Dionysus Retreat, Brides Night Out


"Yes! Yes! I'm going to come right now! Ah ah ah iiieeeeeeeeeeeee! Ah eeeeeeeeee!

His associate Straight Out stood by until he saw an opening and then he too entered the fray, filling up Joan's ass with his long rod. Joan reacted,

"You guyz have really got me going. What a delight! I've dreamed of this moment. One big black cock in my pussy and another in my ass!"

With only the merest narrow layer of flesh separating her two holes, and massive cocks in each, Joan's partners could feel every twitch of the other man's cock. That excited their libidos beyond belief, so they both began pounding Joan's orifices. She entered into a mind-numbing string of multiple orgasms, screaming louder than Brandi had ever heard her before,

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Ah Ah Ah iiiieeeeeeee! Ah eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And again, here it comes! Ah eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ah Ah Ah iiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh wow! Now another? No way! Yes! Yes! It's happening again! Ah iiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

After several more staff members fucked willing brides some with husbands present, some not, Brandi began to feel left out. Sonia slid alongside and whispered she should examine the displays along the louvered-door hall and identify which partner she was attracted to for the evening. Just then, Sonia got a cell phone call; she was the only one who carried a cell in the Retreat. She turned to Brandi and confided that Stuart had just landed at Kennedy Airport and was asking where to take a cab. He'd gotten clear of the business meetings earlier than Brock, and had caught an earlier flight back from the West Coast. Excited that her husband was back but somewhat disappointed that she had missed the opportunity for Retreat sex this evening, Brandi got up to go. Sonia sensed the problem and said she had a suggestion,

"Why don't you take one of our staff home for a threesome? You're ready to handle two males, Brandi. You can do it! Just give me an indication whom you want, and I'll set it up."

Brandi didn't take long to think about the question before answering,

"I'd like to try that. The personality and body of that guy over there makes me wet," she said, pointing towards one of the staff.

"Good choice! That's Rebel. He'll show you a great time. Do you know he and Joan got it on last weekend?" asked Sonia.

Brandi nodded. She remembered that Brandi and Joan confided to one another everything that happened. Sonia continued,

"Good! So you know about Rebel's anatomical oddity. The rings of blood vessels circling his cock feel like you're getting a corkscrewing? It'll drive you to a series of mind-bending orgasms. If Stuart's watching, your screaming over and over again will cause his chin to fall off. He'll get so turned on, he'll have to want you right then and there in a threesome. I'll go arrange everything and call you a cab. Get ready and tell Joan what's happening. By the way, why don't you put these on before you go. They'll provide a great conversation piece with Stuart."

Sonia handed Brandi a pair of full-bottomed ultra-thin white nylon panties with lots of black lace-trim. In brilliant bold lettering atop the place where each wife's trimmed bush would show through the see-thru nylon, a stenciled label proclaimed "Black Cock Only." Below that, a thick black arrow pointed straight down to the wearer's pussy.

Black Cock Only

With a little cajoling, Sonia got Brandi to agree to put the panties on and wear them home as a joke, in some ways a cruel joke. They were not intended to accentuate subtle feelings of inadequacy much less wound sensitive egos. Instead, Sonia explained that the thin transparent nylon and the boldly-lettered wording did make a needed point. Neither Brandi nor Joan were just their husband's sex partners any longer. They were independent lust-filled women who undertook sexual pleasure without guilt or remorse or apology. Their tits and even their pussies were often completely exposed to entice all comers including their husbands, but only in accordance with the women's wishes. Brandi and Joan were now Cougars, women who owned their own egos, bodies, and sex lives and had taken full control thereof. Brock and Stuart were a part of their sex lives but not the only part.

Grabbing her chosen sex partner who had thrown on a pair of workout shorts and a golf shirt and rushing downstairs to the waiting cab, Brandi arrived home just in time to climb into bed with Rebel before she heard Stuart unlock the front door. Walking down the hall, Stuart turned the corner to look through the double glass doors into their bed chamber, and then he stopped in his tracks. For there, on their marital bed, was Brandi on her knees with her back to the door, straddling and kissing a sex partner with a big black cock.

She had on the sheerest white panties trimmed in black lace, which accentuated her shapely ass. Stuart backed away; Brandi must not have heard him come in. And Sonia must not have given Brandi his phone message. It never occurred to him the whole thing might be a set up. Rather than joining in, Stuart decided to watch for a while at least. Settling into an armchair that Sonia had suggested Brandi place outside the bedroom glass doors in the hall, Stuart pulled out his stiff dick and began slowly stroking himself while his wife played out a fantasy that had been in Stuart's mind for decades.

