tagErotic HorrorDinner's on Me

Dinner's on Me


Hello and welcome to my readers. There'll be no tricks this Halloween, only this little treat for you. I appreciate your votes, comments and feedback. Enjoy.


"Dub, how's it goin' buddy? When did you get back in town?"

Dub Stockwell grinned as Jimmy the bartender greeted him heartily. Dub always headed straight for the hotel's lounge after he checked in. As he mixed Dub his favorite drink, Jimmy asked, "How's the wife and kids?"

"They're fine, they're not here and I'm glad of it," Dub replied with a grin. He swallowed his drink in one gulp, "You make a hell of an Old Fashioned, Jimmy. Hit me again."

Jimmy Perkins was one of the best bartenders in town and he was one reason Dub always stayed at the aging Brandywine Hotel when he traveled this way. Durward Stockwell hated his first name, so he asked everyone he met to call him Dub and most people did what he asked. Dub cut an imposing figure, taller than average and broad in the shoulders and chest; he could be intimidating if the mood struck him.

Dub was a regional sales representative for Millipede Tractor Company. His territory covered four states, so he wasn't home for weeks at a time and that was fine with him. His wife was a fat, nagging bitch and his kids were whiny, spoiled brats to hear Dub tell it. He was happiest out on the road where he could do what he pleased after work. That included a determined search for female companionship. His rugged good looks, smooth delivery and generous expense account virtually guaranteed that he rarely slept alone.

"Kinda quiet for a Thursday night ain't it, Jimmy?" Dub remarked, looking at the empty tables and stools while sipping his drink. "I mean, where's everybody, where's all the broads?"

"A couple new clubs opened up since the last time you came through," Jimmy replied, shaking his head. "Business is off lately; everyone's goin' there for booze and dancin'. I had to let Phil go last week and he went to work for one of 'em. Times are changin' Dub, I'm telling ya..."

The men ceased their conversation as a slender young woman opened the glass doors and walked in the lounge. Looking around nervously, she sat at a table and began rummaging in her purse. Finding what she was looking for, she motioned to Jimmy for some service. As Jimmy took her order, Dub looked at the pretty girl.

She appeared to be in her early twenties, with a sweet face and long brown hair. Her slim figure with small breasts, narrow hips and shapely legs was enough to attract Dub's interest. Hell, she was female that was enough.

When the bartender returned from the table, Dub asked, "What's she drinkin', Jimmy?"

"Wouldja believe a Boxcar," Jimmy said with a chuckle. "I'm gonna get out the bartenders guide. I forgot how to make one of those, it's been so long."

"Put it on my tab, Jimmy," said Dub. "I'm gonna chat her up a bit, see what she's like."

Jimmy grinned to himself as he thumbed through the dog-eared pages of 'The Ultimate Guide to Mixology'. Old Dub was one smooth pussy hound. That little filly didn't stand a chance.

"Good evening, miss," said Dub, suavely. "Are you waiting for someone or can I buy you a drink?"

"I, I'm not with anyone," the young woman said shyly. "Please sit down, my name is Margie Winters. My goodness, you are certainly tall and well built." She blushed and looked down at the tabletop. "Excuse me that just slipped out."

Dub's face creased into a wide smile. This was going to be easier than he thought. "Hello there Margie," He replied. "My name is Dub Brown; it's a pleasure to meet you. What's a pretty young lady like yourself doing out all alone tonight?"

Jimmy had arrived with Margie's drink and a refill for Dub. Placing them on the table, he winked at Dub and returned to his place behind the bar. The wink told Dub that Jimmy had doubled the alcohol content of the drink he had served to Margie. 'Just helping an old buddy out', thought Jimmy.

The conversation flowed easily as the evening progressed. Dub told Margie a patchwork of half-truths and outright lies about himself and his job just in case she decided to make trouble for him down the line. Margie told him of her job as a secretary for a trucking firm in town and that she was currently single, her husband having left her a year before. "I get so lonely sometimes," she said sadly, as a tear rolled down her cheek.

