tagRomanceDinner is Late

Dinner is Late


Dory was a beautiful woman. And Jim thought she had only gotten more beautiful while she was pregnant.

Her breasts, larger. Her body, more curvaceous. Her skin, softer and more supple, slightly more full all over. And she was glowing like he had never seen her glow before.

Just thinking about her made his drive home to their house in the suburbs pass faster. It also made him uncomfortable and he had to adjust himself in his slacks several times.

There was little he could see wrong with Dory being pregnant with their first child. But Dory didn't agree.

"I'm fat," she pouted every single morning before he went to work.

"Of course you are, you're growing a whole new person inside your own body. Can't really do that very well if you were skinny, now could you."

But she would have none of his patronizing ways. She would stand there in her long dressing robe, fuzzy slippers on her feet and a cute and adorable pout on her chubby mouth.

"I'm getting fatter!" she would protest.

Then Jim would kiss her and pat her belly as he headed out the door, calling out behind him.

"And you'll keep getting fat until you're done making me a baby!"

But Dory wouldn't laugh.

His beautiful brown haired wife was now eight months pregnant with their son or daughter, but she was so miserable it made Jim feel like crying for her. She was really large, he admitted to himself as he turned down onto their street. But no larger than any other woman in her third trimester. She was healthy, the doctors had assured them, no chance of gestational diabetes, no unusually high blood pressure and only the normal amount of water retention.

All day at work, though, all Jim could think about was the sadness in his wife's gorgeous brown eyes, all watery with unspent tears.

So, today, Jim had decided he needed to do something special for Dory. He was so lucky she had said yes to marrying him at last, after three proposals. He was so lucky she had agreed to move to this city where he would have the better job, leaving her family and friends behind. And when she had become pregnant, he was so lucky she had said yes to keeping the baby.

Jim felt like the luckiest man in the world, even if his wife was miserable. It was time to pay her back.

As he pulled into the driveway to their immodest and fashionable home, the sun was beginning to set. Jim reached over and picked up the bouquet of colorful wild flowers next to him and locked the car into the garage. Then he headed into the house, entering through the door that led into the kitchen.

"Hey baby," he said quietly, smiling.

"Oh, hi," Dory answered from the counter.

"Look what I brought my baby maker!"

The smaller woman frowned as Jim showed her the flowers. Then she rubbed her forehead and blinked.

"They'll need a proper vase. Put them there for now, and I'll find one."

She pointed to the kitchen table with her paring knife then went back to cutting up some vegetables for supper.

Jim frowned.

It wasn't quite the reaction he had been expecting.

He set the flowers down and then rested his briefcase next to it, clicking open the snap locks. He pulled out a small velvet box he had inside, and walked up to Dory.

"Look, something pretty for my little woman, hm?"

Jim snapped the box open in front of Dory, showing her the pretty diamond studs inside. They were half carats each, and set in titanium. They caught the light of the setting sun coming in from a window behind Dory, sending tiny refracting lights all over her face.

She pulled away, and went back to cutting her carrots.

"Don't you like them?" Jim asked, stunned.

"I can't wear them."

"Why not?"

Dory didn't answer.


"Because my ear lobes are too fat!" she squeaked.

That was when Jim realized his wife was crying. Big fat tears were dropping to the counter as her small shoulders shook with her quiet sobs.

She was pretty upset, Jim realized. Her sadness went deeper than he had thought.

He didn't know what to do, so he stood and watched her. She continued to cut her vegetables for him even as she wept. It made him gulp, the way she took care of him.

Then he came up behind his wife, rubbing gently on her upper arms and kissing the back of her head. Finally she stopped cutting with her knife and dropped it onto the counter.

If anything, she was crying harder now.

"Baby, you're not that fat, you know."

"Yes I am," Dory squeaked.

"No, no, I think you're gorgeous."

Jim leaned down, nuzzling his wife's neck with his mouth in a loving manner. But as soon as his lips touched against the softness of her neck, Dory seemed to jump as if touched by an electric shock. Jim didn't pull away, but he put his hands around her large waist, rubbing over her belly through her maternity gown. He could feel her neck flesh breaking out into goose bumps.

As he looked down at his wife's chest from over her shoulder, he could see her motherly nipples had tightened into hard buds beneath her gown, forcing their way through the thick material of her support brassiere.

It was then that Jim realized something very important.

Holding his wife close like this, seeing the obvious signs of her arousal at his simplest touches, Jim realized he hadn't made love to his wife in months. Ever since she had gotten the slightest bulge of a belly, she had been hiding herself from him. The day she couldn't hide in normal sweat shirts and jogging pants anymore, she had wept so bitterly.

And he realized that it was the change in her body that had her so upset.

Dory thought she was unattractive to her own husband.

And he had played up to that, completely unaware of her feelings. He had known she felt uncomfortable about herself naked now, and he had thought it was best if he just took care of things in the bathroom, instead of bugging her with his 'needs'.

In truth, Dory had ended up feeling neglected. She probably thought he saw her as fat, even if he didn't say that to her.

Now he moved his lips up along her neck, whispering to her.

"You are so beautiful to me," he began.

"Stop it, you don't mean that," Dory said, but her voice was full of doubt.

Jim lifted his hands up to her breasts, holding them gently because he knew they were tender and swollen with mother's milk. The last thing he wanted to do now was be rough with her just because he had a raging hard-on in his pants that wouldn't lay dormant for very much longer.

"I mean it, Dory-baby," Jim whispered.

