Dionysus Retreat, Sex Club Banquet


"All of that is possible, and perfectly fine, but it's not our reason for forming the Dionysus Retreat. This sex club is really here for you Cougars, your pleasure seeking, your sexual gratification, your 'getting off.' Hope that's not too shocking a way to put it? I like to be blunt! The point is you deserve it. You're the sexual catalysts behind all this. You deserve to have great sex, and more of it now that you've raised your families and have time to pursue it, than you did earlier. So, don't apologize for being a Cougar who wants it. Stuart will get off more rather than less, I assure you, once you're really sexed up and into our lifestyle. I believe you both said twice a week was your present sex incidence with your husbands. Right? Well, most of our members have sex twice a day! Once with their husbands at night or when they awake, and another time either here at the club or with sexual partners (often their husband) out across the town. Brandi, do you think Stuart would appreciate that change?"

"I surprised Stuart on his birthday last week with an 'afternoon's delight' at his office. I thought he was going to have a heart attack he was so excited. Good thing he's the boss because despite closing his curtains and my closing his door when I arrived, we were not very discrete. I had my first orgasm simultaneously with him at the four-minute mark. We stayed at it practically all afternoon. When Stuart's executive assistant realized how loud we were getting, she sent his office staff home early."

"See, there, what did I tell you? How about you Joan?" Sonia asked

"Brock would drool at the thought of my wanting to have sex twice a day all over the city."

It was a lot to take in, but Sonia Drapier was totally consistent in her vision that the Cougar wives were in charge. It was their pleasure-seeking that the Retreat had been designed to facilitate. And Brandi and Joan had understood that from the brochures and invitation documents. That made sense to them. To tell the truth, it was why they were here. Stuart and Brock had been given a veto, but once they decided to support joining the Retreat, it was the wives who had taken charge. There could be a win-win, but all this evening's events had reinforced the idea that Brandi and Joan were in charge, in charge of their own sexing and sexual partners, and to that extent in charge of the sex lives in their marital beds too. Not all men could deal with their wives newly found sexual prowess. But most really liked the extra sexuality exuded by their Cougar wives and that was worth the other changes.

"Now I want to send you home to enjoy some sleep, but before you go, there's one more thing I want you to experience your first night at the Retreat. It's the awesome sexual magic of group sex! Come with me please, and see if you don't want some. I'm betting you will. Then it may be I who will have to insist you go home; you two may not want to leave!"

Leading the wives back onto the long dark hall of strangely-titled rooms, Brandi spun on a dime and confronted her new protégés. "Now you two are going to need to trust me a little. There's something in here you're going to need before we go get involved in threesomes with some of our studs. Ok, do you trust me?"

Brandi and Joan had the same thought zing into their heads. They had just followed this woman's lead into their first sexual experiences outside of marriage. What was a little more trust after following in Sonia's footsteps to that extent already tonight.

They looked at one another in unspoken conversation like only best friends can have, nodded, and said almost simultaneously, "Lead on!"

"So, come in here and let me introduce you to the automated ways we Cougars find sexual fulfillment when a man or the right man is not around."

Brandi and Joan had not noticed this door labeled simply "Other" when they came through several hours earlier. As the room opened before them it looked like a machine shop. Every manner of mechanical device was strewn about. A female staffer from the reception desk followed them in and occupied one of the machinery seats.

"Let me give you a demonstration of a variety of what are often called 'fucking machines.' I'm doing this for a specific reason that will become obvious in a few minutes. First, Harriet here will show you how the best damn rocking horse in existence works."

With that, redhead Harriet hiked up her already short skirt and carefully straddled a contraption of many levers and bicycle frame struts. Reaching into a case, she pulled out a thick nine-inch dildo that snapped onto a rod between her legs. Taking hold of two rubber covered handles she steadied herself as if on parallel bars in a gym. The entire device then went into motion: Harriet's bottom dropped and moved forward, her legs spread and her pussy opened, which was most important because the large artificial penis rose up out of the machinery and headed straight into her cunt. The farther Harriet pushed forward on this amazing rocking horse, the higher the dildo rose, and the deeper it penetrated. Harriet leaned forward and started moving back, pushing her butt in that direction, and the artificial cock slid down and out. Then forward again stopping only when it was fully embedded.

