tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDirectors' Wives Ch. 02

Directors' Wives Ch. 02


Part 1

It had been a month since John Mason had seized effective control not only of the transport company but the also the wives of his fellow directors. He had fucked them all and pimped them out to various business partners in order to secure contracts to expand the company business. Thanks to the fact that John Mason had dug up their pasts, Penny Stanley, Joann Landon and Clare Prince were not only his personal sex slaves but they were his hookers, to hire out to who ever he wished. Because they seldom met each other, they were blissfully unaware of each others' pasts or their predicaments. The same applied to their respective husbands.

John Mason decided it was time to fuck his slaves again. This time he would create the opportunity by sending each of his fellow directors on minor missions to supposedly consolidate the new partnership. First of all, he invited Jack Randall to London. He instructed Bill Stanley to pick him up and wine and dine him while he was there. He also instructed Bill to phone him on Friday night. When Bill left, John had a gleeful smile triumph on his face. He had his own reasons for insisting on Bill ring him specifically on Friday night and it involved Bill's young wife, Penny.

As much as Bill resented it, he knew he had no choice. The contract assured him of his job. What he didn't know was that his young wife, Penny, was about to ensure his job with her beautiful body.

Part 2

Penny's Humiliation.

That Friday night, Penny Stanley had just arrived home from her hospital shift when someone rang the doorbell. When she opened the door she was horrified to see John Mason standing there.

"What do you want?" she asked abruptly.

"I want to fuck you."

"Get out of here before I phone the police." She tried to close the door but John blocked it and forced his way in.

"You seem to forget I own this house and you have a contract to fulfil. Remember, Penny dear, the contract is only valid as long as you keep your end up."

He began to feel her luscious breasts through her uniform jacket and kissed her. Penny pulled away.

"Please, haven't you humiliated me enough?"

John ignored her and dragged her upstairs to her and Bill's bedroom.

"Please, not in here."

"Especially in here. Now get your clothes off, we're going to bed."

Penny knew she had no choice. She began to undress. John Mason admired her straining breasts, imprisoned in her black, low cut bra. Mason grabbed Penny and put her over his knee like a child, pulled her black knickers down and spanked her, much to her anger and disgust. He ignored her protests.

"That was for being rude. Don't let it happen again."

He pushed her magnificent, naked body onto her own bed and pounced on her like a hungry loin. He kissed her with passion and began to work to her ample breasts. His licking and sucking made Penny moan.

"Ooooh," was all she could say.

John licked her nipples and sucked with equal rhythm and proceeded between her breasts. The tingling sensations of John's actions excited Penny's body and she reacted by moaning between breaths. "Oh my God," she repeated several times.

He worked his way to her trimmed pussy and gently licked left and then right. Penny thought she was going to climax but John stopped suddenly. He inserted his hardened cock into her and rhythmically began to pound her pussy. John ramming her pussy simply excited Penny. She became totally absorbed by it. She put her hands on John's hips and seemed to guide her "lover" to maximise her pleasure. The pair now began to moan and pant. Perspiration began to run off both of them. Penny could feel her juices starting to gather and John was on the verge of cumming.

"Aaaargh," screamed John as his cum erupted inside her. Penny too screamed as his hot cum and her love juice mixed. For a few moments they were silent and both gathered their thoughts and breath.

John's mobile phone rang.

"Ah, it's you Bill."

Penny was shocked and tried to get out of bed, but John pushed her back down and began to rub her pussy with his free hand. He continued talking to Bill.

"That's good. Just make sure he has a good time and I'll see you back in the office on Monday."

Penny began to moan. Bill clearly heard something because John responded on the phone. "Oh nothing just my latest fuck getting excited. Goodnight."

John put down his phone. Only then did Penny realise that John had placed his phone on the side table.

"You perverted bastard. You expected Bill to ring, didn't you?"

John Mason laughed gleefully.

"Real kinky isn't it? Speaking to one of my employees on the phone while fucking his wife. Not bad eh?."

Penny raised her hand to slap him but he grabbed it as well as her other hand and pinned them behind her head. He kissed her and smothered her protest. He again licked and sucked her ample breasts. He suddenly stopped and got out of the bed.

"Jim Rudd, an associate of Jack Randall, will be here tomorrow night. He expects to get laid, so make it good."

