tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDirectors' Wives Ch. 03

Directors' Wives Ch. 03


It had been six months since John Mason had stamped his authority in the transport company he had inherited from his late father. By coercion and blackmail he had kept the other three directors, Bill Stanley, Bob Landon and Tom Prince in line. What they were unaware of was that their respective wives, Penny, Joann and Clare were being used by Mason as sex slaves in order to maintain the various partnership contracts. He had blackmailed all three into his sexual web by threatening to expose sordid events of their lives. The three of them were still unaware of each other's troubles. Mason had been clever in keeping them apart.

Chapter 1: Bill And Penny Go On Holiday

In the past six months, Penny had been forced to have sex with John Mason and provide various sexual services to visiting colleagues of Jack Randall, contracts boss of the Eastern General Transport company, based in Boston. It had been quiet in the last few weeks and Penny hoped that she would at least have a respite from Christmas and New Year. Indeed, when Bill told her of his plans to take her to Boston with him she was ecstatic. She hugged him. "Oh Bill. That's a wonderful surprise. Will I get to do much shopping?"

Bill laughed. "Of course, dear. Why else would I take you?"

Although Bill was twenty-eight years Penny's senior, he loved his wife very much and thirty-two year old Penny reciprocated that love. She was troubled though. Mason had dug deep into her past and found out about her brief erotic movie career which she used to put herself through nursing college. If that wasn't bad enough she was unfortunate to be seen and photographed by Mason in a compromising position with a young handsome doctor. She was generally faithful to Bill but sometimes she desperately yearned for someone younger and this weakness led to her being blackmailed by Mason. Her various sexual liaisons with Mason and the others weighed heavily on her mind. This holiday, she felt, would be just the thing to get away from it all and she was looking forward to it with excitement.


Penny slept for most of the flight. The taxi ride to the hotel was exciting for Penny. She had never been to the States, let alone Boston and the sight of the large department stores gave her a girlish excitement. Another new experience was the snow. It was a rare thing where she lived and then only light. Here in Boston it was a way of life. The snowploughs were all over the city, keeping the main streets clear.

When they booked into the hotel, Bill was handed a message that his meeting with Jack Randall was set for tomorrow at noon. They had the night to themselves and Bill explained that Penny would have time to shop at her leisure. The mention of Jack Randall's name though made her uneasy although she kept her fears to herself.

The following morning at breakfast, Bill and Penny were picked up by a chauffeur. When they arrived at Jack Randall's Headquarters, Bill explained to Penny that the driver would take her shopping.

It was late in the evening when Penny returned with a large number of parcels. The chauffeur and the bell boy were kind enough to help her. She was about to tip the bell boy when the chauffer went to his pocket and did so.

"Mr Randall insisted I help you in any way ma'am."

That name sent shudders down Penny's spine. She began to examine some of her treasured purchases when a knock came to the door. When she opened it she was shocked to see a tall man in a grey three piece suit standing in front of her. She was shocked because he was one of the men who had gangbanged her six months ago.

"Hallo nurse baby," he said with a grin.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Mr Randall has need of your 'services'."

"But he's meeting my husband."

"That's right, he is. But Mr Randall has plans of his own for you. Just follow me."

"Where are we going?"

"To Mr Randall's private suite."

"But my husband..."

"Won't be back until tomorrow. He's staying overnight at the boss's place because of the storm. You'll have plenty of time," grinned the tall man.

'Now what?' thought Penny in despair.

When they arrived at the penthouse suite, Penny's companion knocked gently and then entered the room with Penny. A handsome looking man in his late thirties stood before them.

"Ah, Councilman. This is a gift from Mr Randall," pointing to Penny.

"Oh, thank him for me and tell him he has my assurances on the contract."

He signalled Penny to follow him into the bedroom. He took her overcoat and placed it neatly over a chair and began to kiss her passionately, gently pushing her onto the bed.

Penny felt her blouse falling open and this handsome stranger began to travel to her neck, kissing and sucking as he went. His warm hands pushed up her low cut, black lace bra, exposing her firm breasts. In spite of herself, couldn't resist a moan as he gently licked and sucked her right breast. The tingling sensation as his tongue moved between her breasts excited her and she moaned heavily as he did so. Penny was so caught up in her lust with this man that when he moved to her slim waist and put his hand to the zip in her skirt, she simply lifted her arse and allowed him to pull it from her body, along with her knickers and tights. He spread her legs and drilled his tongue between her trimmed pussy lips and into her clit.

