answered are you mad at me." Beth asked as her hand rubbed up and down the young man's bare leg.

"Oh Mrs. Jones, should we be doing this?"

"Silly boy remember call me Beth!" She say with a bit of authority to her voice as she grasp the boys stiff cock through his boxers.

"Yes Beth." He said breathless as Beth pulled his boxers down to allow the large hard cock to spring free from his boxers.

"Jamie, I am not sure why but I need this." were the last words Beth spoke before she wrapped her lips around the young mans cock swallowing all 9 inches with ease. She squeezed her full red lips tightly around the hard cock. Beth took his balls into her hand squeezing them tightly then massaging them. She alternated the squeezing with the massaging.

Jamie moaned in pleasure then groaned in paid as Beth alternated the way she used his balls. "Oh Fuck Beth should we be doing this?"

Beth pulled her lips away from the hard cock her lip stick smeared on the shaft as a long trail of saliva and pre cum ran from her lips to the swollen head of the cock. She pumped the cock hard with her fingers barely fitting all the way around it as she pulled Jamie's face to hers. "Well babe I can always just stop."

Jamie while still unsure what Beth's motives were, he also did not care all he was worrying about not was cumming. He grabbed the back of Beth's head and guided her lips to his, kissing her deeply. Their tongues twirled together as she shared the taste of his cock with him. Beth pushed Jamie back against the couch as she stood up off the couch removing her shirt and skirt.

Jamie did not hesitate as he saw the tiny thong barely covering Beth's bald pussy. He reached out and grabbed the thong and pulled it so hard it ripped from her body. "Oh my easy big boy." Said Beth with delight at the aggressiveness of Jamie.

"I can't help it I want that." He said as he pulled Beth back to him. She straddled his lap and immediately placed the swollen head inside her pussy. "Oh fuck." He moaned as Beth slid the entire cock inside her pussy.

"Jamie I love your cock it's so big." She squealed with delight as started to buck her hips back and fourth riding the cock.

Jamie lowered his head to her large D cup breasts taking a nipple into his mouth sucking it hard before switching to the other nipple. Beth moaned hard with the nipple stimulation and with her pussy being so full of cock. Jamie feeling more and more aggressive with his older lover wrapped his large muscular arms around her and squeezed her body tightly making her bounce harder on his cock.

"Oh not so rough baby I can't take it."

Jamie did not respond to the plea for relief as he instead took his hand and slapped it hard on Beth's butt cheek. He slapped her cheek every time she sat all the way down on his cock. His hand forming a bright red print on her cheek as she bit her lip enjoying the spanking.

"Oh baby I'm gonna cum." Beth moaned as her body quivered.

Jamie smiled as he looked into Beth's eyes seeing them roll back into her head as her juices flowed down his shaft. He pushed her off his cock as she finished shaking and quivering, Beth fell to the floor with a thud. He stood up holding his cock in his hand stroking his shaft as Beth looked up at him rubbing her clit. "What are you going to do with me Jamie."

Jamie quickly grabs her hair jerking her face to his cock. Beth knew just what to do she opened her mouth to swallow the cock again, she could taste her cum on the cock as she sucked the piece of meat like a woman possessed. Jamie wrapped his hands into her long blonde locks and jerked her head down, Beth gagged hard as she was not ready to take the whole thing in such a quick motion. Jamie groaned as he enjoyed the feel of her gagging, as he jerked her head back then down again. Beth slobbered all over the cock as she could not help but gag again.

"Oh yeah that's nice." He groaned as he pulled her head back violently now starting to fuck her face. His balls slapped her chin as he thrust his cock in and out like he was fucking a pussy.

Beth loved being used by her younger lover, she gagged and choked on the hard piece of meat beating against the back of her throat. She tried to keep up but Jamie was thrusting her head back and fourth to fast.

Jamie held back as he could feel his balls tighten, he knew if he didn't stop he would cum in her mouth., and that was not what he was wanting. "Lay down I want to cum inside you."

Beth almost felt as if she could cum again just hearing the words Jamie said as she laid down and rolled over onto her stomach. She laid her head down on the carpet and raised her ass in the air. Jamie did not need anymore of an invitation. He lowered himself to his knees and guided his saliva coated cock into Beth from behind.

Beth almost screamed as he entered her, Jamie was big and when he entered her from behind it seemed to feel even bigger to her. Jamie did not start gradually he just started pounding into her pussy without mercy. He pulled his cock nearly out before he slammed it back in balls deep with every stroke. His thrusts were powerful, Beth felt as if her pussy was being ripped open by the thrusts. Jamie loved the feel of her pussy it was better then any he had before he could barely control himself as he reached forward and grabbed her hair jerking it back with a power tug.