"Some people swear by this one. Can't help but get yourself worked up if you like a sense of being in charge of penetration rate, depth, and duration. It's a real take-charge-of-your-own-orgasm kind of experience. Don't hesitate to give it a try the next time you're here."

"Also, notice the barrel device there called a Sybian. You've probably seen or heard about how it works. There are a variety of dildo attachments that go up top, but the main stimulation comes not from any vibrating internal plastic but from that infernal nappy rug of rubber nubbies on the base. Harriet show them where it goes."

Quick to comply, Harriet jumped off the rocking machine with an audible 'plop' as her cunt was vacated by the large dildo. She stepped out of her smocked-below-the-breast clubwear dress and set her pussy down atop the mounded rug of 100s of little hard rubber nubbies. The contours of the mound exactly fit onto a woman's pussy, spreading her lips and thereby placing the nubbies directly against her clit. Turning on a humming noise, Harriet immediately settled lower onto the mound, and the wives could easily tell from the look on Harriet's face and the amount of squirming she was already doing that a clitoral orgasm, maybe numerous clitoral orgasms (as many as the user could stand) were darn near inevitable in the very near future.

"The Sybian really gets you off without real penetration, though you can fit the insertion device with an attachment that goes right up your vagina and vibrates directly against your G-spot. It drives many of us absolutely crazy with mind-bending orgasms within three to five minutes. Not a bad addition to any woman's sex toys, am I right?"

The wives nodded in agreement but they were already intrigued by a serious of thin clear rubber pressure tubes attached to clear plastic vessels the size of beer steins and a metallic rod-shaped device attached to a flywheel.

"Now, that fucking machine is the reason I've brought you in here. We call it the 'Wonder Fuck' just for fun." said Sonia. "Many times when you want to have sex with some big cock guy you've met around here, you'll be naturally worried that he will not fit or that your internal organs just can't take such a 'monster cock.' Well, that's where this machine comes in."

"Harriet, if I can break you away from your nubbies. Harriet? Oh Harriet? Yes, ok, thank you, please join us over here. Harriet will now show you what this one is all about. It's a pussy trainer, in one sense. Some would say it trains pussies to be cunts. The point is this device will spread your vagina (or any other opening in your body, by the way) through repeated gentle probing to wider and wider dimensions, so you can accommodate any phallus of any size whenever you want."

Harriet was now lying back on thick heavy cushioned lounge equipment that looked like the examination table in an OB/ GYN's office. And sure enough, the stirrups were there. Harriet place her high heels in the stirrups (which looked kind of cool actually) and then reached down beside the device and brought two big clear plastic vessels to her chest. Each one she placed over her 36C cups. Attaching little protrusions in the end of the vessels to some hoses, Harriet then turned on a pump. With swishing noises, the air was sucked out of the vessels, and Harriet's breasts swelled to half again their original size. Her nipples stood like lighthouses as the rhythmic suction pressure triggered wave after wave of sucking sensation on her boobs.

"If you just want nipple elongation, and I see one of you could use a bit of that and other has no need at all, you can use those little attachments over there and put them right over your nipples rather than over your whole boob. I can watch my nipples literally extend out to twice their normal length with this machine. And that anatomy of your nipples stays in place for several hours. So sometimes if I know I'm going out with a real tits man, I'll come in here and elongate my nipples before going on the date. That can make for a pretty surprised look on the face of new boyfriends. Something Joan has probably experienced many times whenever her incredible, truly incredible nipples are revealed to a new male."

"Yes, you're right; the looks are priceless. And the extra attention to your nipples thereafter is an added bonus," quipped Joan.

"Well, what I brought you in here to show you is the other more intrusive part of this device. It's a fucking machine of immense capabilities. Every dildo of any size can be fit on the end, and I've asked our Cougar member Randi to come along to show you how it works. Randi, would you please demonstrate the 'Wonder Fuck' for Brandi and Joan."

Randi begin disrobing, slipping off her shoulders the flouncy little party dress she had worn to the banquet. Underneath, she was totally naked like Harriet, towering over everyone but Sonia in all her 5'9" glory accentuated by five-inch ankle-strap red heels.