His lips were next to her ear now, and he knew his breath was hot on her cheek and earlobe. Dory leaned back and into her husband, her hands now on his as he gently caressed her breasts. Carefully, he ground into her behind with his hips, making his intentions clear.

"You only love me because I'm carrying your child..."

Was that what she thought??

Jim growled against Dory's neck flesh, biting her lovingly.

"I love you because you're willing to carry my child. But if you recall, I loved you before that."

"Do you still..."

"Do I still desire you?"

He ground his cock through his slacks into her fleshy bottom, just to show her how seriously he wanted her.

"If I could, I would take you, right here and right now."

"But you won't?"

For a moment, Jim had to stop and think. He and his wife had had an active sex life before her pregnancy. Surprisingly, Dory loved sex, in all ways. But of course, since her pregnancy began, they had been very careful.

And they had never had sex out of the bedroom before, except before their marriage, when they were just kids.

What the hell, Jim thought.

And he reached his hands around to behind Dory, between their bodies. The unzipping of his zipper was loud in the kitchen, almost an echo to it. Then he held his cock by the base, rubbing it against Dory's dress.

"If you let me, I will love you any time, any where, Dory-baby."

She shivered visibly, and that was all the encouragement Jim needed.

Slowly, he began to pull his wife's maternity dress up. She was not wearing any underwear, probably because she dreaded the large circus tent panties pregnant women were supposed to wrap themselves in. He caressed the fleshy round buttocks in both his hands, then draped her dress up over her back, leaving her fully exposed to his hands.

"Dory, I love you so much," he whispered as one of his hands disappeared between her pale thighs.

She gasped as he began to stroke her sex from behind. Her lips were chubbier now from her extra weight. But she still got as wet as she ever had, just as quickly. It made Jim groan to feel the slickness of her cunt under his fingers.

Why had he waited so long to make love to his wife? If anything, she was more eager and wanton now than ever!

He used a finger to pry open her chubby and swollen labia, then he ran his finger up towards the front, seeking the sweet and stiff bud that was her clit. Quickly, he stroked it, driving Dory into a quick and frenzied orgasm.

She would have collapsed onto the floor right then and there if she hadn't been gripping the counter's edge so tightly already. Her knuckles were bone white, and Jim knew the first orgasm was only a precursor to what she was wanting to feel. She wanted her husband inside her. If he knew his wife, that was what she wanted. Dory loved the feel of how Jim's cock filled her tight cunt, ever since they were teenagers, sharing their first time together. There had never been anyone else for Dory but Jim. And she was all he needed.

Especially now, he thought as he began to guide his cock to her throbbing pussy.

She was wet, ever so wet, that for a moment, Jim worried if he would even feel anything. But as he slid inside his wife's cunt, as her hole quickly gobbled his length and coated him with her juices, he groaned, running a hand up Dory's back. The tightness of her was accentuated now by her chubby pussy, and by the pressure of the unborn child filling her womb. It made her tighter if anything. Jim slowly began to draw out and Dory dropped her head to her hands on the counter top.

She was relishing every minute and every inch, Jim realized.

Gods, how his wife loved cock.

"Dory-baby, I want to make love to you, every night. Even on nights we don't fuck, I still think of fucking you, baby. Only you."

His hand stroked the back of her neck as he looked down at his juice-coated cock, pulling out slowly. Then he was pushing his member back inside her. He couldn't remember feeling so excited as he was now. He ran his hand down Dory's arm, around to the front of her, gently stroking her breasts until he could feel the nipples getting erect once more. Both of her large melons were balanced on the counter top now.

"You are perfection. You are the epitome of woman to me, Dory-baby. I love fucking you, no matter what. You're the only one that does it for me."

Back into her Jim slid, this time pushing himself in as deep as he could go. Dory moaned loudly, an almost feral 'oh' sound that was drawn out in its depths.

Her cunt was milking his cock now, several small orgasms racing up and down her walls and her quivering flesh as he sped up and focused on working himself in and out of her tightness. Dory moaned and grunted, her whole body wracked with the shuddering throes of her ecstasy.

Jim continued to fuck her, moving quicker in and out of his wife's slopping wet cunt. She felt so good, and with her belly so full of his child, he was quickly bottoming out.

"Harder, Jim. Fuck me harder."

That was the old Dory talking, he knew -- the Dory that didn't think she was fat, that knew what he liked to hear, and knew in her soul that she was his goddess and his desire.

"Yes, Dory-baby, I'll fuck you harder!"

And he did. Thrusting in and out of her cunt now, completely forgetting how fragile he had thought she was, Jim put both his hands on her fleshy hips. He pulled her back and forth over his cock until he was almost viciously sawing in and out of her fat sex.

"Dory-baby! I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum!"

"Fuck yes, cum inside me. Cum inside me, Jim, fuck!"

And then he was cumming, his seed spurting hot and useless up against the base of his wife's already occupied womb. But he pushed deep inside her just the same, filling her completely with his need.

At last, they were both exhausted from their release. Jim leaned carefully over Dory's rounded back, panting like she was.

"I love you, Dory, my Dory-baby."

"I know," she whispered.

Was she crying again? Jim gasped.

Dory turned around and faced him, putting her arms around his neck.

"I know you do! I just needed to know you also wanted me. I needed you to fuck me, Jim, so badly."

He hugged his wife tightly, rocking her as she wept happily.

"Baby, if I had known that..."

He grinned.

"I guess supper's going to be late from now on."

Then he led his wife to the bedroom to finish catching up.

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