tagRomanceDinner in Bangkok

Dinner in Bangkok


To the reader:

This is my first story so don't be too strict with your judgements. Please also notice that English is not my native language.

The story was edited by KittyLovesPain.

Her suggestion made the story more readable.



When I left the beauty shop I was in a real good mood. Three Thai girls were had been working on me to get my nails and hair done. The whole procedure took just one hour and cost only £5 --generous tips included.

Since it was already evening and I felt hungry, I decided to have dinner in a restaurant I knew from previous visits.

It was not so hot any more and I decided to walk the few blocks. When I reached the restaurant it was almost empty. Just a bunch of tourists were sitting at a table near the entrance.

I chose a small table for two in a corner. When the waiter came I ordered a glass of red wine and started to study the menu and ordered chicken curry with rice and mixed vegetables when he brought me the wine.

After the first sip of the wine my mind drifted back into the past. It was exactly 10 years ago when I had met Frank. He was a man of the world -- well travelled, good looking and very charming. I had a crush on him at the first sight. At this time I was a 25 year old Cinderella - shy, overweight and self-conscious and a virgin as well.

I guess he just felt pity on me when he took me to his hotel room.

Suddenly a sound brought me back to the present. I looked up and saw a man standing in front of my table. He was around 50 years with short grey hair. He was dressed in grey slacks and a blue Polo shirt.

"Excuse me, may I join you?" His voice and his smile were warm and friendly.

"Yes, I would like some company," I said with a flashing smile.

"My name is Peter Robinson and I am from Manchester," he introduced himself.

"My name is Lakshmi Ghosh and I am from London."

"Are you here on holiday?"

"Yes I visited my sister in Tokyo for a couple of days and now I have some spare days before I go back to London. What about yourself?"

"Oh that's a surprise. I also came from Tokyo but was there on business. I couldn't get a direct flight and so I decided to stay a few days here and do some sight-seeing".

In the meanwhile a waitress had come and he ordered himself a beer and a steak with chips.

"Please excuse my curiosity, but isn't Lakshmi the name of a goddess?"

"Yes it is. She is the goddess of wealth and beauty. It is quite common in India to give children the name of a deity. Unfortunately I haven't got any of this qualities." I said with a sad smile.

He suddenly took my hand and looked deeply into my eyes.

"Dear Lakshmi, don't be so modest. You are an intelligent and charming young lady."

"Thanks Peter. That's very kind of you."

He held my hand and looked at my neatly trimmed, pink coloured nails and took it to his mouth and kissed it gently.

We continued to chat while enjoying our meals. He told me that he was a kind of sales person and travelled a lot. I told him a bit about my work as a computer programmer for an insurance company and that visited my sister in Tokyo once a year. I also mentioned that I usually stopped in Bangkok for a few days to do some shopping.

When we finished our dinner I felt a decent warmth around my heart and a certain wetness between my legs. I haven't had sex for about two years and I was desperately in need of a nice man. I found Peter really attractive with his good looks, his pleasant voice and his good manners.

When I had to go to the bathroom I felt a bit anxious. Walking through the restaurant would expose my oversized body. With 5"8 and roughly 198lb I am anything but a looker. I wore a loose white linen dress that almost reached my ankles and hid my strong legs but couldn't completely hide my wide hips and voluminous belly. I made the experience that only a small minority of men like big women.

However he didn't show any reaction.

When I came back from the bathroom he had paid the bill and we left the restaurant and took a tuk-tuk to a nearby beer garden. The roads are rather poor in Bangkok and suddenly the tuk-tuk made a little jump that threw me straight into his arms. Instinctively he put his arms around my shoulders.

"Are you ok?" he asked with a concerned voice.

I felt so good in his arms - so save, so wanted.


I snuggled against him and rested my head on his shoulders.

He understood how I felt and kissed me gently on the cheek and with one one hand he started to stroke my shoulder while his other hand caressed my belly, the round and soft part of my body I liked least.

"You feel so good," he whispered in my ear.

"You like big women?"

"Not big, voluptuous and you are just right."

I was not interested any more drinks and so I asked him if we could go to his hotel instead.

Normally I find it rather difficult to be so straight to men but with the wine and feeling so good in his arms my inhibitions seem to have disappeared

He told the tuk-tuk driver the change of address and we spent the remainder of the ride hugging and kissing.

When we reached his hotel he got out, paid the driver and helped me out.

"A real gentleman," I thought.

Getting out of a tuk-tuk with a long skirt can be tricky. At the reception the girl behind the counter gave him a knowing look when he asked for his room key.

The room number was 35, just my age in years.

Peter put his arm around my waist and guided me to the lift.

In the lift he stood behind me, pushed his hands under my arms and rested them on my belly. When he started to nibble the lobe of my ear I moaned with pleasure.

He continued to stroke my belly and moved his mouth to my neck. He stood so closely behind me so I could feel his stiff manhood on my buttocks.

When we finally reached his room he immediately locked the door. Through the open balcony the moonlight fell in the room enabling us to see each other.

I just managed to put off my sandals when he opened the zipper of my dress and pulled it down.

His hands started to caress my shoulders and then he got rid of my bra, turned me around and kissed my deeply on the lips while his hands started to stroke my 'B' sized breasts.

My nipples quickly became stiff and my whole body was filled with a pleasant warmth that I hadn't felt for a long time.

My panties were soaking wet already when he went down on his knees, pulling my panties down and burying his face between my legs.

I moaned loudly with delight and my legs started to tremble.

When had started to lick my clit , waves of pleasure started to flood through my whole body and I was very close to coming when his tongue suddenly stopped.

"Nooo Peter don't stop." I said desperately as the pleasure started to subside.

He got up and kissed me on the mouth.

"Be patient my goddess. We have the whole night," he said with a mischievous smile.

He took my hands and pulled me towards the bed.

When I was lying on the bed he went on his again beside me and started to kiss me on the forehead, cheeks, lips throat until he reached my one of my breasts. He kissed me around my hard nipple and finally sucked it hard.

My pelvis moved on its own and I moaned loudly with pleasure and when he inserted his finger in my pussy and started moving it, I thought I would come any second when he suddenly got his fingers out.

"Peter, what are you doing?" I asked with desperation.

"What do you mean?" he said with a mischievous smile.

God how could he sound so controlled I wondered.

He continued to suck on my nipple and also stroked my belly.

"Come Lakshmi, tell me what I should do"

"Please Peter you know what I want."

"I am not sure. Tell me"

"Please, please I can't stand it any more." I begged him desperately. I always found it difficult to use this vulgar English words. How I wished I could just say: "Put your dick in and fuck me hard."

"You mean you want to come."


"Tell me."

With some effort I managed to utter: "Please Peter, I beg you let me cum, please."

Satisfied he put face between my legs and sucked hard on my clit and a short while later I came for the first time with a loud moan, climaxing hard.

I lay there for a little while trying to catch my breath, feeling delighted and satisfied while he started to undress himself.

His cock was on full attention and when he bent over me I eagerly opened my legs to receive him. "Come darling," I whispered in his ear, feeling needy and horny again. He didn't need a second request and pushed his cock in my pussy, slowly and gently. He filled my pussy fully and I moaned loudly with pleasure.

When he started to move it in and out the waves of pleasure quickly came back. It just took a short time before I came for the second time. He increased his speed and after a short while he shot his load with a loud moan into my pussy. When he was completely empty he moved to my side and we kissed and snuggled for some time. Before we fell asleep he promised to visit me in London.

To be continued

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