Penny screamed. "You bastard. You fucking bastard"

"Be very careful Penny. All I have to do is show those photos to Bill. So you better ask yourself what you want. A life on the streets or riches. It's your choice."

John dressed and left, with a triumphal grin. Penny wept bitterly, wondering was this situation ever going to change.


The following night, Penny waited nervously for her unwanted guest. She dressed in a white blouse and blue knee length skirt. She wore her new sexy underwear and hoped this would satisfy him. Her experience at Jack Randall's party a month ago told her to expect anything. That's why she dreaded this.

At ten, the doorbell rang. A tall, well built man stood before her and she beckoned him into the living room.

"Jack was right. You are beautiful."

"Can I get you anything?"

"No. I only came for one thing."

He proceeded to unbutton Penny's blouse. She wanted desperately to resist but knew she couldn't. He flipped open her blouse, revealing a low cut red lace bra that complemented her wonderful breasts.

"Wow," was all her visitor said as he eased the blouse from her shoulders and allowed it to fall freely to the ground. Putting his hand behind Penny's back, he eased the zipper. Putting his hands to her hips, he eased her skirt and knickers down, lowering himself into a kneeling position as they dropped to the floor. For a second he seemed to pause in admiration of her trimmed pussy. Placing his hands firmly on her hips, he began to lick, first the left, then the right. Slowly he built up a systematic rhythm and loathe though Penny was to allow him to touch her, she began to get aroused.

"Aaaargh," she moaned at every stroke. Her arousal began to grow. However, he stopped suddenly and an anti climatic feeling of disappointment hit Penny.

"Personally, I prefer it in bed, doll."

"Doll?" Of course. Penny recognised him as one of the men who gang banged her at Jack Randall's party. Without a word he pulled her upstairs and led her into her own marital bedroom. It was if he knew exactly where to go. He unclasped the front of her bra and allowed it to drop to the floor. Once again he paused as if in admiration of her very ample and firm breasts. He pushed her gently onto her bed and undressed. He mounted her gently and began to kiss her with passion. Moving down her body, he absorbed her left nipple and sucked and licked with equal measure. He did the same with her right nipple. Penny didn't want to, but she became aroused and moaned each time he changed from sucking to licking.

"Oh God, oh my God," she repeated in a frequent outburst.

Her arousal and excitement increased as Jim Rudd travelled with his tongue down her slim, naked and beautiful body to her trimmed pussy. His tongue action continued in a circular pattern around the outside of her pussy but did not go in. Nonetheless, Penny could feel that her juices were starting to gather. Rudd inserted his huge rod into her pussy and began to pump with expert rhythm. Penny's body responded with an equal enthusiasm. Penny was so overwhelmed with lust that she was neither unable or unwilling to stop.

"Keep going, keep going. Don't stop , please!." she screamed, as she clenched her "lover's" shoulders, her love juices were gathering rapidly and she could feel Rudd was about to cum. The climax, when it came, caused both of them to scream in unison, "Aaaargh," as Rudd's hot cum and Penny's on juices collided bringing a crescendo of deep mutual sexual satisfaction.

Jim Rudd looked at Penny and breathlessly he said, "Jack was right. You are good. The best I've ever had."

Penny took no comfort from his words. All she felt was disgust. Disgust at herself for allowing herself to enjoy it and disgust that she had fucked both John Mason and this stranger in her own marital bed. She was too exhausted to think about it any more or even care because in a few moments she dropped off into a deep sleep. Rudd too must have been exhausted because he also fell asleep.

The following morning, Penny awoke to a sensation on her pussy. Rudd was rubbing it gently with his hand. She turned to see Rudd staring at her as he lay on his pillow.

"It's about time doll. I need to shower."

Penny was about to speak when he suddenly jumped out of bed and dragged her still tired, naked body into the shower. As the steamy hot jets struck her, Penny slowly lost her tiredness. Rudd soaped himself. Grabbing Penny by the hair, he forced her to her knees in front of his enormous cock.

"Well. What are you waiting for? Get to work."

Penny took his huge cock and began to suck. She slowly bobbed her head. She had never done it like this, not in the shower. Gradually she developed an ever increasing rhythm.

"Oh yeah. That's it doll. Keep that up. Come on, lick my balls."

Penny was disgusted but complied with his demands.

"Aaaargh. Keep going you fucking whore. Keep going."

