tagErotic CouplingsDinner and aHot Date

Dinner and aHot Date


Saturday was our date night and since we'd both had a long week it was a much-needed change of pace from the previous five days. Although we had our favorite restaurants we did try to find something new every couple of weeks. Tonight was one of those nights when the menu had looked good online and we had decided to give it a shot. Besides, the chef/owner had just opened his 4th restaurant, this one in Vegas and because of the reviews it made sense that he would leave a protégé that also could work magic in the kitchen.

It was a short drive to the restaurant and we were not disappointed from the minute we walked in the door. The ambience was sensual, not just the appearance but the aromas wafting from the open view of the prep area and the jazz playing at just the right volume in the background. It didn't hurt either that host's first glance was at my wife who had decided to show quite a bit of cleavage tonight and was wearing heels that had her standing at almost 6 feet tall. His eye level was about the height of her nipples and he did well to glance for only a second or two before meeting our eyes with his.

We knew we were early and let him know that we would wait at the bar and have a drink in the meantime. As we made our way through the dining area I was reminded why I enjoy walking behind her. I love the way that heels make her sway as she walks and I get to see the other men checking her out as she walks by. I am a lucky man indeed because she did look hot tonight.

When I pulled out her seat at the bar I told her that the host certainly enjoyed the view tonight and before she could reply the bartender, a dark haired, slightly punk rocker looking woman said that he did that to all the women that walked in and that she also appreciated the view. My wife just smiled, held out her hand, and introduced us this charming young lady.

The drinks when they came were strong and the two of them chatted while I looked at the menu. D is not normally a flirt with other women but I guess tonight she just felt like stretching the boundaries a little. I was more sure when she asked for a second cocktail and I wasn't half done with mine. She asked if I had seen anything interesting on the menu and I told her there were a number of selections I thought she'd like tonight. At that same moment our bartender brought back her cocktail and I couldn't resist telling both of them that we could skip dinner and just go for desert. She laughed softly and told me that she thought my wife had other plans for the evening.

D just smiled, sipped her cocktail, and then reached for the menu. I made small talk with the bartender and discovered quickly why she and D had hit it off and made a mental note to be sure we let her know the next time we would be at the restaurant.

From appetizers to desert the dining was fabulous and as I sat back enjoying the last of the cognac in my glass I again had to smile because of who I was with tonight. For a girl that had never traveled much further than the mid-south she had certainly adapted well to a different lifestyle. She was certainly a lot more adventurous outside of the bedroom than when I had first met her and had encouraged her to show off a little more. She certainly was tonight since the slit in her skirt was showing leg up to the top of her thigh highs and I wasn't the only one appreciating the view. All of the wait staff had as they served us and it was impossible not to notice their glances at her.

I asked if she was done teasing for the night and she extended her hand to me, let me help her up from the table and said only till we get home. Between the alcohol, her natural appetite for sex and the events of the evening so far, I knew that I would have my hands full when we got there.

We listened to something quiet on the drive back and because she had reclined the seat a little I had a great view of her legs when she lifted one to rest her foot on the dash and her skirt slid open. She had done the same thing one night in Memphis as we drove back from a club and she looked just as sexy tonight.

Our cat, BW, was at the door as we walked in and was immediately rubbing up against her legs and I think even he could probably feel the aura she was giving off. She went into the bedroom and I took the time to light a few candles, opened a bottle wine, got a couple of glasses and sat back on the couch to check the late scores from the games today. She would be out from the bedroom in a few minutes and I was interested to see what she decided to change into.

I love lingerie but there is something to be said for a sleeveless t-shirt that is a size too big for the body it's on. In her case it showed practically all of her breasts and was just long enough that when she sat down at the other end of the couch it covered only half of her ass. I was still half paying attention to the scores flashing on the TV when I poured and then handed a glass of wine to her or I would have noticed that she hadn't come out here alone. I heard it a few seconds later.

The look on her face confirmed what I was hearing. She has a favorite toy, a pair of vibrating eggs, that fit comfortably inside her pussy and she had inserted one of them before coming out to join me. I asked if she wanted to hand me the control. She declined and instead moved back a little and turned toward me so that she could she could rest one leg on the couch. Turning on the second egg she used it to stimulate her nipples at first and as I watched them harden and rise up against the fabric of her t-shirt she became the only thing that mattered now.

I changed the channels to a blues station and thought about Memphis once again. It's where we had met 4 years ago and all of the fun we had exploring each other's sexual needs in the first couple of months. She wasn't bashful about playing with herself while I watched and she looked every bit as sensual tonight as she tipped her head back and took in a deep breath when she moved the egg from her nipples to her clit.

My clothes came off quickly as I watched this beautiful woman slowly bring herself close to cumming and then back off so that she stayed close to but never went over the edge. I moved close enough to brush my thumbs over her nipples as I bent my head down to kiss her. It's what she had been waiting for and she reached to grab hold of the back of my head and kissed me back hard, her tongue moving everywhere in my mouth and over my lips.

My hands cupped her breasts, pulled, and played with her nipples and because she seems hotwired between them and her pussy, when she held the egg tight against her clit she finally came for the first time tonight. I moved to take a nipple in my mouth and she arched her back, forcing more of her breast into it and she moaned once again as she continued to cum. My mouth left her nipples long enough to pull the sides to the t-shirt in between her breasts so that there was nothing between them and my mouth and then I continued my assault on them. The more I massaged them the louder she moaned. When I sucked hard on her nipples she started rubbing the egg faster across her clit. I've seen her cum a half dozen times when she gets like this and tonight was no different.