'Jesus,' Dub thought to himself. 'This is like shootin' fish in a barrel.' A part of his mind reasoned it was almost too easy, but he chose to ignore it. "How about you and me have some dinner in the hotel restaurant," Dub said heartily, "I'm buyin."

"I think I would like that, Dub," Margie replied. "It's been a while since I ate anything, let's go."

Dub reached inside his suit coat pocket and lied, "I left my wallet upstairs Margie. C'mon up to my room while I get it and then we'll go eat."

They arose from their seats and walked into the lobby to the elevators. Dub threw his drink check on the bar as he passed, winking at Jimmy who smiled back. 'That Dub,' Jimmy thought. 'He sure knows how to get the women.'

"Please Dub," Margie protested as he pushed her on the bed, kissing and groping the frightened woman. "I hardly know you, don't do this, please."

"Aw c'mon, baby," Doug said soothingly. "We're both grown-up people. We have needs. I want it and I can tell you do too. Don't fight it, baby, let yourself go."

He slid a meaty hand under Margie's skirt, rubbing the crotch of her wet panties. "Mmmmm, you're all wet baby," he muttered, kissing Margie hard on the lips. " I know you want some of what ol' Dub has doncha' baby, tell me yes, c'mon."

"Ohhh Dub," Margie moaned as Dub's thick finger eased its way past the crotch of her soaking panties and spread her wet pussy lips. "Ohhh that feels sooo good. Don't stop, please."

Dub pushed Margie's skirt up with his free hand, tugging at her white cotton panties as he continued to finger her, excited by her soft moans. His dick was throbbing and he wanted to fuck this little beauty until her eyes crossed, but he forced himself to take it slow, he was gonna' enjoy this one.

Dub pulled Margie's panties off, spread her legs and began to lick her pussy. The broads loved having their pussies licked and Dub was an expert. Gripping her tight buttocks in his big hands, he teasingly pulled his thick tongue slowly along Margie's dripping slit, wiggling it in the outer folds as she gasped and moaned. Dub felt Margie's fingernails digging into his scalp as she pulled his face against her sopping pussy, her hips bucking as she fucked against his lips and tongue. Dub felt her body shake and knew she was close to cumming. He drove his talented tongue deep into the pink depths of Margie's foaming cunt, then began sucking and licking on her erect clit as she screamed in her climax, her back arching off the bed.

Dub was going crazy with desire. His cock felt like an iron bar in his pants, its painfully rigid length straining against the restricting cloth. As Margie lay on the bed, moaning and whimpering from her spine-wrenching orgasm, Dub began pulling off his clothes. Margie sat up in bed and began to undress frantically. "Oh God," she cried. "Fuck me, Dub. I need it so bad, fuck me hard." She squealed in delight as Dub's nine-inch cock sprang from it's hiding place in his boxer shorts, its purple head and dark pink shaft bobbing between his heavy thighs as he crawled on the bed.

Dub lifted Margie's thighs in his hands, pulling her hips from the bed and rubbing his velvety cock head teasingly along her blood-engorged pussy lips. "Please Dub, please," Margie whined, mauling her firm, pink nipples and soft breasts. "Fuck me with your big cock, ohhhh, fuck me now."

Dub lunged forward, grunting like a rutting animal, burying his enormous shaft to the hilt in Margie's juicy pussy. Margie screamed with joy, thrusting her pelvis up at him as he filled her to bursting with his pulsing shaft. Dub pounded the young girls soaking slit unmercifully, feeling his balls slap against her quivering ass cheeks, blood roaring in his ears as she screamed at him to fuck her harder, harder.

Margie locked her legs around Dub's waist, giving her greater advantage to pound their throbbing sex organs together. She arched her back and braced her elbows on the mattress, her eager pussy muscles tightening on the piston-like intruder. Dub felt as if his whole being was concentrated in his raging dick as his balls swelled, preparing to pump a massive load of thick cum deep into Margie's hot hole.