Climbing higher up her sex partner, Brandi grabbed the headboard, pulled the gusset of her panties aside, and presented her pussy to the waiting mouth of her Retreat-chosen stud. Thick lips and a long tongue began working every inch of Brandi's much distended pussy lips. Stuart was so close that with the lights fully ablaze in the bedroom and no lights on in the hall, he could clearly see when Rebel's tongue moved from one two-inch hanging pussy lip to Brandi's clit then to the other pussy lip and back again. Soon, Brandi was experiencing an intense orgasm that reflected her watching Brides Night Out all evening with no relief of her own sexual tension.

"That's so good. Right there! And there! Oh do me! Make me cum with your tongue," she said.

And he did. Moans turned to squeals and before he removed his suctioning mouth, squeals turned to screams. Then Rebel began using two and eventually three fingers to slip in and out of Brandi's sloshy pussy and rub her G-spot. She wailed,

"Oh, right there! I'm going to come again. Ah iiieeeeeeeeeeeee! Ah eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Throughout all this action, Stuart had been looking right up Rebel's lower body from toes to calves to knees to thighs to that cock. And then on up to where he was servicing Brandi's crotch in a hot breath embrace. Rebel's cock was unusual. Stuart's gaze kept coming back to its rope-like circles of raised flesh. It almost looked alien or something that a plastic surgeon had installed to make an orgasm-producing corkscrew. He was about to see that it worked exactly as intended.

Brandi next sat up against the headboard, and Rebel stood on the bed to feed her face. Brandi's panties were still on, and they had something stenciled on the front. Stuart saw the phrase 'Black Cock' but from his seated position out in the hall he couldn't make out the lowest word. Brandi certainly was enjoying some big black cock before Stuart's very eyes. After licking the shaft and sucking just his cockhead into her mouth, Brandi was instructed to raise her arms and open wide. Rebel stroked himself as the melons that were Brandi's signature 38Cs on the beauty queen circuit rose and hung as the beautiful natural gourd shapes that had won her many swimsuit contests.

He then approached and insisting she keep her arms high above her head, he told her to open her mouth. Rebel buried his first four, then six, then eight, and eventually all ten inches in her mouth. Brandi's lips were stretched obscenely wide but she did succeed in making his entire cock disappear down her throat. Placing her on her stomach facing toward him with her knees bent up so he could grab her heels, Rebel proceded to throat fuck her. On the 15th thrust, Rebel got his entire cock in her mouth and down Brandi's throat. Dumping his load, he yelled out,

"You've got it all now girl! Take me deep, deep, deeeeeeeeep! Ah, that's so good, so tight. Here comes my cum! Ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Pulling his cock out and settling on the bed, Rebel was still rock hard pointing toward the ceiling. Brandi climbed aboard, again pulled her panty gusset aside, and after much squatting and pulling up and squatting again fucked herself to a second much-needed orgasm.

'That's so good, so intense. I'm coming! Ah iiieeeeeeeeeeeee! Ah eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Swiveling her hips on his rod, Brandi spun around to face away from Rebel in a reverse cowgirl position, so Stuart would be afforded the best view. Now Stuart could read exactly what Brandi's panties said as she bounced up and down Rebel's thick pole. They proclaimed that she now enjoyed 'Black Cock Only,' and it would have been hard to believe otherwise given the show she was putting on. Rebel again asked her as she bounced up and down in a corkscrewing motion,

"Raise your arms. You have the most beautiful large natural breasts anyone has ever seen when you do that."

She did in fact. Her arms rose like a hula dancer as she lifted and sank, lifted and sank, lifted and then flung herself back down on Rebel's cock. But Brandi was thinking about something else. She was wrapping her mind around the fact that her pussy lips were being tugged continuously as she rose and fell by the engorged veins that circled his shaft. She asked,

"Where did you get that thing? It's so hot. It makes me so hot! I'm going to cum all over your cock! Ah Ah eeeeeeee! Ah iiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Iiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Allowing Brandi time to just catch her breath, Rebel pushed her up and off his thick pole and in one smooth motion bent her over the end of the bed. Lifting one of her ankles, he placed her high heel up on the footboard and buried his now slippery cock in her cunt. Rebel knew her husband was watching and because of where and how he'd positioned her, Rebel knew Stuart could see every minute detail. In particular, he could see just how Brandi's anatomy responded to being poked by a 10 x 2 ½" black cock. Her distended (now two-inch long) pussy lips wrapped around the shaft every time it came out and then were forced up and into, disappearing into her cunt on the in-strokes. After much sawing in and out, Rebel deposited another load, this time on Brandi's ass.

