tagGroup SexDinner with Deni

Dinner with Deni


The doorbell rang, and Abby jumped to answer it. "That must be Deni!"

It was. Abby wrapped her in a huge, soft hug before she could put her bags down. Deni is on the tall side, an inch or two more than me even without heels, and Abby is definitely petite. That meant that Abby's hug put her face just about at Deni's breasts. I envied her that position.

"Come on girl, can't I even get settled first?" I noted that Deni returned the hug with enthusiasm and didn't rush to let go. "Hi Jack!" She waved to me, or tried to with a pinioned arm.

"Okay," Abby answered. "You know where everything is."

Deni carried her things up to the guest room. She visited two or three times a year, when she had business in this city, so she always showed from up business meetings dressed well. This time, she arrived in a dark, pin-striped suit. Tailored slacks accented her long legs and curved hip. Her fitted jacket and white, long-sleeved blouse emphasized the willowy upper body. A gray scarf, tucked into the neck line, kept her décolletage out of the business dealings. Small bits of gold highlighted each hand. Dark hair, neatly trimmed but unfussy, showed small gold earrings, too. The word "precise" came to mind when I thought of Deni. She always looked great, very much a woman, and completely uninviting to anything but business. At least, that's how she looked when she arrived.

Abby set the table while I finished in the kitchen. Deni reappeared a few minutes later, a different woman. The jewelry had been put away. The blouse became an oversized white T-shirt, sleeves rolled up, tucked in at the waist. Soft, worn jeans, popped at one knee, replaced the business suit. I didn't even realize she'd been wearing makeup until I saw that she had washed it off. She was barefoot, too, and folded herself gracefully into a pile of cushions in the corner of the couch. Abby poured drinks, scotch on ice for Deni and a huge glass of wine for herself, and joined her on the couch.

I couldn't hear what they were saying over the kitchen noise. I could hear their happy chatter and occasional laughter, though. I enjoyed taking care of the chores on these weekends, so the old friends could catch up with each other. They'd been friends since college, even lovers for a while. Of course I wanted to know more about that, but Abby didn't talk about it often. "That was a long time ago." My male company kept Abby quite happy, so I had nothing to be jealous about. I enjoyed seeing them enjoying themselves.

Abby sat close to Deni, facing her, and touching a lot when she talked. That sensuality was part of what seduced me originally, and seduced me again when I saw her talking to her old friend the same way. Quite unlike the professional who had walked in, Deni responded in kind. Every time I saw the two through the kitchen door, their contrast struck me all over again. Abby's blonde hair framed a healthy, pink complexion, versus Deni's easy tan. Tiny breasts barely dented Deni's loose T-shirt. I don't think I had ever seen sign of a bra strap, once she settled in for the weekend. Abby had breasts so naturally soft and low that she always wore one. It stretched her skimpy top tight. Cool Deni, dusky, long, and lean, with wide strong hips. Bubbly, bright Abby, tiny and rounded by a few pounds she kept talking about shedding. I couldn't ask for a lovelier combination.

I had made a half-dozen dishes to go over rice, so everyone made their own choices. Dinner lingered while we chatted, came back for seconds, and dawdled over coffee and dessert. The ladies went back to the couch to finish catching up while I cleared the table. Afterwards, I retreated to my office for a few hours. When I came back out to go upstairs, they were still at it and their glasses were full again. Their tone had quieted and their shoulders leaned warmly together. I bid them good night and went to bed.

I woke up in the night to find Abby asleep next to me, warm and cuddly. I had been having the most incredible dream, imagining the two women as the lovers they had been in college. I couldn't get back to sleep because of a raging erection, so I started to take care of it. I pressed against Abby's sleepy warmth. Then I began the long, firm strokes that would finish what that wild dream had started.

She surprised me a moment later by reaching over and wrapping her little hand around the one I had on my penis. I didn't mean to wake her, but I was happy to have her help. That dream had been about her, after all. As she woke up, she leaned over and took one of my nipples between careful teeth. "Is some of that for me?" she asked.

"As much as you want." I reached over to her, and found her nipples already tightened. A finger between her labia slid in immediately. She couldn't have gotten that aroused in the few minutes since she woke up. She must have come to bed already slick inside. I started wondering just what she and Deni had been talking about. That line of thought ended when she turned on the reading light and took a condom from the headboard. When she unrolled it onto my erection, I couldn't think of anything else. Usually, our foreplay goes on and on. Tonight, she was hotter than I had seen her in ages.

I rolled over, pulling her on top of me. I'm not all that strong, but she doesn't weigh much. She stretched out on top of me, full length, warm and soft. One of my hands cupped her bottom, the other enclosed her shoulders. In a moment, though, she straddled my hips and sat up over me. She leaned on my chest with one hand while the other worked between us. She shifted her hips a few times, finding the right angle, then guided my erection to her body's entrance. She looked up at me in the dim light, paused for a moment, then sat back onto my penis. Her eyes fluttered, upper teeth grabbed lower lip, and she sat back again.

