tagBDSMDinner Time Ch. 01

Dinner Time Ch. 01


I stepped out of the shower feeling refreshed after such a stressful day. I reached for my sensual amber scented body lotion, because I knew Karl loved the scent of it on me. I smoothed it generously over my freshly shaven legs. I rubbed some more on my arms, elbows and shoulders. I squeezed some into my hand and rubbed my hands together to massage it all over my breasts, belly and hips. I then bent forward a little and reached back to smooth more of the lotion all over my behind. I squeezed just a little bit onto my fingers and stroked it into the tender skin around my sex which was now smooth as silk.

I pulled the towel off of my head and shook my head gently as my straight auburn hair fell below my shoulders. I ran a comb through and left it wet for now. I slipped my pink terry cloth bath robe back on and secured the belt. I smoothed a little facial moisturizer over my face and throat and hung up the towels.

I decided to check my e-mail quickly before getting dressed, thinking I had plenty of time before Karl got home. With that out of the way, I stepped into the kitchen for one last check to make sure that I had everything prepared and ready to go into the oven for our dinner.

The chicken had been marinating in a sauce of butter, honey and curry, and even uncooked, it smelt delicious. The broccoli was in the steamer ready to go, and the rice was in the pot, it just needed to be turned on. The salad was made and in the in the fridge.

I checked the table setting one last time. The beautiful flowers he brought me yesterday looked perfect on the table as their reflection shone in the wine glasses. I placed the bottle of wine I had picked up on my way home on the table, with the corkscrew next to it.

I had some sparkling mineral water chilling in the fridge as well, just then I remembered I needed to slice the lime. I laid the cutting board down on the counter and went to the fridge to retrieve a lime which was in the crisper at the very bottom.

Karl came home just at that moment when I was bent over with my head in the fridge. I was startled by his hand patting my behind as his fingers hooked around the cloth belt of my robe. Before I could turn, he pulled me to him and enveloped me in his arms. I closed my eyes and leaned back into him turning my head to rest my cheek against his shoulder. I drew in a long slow breath as I savored this moment in his arms which is my favorite place to be.

I twisted myself around so I could get my arms around him. The palm of his hand slowly slid up my back, to my neck, and with spread fingers easing into my still damp hair, he simply closed his hand making me tingle all over as his lips found mine. He drove his tongue into my mouth making me hunger for him; I was always hungry for him. He kissed me with a passion felt in every cell of my body.

The backs of my knees were still tingling when he pulled away and said with a smile, "How was your day love?"

I was suddenly very aware of myself standing in front of him in nothing but my pink bath robe, my hair damp and no make up on. I glanced at the clock on the microwave. He was only ten minutes early, I should have been dressed and had myself fixed up for him when he got home.

I felt the warmth in my cheeks as the blood rose in them. I stammered, "I...I'm sorry... the time must have got away from me, I'm not even dressed or anything."

Karl looked me up and down as he shook his head with a smirk and chuckled softly.

With my eyes slightly lowered I walked past him to go and put myself together before cooking our meal. I was only two steps into the living room before he spun around and reached out his arm as his fingers caught the belt of my robe again, halting me.

I closed my eyes as he stood behind me and reached around front to untie the belt. Without the belt holding it, my robe hung loosely to my sides. He easily slipped it off of me as it slid down into a heap on the carpet. He began gently kissing my neck and shoulders, sending lovely shivers down my spine.

"Mmmmmmm" His soft kisses were melting me and his breath felt so very warm against my skin as he inhaled my scent.

"You smell wonderful," he breathed into my ear as his hand reached around and rested on my throat massaging it with his thumb.

I drew in a long slow uneven breath and let it out with a sigh. That is definitely in my top five of favorite things he does to turn me on. I was already coming alive with desire and need for him, and what I was craving at that moment had nothing to do with the uncooked dinner sitting in the kitchen.

Karl reached into his pocket with his other hand as he nibbled on my ear and breathed softly into it sending a chill down the back of my neck that spread across my shoulders and expanded into my chest. It was at that moment he reached up with something in his other hand and swiftly covered my eyes. I gasped deeply and held in my breath for a moment as he secured the blindfold. I felt a throb in my sex as the desire settled deep in my belly. I exhaled in a jagged sigh.

In total darkness my other senses heightened as I focused in on all of the exquisite sensations travelling through my body. His hands were caressing my back, and he slowly began to massage my shoulders and eased away any remaining tension from the day. My skin even became more responsive as I focused on the trail of sensations that followed his hands up and down my back.

Leaning into me his arms encircled my waist and he just rested his chin on the top of my shoulder for a moment. I tilted my head to rest against his and we just swayed ever so slightly.

I was so grateful for his tenderness. I took a moment and went deep inside myself to consider the intensity of the love and gratitude I felt for him. He knew me more intimately than I knew myself. I knew I always had his support and his shoulder to cry on if needed. I shivered as I realized I would always have that with him.

Sliding both hands slowly up from my waist, pausing briefly over my breasts as his fingers just barely brushed my nipples even softer than a breeze, he slid his left hand up and across my collarbone as his middle finger began to twirl in my hair. He closed his hand and wasn't pulling at all, but I could feel the roots tingling at the back of my neck where they connected sending a chill down into and filling my chest and belly. I let out a soft sigh. His other hand slid up to my chin as he turned my head toward him and very softly bestowed a warm kiss upon my cheek and then he stepped away.