"Here's another load for you missy! Take my cum! Ah Ah Yesssssssssssss!" he said.

She had white rivers of sperm flowing from between her ass cheeks down right into the hole that had for almost a full week now not tightened up but remained a gaping chasm between Brandi's pussy lips.

Lifting Brandi like a barbell Rebel reversed her onto her back and descended into the pit of pleasure that was Brandi's now cream-filled cunt. His big cock filled her up and forced out still more creamy sperm. Brandi was now ready for the corkscrewing for which he was famous. Raising one of her legs to his shoulder, so Stuart could see straight into their coupling genitals, Rebel began a twenty-minute plundering of his wife's pussy. Brandi experienced a cascading series of orgasms each bigger than the last. Eventually, as Rebel rammed his full length to the back of her love canal, his cockhead slammed repeatedly into her cervix. Brandi's mouth flew open, and she began screaming at the top of lungs. It was 4 a.m., and her cries awakened the startled neighbors, who figured out from the wording that they were listening to an extramarital affair in Apt. 4B,

Oh, fuck me! You big brute. Your cock is driving me crazy! It's so much thicker than my husband's, and it's tugging at my insides. Sink it deep! Ah, that's it! Right there! Ah Ah Ah iiieeeeeeeeeeee! Ah iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

The white neighbors in their 70s on both sides of the Westerholm apartment would have been even more scandalized had they been able to see the gorgeous former prom queen Brandi spread on her back across her marital bed dressed in 'Black Cock Only' panties. Flattened under an enormous muscled black man, with her heels on the ceiling and pinned to the mattress by a large black cock pistoning in and out of her steamy oozing cunt, Brandi's cries of pleasure continued unabated,

"Gawd! Yes! Yes! Here it comes again! Ah eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh my! It's just incredible. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ah iiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ah eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Depositing another load deep in Brandi's cunt, Rebel added to the sounds of their sex,

"Take my cream baby! Here it comes! It's all for you! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Finally, Rebel slid Brandi off the bed so she squatted on her heels on the floor facing the door behind which Stuart sat watching. Again Rebel had her raise her arms over her head to feature Brandi's perfect totally natural full breasts right out of a Rubenesque painting. Brandi was an abundantly fucked sex goddess with sperm pouring out of her gaping pussy, pooling in the gusset of her 'Black Cock Only' panties, and then cascading down over each edge onto her ankles and high heels as her panties sank under the weight of four loads of cum. Taking his wet cock in his hand, Rebel jerked off spewing the last of his semen all over Brandi's gourd-shaped breasts, onto her chin, and then between her waiting opened lips. Her smeared-lipstick mouth filled with a copious final discharge of his cream. Brandi swallowed as much as she could in a big gulp that felt like a whole oyster sliding over her tonsil and down her throat. But a dollup dripped out of the corner of her mouth and grew as it fell to make a long ribbon downward onto to her already cum-covered breasts.

Stuart had ejaculated himself long ago but as Sonia predicted, seeing and hearing Brandi brought again and again to ecstasy by Rebel, he had wanted more, so Stuart walked back down the hall to the front door, made a great clamor dropping his suitcase with a thud and announced himself,

"I'm home! Brandi, are you here?" he called out from the front door.

Brandi hurriedly cleaned herself off as best she could with the bed sheets and threw on a negligee she kept in the bedside lamp stand. Rebel was already wrapping himself in a bath towel and moving towards a boudoir chair to take a seat where he could 'meet' the husband who had been watching him fuck his sex-charged wife in every position imaginable for the last two hours. Just then Stuart's progress back to the bedroom was stopped by a ringing phone. It was only 4 a.m. so he retraced his steps to the living room and answered it. Joan was calling. She told Stuart that she was in a cab headed home from the Retreat. Brock had just gotten to Kennedy Airport, and he was in a cab headed for Manhattan. Joan wanted to know if they could come over and finish the night together with Brandi and Stuart. Stuart conveyed the message to Brandi,

"It's Joan. She and Stuart want to come over and have sex here!" He then suggested, "Why not, hun? The more the merrier."