"Aaaargh" she exhaled, as his tongue gently probed her love box. Suddenly it stopped as the young man stood up and began to undress. Penny took this opportunity to remove her knee high boots, tights and knickers and lay back on her back awaiting this wonderful lover's assault on her naked body.

She didn't have to wait long as he mounted her and with that same gentleness he inserted his huge cock inside her and began to pound her. His gentle pounding picked up speed at each stroke and Penny's body reacted with an equal rhythm. Their breathing deepened and the heat of their bodies generated almost electrifying perspiration.

Penny felt her love juices gather and could feel that her "lover" was close to climax. She was so lost in her lust she began to shout, "Oh my God, come on, come on," over and over. Finally as his cum and her own juices collided, they both sighed with relief and deep sexual satisfaction. Exhausted, they both fell into a sound sleep.

The following morning, as the sunlight pierced the curtains of the room, Penny woke up to find the man gone. She got dressed and saw a note on the table.

You were a wonderful fuck. Jack doesn't disappoint.

It wasn't signed.

Penny left the room and headed to her own room. As she stopped at her door, tears flowed down her eyes. 'Dear God. What have I done?' she thought.

"Are you alright Madam?"

It was a man in clerical dress, in his thirties.

"What? Oh yes. Thank you, err, Father."

"Perhaps you'd like to talk about what troubles you?"

"I'm afraid I'm an unbeliever, Father."

"Oh, that's alright. I listen to all sorts of trouble."

"Nothing can help me. Thank you anyway."

"Well, I'm down the hall if you change your mind. May I say something to you? Have courage. Sometimes, things are not what they seem."

When she entered her room, Penny undressed, showered and changed. She pondered the priest's words over breakfast 'Sometimes, things are not what they seem'. It was a strange thing to say. Somehow though, the words gave her some hope. She enjoyed the rest of her holiday with Bill. They even made passionate love something they hadn't done in years.

Back in England, it had been a wonderful Christmas and new year for Penny. They had a large gathering at their house of neighbours and friends for a Christmas party and they celebrated the new year with Bill's brother and his wife in Spain.


It was a few days after returning home from Spain when Penny arrived home from the gym that her world crashed to the ground. When she entered the house she was shocked to see John Mason sitting comfortably on the settee in the living room.

"What the fuck are you doing in my house? Get out!" she yelled.

"You forget, Penny dear, I own the mortgage on this house and besides, your loving husband would be more than a little upset if he knew about your pornographic past, not to mention your little shag with that doctor. What was his name?"

"Alright. What do you want?"

"You know what I want. I'm going to fuck you."

"Please. Haven't I done enough?"

"You haven't seen anything yet," he grinned and dragged the unwilling woman upstairs to the bedroom.

Sitting on the bed, Mason looked Penny up and down. "You look real sexy in that tracksuit. I bet your trainer really appreciates those curvy tits."

"You bastard," yelled a reddening Penny and lashed out at him but he caught her two hands and pinned her to the bed on her back. Using one hand to hold her hands, Mason pulled the zip on the front of Penny's tracksuit top.

"Please don't do this," she pleaded.

"Oh I have to, Penny dear. After all, it's part of our bargain. Wow, look at this, no bra. I bet the trainer loves that."

Penny was about to speak when she was stifled by his mouth as he kissed her. Proceeding down her neck to her bare breasts, he sucked and licked in a frantic rhythm. Moving down her waist, he simply pulled her tracksuit bottoms and knickers down together and climbed on top of her, inserting his huge dick. He began slowly and with each stroke, picked up the pace.

As with her previous encounter with John Mason, Penny Stanley simply could not resist. Her body simply surrendered to his movement and reacted in tandem with it. "Oh God. Keep going. Keep going," she repeated several times, gasping for breath on each occasion. She felt he was close to cumming and her own climax was almost upon her too. Finally, with a deep sigh of sexual fulfilment both orgasmed together.

After several moments Mason got out of bed and got dressed. He spoke again.

"Your not bad at all Penny dear. I do look forward to fucking you in the future." He left the room and headed downstairs to his car.