It was minutes later that she came off of her high and after taking a few deep breaths she finally spoke and told me that she needed more than the egg inside of her. I know she was smiling when I kneeled at the edge of the couch and moved her hips so that I could lift one of her legs over my shoulder. She was mine for the tasting and I wasted no time diving in.

She had removed the egg from inside and was gently teasing her clit as I took just the tip of my tongue and started to lick from end to end the length between her lips. There was no need to hold them apart, they were still engorged and open on their own. I took time to tease at her opening each time my tongue got close to it and as I did she would move her hips up to try to capture more of it inside of her.

Her breathing got heavier and this time when my tongue started back up I flattened it to cover as much of her as possible and as I passed the opening I followed it with a finger, sliding the tip of it inside of her. She moved towards me to get all of it inside and when she did I took that moment to take her clit in between my lips and start teasiing it, back and forth, with the tip of my tongue. She came again almost immediately.

Her cries drove me to increase the pressure my lips had around her clit and just like with her nipples earlier, I was able to suck and massage it which started her cumming again almost continuously. The combination of sucking her clit and my finger probing everywhere inside of her was driving her crazy and I had to work to stay in between her legs. She would let me know when to stop and until then I wanted to be sure that she knew that her pleasure was all that mattered for the moment.

The wetness from her pussy was dripping in quantity now and it made it easy for me to use another finger to slide the tip at first, and then most of it into her ass so that soon both fingers were moving back and forth inside of her. I'm sure that everyone at our end of the building could hear her now as she cried out each time she climaxed.

She did finally ask me to stop and I left my fingers inside of her when I lifted my mouth from her clit and caught my breath while I enjoyed the feeling of both her pussy and ass clenching around my fingers. I withdrew them eventually and took a minute to look at her as she lay there. Her nipples were still completely erect, she was flushed everywhere and there was a fire in her eyes that looked utterly sexy as she moved her hands and fingers slowly up and down her body.

She drank most of the wine in her glass when I handed it to her and after drinking most of my own stood up in front of her. I didn't even have the chance to ask if she was ready for the next course because she had sat up, reached to take my cock in her hands and was already lowering her mouth around the head. I could only stand there and move her hair behind her ears as she soon had a quick rhythm going, sliding her mouth down to take most of it into her mouth and sliding her hand around and up the shaft as she moved back to the tip.

When I spread my legs a little further apart she reached with her other hand to tease and massage my balls and the combination of sensations drove me to start pushing into her mouth every time she moved back down the shaft.

I told her how good she was making me feel and this time when she got back to the tip she let it go from her mouth and just kept stroking with her hand, rolling her palm over the head as she looked up to watch me. She knew she had me and I was helpless to do anything other than move my hips in time with her hand.

She asked how badly I wanted to fuck her and I told her to get up from the couch and turn around.

Standing with her legs apart and leaning forward to hold onto the back of the couch she is a perfect height for me and I barely had to bend my legs in order to guide the head of my cock inside of her pussy. She had relaxed a little from the climaxes before and she was still dripping wet so I slid in easily, putting my hands on her hips and pulling her back against me to get all of the way inside.

I know she wanted a hard fuck right now but if feels so incredible when I thrust slowly in and out of her that I had to do that for the first dozen or so strokes. When she started to clench just slightly around the shaft I finally thrust hard for the first time, my hips slapping noisily against her ass. As soon as I did she widened her stance and told me it was time to stop teasing and time to fuck her.

We soon found a pace that worked for both of us. I was only sliding out halfway before sliding back in hard and each time she would push back when she felt me moving forward. Her pussy was warm and dripping once again and we fucked like this for minutes on end before I finally had to slow the pace.

I told her to hand me the toy and after turning both eggs on tossed the control back on the couch, told her to put one back on her clit and I used the other to start teasing around her ass.

I didn't need to put it inside to get the desired effect and vibrations of both eggs had her flying once again.

Her pussy was clamping on my cock every few seconds and I thrust into her a fast as I could, pulling her hips back with one hand and loving the feeling of the vibrations from the egg against her clit because I could also feel it on my cock. My balls had pulled up tight to my body and I was so close to exploding inside of her.

I held myself deep inside when the first blast cum left me, took my other hand, and grabbed her hip so that with both of them I could lift her up and down on my cock as the next blasts followed the first. I was grinding against her and she was crying out again as we both felt the waves of ecstasy that washed over us.

The next thing I remember was leaning forward to kiss in between her shoulders and the feeling of her pussy still contracting around my cock, milking every last bit of cum from it while we came down from our sexual high. My legs were trembling and her head was lying against one arm, as we stayed locked together, not wanting to separate.

Eventually my cock softened and with a final squeeze from inside it fell out from her. I'm not sure she would have been able to stand if I hadn't been holding onto her still. I reached to move her hair behind her ears again and gently helped her to turn and then sit back onto the couch.

It was funny to see BW, who must have been watching us the entire time from across the room stand up, flip his tail at us and walk over to his water. I'm not sure what he thought but we had damn sure put on quite a show.

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