Penny kept going for what seemed hours although in reality it was only a few moments. Slowly she could feel that Rudd was beginning to cum. The explosion of cum in her mouth was dissipated by the jets of water entering her mouth. She thought she would either choke or drown. Rudd screamed in triumphal satisfaction as he came.

Rudd put his hand on Penny's chin, making her look up at him.

"My God doll, Jack was right, you are one hell of a fuck. The boys will really love you."

Rudd got out, dried himself and dressed. When he had left, Penny was still in the running shower on her knees in shock and crying.

What had she gotten into?


Part 3

Joann's Humiliation

On the Monday following Penny Stanley's humiliation, John Mason called Bob Landon to his office.

"Ah Bob. Good. I want you to travel to Germany on Friday."

"Again? What for?"

"Otto Schmitt wishes to discuss certain questions about the contract. He feels only a personal visit from you will allay any fears his fellow directors may have."

"But I promised Joann I'd take her away this weekend."

"I'm sure She'll survive one weekend without you. Besides, this contract is essential to the company and your job."

Bob didn't need to be reminded. The little punk had made it clear how the contract was necessary to secure his job. What he didn't know was his wife, Joann had had to humiliate herself to save his position with sexual favours. She had no choice because of her own sexual indiscretions. Mason had somehow found out about them and used them to blackmail her into sex with him and Otto Schmitt.


Joann Landon tried to conceal her anger and disappointment as she saw her husband Bob, off at the airport. She had been looking forward to the break this weekend but was disappointed when Bob had to travel to Germany. She was lost in thought as she walked back to her car and was shocked to find John Mason leaning on it with his arms folded and a wry smile on his face.

"What the hell do you want?"

"I'm going to fuck you."

"To hell you are. Get out of my way."

Joann felt herself being swung around and a hand grabbed her mouth.

"Now you listen to me you stupid bitch. You'll do as you're told or you'll end up with nothing, including your precious husband. All I have to do is tell him of your past and if that's not enough, I'll let the general public know of your past deeds. I'm sure it'll go down a treat. Is that clear?"

A silent Joann nodded reluctantly.

Mason rifled through her handbag and took her keys.

"Get in the passenger side."

Joann did so and Mason drove the car to a hotel a short distance from the airport. They entered the lobby and the receptionist clearly recognised him.

"Your usual room, Mr. Mason?" she said with a smile.

"The usual, Edie. Thanks."

She gave him the key and both Mason and a crestfallen Joann headed for the room. Joann stood there hesitant.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Get your clothes off."

Joann reluctantly obeyed. Mason watched the show in anticipation as the woman humiliated herself undressing in front of this horrid young man. He was clearly enjoying himself as she unbuttoned her white blouse, revealing her low cut black lace bra. Her firm breasts excited him and just staring at them gave him a hard on. She slipped off her shoes and eased her pants down and stepped out of them. Mason observed she wore matching black knickers. Joann hesitated to undo her bra.

"Everything," said Mason, with authority.

As she did as she was told, Joann couldn't help but wonder how she got into this. The answer she knew well. It was her own stupidity. Her past had caught up with her and Mason was cashing in. As she stood naked before him, Joann tried to cover her breasts and pussy.

"Ah, ah. Hands down and lie on the bed."

He surveyed his prey's naked form. Her firm, luscious breasts, her long slender legs and slim waist was, in Mason's mind, the perfect fuck toy. He undressed and mounted his victim with lust filled passion. Mason began to kiss her, wrapping his tongue around Joann's tongue. Kissing her bare shoulder, he proceeded down to her magnificent breasts, sucking and licking with equal measure, all the while, Joann's excitement began to slowly build at each stroke. Mason's tongue travelled between her breasts and down her Slim, beautiful body. She moaned. "Ooooh,"

Getting to her trimmed pussy, he licked left and right in successive motions, being careful not to make her cum until he was ready. Joann's moaning was increasing to almost scream level. Her juices began to slowly gather. Mason now inserted his hardened cock and began a rhythmic pounding of Joann's pussy. Her own body responded automatically, move with the same rhythm as Mason's actions. Her moaning was now a scream. "Oh my God, oh my God, keep going, keep going, please.!" she begged.

The last word she stretched out in a long motion, as if prolonging her orgasmic pleasure. Joann was so engulfed in pleasure, she couldn't, even if she wanted to, resist or stop. Her juices were now gathering pace. Mason's own cum, too, was gathering pace. The symmetrical rhythm of both "lovers" was such that a cataclysmic collision of hot cum and love juices caused both of them to scream, "Aaaargh," in unison. They lay breathless for several moments. Joann's pleasure was short lived as Mason spoke.