After about ten minutes Penny got out of bed and went to the en suite shower. She scrubbed herself not only as a frantic effort to somehow to wash away this defilement of her body but as an act of self reproach for giving in so easily. The jets of steamy water hid the tears rolling down her eyes as she wondered if this nightmare was ever going to end.

Part 2 Joann's Winter Tale

Like Penny Stanley, the past six months for Joann Landon had been a period of sexual enslavement, firstly to John Mason and then to Otto Schmitt and his various visiting colleagues.

Otto Schmitt was in charge of contracts for the Schleswig Transport Company based in Bremerhaven, Germany. Now just three weeks from Christmas, Bob surprised Joann with the announcement of a skiing holiday in Germany. They would stay in Munich and Joann could look forward to Christmas shopping in the markets. She was ecstatic. She hugged Bob. "Oh Bob, darling. I do love you."


Their flight to Munich was uneventful. The snow in Munich was falling heavily as they left the terminal building. Bob snapped his fingers. "Taxi," he called and to Joann's surprise and delight, a large sleigh drawn by two horses arrived in front of them.

"What's this?" asked Joann excitedly.

"Our transport to the castle," replied Bob.


We're staying at Castle Bronstein, just five miles away."

Joann was overawed by the sheer beauty of the picturesque landscape before her. The snow capped mountains, frozen lakes and snow drifts in the woods were just like Christmas cards.

When they arrived at the Bavarian castle, a young man and woman, both in their early twenties came forward and took their luggage. Another young woman spoke to Bob and Joann in a German accent.

"Welcome to Castle Bronstein. Please follow me," and she led them to a stately room. The giant four poster bed made Joann gasp.

"Oh Bob. It's so wonderful," and hugged him.

"Herr Hammerstein has arranged dinner at six, if that is convenient?" said the young woman.

"That will be fine, thank you," responded Bob and the young woman left them to settle in.

"Who's Herr Hammerstein?"

"He's a friend and colleague of Otto Schmitt. He owns this place."

'Otto Schmitt,' the name sent a shudder down Joann's back and suddenly she felt uneasy.

Bob introduced Joann to Karl and Greta Hammerstein. They both in their early forties and Karl Hammerstein very handsome and his wife was very beautiful observed Joann. The meal was wonderful and conversation was frank and pleasant. Carl Hammerstein invited Bob on a deer hunt on the estate in the morning and Bob accepted with joy. Joann decided she would rest tomorrow.

The following morning, Bob set off with the others on the hunt. Penny stayed in their room until after ten and then showered. She was about to go downstairs to explore the castle grounds when she heard a knock at the door. She was shocked when she opened it and Otto Schmitt stood before her.

"Good morning, Frau Landon," he said with a grin.

"Please, Herr Schmitt. My husband..."

"Hammerstein will keep him away for hours. You have a contract to fulfil."

He pushed his way past Joann and closed the door.

"You are indeed a very beautiful woman, Joann. Your husband is very fortunate."

Otto Schmitt pushed Joann towards the bedroom then grabbed her head and kissed her passionately. With his free hand he proceeded to unbutton her white blouse. When it was opened sufficiently he pushed his hand through the gap and gently squeezed her bra covered right breast. It gave Joann a slight start and she gave a slight yelp.

Otto pushed her onto the bed and continued his kissing and worked his way to her neck. Even if Joann wanted to, she couldn't resist. As much as Joann detested him and detested what she was doing, Otto Schmitt was the handsome lover she fantasised about and she submitted accordingly. He made his way to her bra and lifted it up, exposing her wonderful breasts that were just waiting to be sucked and licked. This he did at intervals, making Joann sigh with satisfaction. The tingling sensation of being licked on her naked waist made her exclaim, "Oh my God." This she repeated several times.

Joann took the opportunity to discard her blouse and bra when Otto began to remove her slacks and knickers. Otto himself swiftly undressed and mounted Joann gently. He parted her long, smooth, silky legs and eased his hardened dick through her pussy lips and began at a gentle rhythmic pace. The pace picked up with each stroke and Joann's body reacted to it with increased excitement. Her rhythm matched his. They began to breath heavily and perspire. Joann could feel her juices beginning to built. She could feel too, that Otto was close to cumming. Finally both of them exhaled deeply with relief and joy as they orgasmed together, leaving them breathless.