"Fuck Jamie!" Beth screamed as her head ripped back violently and the thrusts seemed to grow in intensity.

"Shut-up you want it." growled Jamie as he started slamming his hand against her ass with powerful slaps.

"Yes sir, I want it." Beth answered as she could feel a tear roll down her cheek and sweat down her forehead. She was not sure what was happening but she suddenly felt so helpless under the muscular young man.

Beth was typically always in control, her husband worshiped her and as he aged and put on a few extra pounds he just seemed to as she wanted more and more. The few times Ray even spoke to her roughly or tried to take control in their sex life it was only because Beth had given him permission to cuss her or use her. She was in uncharted area's with Jamie and she was loving it.

"I'm gonna cum!" Jamie groaned as the sweat rolled down his face. His body glistened with sweat as the first of 6 massive squirts of cum filled her pussy. "Oh fuck." Jamie said as he squeezed out the last drops of cum into her pussy.

Beth fell over onto her stomach trying to catch her breath as the feeling of the exploding cock sent her over the edge sending her into a massive orgasm the likes of which she had never had before. "That was.. was unreal."

Jamie smiled as he knew exactly what Beth meant, while he had came more times the last time they were together he had never came like that before in his life.

The moment of breathless enjoyment was soon broken by the sound of a tinging cell phone. Jamie looked around the room to find his phone ringing. He looked at it and just threw it to Beth.

"Hello." Said Beth as she laid there breathless.

"Hey you didn't call what's up?"

"It will be okay Ray, calm down Mike won't even be back in town for a few days they extended their vacation."

Jamie laid on the floor staring at the sexy 43 year old blondes body feeling his cock stir again and feeling a new sexual energy / confidence he never had before he started stroking his cock again. He looked at Beth whose eyes met his and just mouthed the words. "Tell him to come over."

"Hey babe.. Why don't you come by and we can make sure everything is good okay."

"Well I am not sure, maybe we should just let this thing die. I am to worried about this it was a bad idea from the start. Mike would kill me if he knew."

"No come over do you understand?"

"Yes dear I will be there in a few minutes I will close the office early." Ray said with a tone of fear in his voice, he feared the anger of his wife.

Jamie looked at Beth as she laid the phone down. "Is he coming over?"

"Yes Jamie."


"What has came over you?" asked Beth as she looked at Jamie seeing something in the man's face seemed to have changed.

Jamie did not answer the question he instead just stood up and pulled Beth to him. He pushed his lips to her they kissed with a great passion between the two. Their tongues entwined in each others mouth, rubbing against one another. Jamie slowly pulled his lips away taking the time to suck hard on Beth's lower lip as their kiss fully broke.

Jamie pushed Beth to her knees again as he slapped his long hardening cock against her face. Beth was again hungry for more as she felt the cock slap her face. She took a few moments to just lick his balls and just tease him making the cock grow harder. Her tongue worked and massaged till the cock was standing straight out at full attention. "That's it lick it."

Beth followed Jamie's command just using her tongue only. She was actually pleased that was all he was wanting her throat was still screaming in pain from the pounding the back of it took from her face fucking she had received.

The door bell rang interrupting the moment. Jamie and Beth both paused their actions as they looked at it. "Ray got here quick."

"Well he does as I say."

"Well good because you are going to do as I say." Jamie spoke with authority as he looked into Beth's eyes. He was not sure where this was coming from but something between the other night and his lust for Beth was driving him. "Come on in Ray."

The door opened slowly as Ray peeked in and could see straight into the living room. The second his eyes locked in on the sight of Beth and Jamie, The young man grabbed Beth by her hair again and forced his cock down her throat.

Ray gasped as he saw the sight of his wife on her knees gagging on the cock of Jamie. He was just holding her there choking her with his cock. "What are you doing?" Ray asked as he was shocked to see them naked and to see Jamie choking his wife with his cock.

Jamie did not answer and instead just started as he did earlier, fucking her lips like it was a pussy. Jamie grunted at every gag made by Beth. Ray stared at the cock fucking his wife's lips, he was hurt his wife never played alone but he was also enjoying see her like this.

"Just sit down." Jamie said as he continued his thrusts into the married woman's mouth.

Ray was unsure why but he did as Jamie told him to do. He sat on the couch behind them his view straight at the firm toned ass of Jamie. He could feel his cock getting hard as he unzipped his pants and started stroking himself.