My sighs had a barley audible groan hidden in them as my mind slowly drifted to the awareness of not knowing what was to come. I shivered from the slight fear of uncertainty although at the same time I welcomed whatever it was he had planned for me because I knew that I trusted him completely with my mind and body.

Placing his hands briefly on both arms, he walked me a few steps away, which from memory of the room, placed the couch just in front of me. I didn't want to appear too eager or too wanting, but I needed him to take me. I stood silent and still as I awaited his instruction.

"Open your legs now," His voice seemed to echo in the quietness.

I did as I was told. I parted my legs, and as I did his one hand pressed on the small of my back and the other on my shoulder pushing forward slightly, indicating to me to bend over. As I leaned forward, my hands found the soft fabric of the couch and I understood. I supported my upper body with the edge of the sofa so I could lean further forward and spread my legs wider for him.

I felt so open, so exposed. He could clearly see now how aroused I was; more soft sighs escaped my lips as slight drops of dampness were seeping from my sex but with the blindfold I imagined it more like I was gushing. I had no control over it and it seemed as though it was getting worse and running down my thigh as he tapped the inside of my thigh and instructed me to open wider.

In spite of my self-consciousness, I complied with his request. My face flushed a little as I felt like I wanted to cum... but that couldn't be right; he hasn't even touched me there yet. Still, that feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

I knew very soon he would touch me and I wanted that desperately, but at the same time I almost didn't want him to because I was afraid I would cum immediately. I began to squirm just a little and he chuckled softly. I took a couple of long slow breaths to settle myself. I was desperately needing and feeling so very hungry for his touch. I hoped he wouldn't make me wait much longer.

Just then, his fingers slid down the crack between my cheeks and parted them further. Oh how I secretly wished he was planning on putting something there. I jumped a little as I felt sudden coolness on me, and became aware it was him blowing cool air with his lips onto my little pink puckered hole. I shivered all over.

I reveled in that unfamiliar sensation as I felt my muscles desperately holding my little hole completely tight. He pushed my bottom up higher and his tongue found my sex lips. I let out an audible moan of pleasure as he began tasting me and my puffed lips opened to meet his tongue.

I shuddered as I feared I was going to cum too quickly and it would all be over. I tried to slow my breathing and I managed to let it subside, but I couldn't keep myself still when he thrusted his face into me and began tonguing my clit.

I cried out with pleasure and felt my self grinding my hips. I was so close. He rested his hand in between my shoulder blades with his palm against my skin. He slid his hand up to my neck and squeezed gently, I bent down further until my face was resting on the couch as he spread his fingers and continued sliding his hand up to the back of my head catching much of my hair between his fingers. He then simply squeezed his hand into a tight fist catching my hair in his fingers causing my head to lift back as I cried out very loudly while the heat from my sex and the chills in my spine found each other. I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Oh... Master...Please let me cummm!"

I didn't even wait for his okay, I couldn't. I began to shudder and my legs began to shake as my climax took hold of me. Karl started to suck on my clit just then and my cries became more bellowing. He squeezed his hand that still had hold of my hair and pulled back sharply. "Oooooooh... my God!" My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and I just allowed the waves of pleasure to ebb and flow throughout my body.

I began rocking my hips from side to side gently as his tongue continued lapping at the swollen lips outside of my pussy. He again pushed his mouth into me and began sucking on my clit. I gasped intensely not expecting that again, he sucked even harder and when I cried out he pulled back sharply on my hair, which he still had securely wrapped around his fingers. I moaned quite loudly as my little button was very sensitive there. He continued unabatedly sucking harder and harder with one hand still holding my hair firmly, the other slid up the inner part of my thigh pinching my tender skin there as I tried to get my breathing under control. I was losing it completely. At that moment he plunged his fingers into my soaking wet, burning hot pussy. I screeched as he buried them deeper inside me. My legs quivered and started to spasm and I felt my whole body rippling as the orgasmic tidal waves flowed freely into every cell in my body and every nerve ending was at attention.

A moment later as I was trying to slow my breathing that was coming more like quick gasps for air; I could still feel the electricity in my pulse. He gently wiggled his fingers which were still inside of me, sending another bolt of electricity through me. I groaned loudly to let him know I was now sensitive there too. In response to my protest, he once again dug into me and took my extremely hypersensitive swollen clit into his mouth and began sucking. I squealed and tried to pull away. He brought both of his hands to my hips and held me firmly, as he continued to suck ferociously. I was howling and trying desperately to pull myself away from him. He dug his fingers forcefully into my hips and had an unyielding hold of me.

I didn't think I could take anymore, yet his sucking continued and his fingers were now digging and pinching the tender skin surrounding my hips I began whimpering loudly now, "No... No... please Karl...please." And at that second his teeth clamped down on my clit and I screamed as my body began to convulse violently. I no longer recognized the sounds as coming from me. I felt a flood of euphoria rush through my whole body. I was so overwhelmed with sensation that my body suddenly went weak.

Karl quickly wrapped his arms around my waist and gently eased me to the carpeted floor. He reached up to the couch and pulled down two cushions easing one under my head as he pulled off my blindfold. He spooned behind me and held me, planting gentle loving kisses all over my neck and whispering softly into my ear.

With his arms tight around me he asks "You ok, love?"

I said, "I'm better than ok... I'm Yours."

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