tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDiplomat's Sex Life - Kate Upton Ch. 02

Diplomat's Sex Life - Kate Upton Ch. 02


It was a few minutes later that Alex Dale reflected his life had changed immeasurably that day, mostly in very positive ways since he was now engaging in devious sex acts with one of the most desirable women in the world. Of course, the fact that he was naked and facing a wall with his equally naked, middle-aged and chubby driver next to him was a mild shock. He thought back to what had just happened.

He had just had a mind-blowing orgasm, after fucking the tits and mouth of Kate Upton in a frenzy, when they had caught Srinath, that bloody peeping Tom, masturbating furiously from the entrance to the bedroom. Tired of waiting for his charge, Srinath had gone upstairs to find him. Finding the door unlocked, he let himself in to hear the distinctive sounds of people in the throes of passion. He peeked round the bedroom door to find Alex, sitting on top of an insanely beautiful woman (Srinath had no idea who Kate Upton was), and getting what looked like a very appealing blowjob. Unable to resist this vision of heaven, after 20 years of a loveless marriage, he had whipped his own dick out. When he got caught, he was about to scurry off to the car, thinking he would surely lose his job. But Kate had called him back, and offered him to join them. In so doing, Alex realized, she had gone from being the horny sex bomb he thought she was to the sluttish schlong-devourer he now knew her to be.

Srinath had accepted gladly, despite Alex's vehement protestations. What was about to happen to him, though, put Srinath out of his mind. 'OK, boys, get up against that wall and show me those asses,' said Kate, as she finished wiping off the remnants of Alex's orgasm from her face and breasts.

Srinath looked puzzled. 'Aren't we going to fuck?'

Kate came up to him and embraced him. Taking his head in her hands, she brought it down to her chest where he immediately began sucking on her nipples. She threw her head back and squealed in pleasure. 'You brought a nice friend for us, Alex. Don't worry, Srinath, of course we're going to fuck. But first, I'm going to give you both rimjobs. I can't wait to taste your salty, sweaty asses and balls.'

'What is a rimjob?' asked Srinath, coming up for air from his boob buffet.

That was what had led the two men to be naked, facing the walls of Kate's bedroom, bent forward with their hands on the wall. Kate, still breathtaking in her nudity, knelt down behind them both and slapped their asses playfully.

'Now, Srinath, you were wondering what a rimjob was? Let me show you.' Where Alex's ass was reasonably toned, Srinath's bottom was as he was, overweight and flabby, with a distinct odour. This did not bother Kate the least as she kissed and licked her way across both of his cheeks, leaving a glistening trail of saliva as she went on the brown skin. She ran a finger down his ass crack, taking off some of his sweat and sucked it into her mouth longingly. 'You taste amazing, Srinath, I'm going to enjoy you.'

Srinath tried to protest, still awe-struck. 'But..but..this is not...oh...this is not.' He was cut short when Kate suddenly parted his cheeks wide and dove in, beginning to lightly kiss all around his asshole. Srinath's legs almost buckled under him as he moaned audibly. 'Oh Ram, this is....oh.' His words morphed into an indistinct gurgle of pleasure as he put his head down and closed his eyes, fully absorbed in getting his anal ring feasted on. Kate reached into the basket of toys by the bed and pulled out a little, tighly coiled spring. 'What's that for?' asked Alex. 'Look and see,' came the reply.

Spreading Srinath's ass cheeks as far as she could, she then placed the spring between them. It tensed fully, holding them firmly apart, exposing his entire assflesh to the air but freeing her hands. Her left hand reached around Srinath's waist and began gently tugging on his rock hard dick, while her right hand cupped and massaged his balls gently. She then began gently licking all around his anus without touching it directly, cleaning up the accumulated scum from the three days that Srinath had not showered. Srinath's dirty and pungent butt seemed to arouse Kate all the more and Alex noticed that her shaven twat was dripping wet, with droplets falling onto the carpet beneath her knees. Finally, her craving to taste ass itself overpowered her. Making Srinath wiggle in pleasure, she worked one finger into his tight anal ring, widening it just enough to allow her tongue. 'Oh fuck, Miss Upton, fuck, fuck,' She pulled her finger out, it was coated in a thin sheen liquid which she sucked off it nosily. Srinath was still swearing uncontrollably as Kate's supple tongue wound itself an inch inside him, finally fully tasting what it had been seeking. Ass.