Jamie turned loose of Beth's head letting her pull her mouth away and regain her breath. He turns to see Ray stroking his cock. "You like that don't you?"

Ray nodded without saying a word. Beth crawls on the floor over to Jamie grasping his hard cock giving it loving gently kisses to the head and shaft.

"Please Jamie fuck me again."

Jamie smiled as he laid Beth on the floor. "Hold her legs up."

Ray climbed off the couch straddling his wife face with his cock hanging inches from her mouth as he pulls her legs up high. "Don't suck his cock." Jamie said as he inched his cock inside Beth's married pussy. He took his time making sure Ray could see every inch disappear inside.

Ray groaned as he stared seeing the massive cock invade his wife's pussy. He saw this the other night but today things seemed different. This time as he watched he knew that she liked his cock more, he knew she was more then happy to do as he ordered. Ray could feel her breath on his cock he hoped that she would defy her young lover and suck it. As Jamie fully entered her his slow insertion gave way to full hard thrusts.

Beth's moans grew in intensity as the thrusts did. Her breathing hard and fast, the hot breath blowing across Ray's cock furthering his wanting to be pleasured.

"Lick her pussy." Jamie ordered as he pushed Ray's face down to Beth's clit. Jamie thrust with great force as Ray's tongue came into contact with Beth's clit.

"Oh yes.. yes!"

Ray licked the clit the best he could but with the force of the thrusting he often felt his tongue rubbing more of Jamie's shaft. "I think you like my cock more." Jamie said as he could feel Ray's tongue on his shaft.

Jamie slid his cock out of Beth's pussy and fed it right into Ray's mouth. "Come on this is what you wanted wasn't it." Jamie grasped the back of Rays head and started fucking his lips much like he did Beth's

Ray enjoyed it the first time but the way things were happening this time just were not the same he felt ashamed and a bit humiliated as he sucked the cock invading his mouth.

"Oh yes baby you are such a good cocksucker." Purred Beth as she could not see the action but she could hear it. Ray was slobbering all over the cock in his mouth.

Jamie was impressed by the oral skills of Ray, he thought it the other night but now he was sure of it. Ray was a better cocksucker then his wife. Jamie pulled his cock from Ray's mouth and inserted it back into Beth, but this time he did it with one strong thrust.

"I'm gonna cum again baby." Beth said with a loud moan as Jamie's powerful insertion was all it took to send her back over the edge.

Jamie looked down at the back of Ray's head hovering over the pussy he was fucking. He dripped the mans hair shoving it down into his wife's pussy. Jamie slowly pulls his cock from Beth's pussy as he stood up stroking his cock looking at Ray still eating the pussy that he had filled with cum earlier.

Beth could feel her husband's cock pressed against her but she fought the urge to suck it she found herself worried of upsetting Jamie. She looked up at her young lover as he circled the bodies of the married couple.

Jamie took a long pause stroking his soaking wet cock as he made a decision that he knew was not a heat of the moment thing but rather something he wanted. He knelt down behind Ray as Beth instinctively knew what he wanted. She reached up and spread her husbands ass open raising her head up so she could lick his hole. Jamie took a long hard breath as he pushed into the ass of Ray.

"No please no not now." pleaded Ray as his ass was split open.

Jamie gripped his hips tightly and forced himself all the way inside the man's as. "I thought this is what you liked."

"Not like this Jamie please stop."

The more Ray pleaded the faster and harder Jamie's thrusts started to be. He was soon pounding in and out of Ray's ass. His big cock driving so deep it was making Ray's cock throb. Beth pulled her tongue away from her husbands ass and looked at the throbbing cock. She felt a little pity for Ray his cock looked as if it could pop any second.

"Can I?"

"Yeah." Jamie responded in a low groan. Ray's ass felt good wrapped around his cock but the man was tight and each stroke loosened him only a little bit more. Jamie was trying to hold back he was not ready to cum yet.

Beth swallowed her husband's swollen almost purple cock and was quickly swallowing his load as well. The feel of her lips was all it took to send him over the edge.

"Thank you Jamie." Ray said as he felt his balls empty into his wife's mouth.

Jamie could not hold back any longer when Ray came his ass tightened also sending Jamie over the edge. His cock exploded in Ray's ass filling it with cum. Jamie pulled his cock out as the last drops spilled out of it dripping them onto Beth's face. The young man took a seat on the couch holding his cock in his hand. "Come here both of you."

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