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Dinner Guest


He bounced impatiently on the balls of his feet. When was she going to ever going to wake up? He couldn't get started until she did. Ah, there, he saw her eyelids begin to flutter and finally open. He relished the way her eyes widened in shock and then looked all around the room, finally settling on him.

"Good evening, Sleeping Beauty," he caressed her cheek. "Now, now, don't go hurting yourself," he cautioned as she suddenly struggled against her bonds. "The ropes are very sound and very tight. I never use the same ones twice. The blood seeps all over them and I'm afraid they might weaken."

"No need to say anything," he raised his hand and patted the air. "I've heard it all before and frankly I'm quite tired of it. While this cellar is soundproof I get so bored listening to pleading and begging. And the screams quite frankly hurt my ears after a while. So we'll just leave the gag in place."

"Now that you've finally woke up, I think we should get started. I'm not getting any younger, you know. And as for you, well, just think of it this way. You're not going to get any older." He picked up the razor sharp skinning knife from the rolling cart that stood beside the plywood table he had spread-eagled her on. He let the light from the naked bulbs overhead reflect from the blade into her eyes and chuckled at the expression of terror that crossed her face.

"Now then, first things first." He slipped the knife, sharp edge up, under the lowest button of her blouse and slid it along her torso. Cloth ripped. The was a momentary obstruction as her bra resisted, but then it gave way. When the knife cleared he laid it back on the cart and pulled her sliced clothing apart.

Her breasts fell into view. A deep red scratch ran from her belly up to near her throat. "have to be careful up there you know," he commented. "Once a woman realized what was going to happened and managed to cut her own throat when I came up too far." An expression of disgust crossed his face. "She didn't get what she deserved, but all the rest of you did. And will."

One swift cut severed her belt. He commenced cutting her slacks away. The knife moved down over her midsection and mound, then first down her left inside leg, followed by her right. He laughed quietly at the pain that showed in her eyes.

"This is nothing yet. I suggest you save your strength and hurt expressions. You're going to need them." He pulled her slacks away. "Excellent. I don't know if you had noticed, but I'm already naked." He stood by her face, his erection straining out from his body.

"Now we play a little game." He put down the knife again and climbed onto the low table, settling between her outstretched legs. He pressed the head of his cock against her pussy. "I know you won't like this much, you all are always so dry, but I don't care. And I bet you get wetter when I tell you the game. It's so stimulating. As long as you pleasure me, the knife remains on the cart. When you stop, well, I won't be very happy. And when I'm not happy, neither will you."

He paused for one moment, his eyes locked on hers. "I bet you wish you hadn't accepted my invitation to dinner. It took me a while to find that you would be suitable as a 'guest'. I don't like people with entanglements; family, boyfriend or close coworkers who might ask questions when they never see you again. Now let's see how well you play."

With one strong thrust of his hips he penetrated all the way inside her. "Amazing, you are already wet. Well, well." He laughed. "Liking this are you?" His knees braced against the wood, he slapped his groin against her, pounding deeply in her pussy with each stroke. He lowered his body to hers and bending his head he took her nipple in his mouth and bit savagely on it. She twisted under him.

Sliding his body all the way along hers as his cock continued to pound in her open pussy, he whispered in her ear, "Now we ARE having fun."

He was shocked when he heard the words whispered back to him. "Oh yes we are." He raised his head to look at her face. As he realized the gag was laying open in the same fashion as her clothes, he grunted in complete surprise as her legs closed around his hips.

"What the hell?"

He looked down. The ropes lay torn apart. Her ankles locked and he felt her legs tighten around him. He looked back at her face and screamed in wild fear at what he saw.

"Yes," came a sibilant whisper. "Hell, indeed."

The woman's blue eyes were gone, replaced by glowing red orbs. Her mouth was full of sharp teeth, showing what had happened to her gag. He tried to heave himself away from her, only to find he was held in a grip as merciless as the one he thought she had been in. Her legs tightened again, and then again.

He gasped for air. He couldn't breath. He felt his hip bones begin to crumple as her legs crushed his body between them. He strove to push himself out of her grip, as now scaly arms enfolded him. His frantic thrashings availed him no more than hers had.

"Yes, we ARE having fun now," purred the voice from the inhuman form under him. "I needed you. It took me so long to find someone like you. Someone who could," she giggled in a way that horrified him even as he felt her squeeze him like an old toothpaste tube, "could bring out the demon in me. Nice guys don't do that. When I am treated with love and affection all I do is return love and affection. Its wonderful, but it leaves my stomach rumbling."

He writhed in complete agony. His face turned purple with his struggle for air. The pain of his bones breaking was unbearable and he spent his last breath in a scream of terror and hurt.

"You're right. Its good this cellar is soundproof."

His vision blackened as she crushed his body. He collapsed against her. As his consciousness failed he felt her teeth tear into his body and heard her last words.

"I'm so glad you invited me for dinner."

(The End)

(The moral of the story: Be careful whom you bring home for dinner and games. You might not agree with her. "Burp". Pardon me.)

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