"That was good Joann. You really are a good fuck. An associate of Otto Schmitt, Rudolf Meyer is in London. He needs a "secretary" to fuck, so dress the part. He expects you at this hotel at six tomorrow evening. " Mason handed her a piece of paper with the address and got out of bed.

"Remember Joann, you really don't have any choice."

He dressed and left. He had arranged to be picked up. Joann showered and wept at the same time. Her dream life had turned into a nightmarish one, thanks to this little bastard, Mason. She never thought she would hate anyone so much as she did him.


The following day, Joann travelled to London. She dressed in a smart blue business suit with matching skirt. She had an empty briefcase for show. She arrived at the hotel just before six and said to the receptionist. "I'm Herr Meyer's secretary."

"Oh yes. Herr Meyer said you were expected. Room 1212, second floor."

Joann took the lift to the second floor. She arrived at the room and knocked. A smallish man opened the door.

"Ah, my secretary , please, come in. Otto was correct. You are a very beautiful woman."

His German accent was unmistakeable. He ushered her into the room and closed the door.

Rudolf Meyer unbuttoned his jacket and placed it on the chair. He nodded and Joann, in response, did the same with her own jacket. Meyer paused and admired Joann's figure. Her low cut blouse exposed her excellent cleavage. He moved towards her and began to open the buttons of her blouse in a slow sensual manner. Joann wanted to stop him but knew she couldn't. As the last button was opened, Meyer gently pulled the blouse from her skirt and eased it from her near perfect body, revealing her low cut red lace bra that really complemented her luscious curves. He kissed her passionately and lowered his hands to unzip her short skirt, allowing it to slide freely to the ground, exposing her matching red thong. Joann felt a slight tug on her thong and a hand began to rub her already wet pussy. They both eased onto the bed and Meyer undressed with speed, anxious not to lose control of the moment. He undid the front snap of Joann's bra, releasing her wonderful breasts, which he began to lick and suck with relish. Joann's own pleasure could not be denied as she moaned deeply with each kiss, lick and suck. He licked her right breast, then her left. Working his way into the gap between her breasts, he dragged his tongue down in a slow motion and Joann's breathing and moaning became even heavier.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck. Please don't stop. Please.". she begged breathlessly.

This she repeated several times as he moved down her attractive, naked body, passing her abdomen and beginning a circular movement around her trimmed pussy. Joann imagined a bird of prey circling, waiting to make its descent to catch its quarry. Eventually his tongue settled at her pussy centre. The left wall of her pussy was licked and then her right, with equal expert rhythm. The excitement for Joann was almost unbearable and her love juices were slowly gathering. Meyer penetrated with his hardened cock and rhythmically pounded her. Joann's body too, responded in rhythm. She became lost in her own lust and desire. Even if she wanted to, she could break off now. She had gone too far and was beyond caring about it. All she wanted to do now was enjoy it as far was humanly possible.

"Oh my God. Oh my God," she screamed breathlessly. Meyer too began to feel the excitement. His cum began to gather pace. His physical pounding and the reaction of Joann's body made him perspire and Joann could feel tiny drops of sweat land on her naked breast. His pounding gathered speed, as did the flow of Joann's juices. Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity to Joann, Meyer's cum exploded inside her, colliding with her flowing juices. They both screamed in unison and mutual satisfaction. Their sheer exhaustion made them fall asleep in each others arms.

The following morning, Joann woke to the sensation of her pussy being pounded. Meyer was in full rhythm and it did not take long for her to react. As he pounded, Joann's body reacted automatically in a synchronised movement. Although she was still drowsy, Meyer's love strokes excited Joann. Once again, she began to be aroused by their lovemaking. She put her arms around her "lover's" bare back, in almost a welcome embrace and began to scream , "More, please more." and Meyer seemed to oblige as he continued his systematic rhythm of pussy pounding. As the their rhythm gradually increased, Joann could feel her juices build. Likewise, she could feel that Meyer was once again close to cumming. Joann and Meyer had become so accustomed to each other that they could time their climaxes almost to perfection. Once again there was a climatic eruption and both "lovers" screamed in exuberant joy. Meyer spoke to Joann, gasping for breath as he did so.

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