tagErotic HorrorDinner Dates

Dinner Dates


Melanie caressed Don as they lay side by side out by the lake waiting for the moonrise. She leaned forward and nibbled her way along his jaw line to his neck, then down his chest to his belly and beyond. Don drew in his breath with a hiss as she took his rapidly hardening cock into her mouth and nursed on it like a baby on a pacifier.

Melanie always loved this part. Feeling a cock sliding over her tongue, filling her mouth with its firm yet soft texture. She swallowed as she pushed her face further into Don's groin, feeling the head of his erection passing into her throat. She held him as deep as she could for a moment, her nose pressed into his pubic hair and her lips around the base of his shaft, then she reluctantly backed off just enough to breathe a couple of times, then eagerly taking him back into her throat. She could feel Don's hands in her hair as he placed his hands on her head, as he moaned softly.

As much as Melanie relished the feel and taste of his cock, she had other needs as well. She pulled her mouth away from him and rose to straddle his hips, lowering her pussy onto his cock. Don let his hands wander over her belly to her firm high breasts as she rose and fell on his cock, her internal muscles squeezing him, forcing him closer and closer to climax.

Melanie leaned forward, bracing herself on her outstretched arms, planting her hands on his shoulders as she sped up the tempo of her movements, her hips now jerking back and forth, rubbing her clit against his pubic bone. As her own orgasm built to its peak, Melanie threw her head back, her eyes wide open as she stared at the full moon just now peeking over the horizon.

Don's eyes were closed in ecstasy as he felt his balls tighten and he began to spurt his semen deep inside the beautiful brunette,

Then he heard a man's gravelly voice very close by.

"Come on sis. Quit playing with your food."

Don opened his eyes to gaze into eyes that were blazing yellow orbs set into a bestial face. He didn't even have time to scream before the monstrous fangs were ripping out his throat, drowning his cry in a rush of blood.

Melanie looked over at her brother with her muzzle stained crimson.

"Find your own meal." She growled. "This one's mine."

As her brother loped off into the night, she lowered her face to Don's groin again and took his now flaccid cock into her mouth. This time however, it was an entirely different hunger she was satisfying.

Her brother slinked off as his sister devoured the man's cock, her sharp teeth biting down as the blood ran over her tongue, she licked her long muzzle before going back to eating the man.

"Where am I?" a girl said to herself as she walked around the woods, she knew there was a lake near by and if she could find that then she'd have a good bearing of which way to go.

A twig snapped behind her somewhere making the girl spin, her blonde hair swirling as her eyes looked into the darkness to see what the noise was.

"Err hello is anyone there?" she called into the darkness, her voice wavering as she spoke, her heart beat up to about 160 or so she was so scared.

Silence came back, but she somehow knew that there was something back there, like it was watching her, waiting for her to turn away. Still looking she heard another crack behind her again she spun to look, but like before there was nothing but tree's and darkness.

"Hello!" she called out loudly "I know someone is there!" her voice gave away her panic

"I'm here" a man said from behind the blonde, his voice was very gravelly.

"Oh you startled me" she said, looking him over, he was very good looking and she felt safer knowing she wasn't alone in the woods at night

"So what are you doing here alone? I assume you are alone" the man said with a smile

"Err yes I am alone here, I was having a walk on this beautiful night and well I seem to have got lost" she said back as the man walked over to her, the tree's blocking out their view of the stars and full moon

"Happens a lot here," he said with a grin, as he looked over the leggy blonde girl, she looked about early 20's, very beautiful, the type of girl that's head cheerleader in high school and collage.

"So what are you doing here?" she asked back, suddenly realizing she didn't even know the guys name, but there was something about his eyes that captivated her, they drew her in and made her lower her guard to him, inviting him to come closer to her.

"I come here a lot at night, I like how secluded it is" he said walking around her looking over her firm ass and thin wait, her body only covered by a thin sweater and her legs by thin pants

"So what's your name?" she asked as he stood behind her

"Mark" he replied his hand slowly touching her ass as he walked around her again

"I'm Kylie" the girl answered as she felt his hand on her ass, for some reason she didn't feel the need to shove it away as she would with other guys, for some reason feeling Mark's hand on her ass felt right.

"Don't you just love the night Kylie?" Mark asked in his normal gravelly voice, his hand still on her ass, as he looked into her green eyes

"I do indeed, for some reason it always makes me so hot" she didn't know what made her say that but she did, it was like looking into Mark's big eyes had a hold over her, making her say things she normally wouldn't dream of.

"Me too" Mark said grinning, "And here in the woods there is so many secluded spots that can be used to indulge in... nocturnal pleasures" Mark pulled Kylie into his body, his pelvis hitting hers and making her jump a little as she felt a slight bulge

"Hmmm someone's keen," she said with a grin as she felt the bulge grow a little against her, Mark's hands on her back holding her tightly against his hard body as his lips met hers.

Kylie moaned as she kissed him back, her own hands moving up his back and onto his head, holding it as she pressed her lips into his, her tongue licking over the soft lips trying to get into his mouth.

Mark kissed back fiercely, his tongue shoving right into Kylie's mouth and finding hers as his hands pulled her body tighter to his own, Kylie's breasts squashed against his firm chest as her nipples hardened more to the point of pain almost. Her mouth was aching from kissing Mark so hard, and she felt her panties drip with juice as she his cock hardened yet more, it was confined by his trousers but was still impressive by any stretch of the imagination.