Alex couldn't believe how Kate was degrading herself. Well, degrading may not have been the right word. She was in command of the situation and was clearly blowing Srinath's mind because she could. Perhaps she simply enjoyed having any man she wanted. Slightly bored at waiting his turn, Alex left the wall and moved behind Kate. Her sopping wet pussy seemed so inviting as he ran two fingers through it, bringing them up to his mouth to taste her heavenly juices. Kate moaned inside Srinath's ass and Alex took this for a sign of approbation. Without further ado, he placed his cock at the entrance to her axe-wound and slid inside, slowly, ever so slowly, allowing himself to savour every delightful inch of her pussy consuming his cock. As he was about half-way in, the impatient Kate clamped down with her pussy muscles and drew him inside, embedding him up to her cervix.

'Holy shit,' Alex breathed loudly. It seemed as if Kate Upton's vagina was alive. Its walls rippled across his cock like a tongue, every slight bump defined against the extremely sensitive skin of his shaft. He took a few seconds to enjoy the feeling and watch the show of Srinath wriggling against the wall as Kate reamed out his ass. She was now fucking his asshole with her tongue, but with each penetration, she would sweep her tongue clockwise or counter clockwise, ensuring every nerve ending he had was stimulated and every bit of scum she could reach was cleaned. Her hand was firmly massaging Srinath's dangling balls which were visibly beginning to tighten up as the driver panted heavily.

Kate detached her mouth from Srinath's butt and looked over her shoulder at Alex. Her hair was splayed out around her shoulders and she looked like a vision from heaven. Unable to wait any longer, Alex got a good grip on her hips and began driving into her doggy-style, making Kate scream with pleasure. She quickly returned to Srinath's ass, slipped her tongue inside him once again after licking up his entire crack and used the power of Alex's thrusts to drive her tongue further up Srinath's butt.

It was not long before Srinath felt the need to fuck some part of Kate. Whirling round, he grabbed the sides of her face and slid his cock into her mouth. Kate hungrily gobbled down his dick as Srinath began fucking her face in time with Alex's thrusts into her pussy. The position was slightly awkward so Alex forced Kate to a standing position, keeping her bent at the waist so she wouldn't allow an inch of Srinath's dick to escape its throaty prison. The two men found a natural balance as they fucked the living daylights out of the top model. Whenever she rocked back, her asscheeks pressed firmly against Alex's stomach and his dick bottomed out inside her, sending waves of pleasure radiating out inside her. He then sent her rocking forward, forcing her mouth further down Srinath's thick penis, making her deepthroat it until his balls were pressed up on her chin. Kate was clearly loving this rough tag-teaming as her moans became louder and louder. She knew better than to waste saliva by swallowing it so Srinath's dick was coated and wet, allowing him to slide into her warm and willing throat with ease. Her pussy was a mini-Niagara, her juices trickling down her legs. Alex's brain was on fire, unwilling to accept the sensations pulsating down his dick as he fucked Kate.

Kate allowed Srinath's dick to drop for a second to say: 'I have a fun idea for a position, boys. Both of you go stand on the bed.' Alex and Srinath complied, curious to see what Kate had in mind. They stared at each for a second, the young British diplomat and the portly Sri Lankan driver, and a smirk came across both their faces.

'Pleasure working with you, sir.' 'Same to you.'

They exchanged a brief handshake as Kate lay down in between them and brought her legs up as high as she could, exposing her pussy and ass to Alex. 'Now, Alex, I want you to stand over me and piledrive me.' Alex got in position and immediately realized Kate had not specified which hole she wanted him to fuck. Her little asshole seemed to be winking at him in anticipation.

Following his gaze, Kate giggled and began puckering her rear iris, allowing it to open and contract slightly, inviting Alex in. Using three fingers, Alex scooped some juices from Kate's pussy and twisted them gently into Kate's ass, causing her to shiver. 'Glad you got the idea.'

Alex gripped the inside of Kate's thighs as he entered her rear passage to sodomize her. Kate's eyes closed for a second and she bit her bottom lip, enjoying the feel of being penetrated. She then looked at Srinath and said: 'Now, why don't you get on your knees either side of my face and piledrive me from this end.'