After a few more pushes down onto me, she held me so deeply that she didn't need her hands any more. She knelt almost straight up now, with both of her hands on my chest. Her whole body's weight pressed down on me. I felt like I was so deep inside her that my penis could feel her heart beat. Judging by the look on her face, something pretty special was happening inside her, too. She shifted her knees, pushed against my chest with both hands, and drove herself even harder onto my erection.

I loved this position. Her breasts dangled, scraping her thickened nipples from my stomach to chest. She always felt bad about her "droopy" breasts, but I loved the way they moved. I loved the way they filled my hand, too, soft like nothing else in the world. Her hips rocked on me, in a steady rhythm at first, then faster. One of her hands snaked between us, to give her clitoris the feelings that I couldn't quite reach to give. When her rhythm got wild and strong, I took her hips in both hands and pressed down. Then, orgasm started to take her over. She looked up at me and her body froze. I could feel her fingers working furiously between us. A few sharp movements of her hips jerked my penis inside her. After so many years as an apartment dweller, she didn't even moan. She was locked in her ecstasy. Only her eyes and open mouth shared it with me. Then she wilted, a bit at a time, until she lay curled on my chest, my erection still inside. With the condom dulling my feeling, it would take me a little longer to come. I waited while she recovered. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I didn't move, but looked again. The door had swung open, and I saw motion in the darkness.

"Abby," I whispered. "She's watching." I felt her tense and start to move over me.

"Don't do anything," I asked quietly. "Just pass me the flashlight." She sat up a little and got it from the headboard; I kept stroking her back with one hand. Her body hid the tool as she passed it to me. I shifted it in the shadows, aimed it at the door, and turned it on.

There was Deni. She stood crouching, frozen like the proverbial deer. One of her hands was deep in her panties, all the way under her crotch. The other was up inside her T-shirt. Her hands snagged on the underwear as she tried to jerk them free.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean ..." she ran out of words and just stood trembling. "I didn't ..." Her hands were outside of her clothes now, but covered her breast and pubis again. She trembled all over.

"It's okay." Abby was sitting up straight on me now, dismounting. "Deni, Deni, Deni, it's all right." Abby walked toward her, opened the door, and wrapped her arms around the taller woman. "It's okay." Abby took her by one arm and guided her into the bedroom. Still in shock, Deni sat hard on the bed where Abby placed her.

"I didn't ..."

"Shh." Abby was kneeling on the bed next to her now, and placed one fingertip against Deni's lips to quiet her. Then she leaned over and placed a tiny kiss in the same place. Deni's expression started to melt. Abby kissed again, longer, and stroked a small, firm breast through the T-shirt. Deni's breathing came ragged, and she put a tentative arm around Abby. Then Abby pushed her gently back onto the bed and followed her down. Between kisses, Abby explained that she had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Our door was open when she went to pass it and, well, I might have stopped to watch, too.

By this time, I had removed the half-used condom, and had moved to the easy chair in the corner. I evicted the pile of laundry, sat down, and started stroking my streaming erection. I couldn't imagine a hotter sight in the world, my wife making love to this goddess.

Abby knelt down next to Deni and continued the kisses. Deni seemed too stunned to respond, but warmed to Abby's affection in spite of herself. Abby reached up under the T-shirt; she cupped her hand under it, over a breast. Deni started to push her hand away and sit up.

"What about Jack?" she looked back and forth between us, confused.

"Don't mind me," I answered, and continued strong slow strokes along my penis.

Abby gently pushed her back down. She traced some gesture I couldn't quite see along Deni's face, then leaned over her chest. Abby's mouth found a firm nipple through the cloth, and Deni moaned in response. Abby lifted the shirt and kissed the breast directly. Deni put one hand on the back of Abby's head, holding her mouth close.

Mouth still working, Abby reached down to Deni's panties. Her fingers circled the white-clad mound for a moment, then cupped it. She slid her hand under the white cotton, then cupped it again. Deni's hip tilted up to meet her hand. I could see Abby's fingers playing, but couldn't quite make out what she was doing. Whatever it was, Deni lifted her knees and spread her legs wider to receive it. Abby continued to finger her, at the same time her mouth shifted from one slim breast to the other. Abby's bigger, softer breasts dangled over Deni's subtler curves, and each one's nipple caressed the other's.

Still kneeling, Abby shifted her attention down Deni's body. She kissed her way past the ribs and past Deni's taut tummy. Her mouth came to rest on Deni's white-covered mons. She lingered there for just a moment.

Then Abby sat up and took an edge of the panty in each hand. She tugged it down far enough to expose Deni's genitals to both of us. Unlike Abby's full bush, Deni trimmed her pubic hair to a strip of dark fuzz. The underwear was scarcely out of the way when Abby brought her mouth back down. Deni pushed her gently away, kicked the knickers off, and guided Abby's head back between her legs. Abby worked slowly and evenly, one hand now under Deni's bottom. Abby shifted a few times under Deni's guidance, and tension built along the whole length of Deni's body.