"You see Randi was a woman with a problem. After college at Smith, she had lived for 25 years in an exclusively lesbian lifestyle. At 45, however, when she decided she wanted a man, she came to the Retreat. But of course we really specialize in fulfilling the dreams of women who are fantasizing about big cock sex. And Randi's problem was that she'd never had any sex whatsoever with a phallus of any kind or size. Never been married, never had any children, and never had any intimate boyfriends. Indeed, nothing bigger than a tampon had ever been in her cunt. Not only could she not have sex with any of our staff studs, she wasn't sure after all those decades if she could have sex with any cock at all. That in itself was a serious problem for her given that she now wanted to stretch herself (figuratively and physically) by no longer avoiding all cocks. It was a life cycle thing, and Brandi was changing her world view about the uses of the male organ."

"So, starting one afternoon about three o'clock, I put Randi on this fucking machine. We started with a four inch dildo the size of a finger. Of course she had already experienced many, many shallow finger insertions into her pussy as her female lovers sought out her G spot. So, a finger-size dildo was an especially natural starting point. When she was comfortable with the rhythmic fucking motion of a finger dildo, we then moved wider to a cigar, then a roll of quarters. Finally, we got up to a two-inch --wide dildo the size of a Red Bull can. There's a series of dildos over in that case. You can see beside each one an object demonstrating the dildo's thickness and its length. By six o'clock that first afternoon, Randi was ready to begin working on some depth -- i.e., on totally virgin territory down her vaginal canal. Here's what she is able to accommodate comfortably today."

Incredibly, Sonia was holding up a black dildo modeled on RamCola's 3 x 11 inch cock. She handled it to the somewhat butch-looking but very beautiful Cougar and asked her to demonstrate. Randi attached the dildo to the horizontal steel piston rod, pulled out and rolled on a Magnum condom, and then climbed onto the fucking machine spreading her pussy. The wives gasped.

"My pussy is enormous now, isn't it?" said the former lesbian.

Words just couldn't convey what Brandi and Joan were looking at. Randi had inner pussy lips that looked to be the size of monarch butterfly wings. If that weren't enough, gaping open between the huge winged inner lips was a dark cave of flesh that seemed to descend endlessly disappearing out of sight up into the 45 year-old's internal organs. The two newest Cougars were astonished. Despite all they had seen tonight and all they had read in the Guide to Big Cock Sex brochure, neither wife/initiate had ever really expected that a husband would be able putt golf balls into a cunt. Brandi and Joan had each assumed that had to be just a vibrant metaphor for lots of pussy lip stretching. But the reality of Randi's enormous gaping cunt made it clear such a thing was indeed possible. And there it was, three feet in front of the staring wives whose chins had practically fallen off.

"Why did I bring you down here to see this?" asked Sonia. Two reasons really: #1) it's possible to overdue any good thing. Not everyone wants a pussy the size of Randi's. I know I don't! I much enjoy a stretch now and then but not on RamCola's battering ram."

Brandi nudged Joan who was still examining the RamCola dildo up close. As she turned she encountered what Brandi had wanted her to see. Sonia was descending ever so slowly on an impressive black cock longer than RamCola's but not so big around. It was firmly planted on a stand-up suction cup base. As Sonia further impaled herself, she continued instructing her newest protégés,

"So, keep that in mind Brandi as you fool around with Usa's enormous strap-on or Capstone wide flange. And Joan you do the same when you fool around with Doughboy's cock. Girls, as someone who's been into big cock sex for a long time, I need to advise you to give your pussies the occasional breather from those monstrous organs. Now, don't get me wrong, you may decide to head precisely where Randi did, pointing to her gaping man-cave. But unless you deliberately decide to end up there, give those pussies of yours a little time to recover from the biggest cocks here at the Retreat. Understand?"

Both Brandi and Joan nodded, looking just a little embarrassed about how obsessed they had allowed themselves to become their first night with the incredible-size organs at the Retreat.

"In just a minute, I'm going to help you learn that lessen," added Sonia.