He felt Margie's body stiffen and knew she was about to cum. With one final thrust, he buried his stiff cock to the hilt in Margie's soaking pussy, grunting and moaning as he shot ropes of hot sperm into the clasping pink tunnel. Margie howled as her orgasm blazed through her body, her steaming pussy squirting waves of cum past Dub's massive tool, coating their thighs and soaking into the mattress below them. Dub humped himself and Margie into another orgasm, finally falling back on the bed, panting with exhaustion.

Margie snuggled up to Dub as they lay basking in the orgasmic afterglow. "That was marvelous, Dub," she said happily. "I can't remember when I've ever been fucked like that. You're so big and strong. You could have squashed little old me, but you didn't." She ran her fingers along Dub's muscled torso, "So firm," she murmured, "so thick and solid."

Dub smiled as Margie caressed his massive body. 'The chicks love a big dick and toned abs', he thought smugly. 'Those workouts at the gym really pay off in the bedroom. When ol' Dub fucks 'em, they know they've been fucked.'

Margie began to stroke Dub's limp cock, sliding her hand along the thick shaft, feeling it come alive in her hand. "Oh Dub," she said seductively, "I want to fuck again. Can you fuck me again you big strong man?"

Dub couldn't believe his luck. This chick must be some kind of nympho. Usually the women he was used to fucking had left by now, crying that their pussies were sore or that he hurt them in some way, going back to their husbands or boyfriends. 'Maybe I'll pull an all-nighter with this little piece', he gloated to himself, 'I'll just postpone some sales calls in the morning.'

"Can I get on top this time, Dub?" Margie asked as she stroked the rigid pole, twiddling the oozing cock head between her fingers. "I want to ride this big boy until I cum in buckets." She rose onto her knees and straddled Dub's massive thighs, lowering her dripping pussy on the stiff rod, gasping as she impaled herself fully on the thick meat. They began to thrust in unison, slamming against one another with increasing ferocity, uttering guttural moans of passion. Dub gripped Margie's hips in his strong hands, driving his rock hard dick into her tight, slick pussy, his ears ringing with her throaty screams of ecstasy.

Dub fucked Margie as hard and fast as he could, her moans and screams urging him on. The sweat running down his forehead stung his eyes so he closed them, pumping into the warm pussy that hugged his dick like a fleshy condom. "I'm cumming, baby," he groaned, shooting thick jets of sperm into the hot cunt above him. Margie bathed his cock in gushes of her pussy fluids, screaming his name as she came repeatedly.

"Oooo, that was so good, baby," Margie cooed. "But now I'm hungry, its time to eat."

Dub wiped the sweat from his eyes saying, "Don't forget, cutie, dinners on ol' Dub."

"Oh how right you are," Margie growled, her voice dropping in pitch. Dub stiffened in terror as he felt bristly fur digging into his bare skin and sharp claws slicing into his shoulders. His lids flew open and he gazed into a pair of reddish yellow eyes with vertical pupils. His panicky scream ceasing abruptly as slavering jaws ripped out his throat.

"Nick, how goes it my man?" Jimmy called to the beer delivery driver as he wheeled a large aluminum keg through the doors of the lounge.

"Ahhh, same old, same old," Nick replied. He pushed the keg behind the bar and began to disconnect the empty one. "Didja hear about that dead guy they found in the dumpster back of this place this mornin'? He connected the full keg to the supply hoses and loaded the empty one on the dolly. "At least they think it was a guy," he continued, leaning on the bar as Jimmy handed him a bottle of water. "There wasn't a hell of a lot to identify, mostly bones with some flesh on 'em."

Jimmy shuddered. "Yeah, I heard. I got a customer who works downtown in the cop shop. He told me that the ME said that the corpse looked like an animal of some kind had eaten it. There were fang marks on all the bones, creepy huh?"

"Just another day in the big city, Jimmy boy," laughed Nick as he rolled the empty keg out the door. "Take it easy and stay outa' them alleys. Never know what's out there."

Jimmy began to shuffle through the previous night's receipts, finding Dub's bar tab among them. "I'll catch him the next time he's in town," he muttered to himself. "He's a stand-up guy. I know he's good for it..."


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