True to form, thought Brandi. The prospect of sex with or anywhere near Joan always juiced Stuart up. There was a little disappointment on Brandi's part that Stuart had stayed in the hall watching rather than joining Rebel in pleasuring her. She realized she still had not participated in a genuine threesome and wondered again what it would be like. Her friend Joan had done at least three that Brandi knew of, two in the last week! When would her time actually arrive? But Brandi was at that moment as well-fucked as she'd ever been in her whole life, and more sexual encounters before dawn were being proposed. She had little time to dwell on what might have been.

With just enough time to take a quick shower, Brandi hand washed her 'Black Cock Only' panties and hung them out to dry on the towel rack. Initially, she turned them to hide the stenciled message, but then changed her mind and reversed them so their proclamation was conspicuous atop a heavy terry cloth towel hanging on the rack. Anyone using the bathroom would see the panties and presumably comment. Or not, depending on their point of view.

Soon after, the doorbell rang. Brock and Joan hurried in, and she and Joan began catching up in whispered half-sentences. Rebel was still present. He had been asked by Stuart to stay. Stuart and Brock agreed it would be a bit of a turn-on for the women. Rebel then suggested he tape whatever proceedings unfolded with a handheld camera on his cell phone. That sounded like a good idea to two sex-starved husbands about to be serviced by their sexpot wives.

"Come on in here and join us on the couch guys! We're just getting started,' Joan called to the three of them from the living room.

As the men turned the corner from the hall, they saw Brandi and Joan were French kissing and had pulled down one another's tops to 'feel up' their gorgeous mounded boobs. Joan's mischievous grin and a dreamy satisfied smile from Brandi greeted the camera as well as their husbands. They all four piled onto the long sofa together. 'At least I'm going to experience a foursome,' Brandi thought to herself. Sharing her men or confiding stories about her men with Joan had been a lifelong experience ever since she and Joan had met at college. But this time Brandi had a feeling they would be sharing their husbands. And now it was Rebel who would be watching—watching her elevate sex with the husbands to an altogether new level of excitement to which Rebel had just introduced her. The neighbors would not be going back to sleep tonight.

As the husbands slid onto the sofa bookending their wives, Brock and Stuart encouraged the French kissing to continue by making straight away not for their wives' mouths but instead towards their magnificent tits. Leaning back on the deep sofa, four swollen mounds of flesh one pair natural, one artificial were very enticing. Their magnetism came from the gorgeous gourd shape of Brandi's natural tits and Joan's incredible 1 ½ inch-tall nipples. Brock and Stuart's mouths descended to feast on these points of pleasure. As moans welled up from the women, the husbands moved in closer, squishing the foursome together. Joan's outside left nipple was between Brock's teeth receiving dozens of tiny playful bites but her inside right nipple was rubbing across Brandi's headlights. With all the friction of four partially clothed sex partners on the upholstered sofa, a spark of static electricity jumped from Joan's to Brandi's nipples. "Yipes! What was that? We're charged up tonight!" said Joan. "Here let's touch our nipples together to maintain the connection," suggested Brandi. More sparks arched from the one woman to the other.

After a few minutes more of boob play, Joan initiated the heterosexual foursome, by dropping down off the sofa and taking not her husband Brock's cock but Stuart's in her hand, licking up and down the shaft. Stuart was in seventh heaven already at the mere thought that a somewhat disrobed Joan was attached to his dick. Not to be outdone, Brandi went to her knees and pulling Brock to his feet, pumped his shaft with her hand, and then went underneath to suck a ball deep into her mouth. Both men then stood and presented their organs to the wives reseated on the sofa edge. Joan immediately sucked Stuart's cock deep into her throat, demonstrating her new found talent. Brandi took her time and teased Brock into a frenzied state with slight teeth action around his cockhead and only thereafter sunk his cock into her mouth and ultimately down her throat.

"Oh gawd, you girls have gotten good at this! Your throat is so tight" said Stuart to Joan.

"Brandi's too!" said Brock. "I may come right now!"

Not wanting that, Joan grabbed her husband's dick out of Brandi's mouth, shoved him down on the sofa facing her, and mounted him in a reverse cowgirl. She began to bounce up and down on the boner her best friend's blowjob had just created. Brandi turned herself upwards in a sideways position on the sofa edge and pointed one high heel as far as it would go toward the ceiling. Stuart fit his organ hardened by Joan's blowjob and deep throating into his wife and slammed it home. Placing Brandi's leg on his shoulder, he penetrated the full 6 ½ inches his dick could go. Brandi rubbed frantically across her own clit, as she noticed Joan was doing the same to hers. Each woman began to feel an approaching orgasm, the first with their husbands in several days.

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