Srinath laughed. 'You really are a cock-sucking slut. You haven't gone more than a few minutes without a cock down your throat.' Kate nodded. 'Nothing gives me greater pleasure. Now, I know you're about ready to come. Get on with it.' Falling to his knees, Srinath sat on Kate's face and nestled his ass on her hair. She could no longer see anything but his flabby butt as he began to feed her his cock. It slid down her gullet perfectly, her mouth wide open as she moved in rhythm with Alex's fucking of her. Srinath grabbed her chin and started fucking her face as fast as he could, her whole frame trapped by the two men weighing down on top of her. Alex could not believe how arousing he felt the whole thing, the vision of this babe giving herself so willingly to two virtual strangers. Her ass was ecstatically tight as she took his shaft without any problem, her asshole contracting and widening as he fucked her, seemingly tailor-made to give him maximum pleasure. With every thrust, he quite literally bottomed out inside her, feeling the depths of her anal cavity offering themselves completely to him.

Hearing Srinath's moans getting louder and louder, Alex looked up from the mesmerizing sight of Kate's boobs, flailing about wildly and unrestrained as her body was mercilessly abused. She held her head absolutely still and barely gagged as Srinath savaged her warm mouth. The driver was clearly approaching the vinegar strokes. Sitting up slightly, he tilted Kate's head back so he had a more direct fucking canal into her throat and he rested his heavy balls inside her eye sockets. 'You feel those, Kate? You feel my balls on your eyes. I'm about to cum inside your little mouth and you are going to feel the semen flow from my balls into your stomach. As the weight on your eyes gets lighter, you are going to be drinking everything I give you. You got that?'

Kate made a moan of pleasure and satisfaction at that notion and gave Srinath an extra sensuous lick. This set the fat man off and he began screaming as an orgasm ripped through him. He kept Kate's head in rigid place as he buried his shaft into her throat, trying to force as much of himself into her. He began ejaculating heavily inside her, shooting his come straight into her body. Alex could see Kate's throat working as she swallowed as much as she could. Srinath seemed to be in the midst of an unending orgasm as he pumped out years of sexual frustration into this American girl. Kate's eyes were swamped by his balls but these were visibly emptying as Srinath rode out this eternal orgasm. The sounds coming from Kate's mouth showed how much she was enjoying this. Sated at last, Srinath began pulling back, not a drop of come leaking from Kate's mouth as she swirled his head around her mouth, licking every trace of semen from his bulbous head. She swallowed noisily one last time and came up for air, her eyes shining and a huge smile on her face. 'That was fucking delicious. Srinath, your semen tastes divine.' She was looking at the driver as if she was almost in love with him.

Meanwhile, Alex could feel her body trembling under him as he buggered her senseless. His own orgasm was fast approaching and he warned Kate of his impending flood. Kate reached up and grabbed him around the neck. 'Come inside me. Release yourself completely. I swear that will set me off to. Come for me, now, don't hold back.'

Her encouragement tipped him over the edge and his second orgasm of the day overwhelmed him. His dick was as deep as it could go inside her ass and he lost all control, fucking her as hard as ever as he screamed and his semen came pouring out of him. Kate pulled his head down to her bosom and he felt her breasts envelop his face as she began to come with him. The feeling of these men's come invading her entire body was too much for the highly sexually charged Kate Upton who arched her back as she came. 'Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck.' She couldn't stop swearing as her orgasm went on and on, she called Alex and Srinath gods of sex, the best fucks she'd ever had, she wanted them to dominate her for the rest of her days. To see her in such wild abandon only egged Alex on who fucked her even more, although he had nothing left in the tank. Srinath was sitting with his legs either side of Kate's face and she nuzzled back under him, hungry to taste his ass again. Eventually, their orgasms subsided and the three collapsed on top of each other, Srinath French kissing Kate while Alex nuzzled her perfect breasts before they fell asleep in a pile of flesh.

A few hours later, Srinath had gone back to the car but not before getting his chance to fuck Kate properly. She had been making tea for them in the kitchen but Srinath had snuck in, lifted her dressing gown and taken her from behind, making them both come one last time.

Alex was idly leafing through the album of clues that Kate had provided him but it was useless and they both knew it. 'Don't worry, Alex, it was a long shot.' Kate smiled at him as she played with his hair.

'This is really weird. I've never been stumped like this. I'm sorry, I can't help more. But my boss did say that he had targeted several celebrities. I bet something more useful will turn up.'

Kate laughed. 'You gonna fuck them like you did me?'

'Hey, you fucked me, remember? I wouldn't have dared.'

'Well, be daring in future. Now, off you go.' She moved him to the door before asking: 'So, where you off to next?'

Alex thumbed through his phone. He had another celebrity appointment that afternoon. 'Disney star and the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez. Gotta run.'

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