"Ohhh" Kylie moaned as she felt his hands move down to her ass again, cupping the firm cheeks as he massaged them, his fingers digging in hard and pulling her cheeks apart in her panties and closing her tight asshole again in rapid succession.

Kylie loved the feeling of having her ass opened and closed like this, he was being so rough with her and it just added to her excitement, it was like she was losing control of her senses as he kissed and groped her hard.

Mark could sense she was enjoying his treatment of her, the way she kissed him back, her hands holding his head tightly as her tongue pushed into his mouth finding his gave her away as did the loud moans.

Pulling away Mark looked into Kylie's eyes deeply, seeing her lust and need, he smiled to himself, grabbing her sweater and tearing it off her body, the thin material not putting up any resistance as the fabric let out a screech as it left Kylie's tight body and revealed her pale white skin to the night air, her breasts exposed to be bra-less and her nipples hard and pink.

Watching on Kylie was amazed at how easily Mark was able to rip her sweater, simply tearing it apart with his bare hands like a rabid animal, tossing the shreds to the ground, next he did the same to his own, his lean, muscular body tensing as the black silk was shredded from it. It was a masterful display of power and aggression and Kylie was hooked on it, her mouth open slightly and her eyes filled with lust as she saw him flexed and ready.

He grabbed her again, pulling her now naked breasts to his chest, her nipples pressed hard into his body as they kissed once again, Mark's hands pulling Kylie's body to his before he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, licking down her neck and onto the top's of her breasts, kissing the soft skin of her firm tits.

Kylie moaned out as she felt his lips move down to her nipple on her left breast, he seized it in them, his tongue licking the tip as he sucked hard and bit with his teeth slightly. Kylie felt her juice wash over the inside of her panties, as she came close to orgasm, the sensitive nipple throbbing as Mark played with it with his teeth.

Kylie felt his grip on her hair loosen and she was able to look down to see his mouth move over to her other nipple, taking it into his mouth he bit down again, Kylie's eyes rolling back as she came hard in her panties the fabric absorbing all the juice and leaving a big stain on it, the air around the two filled with her scent.

Feeling her knee's go weak Kylie almost fell backwards but was held up by Mark's strong arms, his bulging pants pressed against her still and feeling her wet crotch soak into his pants too.

The scent in the air filled Mark's nose and drove him wild, his eyes bulged as he grabbed Kylie's pants and ripped them from her body, her panties now the only thing left on her body as she kicked off her shoes, the shredded pants left lying on the floor as Mark did the same to his own, his cock bouncing free, long and thick and throbbing as Kylie took it him her hands and lightly squeezed the 8 inch shaft.

Mark grabbed her and shoved her to the floor, Kylie landing on all fours as she looked back over her shoulder and watched Mark drop behind her, his cock throbbing as it pointed at her wanting and wet pussy. She scratched the floor with her hands as Mark guided his cock to her entrance, the thick head pressing in hard as he leaned his body over her back, his hand by hers as the head began to move deeper into her, stretching the walls of her tight but slick pussy.

"Ohhh god!" Kylie moaned as she felt him go deep in her, the thick shaft opening her lips and walls up as he relentlessly went deeper before pulling back out of her, leaving the head only in, before a hard thrust forced his cock back into her. Kylie flung forwards by the force almost collapsing on her face as Mark thrust harder in and out of her tight pussy, the juice on his cock shining I light little beams of light that came from the moon.

Kylie felt his hands move onto her back, his finger nails scratching her as his cock went deep in and was pulled back harder, the head rubbing all around the insides of her pussy as his balls swung below them

Mark snarled loudly as he felt her walls tighten around his cock, his fingernails scraped down her back again hard as she came, his fingers drawing blood and leaving deep cuts along her back as she screamed from the pleasure and pain she was experiencing, Mark leaned down and licked up the blood, the moonlight shining on them now as it moved along the sky.

Kylie felt the cock in her pussy grow, it seemed to be getting thicker by the second, it felt like it was twice the size it was before and the pain was starting to grow, the walls of her pussy stretching beyond belief as he continued to fuck her, a strange growl coming from behind her now as the thick shaft in her pussy grew more, a strange feeling like hair or fur on the back of her thighs as she felt him thrust hard.

Looking back Kylie saw some sort of fur-covered beast fucking her.

Just as she was about to scream the beast that was Mark snapped its jaw's around her neck, slicking it up and leaving her struggling to breath has the blood fell to the ground below the teeth leaving massive holes in her jugular as its cock thrust deep and unleashed a massive amount of cum into her pussy, so much it over flowed and shot back covering the fur around the base of his massive cock.

Kylie struggled to move as she felt the last bits of life fade from her body, the last thing she felt a big glob of cum shoot into her tight pussy as the beast removed its softening cock

"Now who's playing with their food?" Melanie said from behind her brother as he feasted on her throat and ripped off a big chunk of breast. He shot her a look as the blood dripped from his muzzle and teeth

"Well it tastes better this way" he said as his sister came and sat next to him looking down at her dripping pussy, Mark's cum oozing out, Melanie leaned down and took a big mouth full of Kylie's crotch, biting out a big chunk of her pussy and her brothers cum eating it down fast and purring her delight.

"Don't you love Halloween?" she said with blood on her teeth as her brother mounted her, his cock pushed up into her pussy "I sure do sis" he growled as they howled together to the moon.

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