Deni put both her hands on Abby's head, and it happened. She started with a mewing moan, then orgasm grabbed Deni's whole body in visible contractions. She panted out loud as she held Abby in place, her body curled with head and hips off the bed. Her alto growl was one of the sexiest things I ever heard in my life. Then the waves of tension less often and less deeply. I couldn't actually say when Deni's orgasm started, and I couldn't say when it ended, either. I just knew that I had seen a beautiful woman at her most beautiful. Abby knew it too. She knelt up, but kept one hand on Deni's vulva even as she gazed down into Deni's eyes.

"Jack, would you come here?" At that point, I'd do anything for either one of them. I came over and lay down on the side opposite Deni.

"Deni, have you ever done it with a man?"

"Nooo" Deni eyed me cautiously. (Somewhere along the line, her T-shirt had come off, too.)

"Remember the Scepter?" Abby later told me that was their name for a glass dildo they shared in college.

"I still have it." Deni smiled.

"It will be like that. It'll be fun."

"Well, ..." Deni wavered.

"Only if you want to. I'll be right there. And if you don't like it, we'll stop."

"Okay." She sounded quiet, maybe even shy, and I never think of Deni as shy. Curiosity just barely won out over her nerves about my unfamiliar body.

Abby got another condom out and handed it to me while she continued caressing Deni. Putting it on was new to Deni, who watched in fascination. Then, Abby sat high on my stomach, one leg on either side of me, faced away from me. "Now sit in front of me. No, I mean faced the other way." Deni's wide pelvis straddled me easily. I couldn't see their faces, but I saw Deni's head tilt down toward my penis. Abby encouraged her: "Go ahead - it won't bite."

Deni took a deep breath, rose up on her knees, and tried to sit down onto my erection. I bounced off something soft without entering her. Abby offered, "Here, let me." Deni lifted up again. Abby grabbed my penis in one hand and felt under Deni with the other. "Okay, try it now."

Deni lowered herself tentatively until the tip of my erection started its way into her. Then, in one motion, she took the whole length. Breath left her in a rush. She shifted her legs and body until she found an angle she liked, then just sat for a moment. I felt almost as if I were in to the whole, majestic height of her torso.

Then she started to move. Deni could only be graceful. She rose and descended at an easy pace, like riding a horse at a posting trot. She moved just a little at first, then in longer strokes, up and down. Abby edged up behind her. One hand reached around low, and I could feel her fingers near where my body joined Deni's. The other reached up, apparently to a breast. Abby had to hold close against Deni's back to reach around. I hope Deni appreciated the soft contact as much as I would have.

Deni's pace quickened. I let her do the work, so she'd feel more in control. After a while, she leaned forward at the waist, hands on knees, and rode me in a frenzied tempo. One hand dropped between her legs. Abby couldn't reach in front from that angle, so I saw her hands on Deni's hips, following along. Then Deni's high, thin moan started again. The hand between her legs rubbed faster than ever, her moan roughened to a quiet, lioness roar, and her orgasm hit her full force. She rocked with it until it faded, then slumped.

"Wow. That was, well, different." I was still inside, and she straightened up carefully. She looked back at Abby and asked, "Is Jack going to come inside me?"

"Is that what you want?"

"Well, as long as I'm here," she half-joked and Abby giggled. "Jack?"

"I thought you'd never ask." I asked Abby to get off me, then took Deni's hips between my hands. She must be a dancer; she followed my lead flawlessly. My hips rocked under hers, and she pushed back at just the right times. She twisted around a little to look at me. Her tiny breast bounced in profile, so different from Abby's wide swaying motions. I had been on the edge, it seemed for hours, so my eruption came quickly. I pulled her whole weight down onto my orgasm; she smiled over her shoulder and leaned back into me. A moment later, I was spent too. It never occurred to me until much later that this experienced woman had been a virgin, in some ridiculous sense that didn't matter to either of us.

I reached under her to hold the condom as she eased off me. Abby kissed us both as we passed the tissues around. With one hand on each of us, she asked, "So how was it?"

"Not what I thought." Deni said. "I see why people like it." She laid a gentle hand on my penis. Having sex with a man once didn't make her less of a lesbian. It just made me more of a sex toy. I could live with that.

The blankets were a complete mess, and the sheet had four or five wet spots. Abby started to change the bed. Deni found her underwear and turned to leave. Then Abby said, "Don't go." I didn't want the closeness to end, either. Deni's relieved look said she felt the same.

We put the room back together and climbed under the covers. Three in a bed for two was cuddly fun. Abby lay between Deni and me. I reached over to Deni, rubbed her shoulder affectionately, then reached down towards Abby's pubic hair. Deni's hand already covered it. That was okay, I cupped a delicate breast instead. We'd have to work out sharing some day. It took a little moving around to get everyone comfortable. Soon, though, I heard both ladies' breathing come slow and even. Then I dozed off too, warm and happy.

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