After a few moments of silently gathering their thoughts, Otto spoke."Frau Landon, you are a wonderful lover. Unfortunately I must go now. Be assured that the contract is safe for another while," and he got up, got dressed and left, leaving Joann with mixed feelings. On one hand he was handsome and the type of lover she craved and on the other she was angry that she was simply being used to safeguard her husband's job and her own lifestyle. The rest of the trip was uneventful for Joann. But she did at least enjoy the shopping experience.

It was a week after she arrived home that she was confronted by John Mason. As she drove her car into the drive, Joann noticed a car stopping outside her gate. It had been behind her for the last mile or so. She had not paid any notice until it stopped outside the house and to her despair John Mason got out with a grin of expectation and lust.

"Hallo Joann. Been a long time?"

"Not long enough. What do you want?" she asked, though she could guess the answer.

"Now, now Joann. That's ungrateful. After all you had a free holiday and from what I heard a good ride."

"You bastard," yelled Joann and went to strike him only to be stopped by his strong hand grabbing her arm and then twisting it and forcing her into the house.

"Now you listen to me 'Professor', one word from me and not only will your precious Bob be out of a job but you won't be able to live around here any more. The people round here are very conservative. They don't forgive past sins."

He sat on the sofa and surveyed her.

"Take off your clothes, Professor"

'Professor' ,that title haunted Joann. Mason had somehow discovered her affair with a student and her reason for resigning and changing her name. Now her past had trapped her.

Joann sighed in defeat. She unbuttoned her chequered blouse and pulling it from her jeans, dropped it to the floor, revealing her low cut black lace bra that complemented the curves of her breasts. She slipped off her shoes and unsnapping her jeans, simply allowed them to slide down, exposing her long slim legs and matching thong. As she stood naked before him she was tempted to try and cover up. She was prempted.

"Play with your tits. Make them hard." As she did so, Mason stripped.

"Now get over here and on your knees. Start sucking," and he forced his huge organ deep inside her mouth. He bobbed her head in and out with his hand as she sucked.

"Mmmm," was all she could utter. He pulled her head away.

"Ok. That's enough. Don't want to cum just yet," he said, breathing heavily. "Lie down on the sofa."

He climbed on top of Joann and drove his hardened cock deep inside her pussy and pounded her relentlessly. When his hot cum exploded inside her, Joann did not react. This was one time she did not enjoy it.

"Well Joann, or 'Professor' I must say you really are a good fuck." He got dressed and left without another word. Joann sat up and cried. She ran to the shower and scrubbed her body with vigour in an effort to some how rid herself of her defilement by this vile monster, John Mason.

Part 3 Clare's Chinese New Year

Clare and Tom Prince were having dinner when, during the course of their conversation, Tom announced he was going to London for a few days and suggested Clare accompany him and do some shopping. Clare was delighted.

"Oh, that would be wonderful, darling, thank you."

"We can celebrate the new year there too."

"But Tom, new year's was a few weeks ago."

Tom laughed. "I know dear. I'm not senile. We'll celebrate the Chinese new year. There's a Chinese business exhibition being held and Mr Wu has invited us to use his top suite in the hotel while we are there."

'Mr Wu,' thought Clare. That name sent shivers down her back. Thanks to Mason digging up her past, especially her accidental killing of her attempted rapist, Gordon Benfield and the fact that her real name was Angela Wilson. Although she was cleared of murder, she was stigmatised, especially when the word got round of Benfield's embezzlement which she had been framed for. Mason had obtained this information and blackmailed her into being a sex slave for both him and Mr Wu as well as some of his associates. It had been a horrible six months for her. Apprehensive as she was, Clare tried to remain enthusiastic and not show Tom that there was anything wrong.


That Monday Tom and Clare travelled by train to London and after a short taxi ride arrived at their hotel. The Manager instructed the porter to take their bags to Mr Wu's suite. When the entered the suite both Tom and Clare were astonished at the luxury. Tom whistled. "He really knows how to live."

That night they had dinner in the restaurant after a show and they made love after retiring.

The following morning Tom took Clare shopping and explained he would be at a meeting with Mr Wu that afternoon. He suggested she take in a show at the nearby theatre and he would take her to the embassy party later in the evening.

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