But, as to #2), in support of her decision, Randi can now accommodate any man who exists in this City or anywhere else without the slightest twinge of pain. That ability to 'swallow up' big cocks gives her a sense of power that is her new-found sexual identity. She started life as a lesbian, grew beautifully-stretched butterfly pussy lips over several decades in that lifestyle, and then decided she wanted to fear no man's penis size ever again. Now she enjoys sex with RamCola and a few of the other enormous cock guyz in our club. But the main thing is Randi has changed her body in a way that made sense to her, taking total control of her own sex life. I want you both to feel like you can do the same."

"I see Randi (who was in the middle of a very satisfying first orgasm) has hooked up two 'Wonder Fuck' machines over there equipped with dildos modeled after Rebel's supremely-veined cock. I believe your favorite sex partners on the initiation altars were Usa and Doughboy, but you did find Rebel's special cock very stimulating even though it was more moderately-sized, right Brandi?" Brandi nodded, dreamily remembering how her pussy had felt earlier when impaled on that incredible veined corkscrew of a cock.

"Before you go, I invite you both to train your muscle memory a little and go experience again the fucking you got on your first visit to the Retreat. Then we'll all go home. We've taken longer here than I intended; group sex can await another night."

Without apprehension in light of all the careful explanation and buildup, Joan and then Brandi made their way around in front of the fucking machines. Each examined the replica of the real-life big cock that had driven Joan out of her mind just two hours earlier. Satisfied that the swirling-vein dildo was true to the original, and being intrigued about whether unquestionably the best sex they'd ever experienced, could really be replicated by a machine, the wives got in position for their first machine fuck. This really was turning out to be a night of firsts for both initiates.

Facing away and going to their knees, each wife reached behind and placed the tip of the Rebel dildos in their respective cunts. Dropping down on all fours, the newest Cougars signaled for Randi to 'start the engines.' Start them she did with long slow full depth penetration that caused both women to gasp again at just how much these big cocks opened them up. Every inch of their respective cunts (several inches beyond their normal fucking depths) was experiencing the extraordinary corkscrewing action of Rebel's criss-crossing veins. By gradually increasing and decreasing the depth and cadence, Randi played the two wives' orgasms like a concert master. Faster, slower, deeper, shallower, then surprise repetitions of each out of order. Finally, the wives got very vocal, Joan shouted,

"Randi, you've got to stop playing with us! Hard and fast. Full depth penetration, right now!"

"Ok, get ready, you harlots, here it comes!" she said, reaching for the controller.

Randi turned up a dial, and the machines steadily picked up the cadence to an RPM that no human male could match. Both women looked over at one another in shock at what they were feeling in their cunts. It was just out of this world how many waves of orgasm were rising to wash over their nervous systems and sear straight into the pleasure center in their brains. Screams erupted from both,

"Oh my gawd! Oh wow, I'm coming! Ah iiiiieeeeeeeee! How can it be SO good so quickly! Ah iiiieeeeeee! Ah eeeeeee! Yes, oh yesssssss! Again it comes, Ah iiiiieeeeeee! No way, how can it be? Here's another Ah iiieeeeeeeeeeee! They just won't stop! Ah iiiiieeeeeeee!"

"Can you believe this? Oh gawwwwd, here it comes again, Ah iiiiieeeeeeeeeee!"

Sonia turned away and headed out the door. She knew the screams would continue until either Randi turned off the equipment or the wives passed out. The dark corridor leading back to Floor 3 was long and her stiletto heels made sharp loud tapping sounds on the concrete, but they didn't drown out the screams still emanating from the two wives.

"No....way! I'm going to come again, right now! Ah iiiieeeeeee! Shit, Joan can you hear me?

"I can hear you. I just can't think about hearing you. Oh gawd, again Ah iiiieeeeeee! Amazing, absolutely amazing! How many more? Oh, here it is again, Ah Ah iiiieeeeeeee!

As she left the floor, Sonia smiled. Randi was not being asked to turn off the sex machines that cuckolded the husbands in a different but highly effective way. Brandi and Joan's cries of pleasure continued unabated, and the two women would soon be too exhausted and sore to relieve their husbands in the morning with their now gaping pussies. Knowing she had left the two newest Cougars in 'good hands,' she headed downstairs to attend to other matters. Besides, she reasoned, even if the wives passed out, Randi had a very soothing tongue that would bring them around. Sonia was pleased with herself; the newest initiates to the Dionysus Retreat were doing just fine.

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